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    #33161660 - 3 years ago

    So ever since Yang first got her arm cut off, I wasn’t convinced that it would stay off. Mainly due to the Post credit scene in Volume 2. I didn’t think it was a dream, but more of a flash forward on the grounds that Raven speaks. Yang wouldn’t have a clue what her mother sounds like on account of her leaving before Yang could even remember her.

    As for the condition of beacon in the scene?

    Well it’s possible that it could be cleared out and repaired during the events of volume 4 while RWBY is getting back together. Also the CCT is located at beacon, something important as that wouldn’t be left behind for the grim.

    Oobleck and Port alone held the stadium from hundreds of Nevermores and griffins.

    Glynda and Qrow even held off the Grim from Vale until they could call in the Cavalry. So an entire school of huntsmen and huntresses could probably clear out the school by the time next semester starts.

    Even during her conversation with Qrow in Volume 3, she didn’t mention a dream of Raven, only mentioning seeing her on the train. This is something that WOULDN’T be overlooked, a scene like that is too big to be simply brushed aside. In fact the moment Yang mentioned seeing her mother in the preview, we all assumed that she meant this scene.

    And now some people think that she did talk with yang but asks her not to tell anyone, but (pardon my language) why the fuck would she do that? If she found her mother, she is going to tell someone. And if it was a dream and she forgot it? Then what's the point of that scene anyway? Why even bother showing it? Most of us assumed it was her mother the moment we saw her on the train.

    And before I get that ‘Maybe her semblance is dream walking?’ thing let me point this out.

    Raven’s semblance is strongly hinted at the ability to shapeshift into her namesake (bird with red eyes like Raven’s could very well be her), so no, that can’t be her semblance. But she was able to do that portal thing on the train, which lends itself to the Raven is a maiden theory.

    And then that raises the question, could she have talked to yang through her dream with Magic?

    All the maiden powers that we’ve seen have to do with nature or something related to it, dreams are not nature, they’re products of the mind. And we’ve seen no such evidence of mind control in RWBY as of yet. Even Emerald’s abilities have been described as altering perception, not mind control.

    Magic, as far as we know, does have a number of properties, in fact during WOR video on the maidens, we see that Spring was able to grow a flower in the palm of her hand with ease.

    While I'm on the subject of Magic in RWBY, I want to point out that we know very little about it. We don't have a idea just how powerful one magic wielder can get, or what abilities come with the powers. But from what we can infer, it is not all completely offense based, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if someone like the Spring maiden could heal, and could even possibly heal Yang.

    And even then we now have these ‘silver eyes warriors’ that Qrow was talking about. And we don't know if that was magic, some recessive semblance, or what, but it does show that the unexpected can happen.

    But back to the credit scene, if you look behind Yang you can see tables and those things you set out on cafeterias that hold food. Why would those be out there? It wouldn't make sense in a dream or reality, but if Beacon was just moving things back into the school after being repaired? They could be out there for the time being before being moved inside. So this shows that in time Yang will regrow her arm possibly, not right away, but after some time.

    Now, Yang’s semblance is connected to her emotions, we’ve seen this when she becomes enraged after her hair is cut a little bit as well as when she became frustrated over not being able to get a word in during the Emerald forest.

    We also know that Semblance and Aura are connected, Yang’s aura takes the damage as well as she herself when she runs out of aura like during her fight with Neo.

    So then, given her current depressed state of mind, I believe that her semblance has been cut off for the time being. As I said, Yang’s semblance is connected to her emotions, so her feeling depressed may lock her emotions up. Similar as to how Weiss’s state of mind prevented her from being able to summon. Or how Pyrrha was losing control of her semblance during her fight with Penny due to the stress she felt.

    Now you’re probably asking, what does this have to do with her getting her arm back?

    Hear me out here, Yang’s semblance is connected to her aura, and the creators themselves even stated that when Yang charged at Adam she was already out of Aura, and even if she had any left Adam’s attack clearly cut through it, leading to the golden substance coming out of her wound NOT being aura, but instead could have been her arm trying to grow back before falling unconscious.

    Aura automatically protects one’s body like a force field, blocking or deflecting attacks and absorbing most of the damage.

