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  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33393896 - 2 years ago

    My second of what's currently five OC Teams! Please keep in mind that a lot of thought was put into these (one in particular IS, admittedly, based off of myself), but any suggestions or comments are very much welcome! Without further ado, behold: Team G.R.D.N.


  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33393899 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Gervasius Silvanus, aka: "The Lone Huntsman"

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 145 lbs.




    Strengths: Keen strategist, given the time to assess the situation; Excellent use of whatever resources are available, when it comes down to such a situation; Good cook; Decent vocabulary; On-point understanding of character and personality; Some skill in psychology and technology.

    Weaknesses: Sometimes takes more time to process certain information that others; Somewhat shy; Hates most bugs and being in the dark; Cannot be bothered to compete with or against others with the exception of killing Grimm; Has often had his grey eye color mistaken for silver, which has led to a few confrontations.

    Personality: Somewhat introverted, he prefers to remain distant from others. On the other hand, he shows much in potential towards setting goals when around others, but this usually gets set aside for something else... In any case, he always knows exactly what to say and exactly when to say it, just that sometimes it doesn't go as well as planned.

    History: Every day, since the day he was able to act for himself, he has been pushed to do more than he was already capable of doing just fine. It didn't help that his parents had given him a name that most people couldn't understand. Then again, perhaps being called "Wooden Spear" could probably be done better discretely... Still, when it came time to leave Alton Academy (the lower tier Academy, mind you), Gervasius was not one to break old habits... despite such having been forced his whole life. So instead of attending a higher Academy, he decided to not waste time in doing what he can, choosing instead to take the path of a lone mercenary. Despite the title, however, he HAS always taken morals into consideration before taking ANY deal that is offered. As someone who could pick up and carry more than two of himself, it's only reasonable that he take responsibility in what should be done as necessary... so long as it meant getting by without having to rip someone off or do something he couldn't morally do... unless it was killing Grimm... Still... it's a wonder why Team GRIM, the band of nomads of similar trade, didn't want anything to do with him... Or maybe it;s the other way around? Who knows... All that is known is that now, he leads a second band of nomads with a similar goal: Team G.R.D.N.

    Semblance: Can go into Hyper-focus, a state of greatly sensitized mental processing. In other words, this allows for MUCH greater reaction time, being able to detect what the next move of the opponent is going to be, and hastened thought process to accommodate these (thus making everything seem significantly slowed). This also has the advantage of being immune to the mental effects of illusions, hypnosis, and other forms of psychological trickery.

    Weapon of choice: Earth Breakers- 


    Two large hammers, able to clamp together at the flat part of the heads for much more power in one swing. Clamping the Earth Breakers together also enables more convenient use of both gun functions at the same time. Each hammer head contains storage for a container of Dust of a certain element, which is used in the gun portion of each hammer. These are triggered one shot at a time by the button on the base of each handle. It should also be noted that the cone-shaped sections allow for massive damage in penetrating hits.

    Battle Strategy: Well, there isn't much for strategy in using two hammers as weapons. This, however, gives Gervasius time to plan his next strikes and when to utilize the different functions of the Earth Breakers. Use of his Semblance adds onto this technique immensely.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 7/10

    Melee Proficiency- 8/10

    Accuracy- 7/10

    Defense- 7/10

    Strength- 6/10

    Aura- 7/10

    Sociability- 6/10

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33393903 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Rina Althos 

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 170 lbs

    Appearance: long gold-blonde hair, alabaster white coat with red undershirt, white pants, brown shoes, green eyes, green-beaded gold-lined necklace, light + shaped birthmark on forehead

    Example Image: (Note: The birthmark couldn't be made in the proper shape on Rinmaru)



    Strengths: Upbeat, hard-working, quick on her feet, more than capable for the task at hand, has a knack for knowing things when they're important to know

    Weaknesses: Doesn't work well under pressure, lacks the physical build to handle carrying anything more than her weapon at all times (leaving her without an effective melee weapon), can be easily confused under the right circumstances, is very self-conscious about her hair...

    Personality: She tends to be a bit nervous around rough crowds, but this rarely stops her from doing anything but her best to help those in need. Her ready-when-necessary intellect means she always knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it... usually. This sometimes doesn't turn out as planned, hence being thrown into a state of confusion at times. Even so, it hasn't stopped her from giving everything she does anything but her all.

    History: While her records show only great things from her, her past is hardly perfect, given her... questionable parentage. While, however, she may well have been the top student in her school, there was certainly no escaping the questions about her curious birthmark and how/why it's there. What's even more curious is her Semblance, but we'll get to that later. Even with these difficulties, she made it through her time in school AND Academy in Atlas at a heightened pace, much like Ruby Rose. She had only gotten out of the Academy a couple years ago, but just about everyone in Atlas has at the very least heard of her name and what she's capable of through her nickname "the White Healer", ironically being the translation of her name. This being said, with the fall of Beacon and word spreading of the nomadic band of travelers calling themselves Team G.R.I.M., it is unknown as to why she has indeed been making her way to Vale as well, but only once having been seen anywhere near the group of Huntsmen (and Huntress). Instead, it would appear that she has taken more of a liking towards a new team of nomads, though having the same objective: Team G.R.D.N.

    Weapon of Choice: Althos Quill (drawn diagonal for convenience of drawing it... plus MS Paint only rotates images in 90-degree increments, so it's not like I can do anything about it)-


    While the weapon is older than it looks as a family heirloom, this "quad-bow" type weapon is no slouch when it comes to precision-ranged combat. Capable of switching between four different Dust types for ammunition means this handy weapon is ready for any situation. Also, when necessary, proper use of the four blades at the front (forming a spear-tip point around the actual barrel) tends to ward away any who previously sought to get up close and personal in a fight. What's also unique about this weapon is that it also comes with an interlocking mechanism that straps to the user, allowing the back of the Quill to be pressed against the user's core, allowing for ease of use and aim.

