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  • Burning_Zero

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    #33267042 - 2 years ago

    Hi guys just to make the forum more interesting, what if the side stories or OC teams met anything and what would they say? Add them to the comments.

  • Exodsut_Dead_Knoire

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    #33271657 - 2 years ago

    Exodsut: Sounds like fun, but I don't know about all the teams agreeing to the idea.

    Clover: What wouldn't we agree to, Exods?

    Exodsut: This new forum for OCs to sort of interact with each other team and other stuff; by the way, how did your appointment go?

    Lundi: The doctor has him starting on some new medication, along with what he's already been taking.

    Exodsut: Uhm, okay; did you pick up his prescription on the way back?

    Lundi: Yeah, we also ran into some familiar faces along the way.

    Exodsut: Who, those Ruffians?

    Viol: No, but you should know them from the old picture on your bedside table.

    Exodsut: Oh, huh; been awhile since I saw those guys.

    Lundi: Yeah, I bet; they were picking up some things from the nearby hardware store.

    Exodsut: Probably because they busted that arm of his.

    Clover: Who's arm?

    Exodsut: One of those guys has a robotic arm, but shouldn't talk about them until I post them on the idea forum.

    Lundi: Ok, well I am going to go to the movies in a bit.

    Viol: You didn't say anything earlier about a movie.

    Exodsut: We should all go, how about that?

    Clover: Yay, movie!

    Exodsut: Oh and let's put Ray on a leash this time.

    Viol: Yeah, especially when he embarrassed all of us last time in front of the whole theater.

    Lundi: Don't forget that mental breakdown he had with that girl with pink and white hair.

    Ray: Hey; she looked like the girl, so don't talk like you know what happened!

    Exodsut: Alright Ray; we know you like a criminal but don't overreact if it happens again.

    Clover: Who does he like?

    Exodsut: I'll talk about it in his post, which I really need to do; how about you take Jasmine for a walk, okay?

    Clover: Okay; Jasmine, let's go!

    *Jasmine scurries from out of her tunnel that leads to her underground cave/oasis*

    Jasmine: Nnngroouuawr!

    *Jasmine grabs her special leash and yanks it off the wall, dragging all the coats along the floor with her*

    Jasmine: *wimper, drops leash from her mouth and sits on the floor* Rournng!

    Exodsut: Oh boy, I knew that would happen sooner or later; could you pick all those up, Clover?

    Clover: Yeah; come here little girl, come on.

    *Clover attaches the leash to Jasmine tear and chew proof collar then proceeds to pick up and rehang each coat*

    Exodsut: Thank you, Clover; now remember, don't run into any Canon characters, okay?

    Clover: I know...

    Exodsut: Alright, well have fun; be back in half an hour, okay?

    Clover: Okay, bye!

    Lundi, Viol & Exodsut: Bye!

    *Clover and an excited Jsmine walk out the front door, Clover closes the door softly*

    Exodsut: Alright, Lundi go take a shower.

    Lundi: Okay; also, your recorder's on.

    Exodsut: I know that; I also know you stink.

    Viol: Are you going to finish this post today?

    Exodsut: Yeah, and I'm gonna have you guys talking through my account to other people on this new forum; you should take a shower as well Viol.

    Viol: Alright, not like I have anything better to do...

    Exodsut: Like what, find the Ruffians or finding that snakeskin lady?

    Lundi: What; a snakeskin-

    *Viol slugs Lundi in the gut and runs upstairs*

    Viol: You're not supposed to talk about that, Exodsut!

    Lundi: Dang, he has a good arm.

    Exodsut: Yang has an even better one.

    Lundi: I have a shower to take.

    *Lundi sprints upstairs with clammy hands*

    Exodsut: Well, guess this should be fun; let's finish with some typing.

    Yeah, I love talking with my characters and I think they will enjoy this forum. Thank you for this!

  • Burning_Zero

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    #33271856 - 2 years ago

    That's good, keep it up.

  • Exodsut_Dead_Knoire

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    #33271880 - 2 years ago

    This is Viol who's speaking in place for Exodsut.

    Would us OCs be given questions pertaining to certain events that would happen within the life of a citizen and/or huntsman/huntress?

    Also, would we talk about other topics like our weapons and our semblances?