    So even if she did have a small amount of aura left, it had to have been wiped out when she was attacked, otherwise she wouldn't have lost the limb in the first place.

    So I think that once Yang gets through her depression, no matter how long it takes, once she is past it, her semblance will take that damage that Adam gave her and regrow her arm back.

    Before I get my head chopped off here for making a huge leap in logic, I would like to point out that Semblances can have different functions.

    For example, Weiss is able to use a number of glyphs, not just the one that can pull or push her away. She used the time dilation when they fought the paladin. And even summoned the arm of the knight from the White Trailer. This shows that semblance can be used in different ways and is not fixed on only one function.

    (In fact it could be that shapeshifting could be Yang's primary Semblance I'm right. Let me explain; Ruby's semblance is speed, now that a byproduct of her speed is her metabolism is bumped up slightly. So it could be that Yang is a Phoenix, and a byproduct of that could be how she is able to take damage and add it to her own. But this is is simply speculation so don't take my word for this portion of the theory.)

    Blake was also able to use her shadow semblance differently, during the fight with Roman as well as the tournament she infused dust into her semblance and gave her shadows substance.

    Now given that Yang takes damage and adds it to her own, I wouldn’t be surprised if she can use that collected damage to heal herself, especially given that the attack cut through her aura. Her semblance is to bounce back from attacks, so who’s to say she can’t collect large amounts of damage to heal? And when I say heal, I don’t mean replenish aura, I mean heal wounds.

    So why did I call this the Phoenix Yang theory?

    Yang’s mother is named after a Raven. And apparently has the ability to shapeshift into a bird.

    Her father, Taiyang Xiao Long translates into Big Sun Dragon. Plus, the tattooes we see on his right arm are similar to that of an eastern dragon.(Those long dragons of Chinese lore, just like the origin of their names.) Which are not known for their ability to breathe fire, instead they are known to reign over all birds.

    And what do you get when you mix a bird with a dragon?

    You get a Phoenix.

    And Yang fits the mold. Phoenix’s feathers are considered to be their most valued body parts, similar to how Yang’s hair is valuable to her. You touch her hair and she will tear you a new one, just like Phoenix will claw your eyes out if you take a feather. Also it’s been confirmed that her hair is where her power is stored, just like Phoenix feathers.

    The mythical birds also are known for their fury, and Yang’s anger has been stated to be extreme. Her eyes turn red, similar to Raven (hinting towards fairly semblance) and her hair bursts into flames.

    Then there’s the fact that whenever Angered or enraged, Yang’s har bursts into fire, similar to how a Phoenix will burst into flames from its feathers.And this also supports my Theory on account of the Phoenix being able to be reborn from it’s ashes good as new.

    Right now, Yang is so far from her normal self it’s almost scary. Yang’s fire has died right now, but it will be reignited when she pulls herself out of this state she’s in. And go through a rebirth, born again out of fire with a new arm.

    Even her song ‘I Burn’ references to her burning and taking flight

    “you’re starting up a fight that you just can't finish
watch the little hearts while they scrape you off the floor
bringing out your rockets well shoot em up baby
“high as you can go but i’m the one who’s gonna soar“

    That last line in particular ‘But I'm the one who’s gonna soar’ sounds like a bird flying right? The song ‘Wings’ also apply to her current situation, how a bird’s wing is hurt and wounded but will one day take flight again.

    “Dry your eyes now, baby;
Broken wings won’t hold you down.
You’ll take flight soon, baby.
You’ll be lifted up,
And you’ll be there”

    ‘Broken wings can't hold you down. You’ll take flight soon, baby. You'll be lifted up, and You’ll be there.’ Sounds a lot like a bird with a broken wing. Broken, not clipped. Implying that she’ll heal and be able to fly again one day. And last time I checked birds can't fly with prosthetics.

    Plus we’ve only seen two people with prosthetic limbs, Ironwood and Mercury, both of which has high connections, Ironwood has his scientists in Atlas like Penny’s father, and Mercury has Cinder. And the fact that they both his their enhancements (Mercury’s reasons being obvious) shows that it’s possible that bionic parts like that are not made for mass production or are maybe simply exclusive to Atlas.

    The only time we ever saw robots was when Atlas was involved, even in the Black trailer when we first see them, it's because they're robbing a Schnee Dust Company train. The company itself is based in Atlas and clearly has Contacts with the Atlas Military.

