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Is Qrow Ruby's real Father?

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  • KingArthur13


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  • chezamaiden

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    What I truly think is that he isn't her real father although I would love that to be true!! but it would take away slightly from the whole sister thing she has with Ruby.   But in the last episode When yang says I asked Qrow to watch out for Ruby , kinda makes you think he did do it for Yang, But i also kinda think he would have followed the team anyways because he does have a special bond with Ruby.   But here's what I do think at least happened if he isn't her father.  I think at the very least he is somehow involved with what happened to Summer Rose, it would totally explain his drinking problem and would make since about his semblance being bad luck to his friends, and the way he talks about it being bad luck to his friends seems like he's experienced it.  So that would makes since why he's so close to Ruby, he feels like he has to make up for it to Summer. 

  • HiddenInsight


    #33674138 - 1 year ago

    I want to throw this out here.  I was driving earlier and it suddenly hit me that I never questioned why Ruby was named Ruby.  Sure she has a little red in her and that could be a perfect explanation.  From my own experience having kids however I wonder if the red was present at birth.  Or possibly Summer's favorite color?  Sure you could even say she just liked the sound of it.  One thing I noticed from the first episode is color is very important.  Maybe (and this is out there) Summer named her this thinking of Qrow's eyes.  Of course that is only in fact if he is the father and she was in love with him.  It would be a sweet as hell if they ever do a STRQ episode with Summer saying she loved his Ruby eyes.  Ok I'm done sounding dumb now.

  • effie_chan


    #33674161 - 1 year ago

    Am I the only one that thinks to answer more of these questions it might help a little to know more about ruby's mother and what she was actually like? Cause if you think about it, yes ruby and qrow do have a strong bond but just how deep is goes none of us really know thus far. We can make assumptions and have opinions about it, but I think it would be nice to know a little bit more about summer that was we could actually say one way or the other. Me personally I don't really believe that qrow is rubys father, he does care for her deeply but he cares for her sister as well it doesn't seem like he gives one more than the other I don't know I could be wrong, please correct me if I am xD it's just my honest opinion. 

  • erepin


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    If Qrow was Ruby's real father, with Summer, what need would there be to hide it from Ruby or, indeed, anyone?

  • Puzzleface


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    In reply to erepin because his bad luck+ silver eyes= Salem knocking on the front door?

  • effie_chan


    #33674431 - 1 year ago

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    Well honestly since I do not believe that he is her father, I honestly have never thought about it. But one reason for not telling her could be the same reason that they didn't tell her about her silver eyes before the fall of the school. ^ well that and what drpainkiller said those could be reasons to. Like I stated before, I don't really believe that he is her father I just believe they have a very strong family bond. 

  • Puzzleface


    #33674512 - 1 year ago

    In reply to effie_chan Its one of them things where there is a lot of evidence that can support the claim but at the same time isnt true. Maybe ruby got attacted to qrow during tai's emotional wreck after summer disspeared/died 

  • NikaBella


    #33674589 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Average_Luck_Human_Being

    I know this posts old but whatever, i was looking for something to stand on for this theory and i might have found something. In the RWBY character profiles rubys aura is red, taiyang's is yellow, yangs is yellow, summers is unknown, but qrow's is red, and because he and raven are twins we can assume thats hers as well. Meaning that if summers isnt red, then its almost impossible for ruby to have a red aura unless someone she is related to has a red aura. Also this doesnt prove anything but Ruby is left handed, meaning that summer is probably also left handed, taiyang is right hand and so is yang, qrow, and raven, so in that area its impossible to prove that qrow is her father, or if taiyang is.

  • MisCon


    #33674756 - 1 year ago

    Ruby's left handed?...

    They did say most semblances are not hereditary. So far the Schnee semblance is the only one we know that is.

