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  • Foyesoulreaper


    #32952685 - 3 years ago

    Hey fans of RWBY lets all come up with ideas for a character. The example and idea i had was this.

    Name: Sanguine Makuremoa

    Personality: A crazy guy that is optimistic and has a strange fondness for the human body.

    History: He is an orphan that lost his parents at a young age. His family was attacked by grim he got slashed in the eye by one and his parents jumped in front of him. He freaked out and closed his eyes his hands heated up and all of a sudden a burst of fire torched the grim. He opened his eyes to see the fried bodies of his family and the grim he to never kill another person with his power .He may have only one eye but his eye is spot on. He is a wizard with a bow and very talented in battle. And he was also very smart and loved to learn about the human body. He wanted to truly learn the human bodies limits and push himself. Also in his study of the human body he learned pressure points of humans and even grim.. He wanted to make his own body beyond others so he trained extremely hard. He was good enough he eventually got accepted into Beacon Academy.

    Likes: burritos and spicy foods

    Dislikes: stupid people (except the nice stupid ones)

    Semblance: The ability to summon,resist, and control fire at an extreme level(though he douse not now a lot about his power). His power has major potential he can summon fire and change the heat. He could become very powerful he can infinitely control the flames heat. But pushing himself to raise the heat tires him. If he pushed himself to the max he could probably make a new color of flame or even a new value of flame.

    Attributes(1 bad 6 amazing




    Willpower:2 1/2


    Intelligence:4 1/2

    Weapon Name: Fire & Gas

    Weapon 1 Fire: Fire is a bow that has fire dust inside of the arrows it shoots. The arrows have a barrel down the middle. A button on the bow activates the arrows to shoot a bullet out the back. It makes the arrow shoot forward faster. And the fire dust in the arrow activates when it hits its target. So he has fire to control and does not need to waste energy to create fire.

    Weapon 2 Gas: Fire straightens up and becomes a staff. The ends of the staff open up and release a highly flammable gas into the air. He lights it up and it makes any enemy light up in flames.


    Hear Style: Short Mohawk

    Hear color: Black

    Eye Color: Yellow

    Hoodie Color: Blue

    Eye Patch Color: Black

    Glove Color: Black

    Skin Color: Tan

    Height: Slightly Tall

    Side Fact: Kuma would shoot arrows at a target and race it to test his speed(he would win).

    Is that good?

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32952776 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Foyesoulreaper

    I like this idea. But some things wouldn't work in the RWBY universe. The name has to have some sort of affiliation with a colour. Kuma doesn't seem to affiliate with a specific colour. He also doesn't give off the persona of a bear either. The only difference I would make in the story is that his parents died in a fire that was accidentally started, following a Grimm attack that led to this guy using his semblance to beat them after sustaining damage to his eye as well as some burns to the body as well. I think his semblance should be the ability to manipulate flames. The bow should already have enough weight behind it to knock people down. And the arrow should be flaming as well as explosive. He would have to load them separately. The secondary form of his weapon should be a flamethrower. This way he can generate fire at a closer range. I think his agility should be reduced as well as his hand to hand combat. Increase his intelligence and his discipline. I think that he should be a glass cannon with lots of versatility at mid-long range. With the flamethrower acting as a saving grace in close range. Explosive knives could be a nice ace in the hole though. 8/10

  • CitCat66


    #32952921 - 3 years ago

    In reply to DeadProphet

    I sorta agree with you, but you gotta remember. So far, the only names I've seen based off of color are RWBY and Cinder's group. So I think the name is okay

  • CitCat66


    #32952925 - 3 years ago

    1. In reply to Foyesoulreaper

    Cool idea! I like the idea for his weapon.

    Name: Aurum Pendragon

    Personality: A nice guy who values honor and kindness above all else, trying to be the best he can be.

    Weapon: Caliburn-

    Caliburn is a simple, medieval style sword with a gold blade and black handle. It can be overheated through an engine inside the sword, increasing his attack power and allowing him to send energy-slice attacks at foes. He can heat up his sword to its EX mode (Excalibur), giving him even greater power, but requiring him to cool down after long periods.

    Semblance: Fast Healing-

    His healing factor would be above the average aura user, allowing him to heal from lethal wounds really fast. This would be a reference to how the scabbard of Excalibur was supposed to grant immortality to its wielder.

    I'm not that creative with stats and history, but I hope you guys like this idea

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32952932 - 3 years ago

    In reply to CitCat66

    Nah do some research Monty made the rule himself. It excludes Ozpin. I'd explain everyone's names but it'll take too long. A lot of thought went into them.