    So I think that even if it was something for the public, it's something that you could only get in Atlas. Similar to how you can only get certain exports from different countries. And given how the world believes that they helped with the attack, I don't see anyone willing to do trade, in fact they may not even let their citizens even go to Atlas in the first place.

    What lends to this idea is the fact that everyone’s reaction to Penny. This was of course partly attributed to seeing her killed in such a way, but also the fact that someone made a robot with state of the art weaponry and disguised her as a little girl?

    You can't blame them for being scared by it. And robotic Limbs aren't too far behind from that, Ironwood kept his cybernetic body hidden from the public possibly for this reason. Mercury his his as well, but that was for a different (and more douche) reason altogether.

    If she would a robot arm after this happens, I think that just takes away from the scene itself. That something so traumatic happens but is simply fixed with a metal arm doesn't only reinforce this theory, but simply takes away from the events of volume 3 itself. It's Almost like putting a band aid over the event and simply showing that there's no real consequences for going off half cocked like she did.

    However that's NOT to say it’s not hard for someone to adjust to having a prosthetic arm instead of a normal one. It IS hard, some people never fully recover because of it either. But what I'M saying is that I think giving Yang a robotic hand right off the bat doesn't completely work story wise. Not to mention it could take a great number of moths to create something like that, I would think so at least.

    And yes Yang is smart enough to create shotgun gauntlets. I’m not saying she’s dumb, but creating a fully operational cybernetic limb is completely different than making a gun, it requires medical knowledge that I’m fairly certain Yang doesn’t know.

    Now sure I guess she could have someone make it for her, but how?

    The CCT is down and there’s no telling when it could come back up so there’s no way to get in touch with anyone , plus with how Atlas is currently being scrutinized for its robots apparently attacking huntsmen it’s less likely that someone from Atlas would come and make an arm for her. And that’s considering she somehow got some connections in atlas.

    Now some have stated that Weiss will simply show up or mail an arm to her or something but that's unlikely at best. She has her own issues with her father to deal with as well as finally standing up to defy him, not to mention she couldn't just guess how long Yang’s measurements for an arm would be. But if she was there with Yang? I could see that, but Yang’s alone, and she needs to get through this Alone.

    There’s also the argument that Yang and Mercury are like Yin and Yang, she uses punches and he uses kicks. And they say that’s why she’s going to get a cybernetic limb is because he has his legs.

    (Now, I will say this in my personal opinion. That is completely stupid. I find the idea of Mercury being created solely to be the opposite of Yang somewhat shallow.)

    I understand the symbolism and all that, he loses two legs and has artificial ones now and now she’s missing one arm. But what is true Yin and Yang here? If she regains her arm, whereas Mercury still has his metal legs. That would make them true opposites. Imagine how much Mercury would resent her, as Yang feels sympathy for his condition?

    I would also like to point out that Yang’s strength can go so high as to the point where she completely shattered a Pladan mech in a single punch after taking two blows from it (the exact science shows that being punched through a concrete column like she was us line having a few dozen jetliners fall on you).

    I’m not saying that the weapons or robots in RWBY are weak, anything but that honestly, but what this shows is that Yang’s strength can become so high that she could possibly destroy any prosthetics that she gets.

    Look at Ironwood. His limb is implied to be incredibly strong. But his cybernetics are completely different to what Yang would get. The entire right side of his body is metal, that allows the material itself to be more heavy and durable because he doesn't have to worry about balance as much.

    The same goes for Mercury’s legs. They're his legs, it doesn't matter how much they weigh or how strong they are because he’ll be able to perfectly keep his balance.

    But with Yang, her arm would have to weigh just as much as her other so it wouldn't be off balance. That tells us that the limb would probably have to be made of less string materials so the weight wouldn't throw her off.

    Now I know that aura coats weapons to a degree, but Yang’s semblance can boost her strength to completely destroy Aura (like in the fight with Mercury). But a weapon is simple compared to a high tech piece of equipment such as robotic arm.

    And it should be pointed out that Penny is the only known machine that has been able to channel and generate aura. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Mercury or ironwood are able to channel aura through their cybernetic limbs.Yes they were able to block large blows like Yatsu Sword or the Jackal, but that was metal against metal, and metal against whatever material grim bone is made of.

