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  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33473296 - 2 years ago

    This was a good while coming, but at long last, I have a third team of fan-made characters based for the RWBY franchise. While their agenda is merely more of a neutral one, their methods are what may well be considered professional to the highest degree (though seemingly unorthodox at times). Well, that's enough chit-chat outta me. Behold... Team G.G.N.L.T (emblems below)!


  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33473307 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Patricia Galena

    Allusion: none (that I'm aware of, though there ARE noted similarities)

    Team Rank: Leader

    Age: 24

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 170 lbs

    Aura Color: Navy Blue





    Strengths: Highly capable in close-quarters combat; wouldn't stray from her goals without extremely strong reason to; high endurance, stamina, and metabolism; knows when to take a joke (at least...)

    Weaknesses: Almost always dead serious, even during conversations with allies; somewhat weak basic ranged attack, compared to others; has no sense of humor of her own; "slight" temper issues; once burnt out, extreme vulnerability ensues.

    Personality: In a phrase, silent but deadly... and no, there isn't any methane involved in any way. When she speaks, you'd better listen, because she means every word she says (she will enforce that one way or another) and if you end up not listening or taking her seriously... hell hath no fury, let's put it at that. Let's just say this one's an equivalent of Yang Xiao Long (minus the puns) that knows what she's doing 24/7/365 (assuming that a year in Remnant is the same as one on Earth). Long story short, don't get on her nerves and pray that she can tolerate you at the very least...

    History: A former heiress to the Galena family of Atlas. However, things got out of hand soon after the daughter of another well-known nobleman spoke out during a charity event. The daughter hadn't gotten to say much, but just the words repeated by Patricia's parents afterwards (she hadn't gone with, she was busy training) were enough to get her thinking about the bigger picture, just as that daughter had. It wasn't long before she brought this up during a family dinner, which immediately got her parents undivided attention (and not in a good way). Disgusted that their own daughter had disgraced them, by sharing the same thoughts that the other girl had preached before lashing out, they went though an intense argument with Patricia before effectively disowning her. Immensely distressed by this, she left, taking her training gauntlets with and saying to her parents, before she left, "Our families have been driving themselves into the mud this whole time and we couldn't see it. Since that's the case, with your disowning me meaning you can't do anything about it now, I'm going... and I'm making my former family's name mean something again." Since then, she has done everything possible to do just that as an unofficial Huntress in her own right, catching the attention of a number of individuals with somewhat similar things in mind, eventually banding together to form Team G.G.N.L.T.

    Semblance: Energy Wave Manipulation - Two voluntarily activated abilities. Slashing motions send out cutting waves of energy. Ranged Dust-based shots can be gathered as they are fired, collecting into a ball of energy with similar yet amplified effects of the Dust type(s) used. This ball of energy will simply hover in place to be launched at the target manually, whether it is taken and thrown, kicked, or otherwise (Note that only the user can do this. Anyone else that tries to do so will be... "adversely affected."). These abilities have an effective range of up to 25 feet (after which, the ranged attacks simply revert into simply being Dust-based).

    Weapon of Choice:


    Gemini Shear Gauntlets - These gauntlets are exactly as they appear. They're a real hazard to opponents, especially when these slightly serrated blades make contact at an angle or in a swiping motion. As seen, a pin has to be released, allowing the blades to slide back to open up for the gun barrel to be able to fire. One particularly interesting feature to these is that they can use two different Dust types at once (as shown as an example). In addition, the ranged feature to these are most effective when drawn together by the flat ends, which allows for them both to be held at the same time like one does a pistol grip. Approach with caution.

    Battle Strategy: Pretty straight-forward. Get up close, but not too close, and make a mess of those that get in the way. If all else fails, she will either keep her distance and focus on ranged attacks or get up close to cut the opposition into ribbons. Fighting style shows similarities to ninjitsu and American boxing.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 6/10

    Melee Proficiency- 8/10

    Accuracy- 7/10

    Defense- 7/10

    Strength- 7/10

    Aura- 8/10

    Sociability- 4/10

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    #33473313 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Chandra Gudrun

    Allusion: Harley Quinn/Batman (DC Comics)

    Faunus Trait: Vulture Wings (capable of flight for small amounts of time)

    Team Rank: Aerial Attack Specialist & Informant

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 205 lbs (including wings)

    Aura Color: Magenta

    Appearance (note that the wings are somewhat in the way of her pigtails in this image):




    Strengths: Superhuman strength and speed, capable of flight for short amounts of time, discretely loyal to those she deems fit to follow, highly capable of self-sufficiency (just chooses not to, for the sake of humility), and largely unpredictable in combat.

    Weaknesses: Flight can only last a short time (as long as one minute) and cannot support the weight of anything heavier than her own weapon (but even then, use of it is highly limited); occasionally hindered by a hostile/morality variant of bipolarity (meaning she can be calm and cheerful one moment, and then seemingly psychotic and aggressive the next), which she usually has difficulty controlling; Aura is slightly lacking due to the extra surface area of her wings, despite being significantly greater than average.

    Personality: As stated before, she suffers from a moral variant of bipolarity on occasion. While this is usually an issue for her, this makes for an... interesting time in combat. Also as mentioned, she is surprisingly cheerful and humble for someone with a history like hers (which will be brought up later) and, while she tries to hide it most of the time, shows unfaltering loyalty to those she deems worthy of following. The already-mentioned's aside, she also has an... interesting sense of humor at times, not always appropriate for the given situation.

