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Why does Jaune 'Interest' Tyrian?

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  • Akhaos


    #33386656 - 2 years ago

    For those of you who have already watched Chapter 6 of Volume 4 (to be frank, who hasn't at this point?) and have sat to analyze the information present, I'm sure many of you remember how Tyrian, right before turning to Ruby in their conversation referred to Jaune as interesting. Interesting. Such an obscure and ambiguous comment from him, yet so... insightful? I'm not not quite sure how, but it just is.

    -He could be referring to Jaune's lineage as an Arc, as it has been heavily implied from many aspects and comments from him that his family is at least fairly well known. His inheritance as an Arc could be more interesting to the more... interesting persons of Remnant than we originally thought. During the initial fight, Tyrian insanely latches onto Jaune's shield and stares at Jaune dead in the face for a good few seconds, notably his eyes, before continuing his rampage. Could he recognize the young Arc from these stories?

    -Another interesting thought is that Tyrian could be capable of reading into people's auras and has noticed how immensely large Jaune's is. I don't believe that this random theory can be proven right now, but a thought to be considered for in the future.

    -Jaune has mentioned before that a past family member had fought in the Great War, which was highlighted by the protection of art and self-expression, and the fight against discrimination over the entire Faunus race. We can probably guess that this is a very sensitive topic for most Faunus, and probably acts as a grounds for hate from Faunus against Atlas and Mistral. Currently, where Jaune is from is unknown, but could his family live in Mistral, or did once upon a time. If the Arcs were famous warriors and one of them fought in the Great War, could it be possible that Tyrian would find it interesting to find an Arc boy alongside his target. Far-fetched? Possibly.

    These are my thoughts and speculations. What are yours? What are your thoughts about Tyrian's motives and internal musings of the blond boy? What do you think is Jaune's newest significance here that could play a major role in the story later on? So many questions, very few answers... I love it.

  • sthom0202


    #33386722 - 2 years ago

    I'm with you on both of those theories. I think there's a chance that Jaune's family is actually pretty influential, even in the present. The reasons? First, he's already mentioned that his lineage has a history of heroes. He's ALSO said that his family took vacations when he was a kid. So, we can assume that his family is at least well-off enough for yearly vacations, and to have several kids. We haven't really heard a lot about them, but I'm guessing they're at least somewhat important in their government/community. So Tyrian could have noted that he would be a valuable hostage/interesting to fight since he's from that family.

    I also agree it could have something to do with aura. My reasoning for this is a little sketchy, but it also makes sense to a point. When Tyrian was attacking, his attacks drained large amounts of aura from Ruby and co. Now, part of this is that he just landed attacks with massive damage, just like how Cinder drained out Pyrrah's aura in their fight. But what if Tyrian is capable of draining more aura than typical from weaker blows? This explains how Ruby's aura was drained SO FAST (she hadn't been using her semblance like Pyrrah did, and really she sustained very few heavy attacks compared to Pyrrah). It would also explain why Jaune, who has massive amounts of aura, would be 'interesting'. Both just theories, but they work for me either way!

  • YangNailedIt


    #33387005 - 2 years ago

    I think both are pretty solid theories. I do want to present a third, which was my own initial thought. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he recognized the metal from Pyrrha's armor?

    Pyrrha was an integral part to the plot for the Fall maiden and a formidable warrior, so I would be very surprised if Tyrian, someone who is in on Salem's plot and always hungry for a challenging and potentially gory fight, hadn't heard of Pyrrha and didn't recognize her attire. Maybe he thought that someone so close to Pyrrha to use her armor in modifications of their weapons would pose a worthy adversary later on.

    But I could totally be wrong, lol. 

  • zero3262


    #33387449 - 2 years ago

    I like the theory's, but I have a different opinion regarding why Tyrian is interested in Jaune. 

    You don't have to forget that Tyrian is a psychopath and based on what we saw from him till now from him two things are important for him. First to obey the wishes of his "goddess" and second having fun in hurting people or fighting in general (you can clearly see this when he smiles after Jaune tells him that they won't give him Ruby).

    I theory that Tyrian saw in Jaune his next victim/target for torturing, in his mind, that he can have fun in breaking Jaune down. 

    I don't really think that he is interested in Jaune simply because of his family, reason for that is the way he is looking at him. He jumps at Jaune's shield and looks over it at his face. In this way he can't see Jaunes family symbol because it is only at his shield and not on his chest. Sure Jaune could maybe look like his ancastors, but if I would look at Yang and Taiyang I would also not directly assume they are father and daughter, the only think they really have in commen is their hair color (what I want to say is that kids don't really have to look their parents).