    Now, you're probably thinking, she’ll just use her semblance of aura to hit just as hard.

    Remember when we met Amber? Ironwood said that the machine used to filter aura was ‘The peak of Atlas technology’. So that implies that machines can't simply transfer aura like they do with their weapons. We need to keep in mind that a limb like that isn't one solid piece of tech, it's a lot of small indolent moving pieces of technology.

    Machines also have limits. Yang would only be able to attack and lift with a certain amount with a cybernetic limb, whereas she could lift unknown quantities with her normal limbs. Like, she could lift a max of five hundred pounds with the robot arm, but after taking damage she could lift seven hundred with her normal arm.

    So even if her aura shields the metal limb, she could accidently break through it and destroy the limb completely by accident.

    As for the dust arm? Well dust seems to be more of a reactant substance.

    Like gunpowder in a sense, so I’m not sure about that, cool idea though of that does work. But Yang hasn’t been shown to use dust as of yet. Besides dust is a solid crystal, so if be like putting a crystal in the shape of a cost on your arm, you can't move your fingers or anything like that so what's the real use?

    Now we’ve had subtle hints like this in the show before, Nora’s semblance was never directly hinted at but small things like her grenades having lighting in the clouds of the explosion as well as her shorts having lightning bolts on them were indicators, as was her last name, just like Yang.

    Now its known that a prosthetic is the obvious choice, And this wouldn’t be the first time that RWBY tricked us, when Coco was tricked with the illusion, everyone automatically thought it was Neo who had snuck onto the steam and helped emerald and Mercury win when it was in fact Emerald herself. And when we saw Mercury get hurt, we thought it was him.

    But I don’t want this to happen right away. I want to see Yang get out of her depression and go through it and come out happy and then get her arm back. If she got it back in the first episode? I’d honestly be a little disappointed.

    Yang does need to grow from this, she needs to realize that she can’t always charge into a fight, she needs to realize that she can’t just explode with anger in every battle or she’ll lose. That’s the whole point of being defeated, you learn from it.

    Also, and this could be nothing, but her arm was cut off at an angle when that gold stuff was pouring out, but when we see her on the ground in the next episode the wound is completely even, and it was completely even when she was in bed as well. So it’s possible her Semblances tried to heal her but stopped when she fell unconscious.

    And before I get that whole ‘paramedics could have cut off more’ thing, there would have been ALOT of blood, not to mention the small piece of her arm would have been there as well.

    And this all is if Raven doesn’t heal Yang. I know Qrow said what he said to Yang about her mother, but that Bird out on her window somewhat indicates that Raven cares for her daughter at least if it is her.

    It’s strongly implied that Raven herself is a maiden, it would explain why she left so that Yang wouldn’t be put in danger along with Taiyang and Ruby, but with his things are now she may not have a reason to stay away.

    Now I think Raven may not do this right away if this is the case, Qrow said himself that she has a different view of the world. Perhaps she thinks Yang has to have the drive to get out of her depression if she heals her arm back. Or she feels Yang has to earn her arm back.

    AND EVEN THEN that’s if Jaune’s semblance isn’t healing and he regenerates Yang’s arm back. Bottom line, this is definitely a path they could go down and is a fairly likely one as well.

    Now there's also another point, but this is more assuming than most so this could be disregarded.

    Since it was revealed that there are Four Maidens, we've all assumed that eventually the members of Team RWBY will all have one of the maiden powers.

    Now we all remember how Cinder used to carry around her sword/bow on her hips right?

    But after she stole Amber’s power, she was able to summon her weapons at will. So this shows that maidens have the ability to summon their weapons, kinda like how in Kingdom Hearts they summon their swords into existence in a flash of light or something.

    Now if this is true, then Yang could possibly become a maiden and be able to summon her gauntlets whenever she wants.

    HOWEVER. If she did get a robot arm, when she summons her weapons away, the arm would go as well wouldn't it? Making it so that she’ll be missing an arm every time she wills away her weapons. Not only would that be a huge inconvenience for her, but animation wise, it wouldn't work.