    Semblance: Aura Manipulation- Can manipulate her Aura to interact with that of others (even those lacking of one). This allows her to either heal others through boosting their Aura or siphon off of others to recover her own. A peculiar aspect of this is that this can also be done from a distance through use of Dust-trailing ammunition to create a sort of link between herself and others for this process to take place. On the other hand, this trait can only take effect for as long as the Dust trail can hold its consistency. The fact that she can use her Aura on even those without one (such as Grimm) means that she could potentially, with enough effort but at a high price, spark free will in Grimm (much like Garrison can) without the need to pin them down first. This effect, however, has proven to be only temporary (lasting as long as one full week, but has reportedly only lasted as long as one full day). On the other hand, this effect has shown -unlike Garrison's method- to render the Grimm much less than passive around unaffected Grimm, which explains why the effect shows as green, instead of the blue that comes from Garrison's effect...

    Battle Strategy: She prefers long-range combat, with being able to lay down pressuring AND offensive fire from a distance while also being able to avoid the same from others. However, when forced to, she is very capable of leaving a mark or two -or many- when up close and personal, whether they'd be from her Althos Quill or from close-quarter combat (in which she has moderate skill). When it comes to Grimm, however, she takes the more passive route, turning as many as she can before resolving to more violent measures, and letting whatever Grimm she turns do the remainder of the work for her.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 8/10

    Melee Proficiency- 5/10

    Accuracy- 9/10

    Defense- 6/10

    Strength- 4/10

    Aura- 6/10

    Sociability- 7/10

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33393907 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Darius Trahaearn 

    Age: Unknown

    Height: 6'2" (Supposedly around 5'11" without the armor on)

    Weight: 425 lbs (Actual weight unknown)




    Strengths: Heavily technological armor gives him inhumanly powerful strength and endurance, an internal database ensures that nothing gets by without him knowing about it so long as he is around to witness it (basically giving him super intelligence on an A.I.-type level), and can survive just about anywhere without much difficulty and at low cost for nourishment (VERY strong and efficient metabolism)

    Weaknesses: Cannot traverse any terrain very quickly due to the armor's speed enhancement only applying to combat situations, potentially insecure under consideration that he is NEVER seen outside his armor for any reason, heavy reliance on the technology in his armor renders him vulnerable if something happens to throw its systems out of whack, and sometimes may get himself into trouble if he gets bored or if he "pushes the wrong buttons" when talking to other people

    Personality: Headstrong, but vigilant and moral, Darius will do whatever it takes to protect and help those in need. As simplistic as this may sound, this leaves him to be... somewhat predictable. To make up for this, however, he will always do what he can to maintain a light sense of humor at any time he feels is appropriate for it. While this sometimes gets him into more trouble than he would already have been in, it does also make for good taunting, in combat.

    History: He refuses to give any background on himself, but the technology that he uses suggests that he may have been a test subject for a technological experiment in Atlas. On the other hand, since no records exist of such a project, it may well be that he forged the technology himself, but this is not likely, given his dependence. However, it may also be because said project was beyond top-secret, made off-record or some crap like that and he had escaped the first chance he had. Given that he knows pretty much everything about the armor, though, the theory that he made it himself certainly can't be disproven... Whatever the case, he's here now, residing within the ranks of Team G.R.D.N., and there isn't a force on Remnant that's going to change that any time soon.

    Semblance: Combat Permanence- Under no circumstances does his armor take damage, nor will the energy of it or himself ever diminish, provided that this isn't tried too harshly or else either the armor can experience severe power loss or he could end up severely light-headed and dizzy. Upon recovery, however, any damage or energy loss sustained will regenerate over time.

    Weapon of Choice: 


    Back-mounted shoulder cannons that start off retracted so that the cannons point upwards, thus seeming less threatening when not in use. In the event that they are needed, however, two pistons push each cannon into position. These cannons don't show what Dust type they use for good reason: They are made to fire any and all types, as controlled by the user, and can pack a heck of a punch, even when not using Gravity Dust. The cannons can also be adjusted for very-long-ranged attacks or even mortar-like shots.

    Battle Strategy: This is usually predetermined, varying only by the given situation, through computer assistance. For example, in close-quarters, Darius relies mostly on this for hand-to-hand techniques. Likewise, for ranged battles. When it comes to fighting Grimm, however, he prefers to do things "his way", tending to vary between these. This allows for the armor's intelligence systems to pick up new strategies and ways to counter them.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 3/10

    Melee Proficiency- 7/10

    Accuracy- 8/10

    Defense- 7/10

    Strength- 10/10

    Aura- 7/10

    Sociability- 5/10

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33393912 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Nissa Nikos

    Age: 18 (Exact same age as Pyrrha would have been... Sorry if this is a spoiler to some people)

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 170 lbs




    Strengths: Decent upper body strength; near-flawless tactician; brilliant I.Q.; highly adaptable to any situation.

    Weaknesses: Almost too serious on every matter, whether it's combat, socializing, or even providing her opinions on something; sometimes has panic attacks of varying intensity, occurrence, and duration.

    Personality: Faint sense of humor, but aside form that, it's all serious on every level. This is especially so immediately after any one of her panic attacks. It is possible that whatever sense of humor she has is all there is for her to keep sane.

    History: As the twin sister of Pyrrha, it was certainly no surprise that she came to be pretty much forgotten by everyone else once Pyrrha had made the spotlight. Because of this, Nissa took it upon herself whenever she could to better herself and even help Pyrrha with training before Pyrrha had gone to Beacon to try to get away from it all. As such, she remained in Mistral in an attempt to bring about a celebrity in herself as Pyrrha had. Having done so even more quickly than she had anticipated in her volunteer work outside of the Academy, she ended up graduating from her school AND the Academy -both over a year early- and was hired as a military investigator in Atlas for all things affiliated with research and experimentation. However, during her shift in a top-secret experimental facility (so secret, only key Council members knew about it), she had a moderate-serious panic attack and not too long after, near the 15-minute limit of her Semblance's effectiveness, the bond she had with Pyrrha since birth vanished from her senses. Knowing that this could only have meant one thing, she knew she'd have to cover her tracks on her way to investigate, so she made certain that no faculty member of the facility made it out alive. To this day, she now makes her way alongside Team G.R.D.N. towards Beacon in search of answers as to who it was that took the life of her twin sister and had just signed their death-wish.

