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  • DekZek


    #33752456 - 2 months ago

    Also, if it scales like that you're probably better off using the Kelvin scale. If you are looking for something down that alley, however, may I recommend the whip becoming incredibly cold at times. This does place limits on the cooldown time, as it is literally impossible to go below absolute zero, and if you also have to make sure the whip does not break under the stress caused by sudden temperature changes, it would add a unique element to their strategy.

    Say you are working with 20 degrees Celsius (room temperature) being the "resting temperature", and its temperature can be regulated by a "points" system (This is just to explain the logic, I cant think of any better way to describe it.

    if it can go to 520 Celsius for 30 seconds (just using your numbers here), let's assume its maximum point threshold is 500*30=15,000 points. If one wanted to recharge the heat in battle, they could have a brief cooldown at which it returns to resting so as not to crack, then chills to -230 Celsius (44 degrees Kelvin, 250 "points" per second of cooldown). It would have to be like this for a minute to completely return to a resting state, but during this time it has to be held as a sword (otherwise it would crack way to easily), and then the heat functionality would be restored.

  • RagedPG

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    #33754240 - 2 months ago

    My RWBY Character Idea

    Name: Sebastien Fire

    Parents: Sophia Fire And Mr. Nikkos (Pyrrha's Father)


    Age: Around 17

    Bird Faunus

    Semblance: Defense then offence (stop time for a certain period then when that expires he goes into a blood uncontrollable rage)

    Personality: Secretly depressed but seems happy and confident at all times.


    Hair: dark reds color, mainly burgundy

             comb over with it slightly going back with almost shaved sides (sometimes has   a shaved sides ponytail),

             straight hair

    Skin color: mexican brown

        No blemishes

        Scars on chest and back

        2 major scars center of back( where wings used to be)

    Body Figure: 6 feet 1 inch height

    really low body fat

    toned, body like nightwing

    Clothing: burgundy suit long jacket( popped collar)

    white dress shirt

    burgundy tie

    black vest

    black dress pants

    black shoes  

    burgundy hand wraps(a bit thin)

    Equipment: Metallic wings which retract to a backpack looking metal thing

                       Part of wings detach to claws and fangs off the forearm with metal bracers as defense

                        Katana as walking around weapon

    Background Summary: Lost mother early in life and never met father. Went to orphanage. Suffered abuse for being a faunas and other stuff. Was a lab rat. Was a murdering radical. Then he was a lone wanderer.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33754243 - 2 months ago

    In reply to enriquezc I have to ask. Is this a serious character?

  • RagedPG

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    #33754299 - 2 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    What do you mean be serious? He only gets serious when he's in combat, but in a normal social environment he's pretty confident and a bit goofy.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33754314 - 2 months ago

    In reply to enriquezc I meant if you were serious or if it was a joke, but it seems that you were indeed serious. It's just that you hit like all the clichés when it comes to RWBY OCs that I've seen so many times before. Black and red color scheme, abused faunus, dead parents, katana weapon, "berserker mode"/OP-type semblance, edgy demeanor, backstory, outfit, and basically everything else, somehow related to canon characters, lone-wolf/crazy murder hobo, has mental disorders the creator probably doesn't have any experience with, the list goes on. Not only are most of these aspects overdone in OCs, a lot of them are also pretty...bad, to be blunt. sweat_smile

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33754374 - 2 months ago

    Yeah, one or two cliches, you can play off if you do it right, but there's only so much you can add before the cliches define the character, which, in itself, is just a bad idea in general. Take it from someone with 31 of these sorts of RWBY OCs, it's not an easy thing to pull off, but when you do, it just becomes all that much better for yourself. Also, for the record, HUGE turn off to use canon characters as affiliates, by the way. I did that for one of mine as a theorized twin sister because she was part of a theory I had regarding Pyrrha, but let me just say, she's also the most controversial out of all of them because of that. Trust me, it's an insanely slippery slope, best case scenario is to just avoid canon altogether in terms of affiliations. (I say this because proposed parentage)