    In addition I am also missing some kind of key sentence like, Tyrian: "Boy ... are you from the Arc?"

    The other theory I could get behind is that Tyrian is interested in Jaunes aura because Pyrrha already indicated that Jaune's aura is something unique/outstanding/etc.

    Whatever it may be, there is one thing that directly came to mind when I saw this episode and the scene with Jaune and Tyrian. There is the theory that all of team JNPR will die at some point based on their origans. And if that is going to happen Jaune already saw in Vol 6 his maker.

  • Yevon


    #33388143 - 2 years ago

    i have a theory as to why he finds Jaune interesting and it has to do with him possibly sensing auras, so bare with me for a sec.

    remember when Pyrrha used her aura to unlock Juane's? what if in doing that, her aura is forever linked to his and Tyrion can sense her presence in his aura? expanding on this i believe Jaune has the potential to receive the fall maiden's power because of this (now i know the story says men can't receive it) but there are a few scenes that could back them being linked... e.g( when Jaune and Pyrrha first hold hands a second Fall leaf lands beside the first (Pyrrha saw the leaf as herself and the Fall maidens power, could represent him having the potential to gain the powers) also Jaune was the last person Pyrrha was thinking of when she "died" so.... 

    yes this is just my wild speculation but it would give a strong reason for why Tyrion found him so interesting in the manner he did. i could expand more on this but i'll save that for a different thread :P 

  • khaldinosaur

    khaldinosaur FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Everything RT

    #33389408 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Yevon

    I like this theory a lot.

    Jaune being able to receive the Fall Maiden powers would indeed make him unique/interesting, and maybe that is what Tyrian sees in him. Maybe he sees a way to get rid of Cinder and make Jaune useful to the evil cause instead.

  • YangNailedIt


    #33400775 - 2 years ago

    Didn't his innocence die with Pyrrha, though? 

  • zero3262


    #33403012 - 2 years ago

    Well that's not incorrect, but he at least keeps up the facade. We didn't see a total breakdown from him yet. He is honoring Pyrrha's death by moving forward, but I can't get behind the maiden theory.

    There is this point in Vol 1 where Pyrrha unlocks (?) Jaunes aura, but that was way before Pyrrha had any contact with the Fall Maiden. Saying because Pyrrha was for a few moments connected to the Fall maiden and because she unlocks (?) Jaunes aura before for some magic reason the power is transferred to him is for me to far out of the window. 

    Besides this we already know that Cinder has the Fall maidens power and Salem confirms this. If anything I believe Ruby could still has some sort of connection to Pyrrha since she was hearing her in her dreams. It's later on shown that Jaune was training while his Scroll played a recording, but I think there is more to find in that direction.

    I still believe the whole being interested in Jaune is more of a "Hey you look interesting, you will make fun to torture." And to stay close to the origin that torture will most likly be Jaune burning in front of the rest of RNJR.

  • YangNailedIt


    #33404216 - 2 years ago

    I highly doubt that they'll waste Jaune's potential by burning him alive, unless it's in like one of the last episodes of the entire series. 

  • zero3262


    #33405853 - 2 years ago

    Let's send a message back in time 2 years ago, to ourselve. Let's tell our younger selfes Pyrrha is going to die at the end of Vol3. I think they highly doubt it ^^

  • YangNailedIt


    #33411800 - 2 years ago

    But Pyrrha's potential was already reached. She was already at the peak of her development. Jaune is a different matter. He still has undeveloped potential. So if they really kill him off this early, then it'll be bad writing as much as it'll be heartbreaking. So if he does die, it SHOULD be much later in the series. They still have a lot to do with his character.



    #33415438 - 2 years ago

    Maybe Tyrian is simply interested in Jaune because he is insane? Or maybe because Tyrian is gay / bisexual? This would be an interesting aspect, don't you think?

    But it would more realistic if we think of Jaune's aura which is special. Tyrian does not care about his familiy because he didn't look at the emblem. He stared at Jaune's eyes which are often (as we know) connected to one's semblance.

  • darklord_1998


    #33504443 - 2 years ago

    Jaune is probably the least developed character in the series so far.  There has been alot of foreshadowing as to his power and influence that makes him interesting. 

     I don't think he will be leaving us anytime soon.  I actually believe that Jaune will be one of the characters to finally be fleshed out in season 5.  

    So he is definitely intresting.  I know I want to see what happens.

  • bob6690

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    #33510659 - 2 years ago

    The fact is that we really dont know anything about jaune, his backstory or his family

  • Dinobot01

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    #33511704 - 2 years ago

    The only thing I can think of is Jaune may be a descendant of the Warrior King of Vale.