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  • Xyzantylzethyrioses


    #32958281 - 3 years ago

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    If we saw a lot more of them, they would be wrong. I highly doubt they want to be public about their activity, and they seem to be helping with a real invasion, which would be all at once rather than in small bits.

  • Dinobot01

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    #32958353 - 3 years ago

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    That could mean that Cinder is working for someone much worse than her, but Cinder could still have stolen Ambers power. Cinder could be like Loki in the MCU. Everyone thought Loki was the mastermind, but it turns out Thanos is the puppet master. It would be nice to see that there is a villain worse than Cinder out there.

  • gattaca1997


    #32958565 - 3 years ago

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    Cinder is a very calm and calculating person but where did she get all of her insight. Like after atacking Amber she was taken to Beacon or the fact Amber was a maiden at all. She is relitivly young yet seems to know even more than Ozpin ( I hope I'm wrong ). Also what was the old man in the story of the four seasons a wizard, God, Dimi God or something else. So many questions!!!!!!!!!!!

    My gut aays that they will not answer that question or it will be briefly covered

    In reply to lizrosee

    I wonder when the Adam and The White Fang are going to come in. At the end of the last volume it seemed like we were going to see a lot more of them, but they haven't even been mentioned yet. Wonder what they're planning...?

    I feel like their job would be to weaken the atlesian navy in order to let in the grimm to Beacon. They may also help fight in the invasion but I feel the White Fang will probably be helping Cinder reach Amber. Adam will definitely fight Blake, but I'd love to see Sun vs Adam!

    And also it would be an interesting duel of Shaolin Kung-Fu vs. Iaido

  • Deployed

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    #32958627 - 3 years ago

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    In reply to Dinobot01

    Yup. I still feel Qrow's message, "Queen has pawns," was referring to Cinder and co as the pawns.

    In the context of that episode, he definitely was declaring that. However, in Chapter 3 of this volume, he says "your little infiltrator isn't just another pawn". Based on the assumption that the "infiltrator" is referring to the person that attacked Amber, and that this attacker is Cinder, Cinder is not a pawn, but she was presumed to be one at the end of Volume 1. To be clear, this does not mean that the person in charge of all this is Cinder, it just means she's not an expendable chip.

    That same conversation also leads me to believe that Qrow knows exactly who this "Queen" is, and nothing in the show really points to it being Cinder.

    Long term game, and theory out of almost nothing, I think the person in charge of this enemy faction is someone that Ozpin previously trusted, and maybe even offered the Maiden role to, but they refused in such a manner that is explained in 'Sacrifice'. I used to think the final line in that song, "I wont fall for you" was just a line of resistance towards someone that wants to control them, but this episode completely changed the meaning for me. I now see it as a way of saying "I wont be your Fall maiden". For a while I felt that 'Sacrifice' was a song about the leader of the enemy talking to Ozpin, as he is the one trapped in a maze because he is following the ancient ways of this brotherhood by hiding the maidens.

    I believe the leader of this enemy faction is the person Ozpin is talking to during the opening monologue in Volume 1 Chapter 1.

  • lulubelle18


    #32958780 - 3 years ago

    I've been wanting to put my own two cents in on the ending of the last episode (I saw it the day after it was out), but I haven't had time to even wait for my computer turn on. So, I've missed a lot, and there's so much discussion going on that I don't have the patience to sit and read through it all. I apologize in advance it I repeat or say things that have been outed as impossible.

    TL;DR: Long story short; Emerald placed a hallucination on the crowd, going undetected because the aura/semblance scanners are in the arena only, to make the crowd believe what the video shows happened when the REAL reality is Mercury tried to cheap shot Yang. The master plan to get rid of Yang for whatever evil event is cooking. But it won't work since Yang has connections with people of authority outside of the tournament who can vouch for whatever she says to explain herself.

    I've re-watched the fight and the events after several times before posting to make sure I was certain of my theories. There's a few "if's" and theories based on things that are uncertain. The biggest being reality doesn't shift until either of two places; The shimmer that cloaks Mercury's body when Yang delivers the final punch, or the ring right after Mercury taunts Yang and tries to cheap shot her (I lean towards the ring). This is the base of my theory. Another big if is on who is creating the hallucination. The two most popular I've heard in conversations with friends is Emerald and Cinder. I'm siding with Emerald because of the hallucination in her little 1 on 1 with Coco. Now here is where I think my theory strays from others.

    So, you got the arena scanned and monitored for every little detail that happens IN the battle stage. A big controversy as to why the officials did not see a semblance used on yang. So, people claim either it was someone using semblance outside the arena, It's Cinder using the maidens "magical" powers, or the sensors were down because the fight was over. I think it's the first and that someone is Emerald. She doesn't use it on Yang like everyone thinks. I think she is strong enough to use it on a large scale. Such as the audience watching.