    Semblance: Precognition- She can see up to 15 minutes into the future. The downside to this, however, is that she has only some control over what is seen and when that event is relative to present time. For the most part, she does have control over when she looks into the future. This occasionally shows her very bad situations, however, hence her panic attacks during such visions. Despite the fact that these visions are of the near future, these events CAN be altered by her having witnessed them and be able to alter what would happen otherwise, hence this being a huge advantage in combat... most of the time...

    Weapon of Choice: Blitz Claw


    A hinge-compound bow, each of the two firing mounts use a single Dust cartridge, which gives some sense of distance for each shot. When the weight that is centered to the bowstring is released, there is a path formed by the slot in the two double-sided blades that keep it on the proper course and the force, transferred into the firing mounts by the impact of this weight, is what fires the Dust ammunition. It should be noted that use of Gravity Dust for this bow is not recommended.

    Battle Strategy: This varies highly with whoever her opponent is. Basically, she uses her Semblance to figure out her opponents fighting style (which usually works so long as she can maintain her focus) and then plans accordingly. This affects what Dust type(s) she uses for her Blitz Claw or if she even fires it at all. While the Blitz Claw IS a bow, it does also makes an effective melee weapon with the two double-sided blades, so it stands to reason that relying on said feature isn't a bad call in any way...

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 9/10

    Melee Proficiency- 6/10

    Accuracy- 8/10

    Defense- 7/10

    Strength- 5/10

    Aura- 6/10

    Sociability- 4/10

    Note: It's been brought up several times by others, so I just want to say the following. This character in particular is based off of a theory I had in regards to Pyrrha and her seemingly irrational decision to confront Cinder in a battle that would lead to her -spoiler alert- untimely demise. The idea was that, maybe it had to do with the tampering of her Aura when Ozpin tried to infuse it with the Aura of Amber (the Fall Maiden). So where would the premonition to convince her of this action come from then? Well, you know how identical twins have shown to have some sort of connection with each other, even over long distances? Well, what if this connection happened to be shared between Pyrrha and a twin sister, happening to have a precognition Semblance? I mean, it makes sense, because in theory, having tampered with her Aura in such a way may have messed with that connection in such a way that SHE had received a premonition of her own from Nissa's Semblance over that connection... if that made sense... Seriously, Volume 1 proved that Pyrrha wouldn't pick a fight she knew she couldn't win. We saw how she ran from the Death Stalker when it was just her that was presently against it. We ALSO saw how she recognized just how out of her league Cinder was upon realizing that Cinder had just beat Ozpin and kept going like it was nothing, and Ozpin is the HEADMASTER of Beacon. Not only that, but we learn later on that Ozpin is basically the Wizard of Oz and Odin wrapped into one person. And Cinder beat such a person. Yeah. Anyways, upon reviewing the fight between Pyrrha and Cinder, it looked as though Pyrrha had gotten to the point of not trying to beat Cinder, like she probably could have done with all those gears when that bit happened, but instead was simply STALLING for something. Another thing to back this up, WHY DID SHE ASK CINDER ABOUT DESTINY? Again, how would she know what's to come? Why do this the way she did if she wasn't made aware of it by some means? In any case, the theory was shot to pieces by the ones that kept questioning it anyways, so I'm just leaving this here for others to think about. I'm not saying it IS the case, ok? I've only claimed this to be a THEORY, not a conclusive statement. There's a difference. Just something to think about...

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33394092 - 2 years ago

    Team Combo Names-

    G+R: Juggernaut

    G+D: Heavy Metal

    G+N: Oracle

    R+D: Power Surge

    R+N: Arrowhead 

    D+N: Opposition

  • terrabyteprime


    #33394217 - 2 years ago

    I know it's short, but I had an idea for how the two stories could merge together more. So here is a candidate for Nissa's trailer.

    Atlas... It was a dark night in Atlas, snow falling from a seemingly nonexistent sky of gray. We see someone walking down the street, her bright red hair being the only color in the world at that moment. She turns into a dark alleyway, pulling her large white cloak closer to her. Further down the alley is a figure in the shadows.

    "Didn't think you'd show up." said the figure in a woman's voice.

    "I wasn't to sure myself." said Nissa, looking behind her for any eavesdroppers.

    "No matter," said the figure, "Did you bring what I need?"

    "Yes, schematics and coordinates of the facility, as was promised." 

    "And," said the figure.

    "I couldn't get all of it, I need more tim-" She stuttered.

    "Your fine... Honey" the figure said, stepping out of the shadows.

    She was thin, wore a green and white cloak, and had dark green streaks in her brown hair. But most notable of all, she was missing her left eye, covered by a black piece of cloth, with an ornate symbol were her eye would have been.

    "I don't need all of it," she said, putting her hand on Nissa's shoulder, "How much do you have?"

    "Two hundred..." Nissa said with the slightest glimmer of a tear, but she quickly brought her head up and pushed it back, "Two hundred is all I have Ma'am."

    "I only need a hundred of it, to pay for basics." The figure said, "And by the way, call me Jade."

    "Thank you!" Nissa gasped with relief.

    Nissa fell on Jade, giving her a massive hug.

    "Alright, alright, no need to get weepy on me." Jade said, lifting Nissa, "You just start on your way, and I will get the job done."

