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Predictions for seasons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and possibly 9.

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  • Chessrook44


    #33138617 - 3 years ago

    So, I had a flash of inspiration earlier today, and I gained a sudden realization of where this story could be going, and what may happen over the next several seasons. I'll list my thoughts here, so let's see how it goes.

    Season 3 had us end with Ruby, Jaune, Nora, and Ren heading for Haven Academy, located in Mistral. Season 4 will cover the trip to Mistral, followed by the team's investigations in the academy and kingdom. Within they will encounter some of the fallout from the Battle of Beacon, including the paranoia and mistrust, and will discover that someone is working to perpetuate that. They will work to defeat this villain, and may either succeed or fail. Either way, they discover clues that lead further in their investigation, pointing them to Atlas.

    Season 5 will have them arriving in Atlas, wherin Ruby once again meets up with Weiss. Thanks to mistrust towards Atlas, there may have been actions taken to prevent entry due to others seeing them as having done wrong, leading Ironwood to adapt a very defensive and isolated period of time. Ruby will find her way in, however, and discover another villain there, this one working with the White Fang to try to sabotage Atlas' military further. Though they attack the villain, he or she manages to escape when the White Fang perform a major offensive, managing to attack not only Atlas, but also decimating the Schnee estate or company. In this attack, Winter will die. Weiss' father may be devastated, but Weiss shall leave her father's grip, and join Ruby... provided Ruby helps her take vengence on the White Fang. Thus, since the White Fang have been allied with the big bad in the past, the two follow their lead to where the White Fang is stationed... in Vacuo.

    Season 6 will have the team arrive in Vacuo. Here they will hunt the White Fang, and in their hunt will find Blake, who had run there to both remain distant from her friends, and try to find a way to deal with Adam once and for all. Together they will do just that, although Blake will likely try to do it on her own to save her friends. In the end they will fight Adam, Blake and Weiss likely attacking him together, and either Blake will kill Adam, or Weiss will capture him, to be taken into Atlas custody. Either way, after their investigations here, their trials lead them back to Vale, to get back on the trail to find whoever is behind the disasters occurring everywhere. Blake, with Adam finally dealt with, will rejoin the team.

    Season 7 will have the team's return to Vale. Here they will investigate further, and eventually find Yang... who is either drunk, searching for her mother again, or fighting the Grimm in Beacon. Through their investigations, they find the tower and the grimm still frozen... but no sign of Cinder. Deep below however, they may find a clue to what happened to Ozpin at last. With few other options, they will follow this clue to seek Ozpin. Yang will rejoin them at this point.

    Season 8 will be split... half of it will be the now-reformed Team RWBY seeking out Ozpin's hiding place, while the other half will be brief detour stories, showing the other teams dealing with the disasters happening in other kingdoms, as things are getting worse and worse. In the end they will find Ozpin, and learn about Salem and where she is, as well as hints of her grant plan.

    Season 9 will be RWBY's quest to reach Salem and stop her plan. It will be quite a quest, going through a lot of grimm, but eventually they find Salem and learn her plan.... The Maidens.

    Throughout all of this, the other maidens will be discovered, and either killed or captured. Salem's grand plan has been to cause enough chaos that the maidens come out of hiding, so that she can take ALL their power AT ONCE, thus making her a god. The team may even encounter Salem, just as she kills all those who have the power of the Maidens within them... in my opinion, Cinder, Emerald (Stealing the power of spring), Neo (Stealing the power of Winter), and the Summer Maiden (Captured). Having gained the power of all four seasons, Salem and RWBY would of course fight in a final climactic battle, that may end with team RWBY killing Salem, and the four members gaining the power of the Maidens themselves.

    Other notes unrelated to specific seasons...

    Each season will have a specific villain that the team will need to deal with... a minion of Salem that was introduced previously. Emerald, Mercury, Neo, and Adam will appear to be the ones pulling the strings in each region. Adam in Vacuo, with the other three I am unsure where.

    The remaining three maidens will be revealed in each of the lands, only to end up either captured or killed. Possible that Neo will kill the Winter Maiden in Mistral, Emerald will kill the Spring Maiden in Atlas, and the Summer Maiden may appear in Vacuo and survive, only to be captured later.

    Members of the other teams will be discovered in their respective kingdoms. Sun may appear in Vacuo to help out with the White Fang, and Penny may be rebuilt in Atlas and assist in that season. I am unsure which teams are in which regions outside of that.

    Ironwood and Qrow may die at some point. Possible, but not definite.

    I am unsure as to how Team JNR will factor into this... they may leave at some point, or stay through a good portion of it.