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32952934 - 3 years ago

    Btw I'll post a character idea tomorrow.

  • DustChiphingGrim


    #32953289 - 3 years ago

    Nice idea. On we go. ^^

    Name: GUN'dalf, the Alias he gave himself. :D He keeps his real name a Secret.

    Personality: A friendly old man that likes to show off and kick some ass. He was just an old man without any great Ambition but after watching "Lord of the Grimms - The two Kingdoms", he thought it would be a great Idea to become a Superhero (and a Huntsman).

    History: 55 years "young", this man decided he should become a Huntsman for as long as he is still young enough to do so! Not disheartened or depressed by the upiling Declinations of Signal Academy and Beacon, he keeps training in Secret and is using lies, scams and even robbery to aquire the Knowledge needed to become a decent Huntsman.

    This led him to be wanted by the Autoritys under the name of " wierd masked Man on some security Footage " when he broke into Shops or even the premise of Signal Academy several times in succession.

    Because of his habbit to get lost and walk into the wrong direction, he always managed to avoid traps of Police and Security Services even when he was expected to break into another Building for his robberys.

    The only thing clear is that he keeps stealing material and guidebooks to become a Huntsman or anything related with what their job is and how they do it.

    Likes: Signal, Beacon, Huntsman & Huntresses, Fitness and Heroism

    Dislikes: To be reminded of his age, Homeless people especially older Ones ( he gets sad if he can see the dreamless resignation in their eyes ), biased and discriminate behaviour against Faunus and other People.

    Semblance: He has a strange Semblance that allows him to become an "Indestructable Immobile Object" that can not be moved or damaged but its not necessarily useful in combat. When activated it consumes his Stamina as compensation.

    It can block almost any kind of attack but it not be used several times in succession.

    He can activate it only once all 5 seconds and he cannot move after he did it and until he deactivates it again.

    It could be used to block for example a Swordattack in the fleeting moment it makes impact with his body. If the angle is just good enough, needless to say the Sword will break but in a battle like this, Gundalf needs to deactive the Semblance moments after or he will lose the advantage for a quick counter.

    He could also stop a Car with it when activating it and standing in its way.

    In cases of a greater impact he will probably shout " You shall not pass !! " for bigger coolness.

    His semblance appears extremly mighty but it does not make him immortal. Since it consumes his stamina for compensation, if he repells a force that is simply too much for him, he could lose his consciousness or get a heartattack or die from shock right away.

    What the limit is of what he can block is not sure though. He activated his Semblance once to shield a little kid from a Truck that evaded a Jaywalker. It only made him ve~ry hungry and thirsty even though the whole vehicles frontside was wrecked.

    Weapon: Fights with a Staff that can shoot in slow rates, similar to Roman Torchwicks weapon. He calls his staff the " Totally unsuspicious Staff that could never be a Weapon ".

    It can be used to block Blades and the like and is as formerly mentioned also a Rifle. If infused with the right Dust it can function as a Flamethrower, Shotgun, Stungun, Smokescreen Launcher and anything that someone need to "magically" turn the tide of the Battle.

    Appearance: Since no one knows how he truly looks like, he can run around in public undisturbed. Because of his Ninjalike costume his DNA and Fingerprints are still unclear.

    He wears a slightly static costume resembling a Grey Coat and Cowboyhat when appearing as the one and only " Superhero Huntsman GUN'DALF " though.

    He is an almost pale looking white old Man with slighty darkgrey, flowing Hair and lightblue eyes. It varies if he is shaved or not but his beard never grows longer as one week undisturbed.

    He looks kinda plain... and "average". You would never deem him a Criminal or Thief.

    Activity: Gundalf is trying to become a Huntsman even though he never had any professional training or someone helping him to do it. Wi~th a few expecations when he met famous Huntsman and Huntresses outside of Beacon of course.

    He kept bothering, annoying and begging them to show him some moves until one of them gave in and when they had nothing better to do.

    In face of all his clumsyness Gun'dalf is a clever guy and fast learner. He could be a Huntsman Novice if not for his wierd out of place Age and the fact that he screws things up in the last second and in the wierdest moments and ways.

    He is liked by children for how funny he is and can actually kick some serious ass if needed. Just so as to destroy his "cool Image" in the last seconds when he slips over a totally obvious object on the ground and land facedown in a trashcontainer.

    He is currently becoming an urban Legend in the rumors of Vale.

    While the Police knows him as an annoying Hero Wannabe and boy would if they just knew that he is one of the most wanted Criminals of the Kingdom. He really did steal alot of actually mundane and unimportant stuff, but he stole it regardless.