    "Everyone there needs to be... Taken care of, at all costs." Said Nissa with regret.

    "I'll do the best I can," said Jade, "But no promises."

    So they parted ways. Nissa headed to the nearest airport, eager to get out of Atlas. Jade, on the other hand, prepared to head out into the harsh wasteland that was the Mantle snow plains; in search of a long awaited confrontation.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33394817 - 2 years ago

    Ehhh... Not exactly what I was going for here...The taking down of the facility is supposed to have been done from the inside, not as a result of people on the outside. What you have here does not bring Nissa and Darius together as a pair to meet up with the others of Team G.R.D.N. Since we want an actual idea of how this is supposed to go, I'll go ahead and put other priorities aside and get this Team's done. I'll think about G.R.I.M.s remaining ones later.

  • terrabyteprime


    #33394819 - 2 years ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    Could she still recieve help? From the outside I mean.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33394865 - 2 years ago

    Chapter 1: Gervasius Silvanus Trailer

    "Been a while since I last took down Death Stalkers," Gervasius explained to the mayor of the small town, "but I'll certainly do my best to help. It's the least I can do for your room and board."

    "Thank you so much!" the mayor replied. "With them making a mess of things, there's no way for us to map out trade routes for the merchants that pass by. We've even been hearing rumors of some mystery gang joining in on the matter throughout Remnant, but at least YOU showed up before THEY did. If they had, there's no way we'd be able to accommodate for all FOUR..."

    "Four, huh? Well, don't you worry. If they show up, I'll be sure to turn 'em down for ya." With that, he turned to the marked path into the forest, which was to lead to the Grimm nest a few miles away. It would seem that while the villagers certainly had a problem, it didn't stop them from marking a trail for any Huntsmen to follow. It was a little suspicious, but Grimm is Grimm. Any fewer of them is always for the best anyways.

    It took an hour of stepping over tree roots and brushing away stray branches, but he eventually found the end of the trail, having lead into a large clearing. In this clearing was a massive pit, being right in front of a large tunnel into the base of a literal mountain. "Strange place for there to be a mountain, randomly in the middle of a forest," he thought to himself, "I guess they forgot to mention it." They weren't wrong about the Grimm, though. There were indeed a small pack of Beowolves accompanying three Death Stalkers. Two of them were certainly not much to look at, as they couldn't have been around for more than a mere decade. The other Death  Stalker, however... just the opposite. It was so huge, there were bony spikes jutting from its back, extending back from its claws, even some lining the back of its head and tail. This was not going to be easy at all. Without warning, however, explosions were heard and a few loose rocks tumbled down the mountainside. Clearly someone else was here, and there's no way they were friendly if they were trying to blow up the mountain. Gervasius was going to have to make this quick, so he stepped out from the treeline.

    "Alright, Grimm," he shouted, "It would seem that I'm gonna have to make this quick!" The Grimm, a bit confused by this approach, responded in kind with a series of roars and growls of the less welcoming nature. "So... I'm guessing we gotta go through the pack first?" he shouted back. Not surprisingly, the Beowolves looked at each other for a moment, not sure whether this Huntsman was taunting them or being serious, before charging towards him. "I'll take that as a yes," he said to himself before taking out his twin hammers and clamping them together by the head faces, propped them against his core, and pointed the handles downward. Firing one, the Gravity Dust released sent him flying upwards. now in the air, he then opened fire with the other one, paralyzing several Grimm with Electric Dust for a few seconds. Before he hit the ground, he took the hammers by the handles and slammed them into the largest of the Beowolves, exactly as planned. Naturally, one does not take two hammers, slightly larger than splitting mauls, to the head without SOMETHING giving; this Grimm was no exception. The force of the blow to the back of the neck was more than enough to neatly decapitate the poor Grimm while there was still enough momentum for the hammers to hit the ground with a nice "splash" of dirt and rock.

    Surprisingly not shaken by this, the other Beowolves moved in while Gervasius took the time to unclamp the dreaded Earth Breaker hammers. Semblance activating, he assessed the order in which he'd have to knock them down as time seemed to slow to a crawl around him. Sure of what he was doing now, he reduced the effect to only slowing by about 25% and started swinging accordingly. The Grimm never had a chance, falling one by one to expertly calculated blows and throws of the hammers. One did manage to take a swing at him, but this he quickly leaned back to avoid and used this motion to spin himself into a back-flip, hitting the Grimm with a surprise bicycle kick to the lower jaw and a sharp point being driven through its skull by the back of one of the hammers. It turned out to be the last one, so there was no need to get worked up just yet.

    With there being only three Grimm remaining, he deactivated his Semblance, not wanting to waste Aura, even if it was only such a small amount. Sure enough, the two smaller Stalkers were charging in, claws extended and tails primed to strike. These being only a couple feet taller than him (tails included), these would be no issue. He moved to one side so that he'd deal with one at a time and turned both hammers so that the cone-shaped ends would be the ones to deal the damage. Sure enough, the first relied more on the tail to attack, drawing it back to strike. To counter, he used the left hammer, using one finger to trigger it so that the Gravity Dust propelled it into the tail and drive it back long enough for the other hammer to punch into the Stalkers head. This left it dead in seconds, which was all the time he needed before the other one could get around it to attack. Instead of confronting it right away, he dodged to one side to avoid getting stabbed by one of its claws and ran to get the other hammer. Grabbing it, he turned and was surprised to see it just now turning to face him. It took one last look at the Stalker that was still evaporating and let out a screech, stretching out with its claws and stabbing into the ground with its tail.