    History: This one's... a tad darker than most... Born to a family of Vulture-wing Faunus, she had a decent future ahead of her... until both parents were murdered in front of her, at a young age, by a member of the White Fang for unknown reasons. The White Fang member, Boarus Gudrun, having no other family himself, took pity on her and decided to adopt her instead of following up on his previous intent, using that moment as a constant reminder of why she wasn't  to defy the White Fang. However, instead of getting accustomed to this concept, she only grew more and more hateful toward Boarus until one day, about a week after having been allowed to complete the one weapon she would ever want to wield, Boarus decided to "confiscate" her weapon for "fooling around with it as if it were a toy." This was more than enough to cause her to snap, driving her into a fitful rage that forced her into taking it back by force and effectively decapitating Boarus before he could even react. Orphaned once again, she fled from Menagerie at the age of 16 and found herself fitting in at Mistral's Haven Academy, who's headmaster took interest to her and her volatile history and how she's dealt with it around others. After graduating, however, instead of sticking around in the one place she felt she belonged, she left, feeling an inexplicable desire to explore the world of Remnant. At the same time though, she did find a reason of her own: to interfere with whatever White Fang activity she came across while, at the same time, proving herself a trustworthy mercenary of the townsfolk, though her fame only went as far as infamy among the criminal underground... This DID, however open her up to the opportunity to join the similar cause of another group, having called themselves "Team G.N.L.T." at one point. This led to a slight bit of hassle, but Chandra had no quarrel with leaving the name as Team G.G.N.L.T. (though it DOES make for a bit of confusion...).

    Semblance: Phantom Sentry- A two-part Semblance. The first part is her ability to phase through any stationary object. The second part is a passive (not requiring her to consciously activate), omni-directional sense of her surroundings, meaning that... virtually nothing can sneak up on her.

    Weapon of choice:


    "Gothic Gore-Maker", the Dual Axe Duster Staff - Dual-wield battle axe meets Dust-shooting staff to form this terrifying weapon. It includes a built in "safety" switch that, when released, pulls back two restraints. This allows one axe head and the gun scope to snap into position for use of the ranged function of the Duster Staff.

    Battle Strategy: Not applicable. She follows no known strategy or fighting style presently known (OR maybe all of them at once, used at random?), allowing her the advantage of being highly unpredictable in combat. Paired with the "Sentry" half of her Semblance, she is more than a handful to deal with for virtually any opponent.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 7/10

    Melee Proficiency- 7/10

    Accuracy- 6/10

    Defense- 6/10

    Strength- 8/10

    Aura- 7/10

    Sociability- 6/10

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33473329 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Sylvester Lycus 

    Allusion: Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun)

    Team Rank: Fire/Morale Support

    Age: 25

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Faunus Trait: Wolf ears (attempted in the image below)

    Aura Color: Steel Gray





    Strengths: Great upper body strength, decent endurance, iron will and determination towards his goals, and ... interesting in a conversation once you get him talking.

    Weaknesses: Not the brightest person at times, alcoholic, tends to be bogged down significantly from having to carry such a large weapon as he does, horrid navigation skills, and fairly dependent on others for food supplies in order to travel to where he needs to go.

    Personality: In a word... nuts. He usually lets his over-sized weapon do the preaching for him (with it appearing as a cross and such) but if any conversation leads to a opening to do so, he will take any excuse to call it a prop meant to convince others that religious faith is the way to go. While it's not the most recommendable, it's certainly a better alternative than violence (which may well be the idea that he's been going for). Get him worked up, however, and he's all serious and pretty much ready to make the problem... NOT a problem any more, one way or another.

    History: Not much is known about the "Lost Judge," except his history with the White Fang. It was one thing, when he got their attention upon learning of his Semblance, but it was a whole other story when they discovered his intentions toward leading the world down a path of faith before violence. One night, almost a decade ago, a group of White Fang officials broke into his home in Menagerie in an attempt to kill him and his family. They burned down his home and killed his parents, but he managed to escape, left to hate them for the violence they had wrought in pursuit of their now hostile agenda. To this day, he didn't necessarily care for the fact that Beacon Academy had fallen, but for the fact that it was the White Fang that saw to it. Taking to his better nature to help those less fortunate, however, he has been spreading the word to help those that were hurt in Vale while, at the same time, going where ever he can to get in the way of future White Fang activities... This even led him towards banding together with another group of individuals that came to a similar agenda, now calling themselves Team G.G.N.L.T.

    Semblance: Two Times Infinity - Two-part Semblance. First part is all weapons within a small radius of Sylvester can be fired indefinitely without loss of ammunition. The second part allows him to wield a formed duplicate of any chosen weapon (preferring his own, for ranged weaponry, but willing to swap for melee).

    Weapon of Choice:


    Divine Prejudice - Essentially an over-sized, weaponized cross (about 5' tall). When switched to melee, the bottom half of the back flips open to allow the side covers and side blades to flip out of the apparent container and into position while a third blade is released and slides into position, being locked into position when the backing is replaced. This process is reversed, when switched into any of the three ranged functions (one for each of three Dust types: Electric, Fire, and Ice) and two gun barrels protrude from the top. This implies that the Prejudice is to be wielded similar to an RPG-type weapon. The melee weapon is wielded somewhat similarly to how one wields a minigun... Removing the selector knob resets the Prejudice, regardless of position, but it will return to the former position when the knob is replaced.

    Battle Strategy: ... Seriously?

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 5/10

    Melee Proficiency- 6/10

    Accuracy- 7/10

    Defense- 5/10

    Strength- 7/10

    Aura- 7/10

    Sociability- 7/10

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33473359 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Charles Norrison (derived from "Nurzhan", Kazakh for "light soul")

    Allusion: Chuck Norris

    Team Rank: Defense Strategist

    Age: 25

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 180 lbs

    Aura Color: Celedon Green





    Strengths: Powerful fighter, respectable moral standards, unparalleled close-combat fighting skill (particularly kicks, when he has to), and decent survival skills

    Weaknesses: Can only take so many hits before he wears out completely, can never bring himself to attack (even Grimm) until the attacker makes the first swing (or maybe that's a good thing?), somewhat farsighted (requiring glasses to read)

    Personality: Somewhat introverted, he's quiet until spoken to. When he does speak however, expect it to have at least SOME meaning. He prefers to be cool-headed at all times, but willing to give that up in combat, if it means catching his opponent off guard. Other than that, all that's known is purely speculation and rumor...