    Viol Mohn

  • Burning_Zero

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    #33272118 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Exodsut_Dead_Knoire

    why not, you can

  • Exodsut_Dead_Knoire

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    #33272259 - 2 years ago

    This is Lundi & Ray talking.

    Lundi: Dang, do you how this thing works?

    Ray: I don't know, I've never messed with his stuff before; did you flick the switch?

    Lundi: Yeah, but I don't see any indication that it's on; guess we'll just have to see if it works.

    Ray: Well I guess that should be fine, so I'll start; I guess you could call me the weapon expert of the group, I have my own forge where I can craft any weapon I want in our backyard but prefer to use the weapons I own now.

    Lundi: Dude, really; *sigh* I'm Lundi, the second-in-command of the group and the tank or whatever you would call me.

    Ray: I think they would call you the sheild.

    Lundi: My semblance is augmented through my gauntlets to allow me attack back stronger attacks, like Yang, only however: she doesn't need anything to help her with her semblance.

    Ray: You're burning yourself, especially since you've started talking about Yang.

    Lundi: Oh ha ha, don't play with a wolf or he may bite your hand off.

    Ray: Ok, geez; how about we talk about something else?

    Lundi: Oh, I know!

    Ray: Uh, I hope I don't regret this-

    Lundi: Let's talk Neo; Ray's waifu!

    Ray: What the heck, Lundi, don't bring her up while we're talking to a whole forum!

    Lundi: Why not, you L-O-V-E her don't you.

    Ray: Stop it man; that isn't funny.

    Lundi: Oh no, what's funny is you just called a faunus a man; but anyways, why do you like Miss Mini-scoop?

    Ray: I don't know and if I did, I wouldn't tell you anyways.

    Lundi: Actually, now that I think about it; you love her because you want to take her down a different path in life, one of love.

    Ray: Uhhhhh...

    Lundi: Hah, I knew it; geez you're easy to read when you're not out and about.

    Ray: Could we get this over with?

    Lundi: Why, don't feel comfortable talking about the girl who stole your heart under an umbrella?

    Ray: Ughh, I going to bed.

    Lundi: Ok, more fun for me; goodnight, smooth.

    Ray: Goodnight, you loon.

    Lundi: Well, guess I don't need this thing on.

    Well, after going back through the dialogue Ray and I had; you can guess how we stay together in the team.

    Clover's like a little brother to all of us, although he was quite nervous around us the first three weeks.

    I act like an older brother for Clover, but that doesn't mean we always get along(he's not allowed to use his semblance in the house so that makes it easier). Viol and I don't always see eye to eye but we get along fine, especially when Viol has taken his own medication in the morning(along with a decaffeinated coffee). Ray and I get along and joke most of the time with each other(as you could clearly see with our conversation above). Viol is more of our support and strategist(meaning he speeds up the healing process of our aura if we get hurt and he makes a majority of our battle plans, but not without Clover's approval) [Note: Viol's teleportation rune has saved our butts alot of times so that's great as well]. Ray is more of a "swing first, ask questions later" kind of guy, but when you have his attention he will listen(Ray also always tries to pickup scoll numbers from chicks, but that doesn't stop him from getting a hold on any news that would be of use to us) [Note: Ray has been tracking down Neo for awhile now, but as you saw above: do not ask him about it]. Well that should cover a few things; thank you for starting this thread for us Burning_Zero, it actually feels nice to be talking with other people.

    Lundi signing off.

    (P.S.: Exodsut was thinking about making us four our own profiles so we don't use his all the time. Does anyone think that would be a good idea or not?)

  • Burning_Zero

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    #33272283 - 2 years ago

    This keeps getting better, i will soon have my thing to do in this thread later.

  • Exodsut_Dead_Knoire

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    #33272290 - 2 years ago

    This is Exodsut & Clover talking.

    Exodsut: Alright, sit here.

    *Exodsut pulls up a chair next to his own at his desk, Clover sits down with a warm cup of milk*

    Clover: What are you gonna do, Exods?

    Exodsut: Well since you woke up to another one of your nightmares, I guessed it wouldn't be bad to post something on the new forum.

    Clover: What would you post?

    Exodsut: A few things *scrolling of a mouse*...or not since Lundi and Ray had one heck of a time before they went to bed.

