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  • Dinobot01

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    #33118747 - 3 years ago

    This post is for everyone to post ideas for Semblances they would like to see or their own ideas. It needs a name, list its strengths and its limitations. You can use this post as much as you like. Once you have an idea for a semblance post it here and share it with everyone. I'll start.

    Name: Animorph- The ability to take the form of any creature in the Animal Kingdom. Birds, Beasts, Insects. Any animal that has ever existed.

    Limits: In order to acquire a new animal form the person must see the animal, whether in real life or in photographs. When the person changes form, not only does their body change, but their DNA changes into the DNA of that animal. While in the animal form, the person must continuously fight the animal instincts. They must always maintain their human intellect and stay in control of the animal instincts. The more savage the animal, the harder it will be. If they were to ever give in and lose control, they would become a wild beast and require help to change back.

  • gigantic


    #33118821 - 3 years ago

    semblance:(i have no name for it yet but) this semblance its like manipulating energy has 2 ways to use 1st is it can strengthen the person physical body like power,speed,durability immeasurably and 2nd the person can focus the energy in his/her hands in a sphere like form for long range attacks its size can be altered.

    limits:1st the strengthening is limited to how much power the person can handle if the person powers up to much it could damage his body or even kill him/her 2nd the energy shots require some time to charge depending on how big the person wants it to be and while charging the energy shot the strengthening in his body resets.

  • Dinobot01

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    #33118914 - 3 years ago

    In reply to gigantic

    very nice

  • gigantic


    #33119031 - 3 years ago

    In reply to NeoFanatic

    thanks for the analogy ill do more detail explanation next time just wondering have posted your own rwby character idea

  • gigantic


    #33119040 - 3 years ago

    oh nice drawing good character but the weapon its a good idea but i dont think its a good pair i mean i just dont see it happening the transformation wont make sense but all in all good character idea

  • Dinobot01

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    #33119278 - 3 years ago

    Let's keep this post about everyone making their own ideas for semblances. Feel free to post your opinion about them, but let's keep this post on topic

  • arfman21


    #33119764 - 3 years ago


    Specifically for a ranged fighter but any thrown weapon will hone in on their target regardless of what is in their way.

    Limits: User looks away or focused on anything that is not the target means lock on is canceled and the weapon will continue on in its normal path. If weapon is broken then lock on is deactivated

  • Riftdragon


    #33119780 - 3 years ago


    may negate the effect of one thing that effects the user at a given time

    Limits: only effects the user and there is always a down side to it

    example: negating kinetic force the user can no long move faster then just plain walking cause kinetic energy is required to transfer as the ground gets pushed off of.

    (spelling correctons are not sticking)

  • job1


    #33119891 - 3 years ago


    Allows the user to sliop in and out of computersystems. The user has control over the system depending on the amount of energy they are willing and able to sacrifice. This ranges form minimal to full.

    Limits: the system always identifies the user as hostile. This means that if it's well protected, the user can be injured both physically and mentaly. The user also has to be very weary of virusses, that can hurt them just like defence programs would. He is also in danger of being cut of when in the system itself (for example by cutting power in a certain section), resulting in major injuries to the body.

    Example: The user has to get to the other side of a wall as quickly as possible. He accesses the camera network through one of the cameras. Luckaly, the system has but minimal security and he quickly gains acces to the cable network. using this, he transports himself to the camera on the other side and slips out.

    I excuse myself for my truly amazing English (I am being sarcastic, but really, I want to be told what I did wrong so let your inner grammer Nazi be free)

  • job1


    #33119939 - 3 years ago


    aura to energy conversion

    The idea is pretty simple. You have a bit of aura and use it to create say ... a magic missile, or a gigantic indipendant firebreathing dragon. To balance this semblence you need to make the cost insane. To balance that out, I give the user the ability to, if the other person is conciously willing and relaxed or asleep (but not dead), extract the energy of the aura of others. this doesn't strip them from their aura, but simply takes its energy, and gives it to the user. The stronger the aura of the subject, the more aura is given to the user.

    Limits: Like I said, the cost for some of the big things is insane, and there are not that many people willing to trade of the strength of their soul to a random stranger. The semblence also doesn't tell the user that it has started burning the users aura, making big things very risky to pull off.

    Example: The user sees a thief steal the purse of an old lady. He proceeds to lift his hand and will a magic wall in front of the thief. he then launches a 20 meter tall skyskraper into the thie. The thief (and everybody else) sees his life flashing before him, but nothing happens, you see, the move was a bit to expensive to pull off and the user falls over, dead.

