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  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33744142 - 5 months ago

    In reply to DekZek

    Both could definitely use a lot of work in terms of limitations and such... Neither of them give any indication of what this does in terms of hindrance or Aura cost. There's no viable detriments being presented here.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33744180 - 5 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis I think they're fine, aura cost is usually just silently implied with any semblance. I quite like the second one especially.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33744495 - 5 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    I said hindrance OR Aura cost. These both can be really powerful in their own right, with no indication of a downside to them. Even the first one doesn't even specify what the problems that could follow could be.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33744501 - 5 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis Well, that one's not a semblance, it's just a weapon.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33744550 - 5 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Oh, I guess I missed that bit. Whoops! Well in that case, I would imagine it to be accomplished by a specific mix of Electric and Gravity Dust, not electromagnets. Electromagnets would require an INSANE amount of power for that level of effect, even for the lower end of ability...

  • Dinobot01

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    #33744718 - 5 months ago

    Stan Lee has passed away

  • DekZek


    #33745009 - 5 months ago

    So I thought more about my first idea, and I think the gauntlets would work best with a full set of armor, except its on a person who is really short/lean (about the same size as Oscar). The entire armor is powered by electricity/gravity dust, to the point where the person literally cannot move without using it, but in exchange it offers a ton of protection from damage. In that case, the electromagnet effects are just a side-effect of how the armor operates. Instead, the actual weapon is an equally ridiculously large axe. I was thinking of a sword, but not enough people have axes, plus it sells the whole idea of the character better.

    The electromagnet effects are just a byproduct of the design of the armor, which was then implemented into it for better convenience. As the armor moves, because it is large, metal, and has current running through it (how else would it be controlled), it creates a magnetic field, which the strength of can be altered by either changing the amount of current flowing (if there's too little current running through, the part of the armor "shuts down" because there isn't enough electricity to power it to move), or by changing the user's speed (the faster the movement, the stronger the field).

    Electric Dust still creates electricity, so might as well use principles of electricity to explain the behavior of an armor which relies heavily upon it. I'd imagine this character relies almost entirely on Electric Dust, with a small amount of gravity dust (need to balance things out somehow).

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33745575 - 4 months ago

    Did some more work on the emblems! I did more than the next team's worth of emblems this time, so I'll just post the compilation. The ones that have been revised this time are for Team G.R.D.N., Brontes Titanius, and Malvolius Boreas.


  • thenicecommander22


    #33746434 - 4 months ago

    well I'm not sure how i should start this ?but the character was 2 years in the making along with the story and ship design, but i can give a description of him, he is tall around the age of 16 smart and handsome has a personalty made of gold as many personnel has the imagination of a engineer, he 

    attended northstar aeronautical and combat academy 4 miles west of vale facility and beacon research station.

    name: Derek North

    previous occupation: junior officer ( still in training)

    relatives: john North( 4 gen owner of Northstar corporation and fleet admiral)

    status: alive and travailing to location x

    race: human

    eye color: blue

    hair color:black (may change)

    current occupation: fleet admiral of the northstar fleet and current commander of flag ship N.V.E ruby

    nickname: Mr. N or Mr. North



    weapon: c96 Mauser molded w/ extended barrel and em capacitor and "north's whisper" ( N.V.E Ruby)

    weapon type: Thomson sub machine gun modded w/ extended barrel and heavy rail capacitor

     aura color: light blue ( is equipped with personal aura generator )

    height: 5,8

    semblance: unknown

    complexion: white with light tan

    handedness: left

    outfit: black admiral uniform (northstar) civilian black fedora and black suit w/ red tie)

    story and last sighting

    A word from the commander light-burg : during the battle at beacon the company CEO and a former member of the white fang had gone missing along with a combine fleet of 100 airships if anyone has information of this disappearance? or the facility's lock down please report to the facility command, thank you

    many personnel at vale facility describe Derek North as smart and friendly many have also said that he is generous to many, but before he went missing Derek North signed of on one of his airship designs the N.V.E RUBY a northstar liner (super liner) and began constriction 4 years before the fall at beacon, his last known sighting (4 years before the fall) was at vale facility ship yards in the observation area over looking Ruby's construction workers report seeing North getting kidnapped, later these witnesses went missing as well.