    All in order to achieve his heroic Ambition to become a Huntsman and Superhero.

    Why does no one discovers the hidden Spycams he installed in the classrooms of Signal Academy for example to ilegally take part in the Lessons there?

  • Dinobot01

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    #32953423 - 3 years ago

    Topaz Arc (Based from Tarzan) Jaunes sister

    Personality: Lover of animals and all things nature. Believes that animals are superior to humans(which they are). Can't go one day without talking about a different animal.

    Likes: Animals, hiking, camping, exploring and loves her big brother Jaune. She likes to call him "Brother Bear"

    Weapons: Two wrist mounted gauntlets with retractable claws and fire energy shots named "Claws of Fenrir"

    Semblance: Ability to use the powers of any animal she can think of. Speed of a cheetah, sonar of a dolphin, fly like a falcon, strength of an elephant etc.. Can also communicate with animals

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32953540 - 3 years ago

    Mars Nikos (Pyrrha's Blood Brother)

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 178 lbs

    Hair Colour: Dark Red

    Hair Style: Similar to qrow's when pulled back but less messy.

    Eye Colour: Dark Green (Light green when semblance is active)

    Skin Colour: Light but slightly tanned


    -Brown Leather Bomber w/o hood and two chest level pockets

    -red Tank top under jacket(leaves zipper undone)

    -brown cargo pants with grilled cuffs

    -Black leather boots

    -Red Balaclava around neck

    -Golden stud on left ear

    -Clean Shaven

    -carries swords on hips

    Personality: A strong willed and fearless warrior. Acts rather calm under several circumstances. Has an obsession with becoming the most powerful warrior in Remnant. Has an insatiable appetite for battle and holds nothing back. He hates the weak and believes that those who cannot protect themselves are better off dead. Finds comfort with those who wish to be strong and fearless, as he is.

    Weapon: hilts that use attachable blades. They carry no secondary role, limiting his effective range, however his stubbornness and perseverance usually help him close gaps. He does not seem to carry any emotional attachment to his weapons, discarding them and replacing them as he pleases.

    Semblance and Aura: His aura reserves are extremely low, giving him a significant disadvantage. However his persistence allowed him to overcome his weakness. Through physical conditioning, strength training, endless practice of deadly martial arts similar to Muay Thai and Grappling techniques, and natural skills in swordplay. Mars found his ultimate power. While all other skilled huntsmen and huntresses use a complete shield to protect them, Mars uses his aura much more conservatively. Only protecting certain areas of the body when on defence and applying aura to the place of contact during strikes. Along with his already stellar capabilities in close range, he is able to last much longer than most fighters despite his low aura reserve. His semblance is based on his senses. Seeing as his focus is so heavily on upgrading his own abilities, his semblance compliments that which he cannot amplify by normal means. His five senses are heightened to an insane level to the point where he is known as "untouchable". Similar to wrath from FMAB.

    Strengths: Unmatched in close range combat. His speed, strength, technique, intellect and semblance make him the perfect weapon, even when unarmed. Semblance allows dominance over several combatants at once with ease. Is immune to any illusions, or attacks that may hinder his semblance.

    Weaknesses: His lack of long range and any sort of ranged precision leaves him vulnerable in open field to accurate and powerful long range fighters. He mediates this by his extreme agility, to help close the gap, however it is not the best choice in all circumstances. His aura reserves also cause many problems as despite his focus on one part of the body, if he guesses wrong, the damage could be severe due to his lack of an actual shield. However his physical fitness and pain tolerance helps him overcome rather dangerous situations. His semblance has a short duration and he is susceptible to illusions and other attacks that may hinder his senses.

    Backstory: Not sure yet but he would be a neutral party in the storyline(fights both good and evil, but mainly for evil due to his "obsession")

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32953542 - 3 years ago

    I forgot to put in that his semblance allows for protection against illusions and such. Without it active, it's a weakness

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm


    #32953744 - 3 years ago

    In reply to DeadProphet

    And he will still get played, same as Yang. : P

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32953835 - 3 years ago

    In reply to HumanoidTypeGrimm

    Thus why it's called a weakness

  • DustChiphingGrim


    #32954093 - 3 years ago

    In reply to HumanoidTypeGrimm

    Oh look its the guy using the same network as I do. And Grim was really written with 2 m's huh?

    In reply to DeadProphet

    I do believe this topic as a suggestion template for Roosterteeth, no matter how slim the chance.