    "You're a smart one, for a young Stalker, aren't you," he muttered. "Well then, let's see what you've got then." He had recognized that it now sought to avenge what may well have been a... sibling to it. That aside, let's just get it over with. The large Stalker watched intently as they fought; Gervasius sure found it tricky to take this one down, for a smaller Stalker, with it being smart enough to attack with both the claws AND the tail to counter. On the other hand, it didn't take too long for him to eventually wear it down from trying... a little TOO hard to kill him. Slowed drastically from being worn out at this point, it let out one last screech before collapsing. Unsure of what to do now, the large Stalker watched as he walked up to the small one. "You fought well, really you did," he assured it, "but I'm afraid this is where our confrontation ends." With that, he clamped the Earth Breakers together and drove one of the cone ends through the Stalker's skull, killing it instantly.

    With the large Stalker having not moved since the start, he wound up forgetting that it was there and decided to stop to catch his breath. Lugging around 50 pounds of hammer while having to fight a Death Stalker that was a far better fighter than its age implied certainly wore him down a good bit. But this show of wear was more than enough to assure the one that remained that he was now sure to be... killable this time. Before it could move in, however, a noise could be heard from within the tunnel that it was guarding, and what came out was something Gervasius had certainly never seen before: a truly massive King Taijitu, having lived for what must have been well over a century. It was a sight to behold, with the bony covering on the head having grown to encase the entirety of it and developed spikes that jutted a small ways to the back, two small groves along the lower jaw, and the scales now covered by bone that took the shape of each scale and even had a short spike pointed back on each one. What struck him as odd, however, was that it was clearly missing several of the scales and the skull covering showed cracks in it. Whatever the case, it's here now, and it's clearly not happy. Moving to one side of the Death Stalker, it let out a shrieking roar and revealed its full status, smaller spikes extending from virtually every scale and spike on the Taijitu, razor sharp tusk-like spikes coming out of the two grooves, and its fangs extending down and forwards. What was even less assuring was that the Death Stalker's spikes were doing the same and the two slowly moved in. 

    In this sort of situation, there was only one thing he had to say: "Awwww crap." Before he could start to run, however, the sound of a crossbow rang out and the Death Stalker was stuck by an Energy Dust projectile, which left a Dust trail that was now lighting up green. Startled by this, it shook as the green glow extended into the Stalker itself and quickly calmed it for a moment. To Gervasius' amazement, the red that lined the Stalker as well as covered its eyes slowly shifted to a brilliant green. The Taijitu was not stirred by this and continued to advance on him, but soon found that it would be on its own against... less than favorable odds. The Stalker, now having its hostility reversed away from humanity and to the Grimm that it stood beside, leaped onto the Taijitu, latching onto it with one claw and stabbing into the skull repeatedly with the tail. Caught by surprise, the Taijitu reared up on itself and met this hostility in kind, sinking its fangs into the Stalker, but leaving the back of its neck exposed for the Stalker to sink into itself. This soon ended the lives of both the Stalker and the Taijitu, leaving Gervasius confused as all heck. "Oookayyy," he said, "THAT just happened." 

    "Figured you could use a little help," someone said from behind. Not in the mood for another confrontation, Gervasius turned to see who this person was. Before he could reply, she spoke again, "Before you ask, yes, I was watching... as of... a couple minutes ago? Yeah, I was on the way to a village I heard was having Stalker troubles when I heard crashing, so I came over here and saw you fighting. That small one sure wore you out, didn't it."

    "Nah, I just have a habit of hiding it for so long," he replied. "So... You  would be?"

    "Oh sorry, where are my manners? I'm Rina, Rina Althos," she said, extending a hand to shake, which he took, recognizing the name.

    "Althos, huh? I know of you... So, what's the 'Healer of Atlas' doing all the way out here?"

    "Oh, I heard about Beacon and-"

    "You TOO? Cripes, I wonder how many other Huntsmen and Huntresses heard about that and decided the same thing..."

    "Actually, I DID have a run in with two before today. Some kid looking for... some 'Wood' guy and this one girl, quiet one too. She didn't seem to feel like talking, but I can only assume she was following the kid. Not sure why though. What would a quiet Faunus girl want to do with a human boy that's all chit-chat?"

    "You know... I was being rhetorical," he said to Rina. "Not to seem offensive," he added before she could respond.

    "Oh, sorry. Sometimes I don't catch sarcasm or rhetorical questions. Still, you didn't say who YOU were... besides rhetorical."

    "Ha, sorry. I'm Silvanus. Gervasius Silvanus."

    "Jeez that's a mouthful."

    "Yeah, I know... I guess the parents liked the sound of it, 'cause that's what I'm stuck with. In any case, I guess you might prefer just calling me... 'Gerry' or something."

    "'Gerry,' huh?" This made her giggle a bit. "That certainly brings the name from complicated serious to something pretty light, doesn't it?"

    "Well, it's better than being called 'the Lone Huntsman' or even 'Wooded Spear' for the name..."

    She paused for a moment before asking "'Spear'. When you carry... hammers. What will they think of next..."

    -End of scene-

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33394867 - 2 years ago

    In reply to TerrabytePrime

    That's not the idea. The idea is that when she realizes that her sister is now dead, she decides that she has to go out to find out how it happened. To do this, seeing as she was already posted to make sure the facility was up to standards, the only way to do the covertly would be to take down the facility, maybe get some help from Darius (who is having problems convincing the faculty that the suit he designed and built works beyond doubt) along the way. There's your two people right there. Two people, seemingly opposites, both deciding they've had enough with the facility. You see where I'm going at with this?

    Edit- Also, I realize that i may be tying this a bit more with G.R.I.M. than S.P.R.N. for the time being, but realize that where those two from S.P.R.N. tie in is coincidence to the two from G.R.D.N. taking down the facility that those four resided in.

    Edit 2- Also, for Nissa's  trailer, I was thinking more towards maybe her sparring with Pyrrha? Thing is though, I have to think carefully about how this would play out, because this would be DURING Pyrrha's claim to fame, before she went to Beacon. I'll use the break-out for Darius' trailer, which would be paired with cut-scenes of the suit being forged.