    History: Unknown, as far as origin. What is known is that he is the sole focus of many... MANY wild rumors... One of such, for example, was of him getting bit by a small Taijitu once (and the Taijitu dying a few days later). Whether any of these are true, purely speculative, or just plain silly is a wild goose chase, as he prefers not to address them... at all. However, it doesn't seem to have stopped him from joining up with a particular band of individuals, perhaps because they don't pester him about said rumors (maybe they just believe them, who knows?), eventually coming to call themselves Team G.G.N.L.T.

    Semblance: Force-field Projection- Able to create force-fields of varying size and number. These relay damage from attacks directly to Aura and reduces the damage by 80%. These shields can vary from one large dome to surround him to twenty circular ones, about the size of the palm of ones hand.

    Weapon of Choice: 


    "Sharpshooter" Strap-on Sword Cannons- Not much can be said about these that can't be seen. The user wields two of these, one strapped to each lower arm, and everything from there is pretty much a walk in the park. What ISN'T made clear by the appearance, however, is why the weapon has a Dust canister AND an ammo feed. Well, the Fire Dust is used as the propellant (usually) while the ammo feed holds six large-caliber rounds (custom crafted). Once the ammo is used up, the cannons automatically switch settings to simply fire rounds made purely of Fire Dust.

    Battle Strategy: As far as what is known, he has two different methods, Passive and Aggressive. While he usually uses one or the other, it's not unknown that he can use both at once when he chooses.

    Passive- Consists of large use of Semblance to block attacks while closing in for close-quarters combat, particularly in the form of kicks (which are pretty darn effective, when the boots are steel-toed AND steel-soled...).

    Aggressive- Disregards Semblance and will use the blades and arm cannons in any way possible to take down the opponent with overwhelming force.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 6/10

    Melee Proficiency- 10/10

    Accuracy- 7/10

    Defense- 7/10

    Strength- 6/10

    Aura- 8/10

    Sociability- 5/10

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    #33473375 - 2 years ago

    Character Name: Derek Talanton 

    Allusion: Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

    Team Rank: 2nd in command and Dust Handler

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 150 lbs.

    Aura Color: Emerald Green





    Strengths: Quick, agile, fluent in close-quarters combat, adamant to the task at hand (so long as it's for the right cause), and very much capable of providing for himself when necessary.

    Weaknesses: Not much of a strategist, nor can he afford to make many mistakes in combat due to a lack of durability.

    Personality: Will avoid making conversation unless to ask of activity within the White Fang or the Grimm population. With this being so, it's difficult to get an accurate read on this particular individual, other than being distant but to the point, lacking in a sense of humor, and in no way manipulable. In joining up with others, however, he's been opening up to his teammates in an understanding manner.

    History: As no information of his past can be asked of from him, any information available on him only goes as far as school records and origin, but the latter of these was found to be uncertain. As far as known records show, he had taken up schooling in Mistral, but only up until graduating from a lower academy. At this point, no records exist beyond, but rumors say he then went into study in a monastery to further master his Semblance and achieve a deeper understanding of his soon-to-be role in the world of Remnant. These rumors have yet to be confirmed, but his fighting style does seem to support such a claim. With his consistent inquiry about the White Fang, it is presumable that they may have been involved in a past incident that may have affected him adversely. The same can be said for the Grimm, but that's pretty much everyone... In any case, it was he who first ran into Patricia Galena, finding themselves getting along almost instantly. Eventually, they found more people of similar interests, banding together to make the team of "G.N.L.T." until the... interesting figure, Chandra, showed up to add another G to the name to create "Team G.G.N.L.T."

    Semblance: Dust Link- Can manipulate Dust to his will, either using it as a form of attack or defense directly or by forcing it to compress into a weapon or shield for him to use. Attacks/defenses/weapons effects depend entirely on the Dust type used. It is also apparent that, whenever he uses this ability, the color of his eyes and the gemstones he wears change to match the color of the Dust type (red for Fire, blue for Water, purple for Gravity, etc). This makes it apparent that perhaps the gemstones somehow amplify this ability.

    Weapon of Choice: Dust-forged weapons- Depends entirely on what weapon is made from the Dust, having effects that depend on the Dust type. The strength of this ability is somewhat dependent on how far away the Dust is. This, however, can range from direct contact with Derek to as far as (but not necessarily limited to) 30 feet away. Several Dust types are stored in the large canister that Derek carries on his back on a strap (holds up to 12 Dust types, though usually holds two containers of each of six types, and a slide mechanism allows for him to use his Semblance to select a type to use and use it straight from the canister). This Dust DOES need to be replenished with repeated usage, however.

    Battle Strategy: Directs all actions made by his Semblance through martial arts reminiscent of thai chi and kung fu. The fluidity of these techniques, mixed with the rapid force of ninjitsu and karate style techniques, make for near-perfect coordination for attacking and defending in combat. Even if an opponent can somehow get past the Dust attacks, Derek is equally proficient in hand-to-hand, making for an all-round fighter that is extremely difficult to pin down.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 6/10

    Melee Proficiency- 8/10

    Accuracy- 9/10

    Defense- 5/10

    Strength- 5/10

    Aura- 8/10

    Sociability- 6/10

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33474217 - 2 years ago

    Team Pairing Names:

    Ga+Gu: Berzerker

    Ga+N: Close Combat

    Ga+L: Forever Faithful

    Ga+T: Eye-to-Eye

    Gu+N: Fluctuation

    Gu+L: Friendly Fire

    Gu+T: Vendetta
    N+L: Speculation

    N+T: Defense Strategy

    L+T: Dust Buddies

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    #33498924 - 2 years ago

    I honestly don't know what I'm going to do for trailers for these guys, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    #33537044 - 2 years ago

    Chapter 1: Declaration (Patricia Galena trailer)

    Scene A: A pristine, white marble room, set up as a training area for Patricia. She is currently practicing applications of her Semblance paired with the ranged function of her Gemini gauntlets.