    ( Why is it called slim by the way and not "slimm" similar with GRIMM ? F°ck Grammar. :D )

    So what I was pointing out: I would distance myself from this teenager habbit as proposing siblings and relatives of somebodys. Nothing is further from the original. Also its boring since more than enough people do it, " believe it Dattebayo ".

    Kick your own imagination in the back of its head before its too late.

    At this rate people will suggest Ozbins sister, or the lost and unknown third sister of Ruby and Yang no matter how much of a clichee and ultimately boring it would be!

    Even Ironwood being a woman would be better with her Semblance turning her into a male version of herself.

    Ju~st saying.

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32954103 - 3 years ago

    In reply to DustChiphingGrim

    Ugh, look this topic is called "RWBY Character Ideas" correct? The only reason I made the idea that Pyrrha could have a sibling is because it would give the character relevance to the story. Other than that he really doesn't share any traits with Pyrrha. And as far as imagination goes I don't understand where your coming from considering the fact that he carries no similarities to the characters in RWBY besides his upfront approach that would be similar to ironwood and his choice in weapon which would be a sword. And considering your character is an amalgamation of foolishness(and I'm guessing that's what you were going for), I wouldn't talk on someone else's creativity. In fact it really doesn't matter if my character is related to Pyrrha anyways he doesn't need to be. It's just an idea and it can be shaped and formed however it needs to be.

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm


    #32954201 - 3 years ago

    Not to be rude or "to provocative",

    but all this pitiful Attempts of " My Character has an Ability that allows him to be immune against any Surprise " // " thats prevents anything from surprising/doing him in " - is a Pest for all OC Characters since over a handful of Years by now.

    It Ruins RPG Forums - and sometimes even Stories. Glad RWBY is more mature than that.

    Even that "overly incredible-powerful" Season-People are not allmighty: this is why they need Protection. Having a Attempt of an Ability/Character that knows "everything" what is going on and what is "clearly" over his Ability to notice, does not show Respect for the concerned Fantasy-Universe.

    But enough complaining from me: i wrote to much regarding this, already.

    I know in any Case, which Characters' Abilities i would NOT accept in a Character Biopgraphy, when i would be an Admin in a RPG Forum concerning the RWBY World/Universe. There. WILL. BE. NO. Person. WITHOUT. any. Openings. !

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32954234 - 3 years ago

    In reply to HumanoidTypeGrimm

    Well considering there is a limit to its effective duration and his combat is limited to close range, there are several ways to counter his semblance. But since I can see that you like to whine I'll elaborate. Flynt Coal's trumpet acts kind of like a thunder gun from CoD BO Zombies. Clearing out close range is his specialty. It also makes a cone shape, making it difficult to close in. Glynda goodwitch uses telekinesis, which would make it difficult to close in thanks to her advantage at long range. Qrow's scythe could probably be useful too, due to the unpredictable nature of the weapon. Maidens. I don't even understand why this is an argument. Illusions are OP too. And it's not like his ability allows him to control minds. Just because he has super senses doesn't mean he can guarantee his opponents movements it enhances his senses and prevents them from being tampered with. That doesn't make him close to being invincible. It doesn't even make him immune to surprises. What are the five senses? Sight, Taste, Smell, Hearing, and feeling. Whatever is "sensed" cannot be tampered with either. That doesn't give him telepathy. Use your brain before you come up with insults.

  • DustChiphingGrim


    #32954284 - 3 years ago

    In reply to DeadProphet

    In mention that it was not truly my place to speak up: I have not seen a single fictional Universe of some kind of franchise that I am following and enjoying, in which people have not suggested "Siblings" and other Relatives of maincharacters done by themself.

    I think the only ones who are allowed to do such stuff would be the copyright owners/autors and anything. Its really an annoying bandwagon for me that keeps annoying me.

    Its like the creativity of Humanity kind of fell outside the window.

    Ok I made a "Gandalf" joke character but at least this is another universe and he was altered to fit a kind of Cowboy Style to his Fantasy assets.

    But I think if I had made some kind of "Scarla Rose", the unknown sister of RWBY, that would be complete trolling and I would do it just so knowing others do not want to see it, cause yeah... its a bandwagon that will never be realized anyway.

    It was a mistake! I will shut up now.

  • DeadProphet

    DeadProphet Gym Rat

    #32954317 - 3 years ago

    In reply to DustChiphingGrim

    Lack of creativity is the wrong context. Usually in TV anime, the only similarities that siblings have are their appearances. You are right though, the long lost sister to the MC's is very unoriginal. Neither my character or Dino's are of that context. If anything, my character is simply an unknown at this point. Pyrrha is a secondary protagonist that hasn't been elaborated on enough to know whether the possibility of her having siblings is exempt. That's why I don't think having siblings(as long as the possibility is there) isn't a problem in character ideas. And it's not trolling, it's an idea. That's all it is. Whether your contribution leads to the creation of a new character or not doesn't matter. I'm not arguing with you. If you wanted to make a character named Scarla Rose, idgaf. And I wouldn't consider it trolling. Anyone who thinks it is has a stick up their ass.