  • terrabyteprime


    #33394886 - 2 years ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    The thing is, Jade was an influential cause of Navy's and Radcliffe's escape in my original plan for the story, along with some other things. She was their "inciting incident" if you will. So it feels imperative that she remains in the story somehow, even if she did not directly effect their escape.

    Edit: She also has some "Beef" with someone in the facility, his name is Slate. He is a member of the white fang, and represents them in the facility. If anything, this does not have to be part of Nissa's trailer, just some interesting backstory.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33394938 - 2 years ago

    In reply to TerrabytePrime

    Ahhhh ok, that makes sense now... I'll see if I can arrange something, then. Until then, perhaps your proposal for a trailer could be used for Jade instead, then include a bit of action to bring her to Darius, who catches her interest as help in taking down the facility, then maybe a bit of dialogue leading to a cut in the scene where the trailer would end. Like I said, I'll be sure to arrange something accordingly.

  • terrabyteprime


    #33394941 - 2 years ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    Cool, I will look into it.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33394999 - 2 years ago

    Chapter 2: Quiver Quarrel (Rina Althos Trailer)

    It was the Festival before the one we all know of, taking place in Atlas. It was certainly not one that anyone wanted to remember for the way it ended, but let's not spoil things too quickly.

    "And now, the match up you've all been waiting for," the announcer proclaimed, "our two finalists, the newcomer from Vacuo... who STILL refuses to give his name... versus... our shining star, Rina. Althos!" At this, the crowd went wild as the two contestants met at the center of the battlefield.

    "Don't expect me to go easy, 'White Healer,'" the "Newcomer" said.

    "Heh, don't expect me to go easy on YOU, good sir," she replied. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

    With that, they took their positions on opposite sides. The Newcomer primed his weapon, a club that extended into an RPG-type crossbow weapon, as Rina checked to make sure her Quill was set to the right Dust type and ensured that her locking mechanism was working properly. "This is going to be interesting," she thought to herself. "His 'Double Trouble' Semblance is going to be hard to counter."

    By "Double Trouble," she was referring to the fact that the Newcomer's Semblance allowed him to make an exact duplicate of any weapon he wielded for however long he wanted to use it.

    Interrupting her thoughts, the announcer counted down that start of the match: "Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Begin!"

    Immediately, they both opened fire on the other, taking care to avoid opposing fire. While Newcomer was having a tiny bit of trouble keeping up, Rina was having no problem dodging his rockets and laying down return fire at the same time. Knowing he had to change tactics, Newcomer pulled off a rocket jump and used his Semblance as the RPG compacted into a club, making it so that he had a club in both hands that he was then going to use to slam into Rina. Thinking quickly, she ran to one side as Newcomer landed and slammed the clubs into the battlefield floor, causing it to shake for a moment. Now it was her turn to pull a change in tactics, something that he surely wouldn't expect: his own. She removed her Quill from its locking mechanism, set it to Gravity Dust, replaced it in the mechanism, and made her own boost into the air. He was certainly thrown by this maneuver, but had the sense to block as she brought down one heel down at his head. What he didn't account for was the other foot then slamming into him from below rather than above, knocking him over in a bicycle kick. 

    Taking advantage of this daze, she once again took the time to replace a Dust cartridge with trailing ammunition, but didn't set the Quill to it yet. Instead, she set it to Ice Dust and opened fire. Barely having any time to react, Newcomer tried to jump out of the way, but got caught by one of the shots and was fixated to the battleground by a large ice cluster, which was followed by several more to entrap his limbs. Desperate to break free, he expended a large amount of his Aura in forcing himself to move, resulting in an explosion of ice, some of these shards being unavoidable and striking Rina. This expenditure was enough to deactivate his Semblance on him, but he knew he had to recover momentarily before he could reactivate it. Rina knew this too, so she returned to trying to gun him down and Newcomer did what he could to avoid it. Then he got an idea.

    His RPG had a function where he could release a thin chain that could be used to trigger the RPG at a distance from it, so he activated this and hurled it at Rina. This took her by surprise, as this was not something he had revealed in any of the other matches. With a pull, the chain triggered the RPG, making it send out a huge burst of Gravity Dust to blow Rina into the battleground barriers, a good few feet up. Acting quickly, she set her Quill to Gravity Dust and shot downward before she could hit the ground, not bothering to lock it back into place this time. This last second motion was just barely enough to not hit the ground, which would have been all that was needed to be called out. When she made it back onto the platform, she saw that Newcomer had reactivated his Semblance and both RPGs were pointed straight at her. She set her Quill to Fire Dust (the one that had been set to trailing ammunition), as Newcomer was just now doing, and opened fire. 

    This time, a few shots landed. This gave her an opening to use her own Semblance, taking in a small amount of Newcomer's Aura, bringing him very close to the knock-out zone. Especially concerned by this, he decided to charge in, both guns blazing. Seeing that he was going all or nothing, she decided that she was going to do the same, hurling her Quill at Newcomer like a spear. Strangely enough though, two of Newcomer's shots grazed the handles of the Quill, setting it off and resulting a shot of Fire Dust bringing him down below the knock-out point... with the Quill still speeding toward him. There was nothing he could do to avoid it and it embedded itself into his core. Shocked by this, the crowd AND Rina both let out a gasp and Rina ran to him to try to keep him alive while the paramedics came. 

    Struggling to try to get her Aura to heal him, she was horrified to find that it was just too much for her. Coughing up blood, Newcomer spoke to her, "Well... Didn't see this coming."

    "Idiot! Don't talk! The paramedics are on their way, just hold on!"

    "Don't... worry... about it... You did good, kid... There's a recorder... in my vest pocket... It'll be... Enough." With that, he gave in to the pain and slipped away, leaving her in a mess of coughed up blood while the paramedics had just arrived.

    "Jeez, kid," one of them said, "How the heck did THAT happen?"