    4 years later north was found the cryogenics lab in a capsule still alive and the same age as he was before and same condition as last seen.

    when Derek was questioned he said " when i was in this thing, this prison of ice, i woke up in a school i then i walked to one of the class rooms and saw my CO my trainer and my father" north said " and i got to work learning everything i could, i learned from commanding ship to a army from the engineering to metal work, i mean i cant remember any of it but it comes to mind when i want it to"

    it was later reported the, after the cct went offline northstar radio techs attempted to use the facility's cct but the power surge caused the the unit to be destroyed.

    after the interview a plan was made to take the ruby and randevu? with the sapphire at mistral and then attempted to fined out how they can stop this man from helping the white fang in there revolution?.


    he loves ruby( the ship not the girl )

    since he designed her and knows how to control her when she fights ( the rudder shifting )

    it would be right if North was to command the N.V.E ruby

    and he loves his weapons

    more will be added depending on reaction

    please ask if you like to know more info on the ship, character, facility, or the company

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33746507 - 4 months ago

    In reply to thenicecommander22 What kind of color is Derek North?

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33746518 - 4 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    I'm assuming North is supposed to pertain towards the arctic region north, which would allude to... well... a lot of white.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33746574 - 4 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis That's very much a stretch and I'm more inclined to believe that the OP forgot/didn't know about the color rule.

  • thenicecommander22


    #33746971 - 4 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    well a liner with teeth

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33746976 - 4 months ago

    In reply to thenicecommander22 RWBY names have to always be a color, sound like a color, mean a color in another language, or invoke the idea of a specific color.

  • thenicecommander22


    #33746980 - 4 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    oh yeah im not sure but give me some time 

    maybe tomorrow so give me some time

    right now im developing the interior design of the liner ruby

  • thenicecommander22


    #33746981 - 4 months ago

    to be honest i'm not into character design but more mechanical and engineering wise

    i mean i design 4 airships that are not only used for fighting but for luxury travel 


    N.V.E. ruby 

    N.V.E. sapphire

    N.V.E. pearl

    N.P.S. raven queen ( sounds like med way queen)

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33747583 - 4 months ago

    BOY it's about that time again. Might as well post it in this thread too.

    [NAME] Sky Nimbus.

    [GENDER] Male. 

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Faunus ("Scarab Beetle"). 

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Sentry Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] (Pastel) Milky Blue.

    [REFERENCE/ALLUSION] Khepri (Egyptian god of Sunrise).

    [PERSONALITY] Sky could be considered a veteran with respect to experience with racism, and it's exactly because he's been discriminated against his entire life that he's grown bitter and distrustful. He doesn't like interacting with non-faunus, and especially loathes racists. He's very hateful of them and unwilling to forgive or compromise, even if they were to apologize to him. On top of that, he takes issue with faunus who are okay with or dismissive of racism, and do nothing about it. He thinks of them as cowards and traitors. He tends to hold on to grudges in general, and usually has a gloomy outlook on life. He tends to be respectful of people if they are respectful of him, but a lot of people just avoid him because of his grumpy attitude all day. He doesn't like to open up to people about himself unless he really trusts them, and that trust is very hard to earn (and quite easy to lose).

    [LOOKS] (NOTE: the way I drew his weapons here isn't quite accurate anymore. In the 'weapons' section you'll see small changes have been made to its design since. Also, no need to read this paragraph if you can see the image.)daagmvr-48397824-0508-4aa5-91e4-a2823c31

    His quite curly cloudy-blue-colored hair crowns his head and compliments his olive skin, his bright yellow eyes deeply hidden behind it. But his most outstanding feature(s) are the two large (scarab) mandibles that stick out, pointing upwards from the top of his head. They are connected to his actual jaw by muscle, and so he is able to move them slightly. He wears a light blue blouse with short, very puffy sleeves and a long, frilly neck ruffle that goes down to about the bottom his ribs, as well as very puffy pants of a deeper shade of blue. Both clothing articles have a silky texture to them. Aside from his regular clothing, he usually wears Claws of Khepri, his metal gauntlets and boots that make up his weapons, which he tucks his sleeves and trouser legs into.