    Scene B: (Dinner room, where her parents are arguing with her about her thoughts supporting the protest of another heiress whom had argued, despite her father's insistence, that the people of Atlas are blind to what had happened in Vale.) Her father shouted angrily "Patricia! You are trying to convince us that you SUPPORT the actions of some girl that ATTACKED innocent people that night!"

    "She did no such thing," Patricia responded. "If anything, her intentions could very well have been the opposite!"

    "She made a white Boorbatusk appear and attempt to run over a participant in a CHARITY EVENT!"

    "The woman HAD insisted that the attack on Beacon was a good thing, dear," Patricia's mother said. "Regardless," she continued, "it will not do to have our own daughter support someone who is clearly misguided."


    Scene A: Patricia switches to melee tactics on a series of training dummies, emphasized on irritation-induced swipes and effort-driven shouts as she performs her attacks.

    Scene B: "Father, even General Ironwood supports her so-called 'misguidedness' that you insist so arrogantly is present."

    "Patricia!" her mother said, startled by the negative remark. She made a move to stand up, but the father motioned for her to remain, turning to Patricia.

    "I will say this one last time," he warned. "This way of thinking WILL be ceased and we will find a... different way of looking at this situation."

    Scene A: Patricia jumps back to let loose a fury of energy slashes with her Semblance, followed by a number of shots, driven faster by punching motions, at random instances.

    Scene B: Not taking the threat seriously, that moment, thinking it was surely some sort of joke, Patricia retorted, "You mean argue against those that did everything they could -ON THEIR OWN, as Atlesian advocates to our society- to help Vale in a time of need? I think I'll pass."

    With a sigh, her father looked to the mother, who nodded remorsefully. "Very well," he said. "You leave us with no other option." At this, Patricia tensed slightly. "We will not have our own daughter go about, degrading our family name as some violent fanatic of such delusional ideas. As such, we will not POSSESS a daughter of such traits. You are hereby disowned from the Galena family and our trade, and you are now to leave from our sights, never to return again."

    At this, Patricia had nothing in response but an expression of heart-shattered shock.

    Scene A transitions, through rotation around Patricia, to Scene C: A wooded area where she is being charged at by numerous Grimm Beowolves, which each fall to every shot and slash she unleashes upon them.

    Scene B: Recovering from the shock of this new development, Patricia stood up from her seat, nodding once to her now former parents before turning towards the door to leave. Before she went through the door's entryway, however, she turned to see her gauntlets still on the pedestal that she always left them on when coming to dinner just after training. Realizing that she should at least not let this go to waste, she turned once again to address her disowned parents. "If that's how it has to be," she said, "Fine, but this does NOT mean I will give up, now, on what I KNOW is the right path."

    "If you think you're going to sway our decision with a few choice words, you had better think again," the former father snapped at her, before his wife motioned for him to calm down as Patricia continued.

    "Our families have been driving themselves into the mud this whole time and we couldn't see it. Since that's the case, with your disowning me meaning you can't do anything about it now, I'm going..."

    Scene C: Patricia finds herself in a short bout with a King Taijitu, but it doesn't last long against direct stabs, from the sides of both gauntlets, into its head.

    Scene B: "And I'm making my now former family's name mean something again."

    Scene C: With a shout, she jumps up and backwards in a twist, slamming a foot down into a charging Creep, which then evaporates to an immediately following energy slash to the back of its neck. Recovering from having just finished off the last of the Grimm pack, she takes a breath of relief that the skirmish is over and turns to walk away.

    Scene B: Having said all she felt she needed to say, she turned to take her Gemini gauntlets before heading to her room to grab a few select items before leaving a place that she would never come back to. 

    Scene D: "So there you have it," Patricia said. She is now sitting at a tavern in a town somewhere south of Vale, talking to someone sitting in front of her in a grey hoodie and wearing a strange, large, red and gold-embroidered container on his back. She continued, "That's why I can never go back to Atlas... and never will, if I can't make a better name for myself to them."

    Derek Talanton put a hand on her shoulder, as she bent further down in a look of semi-drunken dismay, and said few -but reassuring- words: "I'm sure you're doing the right thing, and I say we shall travel together, if you wish, as a measure to ensure it."

    -End of Scene-

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    #33544767 - 2 years ago

    Chapter 2: Dust to Dust (Darek Talanton Trailer)

    Scene A: Complete darkness. Virtually nothing can be seen, but a few faint drips and scuffles can be heard. Without any indication, however, light from a floating trail of Dust reveals a concrete room, door barred and, in full view, a face that should never look so bitter as it does right now... and his eyes glowing menacingly in the same color as the Dusts glow. The young man gathers the Dust into a small, lit orb that he gestures upwards to raise above his head to reveal his features: brown hair drawn back, eyes that pierce like spears, a strange red canister with gold embroider strapped to his back. The view darkens for a moment and our view is shaken a bit, along with the sound of coughing, implying that we are looking through the eyes of someone... quite screwed. Our view snaps to attention as the man speaks up. "So you want to know so badly just why you are here," Derek Talanton says coldly. "Well, I suppose it's the least I can do before you're burned for your crimes."

    Scene B: He continues to speak, but now we see him in a completely different setting and mood. We see him in a field, approaching several Grimm that had just had their way with a couple that... WERE on a picnic date. Sensing the approaching threat, the Taijitu and Beowolves acknowledged with roaring shouts and spiteful hissing. He stops as we hear him say, in the background, "It is one thing to bully someone into submission... But it's another when you slaughter innocent people just for attention." At the end of this, we see him reach up to open a slot in the canister on his back, a few clicks are heard and, without warning, the Beowolves charge in, the Taijitu holding back to size up this new adversary. The moment the leading Beowolf was only a few yards away, Derek makes a lifting motion upward, Ice Dust spewing out of the canister, and then downward, slamming the Dust into the Beowolf. It is then that we see that his eyes and the gems decorating his apparel have turned a brilliant ice blue.