    Right, that's all the thoughts I had.... the basic ideas around the structure of the seasons struck me like a bolt of lightning, and then the rest of it just naturally filled it out. The idea and structure came to me by thinking of it as a video game... the first three seasons were the whole tutorial area leading to the "burning of the hometown", which became an investigation to stop the Great Evil while Bringing Together The Party.

    Do let me know what you all think.

  • Rakanadyo


    #33138639 - 3 years ago

    Very interesting. I don't like to think that we'll go so long without seeing other characters and getting RWBY back together, but I like the idea of our heroes exploring the entire world and learning it's secrets.

    Not much to say with what information we have, and we'll probably learn about more important powers and people, but you did a fine job with what we do have so far.

  • zero3262


    #33138691 - 3 years ago

    First of all, very creative thinking. Let me add a few thoughtd to those ideas:

    Your basic storyline is RJNR are going from one place to another and fight a "Midboss" and one of the scattert WBY reenter the team.

    The idea is in my eyes to boring, it wouldn#t be interesting if we wait 1 season to until we see Blake again and 2 seasons until we see Yang again.

    I think we will see a bit more of different storystrings, each following Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang, which end up in the main story string again.

    Rubys next goal is clear, but for Yang, Blake and Weiss we don#t know what they are up to.

    I don#t think Blake is directly running after Adam, she would have been out of city since the White Fang already left the city (at least Sun said so). I think she is going to search for something, but I don#t know for what yet.

    For Weiss it really depends the way she was brought back home. I can't imagine her leaving her friends behind just because daddy said so. I guess she will make a run from home and tries to find RBY. I don#t think she knows Rubys plans, so I guess she oes to Rubys home.

    There she encounters Yang who has still a broken heart and mind (Yang come on we're all here for you ><). I personally think she is one of two people who can revive Yangs spirit. The other person who could do that (is I guess more likely) is Raven. Could also go like Weiss tries to help Yang, but fails and then Yang encounters Raven. I think Raven will have a bit of a "This pathetic girl is my daughter?" attetiude. After that encounter Yang and Weiss form a team and searc for Ruby and Blake.

    One very likly thing to happen is that RJNR will visit Rens and Noras home village. Their have been several things that point in that direction.

    And one hope I really have is that the dead people stay dead. Don#t get me wrong I like(d) Pyhrra, Penny, Torchwick, but if theyare revived or surrvived for some stupid reason it simple removes the impact of a death and would make all future eaths meaningless, since they may be revived later on.

    Only a few eceptions would be OK, like seesing the dead in flashbacks; a new Robot is made, that looks like Penny, but is a completly different person; Pyrha's soul is transfered into a Grimm and she is forced to attack the heroes until Jaune has to kill her, to free her; etc.

    In this way thos people are still "dead" since they are not part of the hero side anymore, but can still make an appearance in the show. However I don#t think if it maybe then be better to let then stay dead, but RWBY is supposed to get darker and darker, so let#s see how it goes :)

  • Unicrash


    #33744013 - 7 months ago

    In reply to zero3262 idk how I randomly stumbled onto this old post but I’m more then amused to say you actually guessed most of the plot scarily accurately and I’m impressed.

  • BakedBrain

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    #33744133 - 7 months ago

    I am in the mood for some more or less farfetched longterm speculations

    * Hazel turns in a "What have I done" moment

    * Summer is Hazels sister

    * Hazel is Ruby's uncle

    * Raven is attacked by Cinder who is going for the maidenhood

    * Raven is defeated/on low Aura

    * Raven kills herself before Cinder can deploy her powersucker, thinking of her daughter

    * Yang becomes spring maiden

    No rePyrrha

    Backup: Grimm/Evil Pyrrha

  • BakedBrain

    BakedBrain FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #33748793 - 5 months ago

    In reply to BakedBrain


    My personal wild farfetched speculations

    * Hazel turns in a "What have I done" moment

    * Summer is Hazels sister

    * Hazel is Ruby's uncle

    (there is no other known casualty, everyone is related rule)

    * Raven is attacked by Cinder who is going for the maidenhood

    * Raven is defeated/on low Aura

    * Raven kills herself before Cinder can deploy her powersucker, thinking of her daughter

    * Yang becomes spring maiden

    (redemption would demonstrate power of love to her daughter)

    No rePyrrha

    Backup: Grimm/Evil Pyrrha

    * Watts is cooking up a monster-army of Grimm/Hunter hybrids for Salem

    (base material is the missing hunters/huntresses' (aura and dust usage abilities) from Mistral fuelled by the stolen dust), Pyrrha will be part of this army.

    * No in-core team romantic relationships (the topic of the core team is friendship, in-team romance is done in JNPR, would break the team balance)

    Yang will be shipped with Neon Katt in episode 8 (LGBT flagbearer, actual adressed Yang in a sexually loaded way, reunion proposed)