    When the fight ends Yang is facing Mercury across the stage at Mercury, says her line, and turns to walk away, then the cheap shot, yada yada. But when reality shifts back to normal we see in the video that Yang walks PAST Mercury then turns and cheap shots him. Rewind back to where I said I think she's put under a false reality at the ring. The reason for this particular moment is I do believe even in a hallucination the person would be accurately aware of their own body and what they do is real despite whatever is happening in the hallucination (Think about how people are portrayed in other shows when they're under a spell or something. They react to something that's not there and look silly since everyone else can't see it). So the video revealing different actions by Yang than what she perceived and different placement on the arena seems odd.

    Lastly, if my idea on what is happening is true then Yang is going to be OK because Ozpin and others of authority know she wouldn't do what the video showed, and can vouch for her authenticity to officials when she tries to explain what she thought happened. They may not be able to figure out what happened exactly, but will trust the strong connections between people and come to realize at the very least the enemy is in their midst.

  • DeadProphet

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    #32958860 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Lulubelle18

    Ok for your theory on everyone being hit by the semblance, it really doesn't make a lot of sense. There are people watching this across the world. What kind of logic would the bad guys have if they planned on fixing the cameras, hitting the whole crowd and tampering with satellites when all they had to do was inflict the illusion on yang? Plus coco was the only one affected by the previous illusion, so essentially there is no proof that it can work on multiple individuals at the moment.

    And Yang is not getting let off the hook on this one. Her perception may have been false but her action was deliberate and she felt no guilt in breaking his leg. Not to mention everyone saw the situation from another point of view. People are not going to dismiss what they saw because of Yang's side of the story. Only if someone knew exactly what the cause of the illusions were would there be doubt in what happened. But I wouldn't even be surprised if yang is questioning her actions as well, seeing as she made no attempt to dodge or block the kick, but instead decide to hit him with ember celica. No matter how you look at it, Yang is in serious trouble, and even if she gets off Scott-free, the people of vale and anyone else who was watching will shun her. That's a given

  • lulubelle18


    #32959236 - 3 years ago

    Yea it being broadcast to outside the arena debunks my trying to think outside the box. And there is no proof that illusions could be placed on more than one person, but it doesn't rule out that it can completely; we just don't know the limit. If the smarty pants of the show can figure what went down, then everything is cool. If not, well Yang's busted. I'm so antsy to see what happens.

    Just saying though, if someone tried to take a cheap shot behind my back I wouldn't be afraid to make them pay for it either =P Serve's em right

  • DeadProphet

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    #32959244 - 3 years ago

    No matter whether you are in the right or in the wrong, physically harming someone is frowned upon. So yeah it "serves em right" but don't expect good reception in return.

  • JoshoftheWilds


    #32959331 - 3 years ago

    So here's my thoughts on this whole thing: As the RT Crew said, this is "the end of the beginning." The way I see it, the Yang situation is not going to end all that awfully for Yang. The headmasters know her, and know all the good she has done. She may get DQ'd from the tournament for the sake of appearance, but Ozpin and Glinda are smart enough to know that something else may have been up, and therefore decide to have a conversation with her to hash out what transpired. I think that between their knowledge of the troubles going on (they know there is at least one person operating "close to home") and their conversation with Yang, they'll feel confident that it was staged. I'm thinking this will be what pushes this story forward in terms of the headmasters becoming suspicious of Mercury and that team.

    As far as the Pyrrah thing goes, I have no doubt she'll choose to become the Fall maiden. There's really not much to say on that yet, except that I have to disagree with the many who predict Pyrrah will get killed off. It's too early in the show (we JUST got to the really serious stuff) to screw up team JNPR (though I can potentially see her dying in the next season or two, most likely in a "she sacrifices herself to save her friends" kind of way). Overall, there are a lot of ways this one could end up. :)

    Here are my predictions going forward: Yang will be fine, but Mercury will have lots of eyes on him. In order to deter focus, Cinder will throw him under the bus so she can carry out her plan while attention is elsewhere. This is why I think Cinder got the details/schematics on Penny and why she was so vague when Mercury asked what her "change of plans" was: She plans to hack Penny in order to replace Mercury with her once she ditches him. After all, Penny would be much more useful: She is a better fighter by far and it would give her leverage over Ironwood, perhaps even giving her access to more sensitive information. (This can also potentially lead to Mercury switching sides)

    Finally, I think that Cinder took the Autumn Maiden's power, but it's a bit more complex than that. I think she was instructed to do so by whoever the "Queen" is (the one referenced when it is said that the "queen has pawns") so the "queen" could have the power. It seems pretty clear that Cinder is not the Queen herself based on different conversations, but I think she is the "right hand." After all, there is still one more person on the Villain poster that we haven't met yet, and they're hidden via silhouette. I'm thinking there will be a showdown with Cinder, her team, Adam and white fang going against RWBY, JNPR and SSSN, (and possibly CFVY). While that is going on, the Queen will make her debut and take on the headmasters, dishing out a thorough beating to them. What better way to introduce a villain of that caliber?

    Also, I want to see more of Neo. I know I should hate her after her fight with Yang, but I can't help but find her really cool and badass!

