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  • smuglord


    #33270334 - 2 years ago

    Hello all.


    I'm currently practicing to increase my drawing speed, and what's better than drawing colorful characters people have made for a show with an amazing aestethic such as RWBY. I could draw established characters or make a million OC's myself but i think i'd rather do something for the community and draw other peoples characters.

    Here's my rules:

    1. Only a single character per person. I know people in this fandom usually make characters in groups of four but there's only so much i can do.

    2. Write a physical description of your character and their weapon along with whatever reference pictures you have. Quality doesn't matter, anything to help my drawing get closer to your mental image of the character is welcome.

    3. After a physical description a quick writeup of the characters personality to help with deciding on expression and body language is a really nice help. Don't post half a novel though, keep it brief.

    4. I might do minor changes if you want it after i've posted a character and you find something that needs change but if busy i might also not. Please do not get angry if it isn't exactly like in your mind's eye.

    5. Have some patience. I am only human and very much inexperienced.


    Also, if there's any fellow drawsmiths, doodle-dapplers or other f'artsy types around who wants in on the fun, know you're very welcome. Just write if you take on a submission so we don't accidentially double-task.

  • GenErick64

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    #33270341 - 2 years ago

    I'll be back later, I'm definitely interested

  • YoiteShimizu


    #33270345 - 2 years ago

    Wow man, your a pretty good artist. How long have you been drawing?

  • smuglord


    #33270349 - 2 years ago

    I'm just a hobby doodler but i've been doing it for years. One could likely reach my level of skill pretty quickly if actually dedicated. Just playing with cartoony drawings drawn as quickly as i can with these.

  • YoiteShimizu


    #33270370 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Smugtisser

    Very nice! I was never really able to draw. I'm too over critical of my work. That's why I write instead

  • The-Batman-Who-Laughs


    #33270394 - 2 years ago

    In reply to YoiteShimizu

    Same here as well. I'll start the ball rolling.

    Name: Malice

    Colour: Orange

    Height : 5,5 (1.65 meters)

    Weapon : Energy Sceptre

    After the events of Season 3, a mysterious person brings Penny's body to the

    crashed Atlas ship in Vale and plugs her in order to reboot her. However The Black

    Queen Computer Virus plus the trauma of Penny's death combine and

    form a new, sadistic personality called Malice, who then awakened to find herself

    alone and with one directive: Kill Cinder. Forging her Energy Sceptre from Penny's

    reaming swords, she sets out on her own path of carnage and mayhem, attacking

    Humans, Faunus and Grimm alike, as she sees herself stronger then any of them.

    To further her goals she wishes to take over the Atlas Robot Military in order

    to achieve total domination over Remnant. Woe betide any who stand in her way.

    Personality: Malice is a dark mirror of Penny, more cunning and ruthless.

    She cannot understand why RWBY is shattered from the events of Season 3

    citing them as weak and can't get their act together to "do what must be done".

    ( Its a sort of Judge Dredd ruthless attitude).

    Dress sense : Malice is dressed in a combination of Alice from Madness Returns,

    Yuriko Omega from the box art of C&C Red Alert 3 Uprising and Elizabeth from

    Bioshock Infinite, with her hair like the Burial at Sea version. Her Symbol contains

    the four playing card symbols within a gear cog circle.

    Energy Sceptre : Malice's Energy Sceptre has four settings, based on the

    four playing cards, which she can only use one at a time, These settings are:

    Heart: Projects an energy shield like the one in RvB, allowing Malice to

    incoming projectiles and energy blasts.

    Diamond: Allows Malice to shoot Energy balls ( like the new Dooms laser gun)

    from the top of her Sceptre, allowing her to take out long range opponents.

    Club: Projects a smaller energy shield around the top of the Sceptre,

    allowing Malice to wield it as an energy mace that also creates shockwaves

    when used on buildings or the ground ( like Halo's Gravity Hammer.)

    Ace: Allows Malice to charge up her Energy Sceptre to unleash

    a massive ball of energy to destroy her foes ( like the new Dooms BFG


    Sorry it's a bit long, but is that enough ?

  • The-Batman-Who-Laughs


    #33270399 - 2 years ago

    P.s forgot to say her eyes are orange as well

  • smuglord


    #33270424 - 2 years ago


    Sorry this exists xD My head sometimes just gets filled with dumb.

    I'll start the actual drawing now. Does zyber zombie penny still rock the pink bowtie?

  • smuglord


    #33270450 - 2 years ago


    In reply to Garro

    Here ya go. This took me a tad longer than i'd like. I guess that's what practice is for.

    I tried making Penny look mean-ish but it was hard as i think she's the most adorable character in RWBY.

  • GenErick64

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    #33270562 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Smugtisser

    You did that in two hours?!? Wow.