    Scene A: The setting darkens, abruptly bringing us back to the isolated room, where we see that Derek has awoken our view from evidently nodding off. "Hey! I'm not done, so keep it together. I'm not simply doing this for my own pleasure, you know." He regains his composure in his seat as our view returns to it's original position as well. "You DO know why you are here, yes?" Our view makes a slight nodding motion, and he continues, "Then why don't I continue, at least, for our other guest WITHOUT you nodding off?" He gestures to the wall to his left, our view turning to see. We don't see anyone, but there is a faint glimpse of a rectangular outline in the wall. We return to full view of Derek as he sighs before continuing.

    Scene B: With a series of shouts and fighting gestures, Derek controls the trail of Ice Dust to drive it into each Beowolf as they try to reach him, encasing them all in ice before the rest returns to the canister to be replaced with Dust that is blood red, the same color that his eyes and gems turn during this. "Not every Faunus lives in fear," Derek says in the background. The red Dust is directed towards Derek's hands as he has it form into a Dust-forged hammer, which he then gives a spin around himself before hurling it at the Taijitu. "But that doesn't mean they don't know of the threat that your people impose, not just against us humans..." The Taijitu dodges to one side and Derek makes a pulling motion to draw the hammer back to him before having it turn, instead, into a katana. "But to the very concept of peace between our kind and yours, which you so zealously claim to be fighting for." The Taijitu lets out a snarling roar before attempting to circle Derek, not expecting him to have other ideas. Before the Taijitu could make a full circle, Derek jumped up in the air, in a flip, and hurled the katana downward into the head that had just passed under him, which had made that full circle. We see, from a bird's eye view, that the Taijitu had indeed made a full circle before having been stabbed into by the blade. The Taijitu smolders out of existence as the katana falls apart into the Dust that made them and channels back into the canister, Derek's eyes and his apparel gems returning to their normal green color as he turns to walk to the village that was nearby.

    Scene A: "And not only that," Derek continues, replacing the brightly lit Dust with a pooling amount that is a fiery red, just as his eyes and gems now appear. At this, we notice that our view is visibly shaking and slight wimpering can be heard. "But YOU took your White Fang stunt a little further, now didn't you? You decided to burn White Fang emblems into every person you killed, didn't you... Well, let me just say..." The Fire Dust begins to spread, now slowly covering our view before Derek continues: "Your death won't be so decorative." The Dust activates and we see a flash of flames before our view goes dark, muffling his final words: "And so, the judgement for your crimes begins..." A name seems to be said, but the muffling is too thick for it to be understood, but the muffling abruptly stops just as he says four final words: "I'm coming for you."

    Scene C: We go to a side view of Derek, in the room behind the rectangle we saw before, staring intently at what appears to be a glowing red cocoon of Dust that is pulsating with light. The door next to Derek opens, and Patricia Galena comes through. Derek turns himself to face Patricia as she comes in and says "So... He didn't give us much of a lead. Are you certain this is where you want to start?"

    "It's as good a start as any," Patricia responds, casting a look of pity towards the cocoon, which dissipates into Dust and returns the the canister, leaving behind a pile of charred ash. "Did you really have to do THAT though? We could have at least turned him in..."

    "No," Derek replies, "Not for the things HE did. I'd rather be tied up in a Stalker nest than see someone like him get off so easy for what he did."

    -End of Scene-

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    Chapter 3: Mags? What Mags? (Sylvester Lycus Trailer)

    "I've heard there's this... interesting Faunus taking matters into his own hands not too far from here, and he might be able to expand on our lead. We should try catching up to him before he gets to Vacuo. We won't be able to, if he decides to look for followers on the way to Menagerie." Derek Talanton and Patricia Galena are walking down a road from a secluded facility near the forests of Vale.

    "Menagerie?" Patricia asked. "You can't be serious. If he's so hellbent, why's he headed THERE? There's no way that White Fang activities are originating from THERE. Vale is where we've been seeing the most activity, so far..."

    "Yes, but it's where their leaders surely are. It IS a Faunus population that we're talking about here, but that's not our concern unless our 'Lost Judge' makes the getaway."

    "'Lost Judge'? Wait- LYCUS? I've heard of him... sort of. Rumors say he's one of few that have a two-part Semblance... and he uses it to full effect, apparently."

    "Exactly right. One part is weapon duplication, where he can wield two of any single weapon. The other part is, as he implies, is that he never has to reload. That kind of firepower would be ideal if we're to make progress against the White Fang... So we should at least hope he's as they say he is."

    It couldn't have been more embarrassing for them unless it wasn't the one and only Sylvester Lycus. They went through so much trouble, tracking rumors, going out of their way to cut time in pursuing him... The only problem is, it turns out that he's a horrible navigator, so he ended up backtracking straight towards them. In other words, they wasted their time, and he was in the middle of a drinking contest with what appeared to be the leader of a gang -and a well armed gang at that- when they found him. It was probably safe to assume that Sylvester had somehow offended them and their leader decided to take him up on a wager... And it looked like Sylvester was winning by a landslide without even batting an eye.

    Outraged the he lost so badly, the bruiser of a man threw the table to one side and got up to grab his double-bladed battle axe, the other members scrambling to do similarly. However, Sylvester had other plans, pulling his massive cross over his shoulders into an RPG position without even standing up as he slapped what looked like a selector switch onto the side. What happened next surprised even Derek, as the cross chattered with activity from within as two gun barrels protruded from it and Sylvester jammed his hand into one arm of the cross, making sure to keep his edge by recreating a second cross on his other shoulder, hand already in position. "Now now," he said smugly. "I believe I told you fellas that I was just passing through."

    "Actually," the bartender spoke up, "this is the third time you've been here..."

    "Oh is that right?" This was certainly a puzzler for Sylvester.

    "Yeah. I think I'd know if I saw that cross here three different times in this establishment."

