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Cinder's Team's Abilities Solved!

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  • hamsterboy3


    #32955798 - 3 years ago

    Okay, so after thinking for about a half-hour and reading comments and theories, I have found the abilities for Cinder, Mercury, Emerald, and Neo. (aka Team CMEN lol).

    Cinder: Heat Glass and glass illusions. Remember how Torchwick escaped on the highway? They shattered like glass and reappeared on a aircraft. Who was shown flying the aircraft before? CINDER. And being based on Cinderella she would have to do with glass. She was the pilot the second time too. Where her heat powers come from is still undetermined but could do with her attack on Autumn. (Cinder never shows one eye and one of Autumn's eyes has marking over it. Seems like classic Naruto eye-replacement to me.) Her disguises during the dance seemed to be created with magic. Not only that but, REMEMBER HER FIGHT WITH GOODWITCH?!!? That was definitely magic what with the magic circle and stuff.

    Mercury: Mercury Poisoning. He can cause people to become disoriented or make them have false visions as seen with Yang in the episode Fall.

    Emerald: Shape-shifting. She's a thief and and showed this ability in her fight with Coco.

    Neo: Teleportation. Shown during the train/subway scenes.

    Discuss what you think.

  • cobranahk


    #32956161 - 3 years ago

    This makes so much sense. I never even thought of shape-shifting as Emerald's semblance, just illusions.

  • Zoonik


    #32956249 - 3 years ago

    Cinder is Summer. her fiery aura, the use of glass/mirrors (which is melted sand) and stuff like that makes me think so now. She went for Autumn(Fall for Americans) first because it may be that she needs to get the powers in order of the seasons. But then again, if she was Summer, they would know it is her right? But maybe they lost track of who got the power of Summer, and yeah...

  • Vivamort

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    #32956275 - 3 years ago


    1) We see both Cinder's eyes lots (even in Goodwitch fight) - not that this stops what you are saying from being true.

    2) In the debrief about the Cinder Ruby fight in the tower, Ruby says she uses glass but she didn't think it was her semblance. She could be wrong I guess though.

    Mercury - I am in agreement with this so far. I don't know if it is his semblance but I think the cloud of smoke/gas from his multi-flying-white-balls-thing is the delivery method of whatever causes the persons effected to see things. And maybe because of this effect, Emerald and Mercury split up so she wouldn't be accidently dosed.

    Emerald - I am not sure what evidence you are using for shapeshifting. If it is the Y guy's appearance from Team cvfy behind Coco when he was actually being knocked out by Mercury. I very much doubt that was Emerald. First of all Emerald attacked Coco from the other side of where the "illusion" appeared, and secondly, I think the Mercury ability as described above is the easier explanation (Occam's razor and all).

    Neo - Yes I agree with that as her semblance.