    [BACKSTORY] Coming from a relatively well-off faunus family in Mistral, Sky is all too familiar with faunus racism and discrimination. Bad people would constantly curse out his family, accusing them of having accumulated their wealth through theft or other illegitimate means. Even when he started training to become a huntsman at Sanctum, classmates would bully and belittle him for being a faunus. Unfortunately for Sky, his large mandibles are hard to hide, which makes for an easy target. This made him a very bitter person. He was already familiar with Cole and Persimmon, an infamous duo from another class, who were rumored to be the cruelest towards faunus. When he heard about Sentry Academy, his interest was piqued; he'd love to start over in a newer, tougher community. One focused more on combat and strength than ostracizing everyone that's different. Partially because of his strong semblance, Sky passed the entrance test quite easily. However, when he found out Persimmon and Cole also enrolled in (and managed to get into) Sentry Academy, a great anger came over him. This only got worse when the team he was assigned to was PSTL, with Persimmon Coral, Thea Mint, and Lily Lavender. He rejected Persimmon as his leader, because he knew all too well what he and Cole were infamous for. In a desperate episode, Persimmon then revealed to everyone at Sentry that he was actually a faunus all along; he had hidden his trait with his clothing. This in turn made Cole reject Persimmon. Sky's other teammates quickly took more of a liking to Persimmon after this, but this was a lot tougher for Sky; he still saw Persimmon as a traitor for associating with Cole for so long, for tolerating his racism for so long. He still finds it difficult to accept him as his leader, but it's steadily getting better.

    [WEAPONS] Claws of Khepri: KHo4XHw.jpg

    Actually a set of four, it consists of a pair of metal gauntlets and a pair of metal boots. All have two "fingers" and a "thumb", making them look somewhat like bird talons. Two of Sky's fingers go in each gauntlet finger, and his thumb goes in the thumb space. For the boots, the thumb is unoccupied, Sky's biggest toe goes in one finger, and the rest in the other. The inside of all four pieces is lined with a thick layer soft velvet, absorbing shocks and making sure Sky's hands and feet do not get bruised or hurt while he uses them. The gauntlets go up the arm up to right under the elbow, and the boots go up the leg up to right below the knee, both consisting of about three arm/leg segments, and one for the wrists/ankles. The fingers and thumbs on the gauntlets consist of three segments as well -those on the boots only have two, however-, and all have a sharp, flat spike on the inside of each segment. They contain a springlock type mechanism that makes the fingers snap shut, a bit like a bear trap. The hands close completely, with the thumb inbetween the two fingers, but the feet only snap into a clawing position. This can be used to grab onto things, while the mechanism in the hands is mainly used for cutting completely through things, or crushing them. On the inside of the palm, as well as below the sole, each hand and foot has a bit of raised metal in the shape of Sky's emblem. Lastly, on top of the hands and aimed between the two fingers is a small, embedded automatic machine pistol barrel that is loaded through the back, and can be used to shoot with, usually when the hand is closed (but because it is aimed between the fingers, can also safely be shot when the hand is open).

    [EMBLEM] Two mirrored crescent shapes, thinner at the bottom than at the top, ending in a spike and sprouting another short spike inwards near the top, surround a big circle. The aforementioned shapes can be interpreted as Sky's mandibles, or as hands seen from the side, with the thumb on the inside, holding up a ball of light (or the sun). It's the same shade of milky blue as Sky's overall color theme.

    [SEMBLANCE] Sunrise: This semblance gives Sky the ability to 'roll up' balls of light. Think of rolling snow to make snowballs, but with light. These balls of light, which become more taxing on his aura to roll up and hold as their size increases, radiate heat and light energy capable of dealing damage.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33748981 - 3 months ago

    Okay! I've just about finished off the redesigning of emblems that I felt needed a do-over or readjustment. They should ALL now fit a monochromatic theme, with background, while still retaining some sort of hidden representation to their respective OC. I still don't have one for Blaine, but considering the fact that he's a non-combatant, I'm not too sure about him... In any case, I'm just gonna shut up and show the full emblem compilation. g8EeIKT.png

  • LennieZA


    #33752424 - 2 months ago

    NAME] Motley Stone (originally Malachite but the introduction of a different Malachite on Season 6 forced a name Change)

    [GENDER] Male. 

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Human

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Mistral Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] Red and Black.

    [REFERENCE/ALLUSION] Circus Ringmaster.


    Charming and very likable when he wants to be but otherwise aloof and seemingly disliking everyone outside of his team.

    appears to show a level of disregard for the students around him and only ever appearing to take notice of teachers.

    it is rare for Motley to interact with other students and when he does it is always because the other student instigated it.

    when interacting with others Motley is charming and very likable but never goes beyond the superficial causing others to like him but not really wanting to be around him much, this is helped by his team mate and stepbrother Laburn being notoriously hostile to everyone and seemingly only kept in check by Motley.