    "Huh... Guess that's fate for ya. To be honest, I'm actually quite comfortable here." One gang member moved slightly to adjust his aim, bringing Sylvester to point one of the crosses at him. "Ah! I wouldn't try it, kiddo. In fact, if ALL of you don't mind going somewhere that you won't cause a fuss, that would be appreciated. In fact, why don't we all take this outside? Come on, we both get what we want that way. You get to see me get out of this chair, and I get to kick your sorry tails! How's that sound?"

    -Cutscene, for PG reasons-

    "Oookay, sorry I went a little far," Sylvester said to the bartender as the second cross dissipated from existence, "I guess I might have gotten a little carried away... ehehehehhh... Yeah... I'm not going to have to pay extra for that, am I?"

    "Well..." Before the bartender could continue, the charred leg of one of the tables gave way and the table fell over and we see that the fight had evidently gotten back inside (or not even left the building) and there is red spattered in various places. "Yeah... I mean I don't exactly have this place insured yet."

    "We can cover it," Derek said, catching Sylvester by surprise. They had been watching the entire time, debating whether they should help or not. 

    "But in return," Patricia continued, "you're going to have to hear us out. See, we have a common agenda. Thing is, you seem to have a screw loose in the case of coordinating... No offense."

    "Hey! None taken. Still, you gotta admit that clearly the gods saw to this meet-up. I don't think I would be able to cover the costs!" ...Even the bartender facepalmed at that remark... "Oh but you don't mind taking care of-" At that moment, the closet door behind the bartender opens, followed by a thud, implying that the... "aftermath" was hidden away in there. 

    Before the bartender could reply, Derek stepped up and said that he'd take care of it, treading carefully over the broken furniture towards the closet. Before he went in, however, he turned to say "Patricia? You're going to have to keep the conversation up without me... this one's going to be a while."

    "Before that, though," Patricia said, directed towards Sylvester, "I feel like I just have to ask... What kind of mags do you use for Dust ammo to not worry about reloading? I couldn't help but notice that you weren't even counting shots..."

    "Mags?" Sylvester smirked at the question. "What mags?"

    Before Patricia could react, Derek called out "Hey, did you really have to cut this guy in half? There's entrails all over the place in here!"

    -End of Scene-

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    Chapter 4: Myth-Walker (Charles Norrison Trailer)

    It had been only a few hours since Patricia Galena addressed the poor navigation skills of Sylvester Lycus, their newest group member, for the first time. Now, they were on their way to another village where word has told of someone who had successfully defected from the White Fang and survived with knowing of the White Fang's whereabouts. As close as they were, there was no room for spare confidence, as the chances of such a person still existing were fairly slim, slimmer still as time goes on as they make their way to the village.

    "So," Sylvester said, breaking the silence, "is this defect survivor supposed to agree to be a contact or something, or what?"

    "We're just going to ask them about the whereabouts of any White Fang focal points. Once we have the information we need, we'll be going our way from there," Derek Talanton explained. "Isn't that about right, Patricia?"

    "Sounds about right, but even if this person DOES know, there's no telling if they've been gotten to by now. We're just going to hope that whoever it is, they're not so hostile as to mistake us for the very people that would pursue their execution." Patricia glanced down for a moment in pity at her own words, but eventually shook it off in time to notice that someone was approaching them from the side. She motioned for the others to stop as the man, undeterred, continued towards them. When he was only a few yards away, he stopped, saying nothing.

    "Are you looking for someone?" Patricia asked. "We haven't had a run-in with anyone recently, since the last town, but I can assure that those involved were dealt with."

    "So I'm aware," Charles Norrison replied. "Your recruit here is quite the shooter. However, I'm not here to compliment. I've been made aware that you people have a common objective."

    "What's that to us, in your case? Best not be getting in the way, if that's what you're implying," Sylvester warned, Patricia gesturing for him to quiet down.

    "While he is not the one to make threats here, he does have a point," Patricia said. 

    "That's fine, it's only natural to assume the worst in people, isn't it?" Charles' words seemed to have struck Patricia in particular, whether it was intentional or not.

    "What are you implying? You're the one saying you know of us, when we don't know of you," Patricia responded coldly. She wasn't about to let some stranger talk her down.

    With a sigh, he responded, "So you don't know of the 'Myth-Walker' do you... Fine by me, I guess. My real name, however, for your concerns, is Charles Norrison."

    Either they didn't know about the alleged "Myth-Walker" or they didn't feel like bringing it up, but then Sylvester asked, "Okay? So why exactly did you feel so inclined to stalk us?"

    "Well, I thought it'd be quite simple, actually," Charles replied, "You seem to act as though you're all to be a team, yet you have no fourth member. It doesn't exactly sit well with me."

    "Are you suggesting that you should join us?," Patricia asked. "On what grounds do you assume that we should supposedly accept?"

    "Quite simple, actually, once again," Charles said. "Combat evaluation. Win or lose, you decide if I'm up to your standards, but if I DO win, I'd assume that there will be no questioning..."

    Patricia considered it for a moment before responding. "Fine then," she said, "How shall we proceed? Does one-on-one progression sound appropriate?"

    "Certainly. Shall we start with the ranged specialist first?" At this, Sylvester gladly agreed and took a step forward as Derek and Patricia took their distance. "Alright, you first... if you have the guts," Charles challenged.

    At this, Sylvester pulled his cross into position, as he did before. Slapping the selector switch and turning the dial to Ice Dust, he put his other hand into position for his Semblance to activate for a second cross. Not even flinching, Charles started to walk towards Sylvester, who opened fire without knowing what would happen next. With a mere blink, Charles created a small energy shield in the shape of a circle, about 18 inches in diameter, in front of him, which nullified each shot Sylvester fired and minimized Aura damage to a small percentage. Realizing that Ice wasn't working, he moved to turn both crosses to Fire Dust. As he did so, however, Charles made a move of his own, pointing both of his bladed arm cannons at Sylvester and firing a single shot from both, giving Sylvester little time to react. As Sylvester jumped to the side to dodge and resume fire, however, Charles sped his advance to a run, keeping the shield he had created in front. 