  • GenErick64

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    #33270576 - 2 years ago

    Name: Nikolas (Nik) Safir (Safir means sapphire in Norwegian)

    Gender: Male/Human

    Ht: 5'10" Wt: 200

    Hair: Dirty Blonde/Short

    Eyes: Sapphire Blue

    Aura Color: Sapphire Blue

    Semblance: Telekinesis

    Can move and affect objects and people with his mind. He more often combines this ability with dust which gives the illusion of having other kinesis abilities.

    Armor/Clothing: Basic jeans and grey armored jacket. Jacket has blue highlights. Also wears a black cape which wraps around and covers the left side of his body, specifically his left arm. Has a cybernetic left arm since he had been mauled by an Ursa at a young age, losing his arm being the only injury, luckily. Uses said cybernetic arm to store a variety of dust which he combines with his kinesis to create elemental effects.

    Short Bit: Must sociable, friendly, and confident of his team. He often even gets over confident, leading to trouble.

    Has an irrational fear of ursas because of his incident when he was younger but he is trying to work on that fear.

    Loves stories, not just books, any kind of good story especially heroics and, begrudgingly admitted, romance.

    Weapon: Name - Argus

    Double-edged sword that transforms into a lever-action rifle by tilting the holy down at an angle. The blade splits down the middle to reveal the rifle barrel and the dust canister is a cylindrical container located where the blade and built meet. I imagine the gun form looks similar to the Black Ops 3 Argus shotgun.

    Thanks in advance.

  • The-Batman-Who-Laughs


    #33270620 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Smugtisser

    No bow tie. And it's close but not quite what I had in mind. Still, it's excellent drawing. 9/10

  • smuglord


    #33270663 - 2 years ago

    In reply to GenErick64

    Here you go. Sorry it was a bit of a rushjob but i had to hurry out the door. I hope it's good enough.

  • GenErick64

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    #33270705 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Smugtisser

    Daaaaaamn, that's awesome. Can i keep it?

  • smuglord


    #33270718 - 2 years ago

    It was drawn for you. Happy you like it.

  • GenErick64

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    #33270764 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Smugtisser

    Thanks. And i just noticed but you got him backwards, he lost his left arm.

    No biggie, i guess he's just looking in the mirror.

  • smuglord


    #33270770 - 2 years ago

    Geez yeah, that's a silly mistake. Want a mirrored version?

  • GenErick64

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    #33270806 - 2 years ago

    Sure, if it's not too much trouble

  • KnighteyNighty


    #33270810 - 2 years ago

    Well, then IF I may share a idea, then I got this one

    Gormàin Barghest
    aka: Blue Hellhound

    “Humans, Faunus or Grimm, I don’t give a damn as long they give me a good challenge.”

    Age: 32 years





    Still in his prime, Gormàn is a muscular built 6.8 feet tall man with long, brushed back ebony black hair tied back in a short pony tail, skin as white as a sheet and cold blue eyes like his namesake. Donning a black coat with tattered ends and a blue shoulder cape, his face mainly hidden by the dark blue high collar and a black trifold hat with its back torn. Gormàin added a pair of black glasses, mainly to hide his face. He also wears a different set of gloves, his left arm is tied in black-dyed, only the right arm is suited with an iron gauntlet.

    He has a rather large scar on the left side of his face, an injury caused by his former teammate when they faced each other.


    Gormàin is someone who is described as human beast, seeing himself on top of the food chain, thus making him an arrogant and brutal person to ensure it stays that way. Seeing others less than him, he wanders the land in search of a challenge. He is also someone who values actions over words and only talks if necessary or to those he knew from the past.

    Easily entranced by battle, Gormàin is considered extremely dangerous due to his great bloodlust and becomes more and more agitated if pushed into a corner. However, despite being cruel, he shows signs of respect for strong opponents and avoids fighting those he deems weak. But he is not above by putting them in their place if they become too cocky, even if it means killing them. It also seems that he is very vindictive, even to the point of chasing after those who hunted him, such as with the Houyi Hunter Order, which he exterminated after they tried to hunt him down, save for one survivor.



    (Adrenaline Activation)

    A very rare semblance, allowing Gormain to activate his adrenal glands, increasing the overall strength and reflexes by many level and strengthens hia ability to withstand pain. Once active, he can easily crush a boulder with bare hands and dodge an attack from nearly every direction. Sight is also heavily increased, allowing him to see even further than the average eye. In combination with his weapon, this semblance unleashes a beast in human skin.

    Keeping it active drains much aura, deactivating it upon lack of such aura and could cause severe exhaustion and a full rebound of the pain received during combat.

    Furthermore, due to the high dose of adrenaline, Gormain's head doesn't work properly and he cannot distinguish friend from foe, but due to being a loner, he doesn't mind this side effect.


    Vorgan Cerberus

    A gargantuan sword with a two-edged blade, a pair of additional handles on both sides of its curved guard, his emblem graved into the center of the guard. The main blade can extend it’s reach, becoming almost 2,5 meters in length.

