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Lack of LGBT Characters In RWBY (Criticism)

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  • TiffanyJung


    #33354234 - 2 years ago

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    Okay good, it's sometimes hard to convey tone via text.
    But yeah I feel a lot of the reactions come from your initial post, which was quite harshly worded. That kind of thing makes people feel inclined to respond negatively.
    I will say for the case of RWBY however, only one romantic relationship is really relevant to the plot which is Pyrrha and Jaune. And that one works as a heterosexual interest, because of the two characters involved and their relationship leading up to now. Weiss and Neptune was more of plot tool to put tension on Pyrrha and Jaune. Then Blake and Sun seem to have implied feelings, but that's not been confirmed as it's not relevant to the story at the moment.
    My point being that only one relationship is currently relevant to the plot, and it wouldn't work with any other characters.
    I'm sure that in due time more relationships will surface when the time is right. However adding more to the current story would become too much to keep track of.

    In general, I've always felt a relationship should be built carefully. I don't think a non-heterosexual relationship should be added to something just because the writer or studio thinks they should. I do appreciate there is a lack of representation for the LGBT community in media, especially for main characters. But it should be an almost natural development between characters who suit it, like in Avatar: The Legend of Korra, for example. If some characters are LGBT then great! But they shouldn't HAVE to be. Much the same as straight characters, they shouldn't HAVE to be straight just to fill the diversity quota. It should be based on the characters involved and the story at hand.

    At least that's my opinion, not saying it's right or wrong. I hope that makes sense, I'm not brilliant and explaining my thoughts!

    Exactly. I remember that when people thought that JK Rowling said that Sirius Black wasn't homosexual, they became extremely rabid about it. No one should be forced to write characters that they don't want to.Even if it is for the sake of diversity. Period.

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  • Karis_Arteria


    #33440143 - 2 years ago

    It seems like people generally disagree with this person TiffanyJung's comments, and I guess I'm sorta one of them, but I think it is important to understand where TiffanyJung is coming from without being condescending. You could point out the hypocrisy in, for example, saying "not all shows are made for you" while at the same time demanding that no LGBT shows ever appear in a show that he likes, but that's beside the point and I don't think we need to dwell on that.

    It's more important to understand why TiffanyJung feels this way: some people simply have a strong desire for self-insert fantasies and won't ever identify with a character that isn't like them. Males more than females. Now some people may say that these people lack empathy and are unable to understand how people who are different from them feel, but regardless of whether this is true or not, I think we need to hold off on such judgments. I believe that the effects of masculinity, both cultural and biological, have a lot to do with why more males than females feel this way, so I don't believe it's as if they are feeling this way by choice, so even if you don't like individuals who are this way, it is more important to understand than to judge.

    As for myself, I believe we need more polyamory in fiction. Why? Because, I have heavy doubts I'd see it anywhere at all and it'd be a big surprise if it ever shows up. It's not mainstream unlike LGBT representation is. Which makes it needed.

  • SummonedTentacles

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    #33445279 - 2 years ago

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    Taiyang was implied Bi in season 4

    So there's a possibility of characters finally showing.

  • GendoPoser


    #33447717 - 2 years ago

    Maybe this is just because i'm a straight male--before I go any further, I am in no way trying to sound rude or start a flamewar on this thread--but I don't think there has to be LGBT representation in the show. Now, do I think it would be cool if RT made some characters that were part of the LGBT group? Yes. Hell, I'd actually encourage it, believe it or not. Provided it is well written, and not just "hey, lgbt community, this character is gay/lesbian/bi/trans! come and give us your money" and end up just coming off as a cheap way to get more popularity or whatever. Or basically pandering, in other words. Hate it when people do that just to get people to like their stuff. It feels disingenuous as hell to me. 

    My reasoning for say I don't think there has to be representation stems from my personal pet peeve of people telling me what to do and not do with my stories and/or characters. As the creator of said stories and characters, it is MY place to decide what to do with them. Now if someone makes a suggestion that I change this or that, or even make a character that's this or that, rather than demanding that I do, I will be more than happy to. But telling me I have to? That'd do me a very great bother. A very great bother indeed. But, i'm beginning to ramble. Sorry bout that XD. 