    Knowing that it'd only be a matter of time that he'd be forced to change tactics, Sylvester tossed the Semblance-generated cross to the side to let it dissipate, firing the other one at Charles' feet while reaching towards the long handle in the middle of the cross. Charles responded to the shooting by taking a jump above Sylvester in a flip, removing the shield for the time being and now ready to bring a steel-soled foot down on his head, though Sylvester had other ideas. Leaning back, Sylvester dropped down into a reverse somersault, bringing his feet up to push Charles away by the one foot. As Charles recovered his footing, Sylvester took proper hold as his cross opened up and formed a large set of blades that made up one massive sword. At this, Charles let loose another two shots before running in again. Sylvester carefully swung his blade to hit both shots in one go and moved in as well... which was not a good move, as Charles was about to show him his clear edge against him. As Sylvester brought the blade down, Charles blocked with both of his own and proceeded to catch Sylvester with a single kick, knocking him away and putting him off balance and onto the ground. 

    Knowing that Sylvester was about done at this point, Derek moved in to take his place, releasing the Lightning Dust from his canister to form multiple tendrils. At this, Charles immediately braced by forming a domed energy shield around himself as the tendrils took their time in taking numerous swipes at the dome, each bouncing off with a fury of sparks letting loose. As the tendrils tried to work their way through, however, Charles noticed the correlation between their movement and Derek's, deducing that Derek's movements prompted that of the Dust he manipulated. This meant that he'd have to follow through a similar tactic as last time, so once again Charles slowly moved in, converting the domed shield into disc shapes to match the number of tendrils (as it was starting to get patchy due to running low on sufficient Aura) as he moved in. What Charles didn't know, however, is that Derek wasn't giving it his all just yet.

    Ready to get this over with, Derek pooled the tendrils together into one solid block and thrust forward with both arms, pushing it full force into Charles' shields and knocking him back. Given a few seconds of solace, Derek gathered himself and gave a single word of warning as his eyes and gemstones began to glow a brilliant white: "Concede." With this, Charles watched as Derek pulled the top off from his Dust canister and ALL of the Dust contained spewed out: Earth, Gravity, Fire, Ice, and Wind. The Gravity Dust pooled together into two large fists -wrists included-, the Earth Dust formed around Derek as Dust-forged helm and chest plate, the Fire Dust simply orbited around Derek at waist level, the Wind Dust swirled into two large twisters that remained stationary on either side of Derek, and what was left of the Lightning Dust formed into two Dust-forged blades. He was holding nothing back, now. THIS was Derek at his fullest combat status, and the fight was most certainly going to end one way or another.

    While this left everyone at awe, Charles included, this was basically a showdown, not a display to look pretty. That being said, Charles didn't hold back either, and opened fire on Derek with both cannons blazing with Fire Dust propellant. One by one, however, the shots were sucked into the twisters and the Fire Dust that propelled them were added to the Dust that was already orbiting. Not amused, Derek punched forward and one of the Gravity Dust fists sped forward into Charles, knocking him back with such force that he was forced to the ground. At this new predicament, Charles let out a soft word to himself as he got up to Derek sending the other fist at him, which he was forced to dodge to one side... though not before it grazed him and he was once again forced to the ground, Aura breaking up and him being completely worn out. At this site, Derek let out a breath to calm himself and every bit of Dust he was controlling gathered back into the canister, his Aura flickering as he walked over to Charles. It was made pretty clear that going all out like he did causes quite a drain in Aura, though it'd certainly mean a hard time for any opponent that bore witness to Derek's "all out" and almost certain wipe-out if Derek had started with it.

    As Derek helped Charles up, he felt he should commend for holding out against two non-Grimm opponents back-to-back. "You're certainly a heck of a fighter, Charles. It'd have been unfortunate if the confrontation wasn't on better terms."

    "Yeah... it certainly would have been," Charles said breathlessly. He took a moment before speaking up again, "So... You think I make the cut?"

    "Are you kidding?" Sylvester asked from behind, catching them both off guard as Patricia was walking up to them as well. "You about beat the snot outta me AND had Derek here to a near draw! I'd say that makes you quite something, wouldn't you agree Trish?"

    Nodding, Patricia said, "I'd certainly say so... but don't call me that... ever." She cast a glare at Sylvester for a moment before returning her attention to Charles. "So... You wanted us to be as a team, right? So what would you propose? That we BE a team, like professional Huntsmen from an Academy?"

    "That would be the idea, yes," Charles replied. "Why? Do you have something against that?"

    "Not necessarily, just that it makes things awkward when the one suggesting it was self-inserted rather than recruited."

    "Well, teams ARE supposed to be four members each," Charles explained, "It's part of our culture, isn't it?" 

    "He's not wrong," Sylvester said, involuntarily catching glares from everyone else.

    "Make no mistake, I'm not trying to take your place as leader," Charles reasoned to Patricia. 

    "Good," Patricia said, "but honestly, I'm not sure what our team name would be..."

    "'Gauntlet'," Charles answered, "G-N-L-T. It's something I was thinking about on the way to meet up with you three."

    "That's not disturbing," Sylvester remarked, this time getting smacked in the back of the head by Derek, who told him to keep it to himself next time. This left an awkward silence over the group for a moment as the scene blacks out.

    "So," Charles said, breaking the silence, "don't we have someone to get to?"

    -End of Scene-

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    Chapter 5: Not Exactly Witness Protection... (Chandra Gudrun Trailer)

    "Ahhh I know who you're talking about," the villager proclaimed to the newest team of Remnant's Huntsmen "G.N.L.T." "She should be just down that road and to the right!"

    "Thank you," Patricia said to the villager, "But are you sure it's not an issue?"

    "No, no problem at all! If anything, she's the one that's kept us safe from the Grimm AND the White Fang since she showed up. And, in return, we gave her a place to live here. Sure, she's a bit of a handful sometimes, but at least she has the heart to keep it from driving her away. In fact, she seems to be settling down fairly well this time around."