  • bswenzel

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    #33686366 - 1 year ago

    the evidence pointing to Qrow being Ruby's biological father is far more than just appearances, shared screen time (verses lack of screen time with Tai), the interest each adult took either in Yang or Ruby, or even the fighting style.
    1) Ruby's last name is Rose, instead of Xiao Long. This isn't "proof" that she isn't Tai's daughter, but she is the only character thus far who doesn't share her family's sur-name. We know she has Summer Rose's last name, but she didn't "take that name after she died to honor her, she was given that name from birth." -- you wouldn't change your name after the death of one parent. So she was given her mother's surname, and the reason i think is because they COULD NOT give her the surname Branwen, because that would be SO OBVIOUS that tai wasn't the father. they wanted to make it a secret for as long as possible. If they named Ruby Branwen she'd be like "hey dad, why am i named after my uncle Qrow?"

    2) Qrow's semblance, "misfortune", would be a STRONG motivator to surrender his fatherhood to Tai. TO give Ruby to him and let him raise Ruby because he feared the danger she'd be in due to his semblance. I have a separate theory on why he drinks and that it weakens his aura, dulls his senses, and limits the impact of his semblance which is why he drinks SOCIALLY, and whenever he's not in a fight. He also has a lot of responsibility he's accepted from Ozpin to be his eyes and ears and if he were to be publically a parent, that'd put Ruby in a ton of danger from salem ( she is already, but she would have been a target from a much younger age had they given Ruby the surname Branwen.

    3) Qrow totally kicks Tai out of a conversation with Ruby in Tai's own house, and their back-and-forth and looks they give can only be explained if we accept the possibility that Qrow is ruby's bio-dad and Tai's look to him is a warning as if to say: "you may be her father, but i raised her, and don't you go screwing things up by telling her more than she needs to know"

    ...which brings me to point 4

    4) When Qrow comes clean about his semblance at the campsite in volume 4, ruby asks him if there's anything else he wants to tell her. Qrow pauses here and notices that his sister, Raven (in her animagus form) is watching him, curiously...he sighs and says "not tonight" and there are other little bits like this that are very small hints spread out through volume 4 that Qrow wants to tell Ruby something but is resisting himself. 

    5) Qrow training Ruby and Tai training Yang isn't necessarily evidence of their separate fatherhood, but is at least worth noting. Ruby says she was absolute garbage until Qrow trained her, suggesting at least that Tai never bothered to train Ruby...although we know now that Yang at least attempted to train Ruby in her and Tai's hand-to-hand style and Ruby didn't take well to it (not well adjusted yet to fighting without crescent rose) so this may be a weak point.

    6) We don't know enough about how genetics works in Remnant to make ascertains based upon hair color, body shape, excetera, unfortunately. But what we do have is a rough timeline that says, IF Tai truly is Ruby's father, he either would have had to have been cheating on Raven for awhile, or moved on very quickly from Raven to be able to get with Summer, and have Ruby---which---based upon what Yang tells us on how Tai responds to Summer's death is VERY UNLIKELY. She mentions that he kinda shuts down, this being the case, it is unlikely that he would have been able to move on from Raven and be with Summer unless there was some affair going on, which I don't think is the case.

    7) Unfortunately, If Ruby and Yang were really cousins (as my theory would suggest) I think Raven would have OPENED with this bombshell during her conversation with Yang at the bandit hideout.....she doesn't, which is, I suppose, a point against the theory and maybe Ruby and Yang are both Tai's kids afterall, rather than cousins who were raised as sisters (mostly for Ruby's safety).

    Unless it's that last bit that still keeps Raven from revealing the secret----or because she WANTS yang to have a sister and doesn't want to take that away from her....but i'm not sure. Raven seemed pretty bent on keeping Yang in the bandit camp, so if they were actually not sisters, i imagine she'd reveal that to yang then and there. I also imagine that if Ruby was the product of infedelity, that, too could be something Raven may mention as a way of saying "the reason i wasn't there for you is BECAUSE of your darling sister. Tai betrayed me and i couldn't stay with him any longer." She says neither of these, and i'm torn on what to believe and why.

  • Distanceofsora


    #33691244 - 1 year ago

    In reply to bswenzel

    The only thing I would counter on your last point is that Raven might not know that she’s Qrow’s daughter, and believes the Father is Taiyang. You touched on this in point 4. 

  • Distanceofsora


    #33691251 - 1 year ago

    It would be so funny if he did have a thing with Summer though. I could see all of those jokes if he ended up with Winter too. 