    *Jasmine crawls out of her tunnel and moves to the desk, she sees Clover sitting in his chair and jumps into his lap*

    Clover: Oh!

    Exodsut: Hey baby girl, you had bad dream too; just lay on Clover's lap, okay.

    *Jasmine makes a circle and falls to sleep in Clover's lap*

    Clover: *yawn*, I wish I could talk to Ruby right now.

    Exodsut: How about you drink your milk before it gets cold, shorty.

    Clover: M'okay.

    *Clover drinks his warm milk to halfway and then stops*

    Exodsut: What scald your tongue again?

    Clover: No, just curious about that girl you were talking about in that story of yours.

    Exodsut: The one about how I got to Remnant?

    *Clover gives a drowsy nod*

    Exodsut: Well, actually; let's just say that she's my own precious rose, okay?

    Clover: Wait, you know of a different Ruby?

    Exodsut: No, not what I was saying; you have a precious red rose, Ray has his pink and white rose while I have a green and white rose.

    Clover: Wait, Ray likes a cousin of Ruby?

    Exodsut: No, I think that milk hit the spot for you cause you seem more tired than a bear at Thanksgiving; how about you take your pill and go to bed, okay?

    *Clover's slowly falling asleep*

    Exodsut: Well guess I'll turn this off and take you to bed.

    Alright, Clover's back to bed now; had to wake him up so he took his pill but he should sleep soundly tonight. I might have to explain a few things that have changed within the last few weeks.

    1. Clover no longer has a shard of a Nighmarin in his back(but he still has terrible nightmares) [Note: Clover owns a blue box of pills he's supposed to take before bed that help with his nightmares].

    2. Clover also has now a green box of pills that are called "maturity" pills(I don't know exactly what they're supposed to do, but hopefully they will help the strength and longevity of his nightmare pills).

    3. The Ruffians are back in town and are not welcome at our house(The Ruffians are a squadron of mercenaries that have been placed on bulletins all around Atlas facilities as "shoot to kill" criminals due to their high bounties) [Note: I have a pre-recorded conversation of their visit attached to my profile, go there if you want learn their names].

    That should cover all I wanted to talk about for now. Hopefully Clover will start talking on this forum soon(what Lundi typed was true: Clover has a slow pace at adjusting to new things).

    Exodsut, off.

  • Exodsut_Dead_Knoire

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    #33277580 - 2 years ago

    Exodsut and Viol talking.

    Exodsut: So, I want to talk with you about Clover, okay?

    Viol: Sure, but why on the recorder?

    Exodsut: Because Clover isn't seeming like the Clover we used to know and I think others would like to know.

    Viol: Ok, why?

    Exodsut: If people start asking him questions perceiving that he will be 'cute and cuddly' with his answers, I don't want them to realize how different he is now in a rude way, alright.

    Viol: That makes sense; what do you want to start with?

    Exodsut: Those pills that we threw away yesterday.

    Viol: You mean the maturity pills?

    Exodsut: Yeah, this started when he was prescribed them.

    Viol: What do you think they did, exactly?

    Exodsut: Well, they seem to have administered a growth in his hormones, making him grow in heighth and his voice lowered.

    Viol: He's also beginning to seem more easily agitated.

    Exodsut: Yes, I've been seeing that a lot; he especially seems angry about the different treatment between Canon characters and OCs.

    Viol: Yeah, he used to be just fine about it a few weeks ago.

    Exodsut: He also seems as if to demonstrate a more 'I'm better' kind of attitude, which disturbs me.

    Viol: Because he wasn't like that before?

    Exodsut: Yeah, he always liked helping people he took pity on and never wanted to prove he was perfect or even the best at anything.

    Viol: Like when he tried challenging you to who could get the most bullseyes in a game of darts?

    Exodsut: Yeah but then he didn't like losing to me.

    Viol: Also you said you were going to do something about it and headed for the shed in the backyard; what were you going to do?

    Exodsut: Uhm, I was going to...try and I could...make a different kind of medicine.

    Viol: What was with the hesitation?

    Exodsut: Uh, it was because I was remembering what I was doing.

    Viol: Then why were you sweating?

    Exodsut: Don't worry about it; it's not like I have a time travel machine or anything of the sort so I can go back and confirm stuff like that.

    *Both Exodsut and Viol widen their eyes*

    Exodsut and Viol signing off.