  • Dinobot01

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    #33120580 - 3 years ago

    Name: Hyper Stride

    Ability: Hyper Stride increases a persons physical capabilities exponentially. They would have the strength of Hercules, the speed of Flash, enhanced senses and would be invulnerable to any and all attacks no matter how strong.

    Limits: The user can only maintain this power for a maximum of 30 minutes. If the person stays like this for the maximum time, the person will become completely tired and drained of all physical strength. If they stop using this power before the maximum time, they will still have strength to fight, but will feel the effects of time they spent using that power. Plus, it can only be used once a day.

  • Sdlonyer


    #33120746 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Dinobot01

    Hmm, I don't know, seems way over powered. 30 mins is a long time for a fight especially when you can literally shrug off every counterattack and hit back stronger and faster than anyone else involved. You'd be lucky to get a half an hour long fight with two people were perfectly matched in all aspects: speed, strength, endurance, stamina, weapons/semblance. Especially if they were both going all out. But the second one person slips out of that perfect match up, either by being better or worse then before, the fight would get drastically shorter. From how it reads right now, you're pretty well saying that they can move roughly as fast as Ruby and have enough strength to wrestle with a Goliath bare-handed (at the same time mind you) for half-an-hour.

    Also, would that 30 mins be continuous from the start/activation of it and just keeps going even if you don't need it or that they can stretch that 30 mins over the coarse of the day, only using it as little as possible each time?

    While a good idea, at very best (like after years of training with it) I'd give that semblance 10-15 mins top. Anything more and that semblance would be like what would happen if Yang and Ruby's semblances had a baby with an Atlesian Paladin.

  • Dinobot01

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    #33121374 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Sdlonyer

    Fair enough. I'll change it to a 15 minute limit, but they still have the full speed and strength and can use them at the same time. Post some of your ideas on here, I would love to hear them

  • Zs_skayr


    #33121424 - 3 years ago

    Name: Copy Cat

    Ability -

    • Allows the user to copy the semblance of other people through physical contact.
      • It allows the user to negate an opponent's semblance by countering it with the same semblance.
      • Or it can be used to copy a semblance from an ally and have double that semblance output in a team.

    Limits -

    • The user can not retain more than one semblance at a time;
      • If the user wishes to re-use a previously owned semblance he/she will have to physically touch the person who has it again.
    • While Copy Cat instantly copies the semblance of others it doesn't 'explain' itself so the user must learn how it works in order to be able to use it effectively.
      • (for example; copying Emerald's semblance may give the user the ability to mess with their opponent's perception, but if the user has no idea how to do that, they either won't be able to do it or at least not on the emerald's level)
      • It is also dangerous to the copier for if the semblance is dangerous in and of itself, having no understanding on how it works can lead to serious unwanted, self inflicted injuries.

  • Ermurgok

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    #33121456 - 3 years ago

    This is from my RWBY OC character, that's Y there is a name and over things.

    Misty’s semblance is called “Chameleon” and allows her to project an image of another person, on to herself. This allows Misty to trick people into thinking that she is someone else. The negative parts of the semblance is that she cannot change her voice, meaning that if she speaks then people will know that she’s a fake and she can only keep it up for a short amount of time.

  • Zs_skayr


    #33121475 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Ermurgok

    I like it. It's like a variation to Emerald's Perception Manipulation.

    In essence the same but still very different.

    Emerald can manipulate one or two people perception of their surroundings.

    Misty can manipulate her perceived appearance to others.

    Misty's inability to change her voice would be like Emerald not allowed to 'have a foot out of place'.

    i'm kind of comparing this to Blake's Shadow Clones and Sun's Via Sun.

    Blake leaves static clones but she herself can move around freely.

    Sun creates moving clones but he himself has to remain still.

    In essence the same, creating clones, but still very different..

  • Ermurgok

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    #33121489 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Zs_skayr

    Thanks Zs_skayr, The way that U have talked about this semblance has given myself the motivation to keep trying. Thank U :)

  • Sdlonyer


    #33121745 - 3 years ago

    Name: Breaker

    Ability: She can redirect/store pressure waves caused by explosions. She can either expand the area affected but have the damage be less, or confine it to a smaller area but does way more damage to a single target (think of it like a grenade, Normally thrown on the ground you'd get a fair ammount of shrapnel and a lot of things hit but most could live [subjectively anyway] or you could strap it into a single person and blow them up. Less people hurt but way less likely to walk away). Any extra energy that she stores up is counted as a different source of power than her aura, so she can attack or defend with it without draining her actual aura

    Limits This doesn't count physical hits like Yang's semblance does. As well, any energy she stores from other sources quickly fades unless she keeps adding to it. She has about 10 seconds to unleash that energy at full strength or to add more before it starts to fade. Once it starts to fade away it takes about another 10 seconds to disappear, regardless of how much is stored. Another point to mention about her storing energy is that the more she stores, the less control/precision she has when she releases it.