    She thought for a moment before answering, "I don't know. I guess what happened was me overestimating him. He DID say not to go easy, I just didn't think he meant like THIS..."

    Later, after the recorder was uncovered, revealing that this wasn't a result of foul play, she walked out of the interrogation room to find herself face-to-face with none other than General Ironwood. 

    "Hello, Miss Althos. It was very unfortunate, what happened to the Vacuo boy."

    "Yeah it certainly was," she responded nervously.

    "Still, I saw how you tried to save him. That took some quick thinking to hold him over for that long with nothing less than a large spear to the gut. That kind of thinking may be something I could use from you, if you were willing."

    "You mean join your military?" While this was certainly quite the offer, Ironwood had a reputation for "showboating," something that not many approved of, herself included.

    "I'll give you time to think about it, yes. Just know that what you did here today was nothing short of what I look for in my recruits. It's a less common trait than you'd think. I understand completely, if you refuse, but I just want to give you time to think about it... Please."

    -End Scene-

  • terrabyteprime


    #33395003 - 2 years ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    I have a question. You seem really good at laying out fight scenes, I personally am having trouble with mine (hence why nothing has come out for SPRN in some time). Could you help me envision how a fight will play out?

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33395076 - 2 years ago

    In reply to TerrabytePrime

    Certainly! Just have the details for Jade and Slate (assuming you had that in mind) ready somewhere, maybe on the usual thread (or direct me to the original posts if they're already existing). I'll see what i can do.

  • terrabyteprime


    #33395078 - 2 years ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    This is the layout for the fight, including weapons (still have not decided on Cherry's)

    Let me know what you think.

  • HunterBlaine


    #33395085 - 2 years ago

    Okay just wanted to say im liking what im seeing from GRDN

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33395103 - 2 years ago

    In reply to TerrabytePrime

    ... Not exactly what I was going for, fyi... What i mean is DETAIL  about the CHARACTERS, not the scenario! The scenario you can explain later, that's why i suggested that they be brought up on the usual thread, if they weren't put up there already.

    In reply to HunterBlaine

    Always great to hear!

  • HunterBlaine


    #33395108 - 2 years ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    If I thought anyone'd read it I'd make a thread for MDNT or VRDN xD

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33395129 - 2 years ago

    In reply to HunterBlaine

    By all means, do it! No one's stopping you!

    Finished the Team Emblems image, as Darius' Emblem has been decided!

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33411728 - 2 years ago

    Chapter 3: Forging Fate (Darius' Trailer)

    (Scene 1)

    Darius sits at his cot, non-distinguishable as the only light is from the door on the opposite side of him, next to the parts to put together what would be the most advanced piece of technology ever to be seen in the world of Remnant. With a sigh, he takes a glance at it before getting up as the door to his room (which is more of a cross between a prison cell and a small laboratory) opens and he is summoned to the meeting room.

    (Scene 2)

    Darius works away at the forge, again with the only light present being from the forge shown behind him. The hammer he's using is slamming down repeatedly on what appears to be a slab of metal.

    (Scene 3)

    "I'm telling you, it WILL work!" The camera behind Darius, we see him slam a fist down as he shouts at the one official that was overseeing his "wild goose chase" of a project. "I just need time to have it assembled, then you fanatics can have your look at it AFTER I field test it!"

    (Scene 2 cuts in, this time we see that the slab of metal is the start of the face plate of the helm to be fitted to the suit.)

    (Scene 3 cuts back in)

    "I understand that you need time, Mr. Trahaearn," Slate explained, "but we CANNOT have you leave this facility until our clients from the White Fang give the okay... AFTER we ensure that this project of yours actually works." 

    "You mean after you've dissected what will have already been put together to actually MAKE something!" Darius retorted. "I cannot guarantee that it'll work if it is not as one single unit! It doesn't WORK that way!"

    "Then MAKE it that way, or you're never getting out of this facility alive," Slate warned him.

    (Scene 2 cuts in once again, this time with the holes being punched out for the eye and mouth indicators.)

    (Scene 3, one last time) 

    With a sigh in disgust, Darius got up from his chair and started out the door, but stopped to say one last thing. "This discussion is over. It WILL work... whether it's YOUR way or not, it will work."

    (Scene 2 cuts in, this time with the mask being dipped to cool and eventually placed face down on a table.)

    (Scene 4)

    "You're sure of what you saw?" Darius had run into the facility's newest member, Nissa Nikos. Before, she had been assigned to the facility to make sure everything's to to standards. Just recently, things happened and now she was explaining to Darius why she must leave.

    "Clear as day. And it was just a few minutes before I ran into you that I could no longer feel her presence. It can't be a coincidence. The visions are never wrong, when I can't do anything about it."

    "Well I'd help, but there's no way anyone's getting out without things escalating."

    "Then that is what we'll do. Get that project of yours ready. I know of someone else that's been trying to get in to go after someone else that works here, someone called 'Slate,' if i remember right. Maybe we can use their confrontation as a distraction. If that doesn't work, we'll need everything we have to get out of here and take this facility down."
    "Oh whoa whoa, take it DOWN?" This certainly didn't seem like where the plan was going at all.

    "None of the staff get out of this facility without knowing what's going on," Nissa explained. "We can't risk their superiors on the outside getting word and sending out mercenary forces."

    "Now that you say that, it DOES make sense. I'll do what I can. We'll meet back up near the board room in about... 3 hours."


    (Scene 2 cuts in one last time.)

    Electronics are screwed into place on the back of the face plate. The view pans out to make visible the two metal hands reaching down to lift the mask. View jumps to Darius' perspective as the mask is put into place and hums for  moment. With a series of beeps and clicks, his surroundings are now visible, swapping from normal visibility to infrared to night vision to normal again. Mechanical sounds are heard and the shoulder cannons are seen moving into position from Darius' perspective. Two low whines are heard as he says to himself "Let's make some noise."