    But one of the reasons I love this theory? Who else can do that? Who else could grow her arm back from her semblance? Anyone could get a robot arm, and this makes Yang all the more unique in all of RWBY.

    Now finally there's the argument that of Yang grows her arm back it's basically does nothing for her character. Now I agree, IF IT IS DONE POORLY.

    One of the best examples of doing this right is with the Legend Of Korra. (Spoilers for those who haven't seen the show).

    In the season 3 finale of the show, Korra, the avatar and main protagonist, is poisoned and paralyzed. Physically she's fine, but the mental trauma caused her body to shut down in a few areas. And is bound to a wheelchair for three whole years of her life.

    The next season, we spend an entire Episode with Korra, from the moment where last season left off and watch her go through her recovery process.

    Now, Korra at first doesn't want to do anything, she thinks she's useless, she can't do anything and she's mad at herself for being unable to do anything because of her disability. But eventually after a bit of pushing, she starts on the road of recovery.

    Now of course she can't walk, anyone in her position wouldn't. But in avatar they're able to heal wounds through waterbending. So after a while, Korra is able to get over the mental block preventing her from using her legs.

    But even after she can walk, and even after the episode is over, Korra deals with the mental scarring until the final episodes of the series.

    Now I'm not saying the same thing will work for Yang, she went through something traumatic, but the real blow was that her partner abandoned her. Just like her mother did before her. And that's, what I think, is what she needs to overcome to eventually rose from the ashes.

    So I think we could see something similar, but not the same. But Yang WILL grow from this. The arm doesn't have to stay off in order for her to change.

    Also, little fun fact:

    The Yin and Yang symbols have been associated with the dragon and the Phoenix. The dragon being the Yin and the Phoenix being the Yang.

    Gee. Ain't that strange

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    #33161778 - 3 years ago

    It's the other way around.

    The Phoenix, the female half is the Yin, while the Dragon, the male half is the Yang.

    "Fenghuang are mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. The males were originally called feng and the females huang but such a distinction of gender is often no longer made and they are blurred into a single feminine entity so that the bird can be paired with the Chinese dragon, which is traditionally deemed male."

    Yin 陰 or 阴 Noun ① [philosophy] negative/passive/female principle in nature ② Surname Bound morpheme ① the moon ② shaded orientation ③ covert; concealed; hidden ④ ⑦ negative ⑧ north side of a hill ⑨ south bank of a river ⑩ reverse side of a stele ⑪in intaglio Stative verb ① overcast ② sinister; treacherous

    Yang 陽 or 阳 Bound morpheme ① [Chinese philosophy] positive/active/male principle in nature ②the sun ④ in relief ⑤ open; overt ⑥ belonging to this world ⑦ [linguistics] masculine ⑧ south side of a hill ⑨ north bank of a river

    Yang is bright and sunny while Blake is dark and moody, not to mention her semblance.

    Blake is the Yin to Yang's Yang.

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    #33161784 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Aleister222

    Ooooh. I'll have to fix that. To be honest I thought Raven was the Yin to Yang

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    #33163525 - 3 years ago

    There are a few logical issues with your idea, but I think the most important is that the yellow after her arm was cut off wasn't her aura. Whenever a Grimm is killed, what's left behind in the wounds is solid red. Grimm don't have auras, so it can't be that; it's just how they stylize slicing injuries, so as not to be accused of putting gore in their show. They stylized Yang's amputation yellow because it's the colour she's associated with - I expect Ruby's would be red, Blake's would be black, and Weiss' would be white, if they ever need such stylizing.

    Also, aura isn't something that can pour out of your body, as you've suggested - it's an extension of your soul. It's possible that the remains of her aura were keeping her from bleeding out, but it wasn't just tumbling out of her as you implied.

    The other thing I'll comment on:

    Why would those be out there? It wouldn't make sense in a dream or reality, [. . .]

    No such thing. It's entirely feasible that it was just a dream - no dream communication from Raven, no magic involved, just Yang having a dream that she talked with the mysterious woman who saved her life. Why would they show us that? No idea. But ruling it out because something is too weird for a dream is nonsensical.

    Now, nothing I've said here is meant to imply that your idea isn't interesting - it is. I even like parts of it. But there are some errors and inconsistencies in it that need to be addressed (i.e. Pyrrha didn't lose control of her semblance, she used it to its full power; we don't have any evidence of Blake using Dust, that's an assumption; etc).