    Black top hat

    Red Tails Jacket over black vest and white shirt

    Black pants and shoes with White Gloves.

    on the taller end of average height but often appears shorter than he is because of Laburn always looming behind Motley. he has short black hair always kept perfectly neat as if Motley is about to walk onto stage.

    Motley has a slight frame and walks with a confidence and poise.

    Motley carries a simple cane with him but it is obviously a sword stick and Motley makes no effort to hide the fact. apart from everything else the cane has a slightly more battered look and is obviously older than Motley.


    Born in a mining village in Mistral Motley was destined to be just another miner however as a boy of 7 a Grim attack destroyed the village (there is a full story here i have written but here is not the place for it) and Motley escaped on a train with Yvonne. 

    The women and children were shoved wherever they would fit on the train before the Grim overran the whole village and forced to leave many behind as the grim approached the station. the Train was forced to leave before all could be saved and with the bounty of people left on the platform no grim chased the train.

    on the train ride Motley and Yvonne were in a compartment usually used to carry ore to the refineries near mistral far away from the village. there were a few other children in the train but some did not make it to Mistral as the compartments were open to the elements and there were no other settlements within three days trip and without any supplies beyond the meager portions used to feed the small crew on their usual trips the only chance for survival was to move at with all speed to Mistral and hope the survivors would live long enough for relief.

    Motley and Yvonne having seen each other in the village and living on the same street gravitated to each other and each held the other for comfort until the train arrived in Mistral.

    when they arrived in Mistral they were seen clutching each other firmly by the owner and ringmaster of a small but successful Circus.

    when medical personnel tried to separate Motley From Yvonne he screamed and clutched her so tightly she could barely breath and she clutched him so tightly that he couldn't breath in enough to scream again. 

    with his already aching heart at the sight of covered stretchers carrying too small bodies and the half starved children exerting the last of their strength just to hold onto each other the Ringmasters heart shattered and he followed the two to the hospital where after making inquiries he took responsibility for the two stating that should either of their parents be found alive he would gladly return the children.

    Neither Motley nor Yvonne would ever be claimed by parents and they grew up in the Circus until the kind ringmaster died and the twice over orphans used the money left to them by their adoptive father to enroll in Mistral Academy with the intention to never be helpless again.


    A modified version of the ringmasters old sword stick/whip.

    originally the weapon was just a whip used to entangle Grim while the circus was on the road in Mistral, when it was handed down to Motley he added the fire to make better use of his Semblance.

    the weapon has 4 "stages"

    1) Simple Cane

    2) Sword

    3) Whip

    4) Flaming whip

    when drawn the sword is a thin rapier blade (Like the blade used by Weiss) however it has no guard.

    when examined closely the blade is not solid but is made of hundreds of pieces fitted together.

    upon activation of the whip all the pieces separate to create a very dangerous whip with small sharp fragments jutting out causing a hit with this whip to be incredibly painful and damaging with a tendency for the fragments to get stuck in the skin causing the whip to wrap around the enemy or tear the skin from his opponent if Motley chooses to use it in such a way.

    The whip can also be set on fire and burn opponents but Motley can only keep the whip on fire of a maximum of 30 seconds before it needs to be recharged. this is done by returning the whip to its sword form and placing it back in the scabbard for three seconds.

    [EMBLEM] Coiled whip under a circus tent.

    [SEMBLANCE] Furnace

    Motley can increase the speed with which something burns making it burn hotter and faster.

    example: if you light a match it will last a few seconds before it burns out. Motley can make it burn for 1 second and in that one second all the heat will be released. scale that up to a campfire and you can take something that will burn all night and make it release all its heat, making it so hot it will turn the area around the campfire to glass.

    it is possible for Motley to even make air catch on fire with his semblance however it needs something on fire to start the process (like a flaming whip) and it drains a huge amount of aura and is completely uncontrollable


    Motley is aware that his weapon is very brutal and more than capable of killing most things when coupled with his semblance.

