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All known creatures of Grimm

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  • Asdrubael

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    #33341565 - 2 years ago

    As of Volume 4, Episode 3 we have 15 distinct species of Grimm.

    They are as follows:

    1) Beowolves and Alpha Beowolves

    The rank and fodder Grimm

    2 )Beringels

    This Grimm seems to be one of the more intelligent species of Grimm and is capable of using other Grimm to its advantage

    3) Boarbatusks

    4) Creeps and an unnamed larger version (Alpha Creeps? Creep Majors? Major Creeps?)

    Aside from Deathstalkers, the only species that is confirmed to be subterranean

    5) Deathstalkers

    Aside from Creeps, the only species that is confirmed to be subterranean

    6) Dragon/Wyvern Grimm

    This is one of the two Grimm which appears to understand human speech. It is also the only Grimm we have seen that can summon other Grimm by directly spawning them to its location

    7)Geist (Unclear if this is related to the Possession Grimm from the Manga or the same thing)

    This is the only Grimm which appears humanoid in form, as well as possess objects

    8) Goliath

    Note that this is one of the only Grimm we have yet to see fight or be involved in a fight

    9) Griffon and possibly Alpha Griffons/Griffon Major/Arch Griffons

    10) King Tajitu

    The only Grimm which can take two forms. Also the only Grimm to include a reversed colour scheme

    11) Nevermore

    Unclear if the smaller versions of Nevermores seen in Volume 2 are baby Nevermores or simply a smaller breed. Note that there is apparently a difference between a Nevermore and a Giant Nevermore, so the larger ones might just simply be nothing more than upscaled Nevermores...unless there is a breed of Nevermore even bigger than the ones we have seen...

    12) Sea Dragon/Sea Serpent/Poseidra the Grimmlantean Dragon

    This is the only aquatic Grimm we have seen so far

    13) Ursa and Ursa Major

    Ursa are the only species of Grimm that have a larger named version of themselves. No other species has actually been referred to by RT as an "Alpha" or a "Major"

    14) Unnamed insectoid Grimm (The one Cinder summoned)

    This is the only Grimm we have seen that has apparently been controlled by a person

    15) Unnamed jellyfish-esque Grimm (Which is called a Seer on the wiki but...its on the

    This Grimm can apparently understand speech and communicate long distances between other Grimm. It might be some sort of Grimm mind/overseer/hive mind.

    There are still several species which have yet to have Grimm versions:

    Any large cat species (A good name for a Grimm Lion would be a Nemean, after the Nemean Lion from Greek Mythology)

    A Spider Grimm (For nightmare fuel)

    Bat Grimm (Because why not have a swarm of them?)

    Deer/Elk Grimm, for fun

    Rodent Grimm, because why not

    Other bird species (Owls, Hawks, Eagles) Grimm, because they can look different to a Nevermore or be of a different size or something

    Lizard Grimm, such as a Komodo Dragon Grimm

    An almost endless variety of mythological creatures 

    And, finally...

    Honey Badger Grimm. Because that would be terrifying. And deadly.

    I will update this with each new addition. Feel free to post stuff about each species and Grimm and discuss what you want to see more of!

  • wraithleeder

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    #33349291 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Asdrubael

    Honey Badger Grimm. Because that would be terrifying. And deadly.

    Honey badger just takes what it wants.