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Faunus species and inspiration

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  • fallen_leader123


    #33726277 - 2 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    That's yet another question I've been asking myself; since he's supposed to be a "tough guy" I thought of making a Semblance regarding absorbing and redirecting damage, but that'd be like a copy of Yang. Then I thought about the fact that he's a "hunter" of sorts, so I've been trying to find a Semblance that would fit that description (and also kinda fits with his faunus type).

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33726282 - 2 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie I guess if Faunus can have wings sprouting from their backs then a pair of arms with pincers or other bug limbs are not out of the question.  I just don't feel like using them on my own characters.

    In reply to fallen_leader123 If your looking for other weapons ideas you may want to look into chain weapons here are some example anther option is a rope dart or other flexible weapons some are listed with the rope dart.   

    As for names I would need some more information like what colors do you want, is there something your using as an inspiration. with out any thing to go on beside lizard arms how about Bruno Rex  Bruno its a german name meaning brown, Rex is latin for king  it could be a references to Tyrannosaurus rex or really any other king.

    for semblances you could focus hits you take into something other then strength like a burst of speed or pump it back into your aura for a temp healing boost.