    When sparring with other students Motley Rarely draws his sword preferring to keep it as a cane. occasionally if he wishes to prove a point he will draw the sword and use the scabbard as a defensive tool and club showing himself to be proficient in dual handed combat. nobody outside his team and a few teachers has seen what his weapons true potential is as Motley feels it is a very effective Huntsman weapon but too brutal for Training.

    when fighting the Creatures of Grim Motley still primarily uses the Weapon as a sword as the tendency of the whip to entangle his opponent and getting stuck it is ineffective at fighting multiple enemies.

    if however against few opponents or one opponent the whip is a devastating weapon.

    Motley using his whip will try wrap it around an opponent. if he manages it he will light the whip on fire. under normal circumstances the whip will burn for 30 seconds. with his semblance Motley can make it burn out in 5 causing a flame so hot it can melt metal. usually this is enough to set the Grim on fire and still using his semblance the grim will burn itself out in a manner of moments.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33752425 - 2 months ago

    In reply to LennieZA Hey, another segmented whip OC! Nice. Anyway, I'm having a hard time picturing how his semblance would practically function. It's not something I would go for, but perhaps I just don't get it.

  • LennieZA


    #33752428 - 2 months ago

    NAME] Yvonne Stone

    [GENDER] Female. 

    [AGE] 15.

    [SPECIES] Human

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Mistral Academy.

    [COLOR THEME]  Turquoise



    Aloof to the extreme.

    from the way she moves to her attitude nobody likes Yvonne but their feelings are so far below her notice she does not even care. She is not nasty to anyone however.

    imagine that you are talking to someone and you feel that they would prefer to be somewhere else, Yvonne gives off the impression that she would prefer you to be anywhere else because she is in the right place and you are not.

    even among her team she is cold but they are a lot more tolerant of her.

    to teachers she is respectful but still more like a diplomat speaking to a dignitary from a lesser civilization than a student learning from a teacher.

    Yvonne also has a tendency to show off but more for her own amusement than to give a good impression to her classmates



    Long black hair kept in a perfect braid down her back.

    Yvonne wears a full length Turquoise dress that fits tightly to her torso and upper arms while becoming loose fitting past her waist allowing freedom of movement

    Yvonne's dress has loose sleeves that conceal her weapons.

    Yvonne is fairly short and appears slim but under her dress and unknown to everyone apart from her team mates she has clearly defined muscles and abs that even Sun Wukong would be proud to show off.


    See Motley Above.


    Yvonne has a total of 6 concealed blades on her at all times.

    on her arms Yvonne has a blade on a rail that projects from the underside of her forearm or can be reversed to project from her elbow.

    this blade has a point on each end with no hilt and is concealed in a bracer on each of Yvonnes arms.

    on her legs Yvonne wears greaves that conceal two blades each. one blade projects from the knee and another from the back of the leg down past the foot.

    [EMBLEM] turquoise dancer doing a pirouette under a circus tent.

    [SEMBLANCE] Grace

    Yvonne has perfect muscle control. this is primarily a passive ability.

    if you think of every cliche with regard to movement then it fits Yvonne. she does not merely walk, she glides, poetry in motion making us humans appear clumsy children in comparison to her grace.

    her body does exactly what she says it must.

    in combat this has some benefits allowing her to make very precise attacks but the primary benefit for her is in training. if you show her something that will take others days to learn, she will master the movements almost instantly.

    a side effect of her semblance is Yvonne's body itself is perfect with regards to fitness and strength. she is always at the peak of what her bodies small frame is capable of doing.


    Yvonne is in many ways the perfect fighting machine, incredibly fit and fast she uses her agility and balance to dodge attacks. Yvonne does not like to carry weapons as she uses her hands for mobility, dancing around her opponent looking for a weakness. when she finds one she will use her concealed blades to punch, knee or kick a hole through them. 

  • LennieZA


    #33752429 - 2 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    the idea behind the semblance is it kinda works the same way blowing air onto a fire makes it burn better. His semblance takes that idea and amplifies it. making something burn hotter at the expense of the fire's fuel going out faster.

    just to throw some numbers to make it simpler. let is say his whip will burn naturally at 500 degrees for 30 seconds. Motley can make his whip burn at 1500 degrees for 10 seconds or maybe even 5000 degrees for 3 seconds. but burning that hot will probably destroy the whip

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33752453 - 2 months ago

    In reply to LennieZA I see. I'm still having trouble seeing the practical use of something being 1500 instead of 500 degrees (both will destroy most things) but you do you.