  • Sdlonyer


    #33121758 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Zs_skayr

    I like the idea, I truly do, but I don't think that semblance would really work in the RWBY universe. I could see it working if a semblance was something that every body could have, something more along the lines of regular super powers and wasn't something special/unique to them. But since a semblance can only be obtained by someone with an activated aura and since aura has literally been stated that it's a physical manifestation/representation of their soul, I don't think it would work. You'd either be stealing a part of their soul and merging it with yours or purposely altering your own soul to match theirs to use their semblance, both of which would screw you up pretty badly after being used too often.

    Maybe if it was copying some form of physical traits/abilities it could work, things like natural speed, strength, flexibilty etc.

    Either way, it's a cool idea

  • Mattattack01

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    #33121824 - 3 years ago

    semblance: perception

    This semblance would alter the users very own perception of time. this would be like turning any battle it a slow mo guys video. The user would gain greater speed than even ruby and be able to make precise attacks and last second dodges. The intense focus would allow the user time to prepare deadly attacks in what would be almost an instant.

    Weakness: This ability is entirely based on the users focus. If they are distracted by anything they won't be able to move as fast. If the user is emotionally unstable or in a considerable amount of pain the semblance won't activate at all. Using it also causes a strain on the mind and on the metabolism of the body. If used for to long or under to much stress the body could potentially burn up all the users aura. In extreme cases if the mind is stressed beyond its limits the ability will be reversed causing the user to act like he is in slow motion.

  • job1


    #33121889 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Zs_skayr

    I have a question, you say that the user can negate an opponent's semblance by countering it. Does this mean the user has the choice to (for an amount of time) turn someone's semblance off?

  • gigantic


    #33122066 - 3 years ago

    Semblance:Body Breaker

    abilities: removes the persons limiter which increases the persons strength,speed,and senses immeasurably and continues to do so while the Semblance is still on this also turns of the persons pain sensors of the body so the person can fight to his/her content.

    Weakness:the person can only maintain this state depending on their aura level if they run out the semblance turns off and the person is completely exhausted and the body will experience aching pain depending on what the person did during the Body Breaker state which leaves him/her open for attack.

  • OFJehuty

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    #33122309 - 3 years ago

    I don't have names for mine, but here our 2 semblances for a four charcter team I will post at some point.

    1. The semblance uses the user's aura to break down the organic and inorganic matter. If applied long enough the object will disintegrate completely (think of when Grimm disentegrate when they die). The user can extend the aura to 'coat' his/her weapons increasing the cutting power.

    Weaknesses: it takes awhile for the aura to breakdown material it is touching, e.g. 45 seconds to disentegrate a normal human and the armor.

    It also requires direct contact with the target to work. No ranged capability.

    The semblance also depletes the users aura reserves quickly when channeled to a weapon.

    2. This semblance disperses the user's aura into a circle centered around the user. The user becomes fully aware of his/her surroundings and can 'delete' anything she chooses that is within the circle.

    As an aside, the character that I'm using this for can produce a circle that is 60 feet in diameter, if her aura has not been used.

    Weaknesses: The semblance requires all of the user's aura to activate and completely depletes the user's aura, regardless of what she's deleted within the circle. The size of the sphere depends upon the users level of aura when activated. If activated at a 50% aura level, the sphere is only 30 feet in diameter.

    The sphere does not expand instantaneously and enemies can still move around inside the sphere.

    Even though the user has complete awareness of anything inside the sphere, this sensory overload is very taxing on the users brain and is made even more difficult during s fight. Distinguishing between allies and enemies can prove difficult.

    As an aside the longest this character has been able to hold up the sphere is 30 seconds, regardless of aura level.

  • OFJehuty

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    #33122317 - 3 years ago

    In reply to gigantic

    A Rock Lee type semblance. It seems that aura can boost a user's protection from damage but not physical abilities necessarily. The trade off makes this semblance idea interesting.

  • MisCon


    #33122328 - 3 years ago

    In reply to gigantic

    Like Berserker Armor?