    One of the handles pulls out a straight sword with a shotgun attached to its blade, which he wields in his offhand. The shorter swords has a curved back guard and the blade is split apart, within it’s center is a barrel equal to the length of the blades. The trigger is located within the handle. The second handle pulls out a curved dagger with no actual features which can be used as a means to parry incoming attacks, but its true purpose increases the deadliness of his sword even more. Combined with his semblance, this weapon can become a force of true destruction.

    The large sword can also be used as a shield, due to the aura conductor located at the center of the blade, transforming the giant sword into a greatshield and capable to block nearly any attack. Additionally, the swords have small chambers within their guard and can be infused with various dust bullets. His most preferable is the pure blue flame, which earned his nickname, allowing his sword to leave trails of fire after each swing.

    During travels, the weapon is concealed by wraps, which loosen when he readies his weapon for combat.


    Not much is known about his past, aside being a exchange student from Mistral and attending Beacon Academy as a member of Team (in works). He didn't stand out much as a student, being the strong and silent type, favoring combat over anything else. At some point of his life, he went renegade and killed his own comrades during a mission, leaving only one alive, the one who gave him the scar upon his face.

    Currently, Gormain is a wanted criminal and there are rare sightings of him, mainly hunting Grimm or taking a job as a mercenary. He was also responsible for the slaughter of the Houyi Hunter Brotherhood, leaving only one survivor. Litchini Houyi. With this, he made an example and a reminder to all who dared to cross him.

    This made him one of the most dangerous criminals in the world of Remnant and Gormàin still remains free. Those who are brave or foolish try to hunt him, but if pursuing this fugitive is advised with at least three people. (if you spot him, please notify the local authorities, DO NOT APPROACH him alone!)

    It is rumored that he was the offspring of a faunus mother and a human father. Both are missing and almost any record about him was erased, mainly by himself.

    Gormàin is a anglicised form of the gaelic Ó Gormáin, meaning "son of Gormàn". The personal name Gormán is derived from the diminutive of gorm
    , meaning "dark blue", "noble".
    Barghest is the name of a Northern English mythical black dog beast with huge teeth and claws.

    The design of this character and his weapon was heavily influenced by three characters from the Dark Souls franchise: Artorias the Abyss Watchers, The Fume Knight Raime and the Abyss Watchers. (and a little sprinkle of Bloodborne too.)

  • brgutwei

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    #33270846 - 2 years ago

    This is awesome what you are doing here. If it is not too much trouble, I have a character I would like drawn.

    Name: Onyx Daemon

    hair: black

    eyes: blue

    height: 6 ft 8 in (2.05 meters)

    appearance: built like a "tank" character from a role playing game. Muscular but not toned.

    As far as attire goes. He prefers comfort and function over style. Only specific item is a leather jacket with metal plates sewn randomly into it.

    Personality: His favorite hobby is to design and build weapons. He was originally going to be a licensed weapons engineer before he changed his mind. Very friendly towards people as he prefers to be liked but won't do anything stupid or evil to get on someone's good side. His main reason for fighting is that he wants to protect anyone and everyone. His fighting is more about brute strength than it is about strategy.

    Weapon: (You can pick which one you like better).

    1. Two-handed claymore style sword that converts to a high caliber machine gun (like a WW2 MG42 style). Sword itself is over 6 feet long.

    2. Barbell-style weapon where the discs (they look like 45 lb weights) that have several different functions. They range from turrets, mines, simple discs, and so on.

    Semblance: Allows him to turn part or all of himself into a stone-like material.

    In short: a tank / engineer

    Well if I left anything out let me know. I appreciate your work ahead of time. It would take me an eternity to draw something half as good.

  • smuglord


    #33270893 - 2 years ago

    In reply to KnighteyHunter

    I didn't ask for his background story, the specifics of his semblance or fun little facts of his name. This is more for people asking in the future, please keep it brief. I use your writing to refence my drawing. Extra text only makes it harder to find the details i need. The rest goes in the OC posting thread. This is no replacement for that, just a fun little pastime for me.

    Also, can you find some reference pictures for the sword? I know that it's a BFS with handles that can be removed for extra gunblades but i don't really know what style you're going for with it. It's okay to use several pics, i'll just use design elements from all of them.

    In reply to GenErick64


    No trouble at all.

    I'll draw the two new guys in the morning.

    Also been working on this character in my downtime.



  • GenErick64

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    #33270934 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Smugtisser

    Is that Nora's twin sister? Oh gods.

    Also, thank you again.

  • Tonsofun94


    #33271036 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Smugtisser

    Name: Matt

    Nickname: Tons

    brown hair

    laid back kinda of guy but knows how to have fun

    weapon: Dual Blade Katana

    Human white male color scheme blue with some orange.

    if you need more let me know what you need

  • Tonsofun94


    #33271038 - 2 years ago

  • The-Batman-Who-Laughs


    #33271042 - 2 years ago

    I know I'm going to sound like a ( Insert swear word here), but could you do

    my character again without the bow? And with full black body gloves on her arms

    where the flesh is showing ?

    "Phyrra : I'm sorry!"

    Also I think your character is excellent by the way