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    #33164142 - 3 years ago

    In reply to DiMono

    But Weiss handed her a magazine of Dust before she fought Roman ok the train. And it's hinted that the stadium uses dust to fight, Reece used a crystal on her board during the fight with RWBY.

    And i didn't mean the part where Pyrrha.......did that to penny. For a second she looks down at her weapons and they bend and contort before she straightens then out.

    And yeah I suppose your right about that, dreams are weird. But I doubt that they would show us something pointless like that. I mean I know that it confirmed that a Raven and Yang were related but we all assumed that the moment we saw Raven step in on the train.

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    #33164208 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Avatarconner

    We don't know whether it's pointless though - we just know that we don't currently know the reason they showed it to us.

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    #33164362 - 3 years ago

    In reply to DiMono

    I just highly doubt they would show something like that and have no reason behind it. I mean everything has a reason behind it, they had Jaune get stuffed into a rocket locker the first volume just as a hint towards Pyrrha doing it.

    And I think it's a flash forward because it would be pointless if they showed us it if it didn't have a reason. Besides until the volume 3 episode when she talked with Qrow we thought it happened after Volume 2, and it's clearly not the case

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    #33164367 - 3 years ago

    I think she will grow back a concrete arm from the gods of hell itself.

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    #33164384 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Phantom_jimbob32165

    Well there's magic in RWBY now so.......who knows?

    But I'm still going with her growing back a regular arm from her own fire

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    #33164436 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Avatarconner

    You seem to be assuming that if the reason isn't already known, there isn't one. That conclusion is based on flawed reasoning.

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    #33164476 - 3 years ago

    1. In reply to DiMono

    No it's more like......ok most of the things in RWBY have a reason behind it. Like we didn't see Nora's semblance but with her last name being Valkire and her grenades having clouds of electricity, it's safe to reason that she had lightning powers to a degree.

    I don't think it's a dream because as of yet, we've seen that there is no reason that it could be a dream. She hasn't mentoioned it and something like that scene would have some significance.

    But beard on the fact that Raven speaks (Yang wouldn't know what she sounds like), in the background of the scene there are tables, chairs, and lunch line stations (my logic being that they are temporarily out there as my moving things back into the school, after volume 4 or near the end of it), and that Yang is clearly a very at Raven but isn't attacking (signs of character development), I think that this is a flash forward.

    And I don't see what reason there could be to have this scene of it has no significance.

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    #33166524 - 3 years ago

    the items in the background can be seen as far back as minute 1:02 in The Shining Beacon Volume one, our first look at beacon in volume one. Also, based on what she said to Blake in volume 2 I got the impression that Ruby doesn't know that Yang has a different mother so that makes one good reason for her not to say anything and anything else he said, unless a direct security threat, would likely make Yang want to talk to Qrow alone before she said anything to her team and the first time she had an opportunity to do so was after she had started to doubt herself. Also I was under the impression that Ravens revolving sheath for her weapon held a number of different dust blades and that she used dust to make the portal. And Cinder's weapons weren't the same ones we saw in Beginning Of The End they were just glass copies of them.

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    #33168560 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Eikkert

    I'll have to check back to the shining beacon, but it could be the same thing, them moving the cafeteria stuff into beacon since it's the start of the semester.

    And yeah I could picture Ruby not knowing that Yang is looking for her mom but she HAS to know that they're step sisters, I mean how could she know?

    And I think Yang was just sad that no one believed her, yes she could doubt herself but that doesn't change the fact that if she saw and talked to Raven she would have told Qrow about it. I mean she mentioned seeing her on the train, if she saw her again and actually talked to her? I imagine she would have told Qrow.

    As for Cinders Weapons turning into glass copies is kinda what I'm getting at. When I first saw them I noticed that they were just like her swords she used at the CCT, but actual awards and not glass versions of them.

    So that may be the case with the maidens, once they get their magic they can transform their weapons into a more upgraded version of their former selves.

    And if this happens to yang (and it's fairly implied that it will happen to all the RWBY girls) then it makes sense that her gauntlets would be able to me summoned in a similar manner.