    And again, having been knowing that RT is going to include a LGBT character or more for some time now, I am more than supportive of their choice to do so. And I think it's cool that they are. It'd be nice to see something other than the typical male/female romance i see all the time. 

  • Karis_Arteria


    #33448223 - 2 years ago

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    Indeed, anything as long as it enhances the show. And also, as long as LGBT-themes are not excluded from consideration even when it would enhance the show.

  • Ninja_tude


    #33512708 - 2 years ago

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    Yang could be bi but definitely not a lesbian. The sleepover in volume one kind of says it outright.

  • Ninja_tude


    #33512721 - 2 years ago

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    the problem is that this whole issue is a bag of cats.

    There is no way to confirm this without outright saying/showing it. Ethnic representation can be covered with a different pen. And even then you have a danger of being accused of stereotyping. Look at Flynt, a black trumpet player and a jazz cover. Woo-hoo... I still like the character though because for ME, it isn't about representation. He isn't a black student, he's a student who happens to be black. If Scarlet and Neptune have a thing, I really don't care. Good for them. 

    Canon characters I look at the relationship itself. I don't see RWBY pairing in the team because I don't see it happening. Ruby has been so far indifferent, and the other three are all at least Bi. Personally I ship Black Sun because I like their dynamic and how they mirror her parents. But, Sun and Yang also have a lot of similarities so Bumblebee is possible. I don't like bumblebee partially because I kind of dislike Blake. 

    Others here have also brought up the statistics so I won't go into that but let me ask you this. Where is the line from a nod to fans to pandering? If Miles and Kerry right it poorly they'll get attacked for that too. Until pairings become an actual plot point it Shouldn't Matter. THAT is why this topic is called irrelevant. We have what, 9 central characters right now including a 40 year old man? Renora was implied since their intro, that leaves us down. To 7 potential relationships. Including LGBT characters to say you did is still discriminatory. 

    There are tonnes of fans that support these ships sure. And yeah that community has been a bit horseshoed in the media. But then the community should write their own. 

    It's like when George rr Martin was asked a similar question but on race in literature. Why are there more white published authors? They've written more. In the day and age of the Internet and self publishing it's a matter of time. And I'd rather see a well written LGBT story from the community that understands it than trying to force the issue. 

    I can appreciate wanting characters you identify with but that's not the writers problem not offense it's a you problem. Look at tyrion lannister and Peter dinkledge. You think those people are well represented? What about the trope of rural people being religious and ignorant and goofy, only to be "enlightened" once they integrate into "proper society." 

    This may sound like an angry rant but I'm just saying. The writers are going to write what comes to them and feels right.  Trying to pander to social groups is only going to hurt the story the authors and even the people they're trying to acknowledge.

  • Mad_Dog7


    #33514052 - 2 years ago

    IF RT starts adding in LGBT characters just to try and be politically correct then they're going to fail just like Star Trek Discovery. Let the story flow instead of being driven by PC.

  • bad._.ass_jaune


    #33719564 - 1 year ago

    First of all Ilia is a lesbian then the rest of the characters are straight

  • bad._.ass_jaune


    #33719565 - 1 year ago

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  • dylan1234

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    #33719814 - 1 year ago

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  • AenarTenthSkraeling

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    #33720178 - 1 year ago


    This is the gayest thing ever and it is fantastic. Seriously hope that Penny is alive just so that this ship can sail.

  • BakedBrain

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    #33739830 - 8 months ago

    Penny actually never was alive, she was a robot. But it should be easy to build another. Her sexual preference, if implemented can be set with a checkbox or if it is to binary, even a dial, depending on the ressources allocated for this feature.

  • BakedBrain

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    #33739831 - 8 months ago

    By the way, the sexual orientation of a character will only show if the character starts dating. Very few characters have ships advanced enough to allow conclusions.  Even then the scriptwriters could pull the "B".

    And if you want to have something really creative combine for example L and T. Then you have a lesbian woman inside the body of a man. Datewise this will look like a straight man. Then have the character going for sex change surgery and the part of the fandom attached to this character will get an insight into the psychological plight of transpeople.