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    BOY it's about that time again. Might as well post it in this thread too.

    [NAME] Sky Nimbus.

    [GENDER] Male. 

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Faunus ("Scarab Beetle"). 

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Sentry Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] (Pastel) Milky Blue.

    [REFERENCE/ALLUSION] Khepri (Egyptian god of Sunrise).

    [PERSONALITY] Sky could be considered a veteran with respect to experience with racism, and it's exactly because he's been discriminated against his entire life that he's grown bitter and distrustful. He doesn't like interacting with non-faunus, and especially loathes racists. He's very hateful of them and unwilling to forgive or compromise, even if they were to apologize to him. On top of that, he takes issue with faunus who are okay with or dismissive of racism, and do nothing about it. He thinks of them as cowards and traitors. He tends to hold on to grudges in general, and usually has a gloomy outlook on life. He tends to be respectful of people if they are respectful of him, but a lot of people just avoid him because of his grumpy attitude all day. He doesn't like to open up to people about himself unless he really trusts them, and that trust is very hard to earn (and quite easy to lose).

    [LOOKS] (NOTE: the way I drew his weapons here isn't quite accurate anymore. In the 'weapons' section you'll see small changes have been made to its design since. Also, no need to read this paragraph if you can see the image.)daagmvr-48397824-0508-4aa5-91e4-a2823c31

    His quite curly cloudy-blue-colored hair crowns his head and compliments his olive skin, his bright yellow eyes deeply hidden behind it. But his most outstanding feature(s) are the two large (scarab) mandibles that stick out, pointing upwards from the top of his head. They are connected to his actual jaw by muscle, and so he is able to move them slightly. He wears a light blue blouse with short, very puffy sleeves and a long, frilly neck ruffle that goes down to about the bottom his ribs, as well as very puffy pants of a deeper shade of blue. Both clothing articles have a silky texture to them. Aside from his regular clothing, he usually wears Claws of Khepri, his metal gauntlets and boots that make up his weapons, which he tucks his sleeves and trouser legs into.

    [BACKSTORY] Coming from a relatively well-off faunus family in Mistral, Sky is all too familiar with faunus racism and discrimination. Bad people would constantly curse out his family, accusing them of having accumulated their wealth through theft or other illegitimate means. Even when he started training to become a huntsman at Sanctum, classmates would bully and belittle him for being a faunus. Unfortunately for Sky, his large mandibles are hard to hide, which makes for an easy target. This made him a very bitter person. He was already familiar with Cole and Persimmon, an infamous duo from another class, who were rumored to be the cruelest towards faunus. When he heard about Sentry Academy, his interest was piqued; he'd love to start over in a newer, tougher community. One focused more on combat and strength than ostracizing everyone that's different. Partially because of his strong semblance, Sky passed the entrance test quite easily. However, when he found out Persimmon and Cole also enrolled in (and managed to get into) Sentry Academy, a great anger came over him. This only got worse when the team he was assigned to was PSTL, with Persimmon Coral, Thea Mint, and Lily Lavender. He rejected Persimmon as his leader, because he knew all too well what he and Cole were infamous for. In a desperate episode, Persimmon then revealed to everyone at Sentry that he was actually a faunus all along; he had hidden his trait with his clothing. This in turn made Cole reject Persimmon. Sky's other teammates quickly took more of a liking to Persimmon after this, but this was a lot tougher for Sky; he still saw Persimmon as a traitor for associating with Cole for so long, for tolerating his racism for so long. He still finds it difficult to accept him as his leader, but it's steadily getting better.

    [WEAPONS] Claws of Khepri: KHo4XHw.jpg

    Actually a set of four, it consists of a pair of metal gauntlets and a pair of metal boots. All have two "fingers" and a "thumb", making them look somewhat like bird talons. Two of Sky's fingers go in each gauntlet finger, and his thumb goes in the thumb space. For the boots, the thumb is unoccupied, Sky's biggest toe goes in one finger, and the rest in the other. The inside of all four pieces is lined with a thick layer soft velvet, absorbing shocks and making sure Sky's hands and feet do not get bruised or hurt while he uses them. The gauntlets go up the arm up to right under the elbow, and the boots go up the leg up to right below the knee, both consisting of about three arm/leg segments, and one for the wrists/ankles. The fingers and thumbs on the gauntlets consist of three segments as well -those on the boots only have two, however-, and all have a sharp, flat spike on the inside of each segment. They contain a springlock type mechanism that makes the fingers snap shut, a bit like a bear trap. The hands close completely, with the thumb inbetween the two fingers, but the feet only snap into a clawing position. This can be used to grab onto things, while the mechanism in the hands is mainly used for cutting completely through things, or crushing them. On the inside of the palm, as well as below the sole, each hand and foot has a bit of raised metal in the shape of Sky's emblem. Lastly, on top of the hands and aimed between the two fingers is a small, embedded automatic machine pistol barrel that is loaded through the back, and can be used to shoot with, usually when the hand is closed (but because it is aimed between the fingers, can also safely be shot when the hand is open).

    [EMBLEM] Two mirrored crescent shapes, thinner at the bottom than at the top, ending in a spike and sprouting another short spike inwards near the top, surround a big circle. The aforementioned shapes can be interpreted as Sky's mandibles, or as hands seen from the side, with the thumb on the inside, holding up a ball of light (or the sun). It's the same shade of milky blue as Sky's overall color theme.

    [SEMBLANCE] Sunrise: This semblance gives Sky the ability to 'roll up' balls of light. Think of rolling snow to make snowballs, but with light. These balls of light, which become more taxing on his aura to roll up and hold as their size increases, radiate heat and light energy capable of dealing damage.