    (Scene 5)

    It is utter chaos. Our view circles between Nissa sniping down the hallway the way she's facing and Darius taking out a couple security guards with two overwhelming blasts from his cannons. One of the test subjects, apparently cybernetic, bolts past the hallway in Nissa's view, who she almost sniped accidentally had she not been keeping in mind that those people wouldn't want anything more than to get out of the facility as well. Darius, on the other hand, was having no such troubles. As he made his way down the hall, his scanners were keeping track of uniforms, ensuring that the only ones that had a bad time were the ones in outfits that did not include those of the other inmates of the facility.

    One guard had been smart enough to bring riot shields before running at him. Instead of blasting this guard as well, he instead walked forward and brought both fists forward into the riot shields, sending the guard flying back into a wall, knocking him out for a few moments. Before the guard could get back up, however, we see from his perspective that Darius was already in front of him, bringing a giant metal foot into the guards face, blacking out our view as a slightly muffled voice says "Sorry, but even cybernetics can't function with loose ends."

    -End of scene-

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33419928 - 2 years ago

    Twin Titans (Nissa Trailer)

    "Alright, sis," Nissa said to Pyrrha. "If you're going to hold onto that popularity, you're going to have to know how to hold onto the upper hand in combat."

    "Are you certain we have to do this, Nissa?" As confident as Pyrrha was, she was still uneasy in having to spar with her own sister.

    They were both in what appeared to be a smaller version of the Colosseum. Pyrrha had already blown through her school trials without a hitch, gaining herself quite the reputation, but Nissa felt that she wasn't about to allow the popularity to get to her sister's head.

    "But of course, Pyrrha," Nissa responded. "What? You afraid you're going to soil your oh-so-perfect reputation?"

    "Alright! Alright! No need to be smug about it."

    "Good. Let's begin."

    They went to opposing positions in the small arena and took their stances, Nissa with her bow half-drawn and Pyrrha using her Semblance to move her spear and shield into position as she took her stance. Activating her Semblance, Nissa scanned through a series of scenarios, large numbers of events that could occur over several minutes in mere seconds. With this, she knew that Pyrrha was certainly maintaining her proficiency in close-quarters, yet was still using her Semblance recklessly as a form of ranged offense instead of the rifle function. With this in mind, she decided that she would stick to ranged combat for the time being. Both signalling that they were ready to begin, a bell rang out to announce the start of the match.

    Immediately, Pyrrha used her Semblance to power her throw as she hurled her spear at Nissa while ducking behind her shield to block several shots from the Blitz Claw, the dreaded bow that Nissa wields without difficulty. Dodging to one side, Nissa advanced towards Pyrrha, being careful to watch for when the spear came back. "Still trying to use your Semblance offensively, I see."

    "Well it works, doesn't it? I don't see you using yours any differently," Pyrrha retorted humorously.

    "Oh shut up and give me a real fight," Nissa said as she ceased fire and ran towards Pyrrha, bow flipped around so she could use the blades. Pyrrha tossed the shield aside so she could focus on using the spear in a fashion to block Nissa's attacks while trying to get in a few hits of her own.This... was proving surprisingly difficult, so Pyrrha knew she had to pull a different strategy. Forcing herself away from Nissa, she gathered her shield back up and tossed both to either side of herself and used her Semblance to swing them at Nissa in horizontally circular motions. Acting quickly, Nissa ran towards Pyrrha and ducked under the spear and shield as they passed over her. Being unable to stop the two weapons in time, Pyrrha found herself vulnerable as she took a fighting stance... only to be bombarded with hit after hit of Dust from the Blitz Claw bow at close range. Dazed, Pyrrha took a quick glance at the Aura monitor to find that she was already almost too low to continue. 

    Surprised by this, she almost screamed when she turned to see Nissa bringing down the blades of the Blitz Claw down at her head. She closed her eyes and braced for the impact, but no such blows  came.

    She opened her eyes again, to see that both blades were on either side of her head, just hovering over her shoulders. With a scoff, Nissa brought the blades away from Pyrrha... and then gave a hit to the head to bring Pyrrha down the rest of the way.

    "Ow! What was that for, Nissa? I thought we were done!"

    "That could very well have been a fatal mistake, sister," Nissa replied. "You can't be letting your guard down, like you did FOUR different times, this match."

    "Four? I only counted two..."

    "The moment you used your weapon as a spear for range instead of your rifle, leaving you with nothing save your shield to cover for you was your first. Next was when you used your Semblance especially offensively with BOTH of your only means of solid defense in a clumsy manner that left you completely exposed to attack. Third, instead of using your Semblance to force my weapon away, you simply expected your body to do the work for you, leaving you with no way to efficiently avoid getting hit. You can't be expecting the use of your Semblance in an offensive manner like that to give you the upper hand so easily! It gives your opponents a clear understanding of what you're capable of and they WILL prepare for it. That is why you have to limit its use to defensive measures unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY."

    "Right. Such as drawing weapons away to make it look like they simply missed, right?"

    "EXACTLY right, sis. PERFECT cover-up, leaving them in a state of confusion while you do the rest of the work WITHOUT needing to expend your Aura with your Semblance."

    "Okay. You got it, Nissa... But what about the fourth? You said I let my guard down FOUR times... but you only said three..."

    "Oh, that was when you got hit in the head," Nissa replied. This incited a laugh from the both of them.

    "Come on, sis," Nissa beckoned, "I think we've had enough training for today. Maybe next time you can TRY to surprise me with what we've learned here today."

    -End of scene-

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33419938 - 2 years ago

    That's it for trailers, folks! Let me know, in any comments you may have, if there's any room for improvement. I say that because... man, did these give me a hard time as far as creativity -Nissa's in particular, with keeping in mind that I was also using a canon character- and originality. Seriously though, while I put a LOT of effort into this, any and everyone is welcome to provide feedback on this as far as adjustments go, if there is any need for it!