  • gattaca1997


    #32959702 - 3 years ago

    In reply to JoshoftheWilds

    To add to your post, I have stated this earlier , but I believe that Coco will be the person who can help exonerate Yang with her experience from fighting Emerald and seeing the mirage of Yatsuhashi

    I don't think Pyrrha will die either.... it is counter intuitive after building up so much hype about ArKos for two seasons and then to snuff her like that. Pyrrha is too much if a support character to snuff within three to four seasons too. I think JNPR will definitely stay intact for a long time. If anyone, Jaune could be the one who sacrifices himself because he cares the most about his team. Strangely I can see him sacrificing himself to either save the team or to complete an objective like the previous leader of Noble Team from Halo: Reach... *shrugs*

    Personally, I care little about Neo... I really wanna see Adam vs Sun.

  • lulubelle18


    #32960284 - 3 years ago

    ooooo I'm so excited with all this discussion, I can't wait to see what actually transpires!!! Blaaaaah!!! Everyone has good theories and ideas, some I may not agree or see possible but I still love reading them all the same! Keeps things interesting =) I would have never thought of Pyrrha dying from absorbing Amber's aura or something happening because of that it ended with her death; must be the optimist in me. I would think if anything negative happened it would be Pyrrah's personality changes and not for the better.

  • Deployed

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    #32960398 - 3 years ago

    In reply to gattaca1997

    I actually feel the opposite about the status of Pyrrha and the build-up of the last two volumes. Whilst I wasn't expecting death to factor into her character arc until this chapter, I have leant strongly towards the "setting up for a fall". It's not a fall from grace, so much as her prowess in combat and her mental integrity being challenged to a point where she becomes limited.

    To explain why I feel this, I need to state something that I said back when people were getting upset during volume 1 because "this show is called RWBY, not JNPR! Why is there more character development on Juane and Pyrrha". My answer to those complaints was simple. It was simply to point out that (back during volume 1) I did not feel that JNPR were going to be a constant presence across the full length of the show. RWBY were getting slower character development because their development was a) something that need to last 8+ years and b) their development relies on playing off of other protagnists' behaviour, which means they need to be built up first.

    Since V1 I have expected a point where RWBY and JNPR are forced to part ways. However, my thoughts were that JNPR would remain at Beacon to look after that academy because "legends scatter", the legends being Ozpin and company, JNPRs combined skill and compassion would make them better suited to replacing the existing leaders of Beacon. RWBY would be a team that inevitably leaves Beacon (because the show will not stay in one place forever) to tackle the "greater threat" in a more direct fashion. This is why I felt teams like SSSN and CFVY were created long before JNPR, they are the teams that help RWBY on their journey, either because they know other kingdoms or simply because of their experience in lieu of people like Qrow, Ozpin and Ironwood.

    Whilst separation of these two teams seems more apparent than ever, especially with the V3 intro, I was not expecting the potential being a death for either team, but with the way these maiden powers transfer, man am I nervous for Pyrrha. However, since Juane is the part of that team I do wonder, if there is a way to prevent an "obvious" conclusion to Pyrrha's character arc, it will be him.

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm


    #32962798 - 3 years ago

    I think Pyrrha is already stronger than any RWBY-Team Girl - possibly except Yang.

    WHY should Pyrrha be in any Way be irrelevant to the Story? This is just silly.

  • gattaca1997


    #32963112 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Deployed

    The response is late due to family time this holiday week - like many prople. Regarding the purpose of the teams in plots, I would say that the entire story line could be modeled after the plot line for the Naruto anime. Most of the episodes were about the main team (RWBY) working with a support team (SSSN/CFVY) and that is how character growth worked in Naruto. Both stories involve fighting schools and missions I can see it working out like this for future seasons.

    I will add that in CFVY, we should see thrm have more action because Monty hyped them up; Coco can be helpful in giving insight to illusions; lastly, Velvet's secret weapon will debut this season.

    Parting ways may be imminent, Beacon is only suppose to be four years with at least 8 seasons planned it may seem like Miles and Monty planned to have RWBY after they've graduated. I can definitely still see SSSN being part of future seasons namely because of Neptune and Sun to Weiss and Blake respectively. I want to see more of JNPR and I am so pissed they've been put on the side benches. I too feel like Jaune may influence her to bail not by talking to her but maybe by impressing her in leading eveyone against the Grimm invasion and that the team is too priceless to give up. What would be the point of investing two seasons into developing Pyrrha's rapport and feelings to Jaune just to end it like tgat? Either way, it is set up so that Ruby Rose will be the one who will fight Cinder based on the intro.

    I hafta admit... ever since season 1 I thought Jaune would be the one would end up dying... I can imagine him volunteering himself to complete an objective at the cost of life or something like that... kinda like Jorge from Halo: Reach

    Sadly given our sneak peak it seems we are taking a break from the main plot to explore the background of Cinder and her minions... I really wanted to find out what happened to Yang and Pyrha this week... I will end it like that, because the thread for episode 7 will be made sometime later this afternoon

    Happy New Years and I hope y'all will enjoy the episode.

  • Konathao

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    #32963209 - 3 years ago

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    Her name is Amber. Not Ember. You head it wrong.

  • Xyzantylzethyrioses


    #32963219 - 3 years ago

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    That's weeks ago... I know now that it is with an A. Necro much?