    Weiss: I can’t believe that My sister is dating that drunk

    Ruby: yeah I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming

    Tai: I could... tell

    Tai: well the last person he was romantically interested in was named Summer

    Weiss: so

    Yang: (peeks head in), Birds migrate. 

  • chezamaiden

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    #33691885 - 1 year ago

    What if Ruby is nether Tai's or Qrow's daughter... and there's some big backstory what if Tai just took her and summer in because they were teammates after all, and then when Summer disappeared Tai and Qrow both felt responsibility for her.  Idk if Qrow is Ruby's father but something is def fishy with Ruby's linage...    

  • BrianneHogen


    #33692988 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Nathan5027

    Crow and Raven are twins..

  • Dakotasweigart


    #33701362 - 1 year ago

    ik im late to the show but would it be weird but cool if qrow was actually ruby's dad and in order to truly unlock her silver eyes he had to tell her the truth about him being her dad and explain y he lied to her for so long honestly if they do that i will cry like crazy and be so happy at the same time and it would be kinda cool that if he told her the truth if he stopped drinking and focused on his family 

  • notvai4


    #33701367 - 1 year ago

    I actually like this theory the more I think about it. Not sure if it's on the same level we already have of Tai quickly moving on from Raven to the other girl in his team or not. Feels awkward either way to me, lol, but I think I'd be more willing to believe this for some reason.

  • AlfredP97

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    #33737212 - 9 months ago

    Before I saw this theory I never thought about it but know I can't think any other way. Assuming that Tai is her father, then Ruby is no actual relation to Qrow, its just his niece's sister, why would he choose to teach her his fighting style ? Surely he'd have some resentment towards her, his sister has just ran off and her husband has already had another kid with their other team member, and Raven keeps telling Yang that Qrow hasn't told her all the truth. It seemed when Tai was telling ruby about the silver eyes he wasn't 100% sure on what it was but Qrow seemed to know it all 

  • AlfredP97

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    #33737213 - 9 months ago

    In reply to AlfredP97 we know that Tai and Qrow have been good mates for a long time, Tai even fathered a kid with Qrows sister, we know that Summer was around for a while because Yang thought she was her mum, it wouldn't be too surprising for her to think her Aunt is her mum then when summer died, qrow couldn't cope and asked his best friend to watch over his daughter, to the point of becoming her "father". Surely Tai should have followed his youngest daughter or at least stopped her from going mistral instead of staying at home with the eldest, so who followed Ruby, her real dad 

  • ManuErre

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    #33737239 - 9 months ago

    In reply to AlfredP97

    Monty had already confirmed in a tweet that ruby and yang are half sisters. That means qrow is not ruby's father. My guess is that qrow was in love with summer. Maybe they had a relationship. But because of his semblance, he decided to back off. He probably left summer at the same time raven left tai with yang. And that's when tai and summer got together. When summer got killed, qrow probably felt guilty for not protecting her. So he decided to look after ruby, the daughter of the woman he loved.

  • Ace-of-Rogues

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    #33737310 - 9 months ago

    In reply to ManuErre

    I've had the same idea. Especially because some of the lines in "Bad Luck Charm" make it sound like he's breaking off a relationship with someone. There's actually a YouTuber who's made some good theory videos involving Qrow, Ruby, and Summer. Here's his take on Qrow and Ruby's relationship, and here's one on Summer's death and how Qrow might have been involved.

  • ManuErre

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    #33737322 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    Yes. I've watched them. But I don't think qrow had anything to do with summer's death. I just think he felt the obligation of protecting her and thats why he blames himself for what happened. I do agree that qrow started drinking after summer's death. 

  • Mr_Foreman


    #33753040 - 4 months ago

    The creators said Qrow isn't Ruby's father, and the newest episode showed Summer, who looks exactly like Ruby, I Agreed that Raven looks like Ruby and even thought she was Summer the first time watching, as for why she has her mother's name let's point to the Schnees, As the father married into the Schnee name, so it might not be uncommon for people to take their Mother's name.

    Now What about Qrow being Yang's father?