  • ulasus


    #32954540 - 3 years ago

    Well, I should thank you for saving me from opening a topic for a character. :D

  • Asurse


    #32955269 - 3 years ago

    Name: Rain Taleo

    Height: 6'2

    Hair Color: Black

    Hair Style: Medium and combed to the side

    Eye Colour: Dark Blue

    Skin Colour: Light


    - White military jacket and pants with light blue highlights

    - White military boots with light blue laces

    - White scabbard on his right side


    - Rain uses a curved saber that he uses at a closer range but can switch the weapon into a rifle that fires explosive rounds filled with lighting dust.


    - Rain has an easy going personality but always strives to be the best in the room. He is always looking for ways to improve and doesn't care much for anything else.

    Aura and Semblance: Rain's aura reserves is high compared to most and his semblance allows him to focus energy into one point of his body and convert it into a force wave that will blast away anyone or thing around him with extreme force.

    Background: Born in Atlas, Rain was left at the door step of a military school by his mother. The school's headmaster took Rain in and raised him to be a soldier. At a young age he was taught how to fight and was taught all the skills to be a huntsman. He always try to be the best through any means and believes that he'd be a failure if he never makes it to the top.

  • Foyesoulreaper


    #32956173 - 3 years ago

    In reply to DeadProphet

    yes that does sound like a better idea but another good idea for backstory is that his family was attacked by grim

    one gets close slashes his eye his parents jump in front of him to protect him he freaks out and closes his eye his hands start to heat up and a pulse of fire gets blasted into the grim they turn to ash but as he opens his eye his parents are gone because he accidentally killed them making him swear to never use his semblance and if he was a character it would ad drama to the fact he would not allow himself to use his semblance until one day he would have to break that swear and the new name could be Sanguine Makuremoa because Sanguine is a synonym for red

  • Foyesoulreaper


    #32956174 - 3 years ago

    In reply to CitCat66

    thank you

  • ulasus


    #32956680 - 3 years ago

    Okay, here's the true Nigrum :

    Name: Nigrum

    Nickname : The Black Knight, Pitch-Black Gunslinger

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Black left eye and Red right eye.

    Clothing :

    Black Knight Form : Black armor with a black helmet and a mask.

    Normal : Black clothing( it's that simple)

    Weapon: Black broadsword, 2 black pistols with 17 unique types ammunition.

    Semblance: Aether : An ironic Semblance for a Black Swordsman ; Aether covers Nigrum with a white aura. It has many uses, ıncluding telekinesis , flight and the ability to manipulate the air's density.

    Overview: Born with a genius level intellect, Nigrum was an excellent student in Beacon Academy. But his intellect came with a price : Hosting another soul : Aether. Aether both helped Nigrum and became a nuisance for him. But they resolved their problems. Now as The Black Knight , Nigrum searches the world for worthy adversaries.



    -Strong enough to lift a mountain with the help of Aether.

    - But can't beat Crow 1v1

    Hope u liked it!

  • Dinobot01

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    #32957513 - 3 years ago

    Name: Silver Arc

    Family: Jaunes Twin Sister

    Personality: Silver is very focused on her job as a huntress. She never wants to hang out with friends or family. She has no sense of humor and does not like to socialize. She believes that a huntress should only focus on the mission, regardless of what happens during the mission.

    Weapon: A giant broad ax with a lazer edged blade that becomes a cannon named: Earth Breaker

    Semblance: She can supercharge any object with an unknown form of energy. The object she touches turns into an explosive that she can trigger any time she chooses. She can also see anything Jaune does through a psychic link she calls "Sight Sharing"

    One true weakness: Jaune. She loves her twin brother above all else and will do anything to protect him.

  • MatthieuGarz


    #32957629 - 3 years ago

    i see there people who can't accept other people's imagination but I don't care for everyone thinks different that's for sure. So to all who bash on other people's imagination enough.

    I would place my own personal Character ideas that I have but I have here in roosterteeth on my journals and my DA so if your curiosity wants to see check out my profile on here and look for Jade Forrestfang that's one idea.

    If you don't want to okay then your call but seriously quit bashing other people's ideas if they don't agree with yours just stop thank and leave.