    "'This time around' implying that she's been here multiple times?" It was something that Sylvester just couldn't keep from asking. "Now I'm curious as to whether it's ME that has the questionable navigation skills, you know what I mean, Trish?"

    "Lycus, what did I tell you about calling me that," Patricia scolded.

    "Now now... Calm thoughts, Trish, calm thoughts. Let's not get worked up over small things," Sylvester said jokingly.

    With a sigh, Derek took the liberty of smacking Sylvester upside the head as Charles pressed the conversation forward. "Is there any chance that we should be running into trouble during our visit?"

    "Erm," the villager started, a bit puzzled by the interactions between Patricia, Sylvester, and Derek, "well the last White Fang attack was a couple days ago. They're usually about once a week, but the last group was a few days early. It was just our luck that there weren't as many at the time. We wouldn't have had enough time in preparing for them."

    "Sounds like they really want this contact dead. I'm surprised that it would stand to reason that their leader, Adam Taurus, hasn't decided to do it himself at this point." Derek said, looking towards the where the villager had implied the contact's residence was.

    "Oh, Adam Taurus isn't exactly the LEADER of the White Fang," the villager replied, "rather just head of the Vale branch, as we've been told."

    "'Vale branch'? You mean to tell me they're just about everywhere, basically?" Sylvester asked. 

    "Sylvester, it's not as if they'd be as much of an issue as they are if they were so isolated as a single kingdom," Derek told him. 

    "As I was saying," the villager continued, "Adam Taurus may just behead of the Vale branch, but word is out that he may be trying to work his way up."

    "As in he's going to be even more of an issue, if he succeeds," Patricia said in concern.

    "Erm, that would be correct, yes..." The villager hesitated at noticing that Charles hadn't said a word since asking about further troubles... nor stopped watching him intently... "So," he continued, "Uhhh... what exactly do you people have in mind for her? You're... Well... You don't exactly seem... How should I say it? Erm... Coordinated? ... I mean no offense..."

    "Hey," Sylvester said cheerfully, putting an arm around the villager, "don't sweat it! Wind against a Nevermore's feathers. Say, you guys got a tavern, right?" 

    -Cutscene, during which we hear another smack to the back of Sylvester's head, along with him saying "Ow! Oh come on, it was a legitimate question!"-

    The scene opens back up to Team G.N.L.T. at the door of the house in question and Patricia steps towards the door to knock. The door sounds with a metallic clang, an unsettling detail when considering the fact that the door appeared to be a normal wooden one. Before anyone could question it, however, a girl's voice emerged from behind the door. 

    "It's open, assuming you're the right person to do it, if you value your life!" 

    Hesitant at first, Patricia tried the door handle anyways, but it wouldn't turn. "It's a bit inconvenient that you would say that, yet leave the door locked anyways," she shouted through the door.

    "Oop! Silly me. Hang on, I'll get it!" Just after the girl on the other side finished saying this, the Vulture-wing Faunus appeared to phase right through the metal door -causing a heck of a scare to all four of those expecting the door to open instead- to grab the key behind one of the bushes. Not surprised at the shock, she turned to them with a guilty smile and responded with a humorous "Oh, don't worry about it. I'm not dead YET! The White Fang's gonna have to try harder than they have THIS far!"

    "And no wonder," Sylvester remarked, reaching to see if the girl's phasing worked on moving objects as well. 

    Not in the mood to fool around in such a manner, the girl grabbed Sylvester by the wrist and turned him away. "Don't try it. It's a two-part, but it doesn't involve being fully incorpreal, just being able to move through stationary objects. Even so, don't think you have anything to hide from me either, just so you're aware. That's the second part. I'm guessing you guys are just here to chat and move on."

    "That would be accurate, yes," Charles responded, the others still trying to process the fact that a Faunus would bear full wings capable of flight. He noticed this and questioned, "You three didn't bother to question a man of every rumor in the book, yet you question a Faunus that bears the capability of flight?"

    "It's not an issue," the girl replied. "These things don't really get me too far anyways at one time, though I don't really like to admit it." At this, she turned to unlock the door and casually push it open with little effort. "In any case, you may as well come in. I promise not to kill you all, so long as none of you tries anything stupid."

    "As much as I'd like to question that statement," Patricia finally spoke up, "it would be best if we didn't assume the worst, under these circumstances, for the time being. That being said, we haven't even been gone through introductions..."

    "Oh that's alright, we can do that inside. I'm curious as to how this contact of yours goes about living in a town like this, Trish," Sylvester said, pushing past obnoxiously, the cross on his back scraping against the side of the doorway. "Got anything hard? I haven't gotten anything to drink since the last town and I never got the chance to explore any taverns..."

    "Isn't that inappropriate to ask in front of whom I can only assume is still a minor?" Realizing the state of the question, Derek turned to the girl and added "No offense."

    "Awwww, none taken. I'm still only 20, but it's only a matter of time. I actually have some stored up for when that day comes, so- Hey! That does NOT mean raid the fridge for it!" 

    Sylvester had immediately tried looking for the implied alcohol upon hearing the start of that second sentence, looking up sheepishly when she had yelled at him. In turn, he responded "Hey, I will defend myself if you try makin' a move on me, but for God's sake, don't deprive a man of his needs..." He could even hear Charles facepalm as Derek made the move to remove Sylvester from the kitchen area and drag him by the ear to the living room area, which was decorated in a... rather imposing fashion. 

    The walls were painted a deep red, dotted with symbols that appeared similar to multiple lunar stages, and occupied by a few pictures here and there... the subject of which none of the visitors wanted to address. It didn't really help that the leather of the furniture smelled like they were made recently... Still, they were still still guests in the house of a significant Faunus figure, so everyone got seated anyways.

    "So, who are you uh... colorful people?" the girl asked, bent down so her elbows rested on her knees as she talked.

    "Patricia Galena," Patricia started, "And my followers here are Derek Talanton, Charles Norrison, and *sigh* Sylvester Lycus." The each nodded as she said their names while Sylvester merely smiled sheepishly and had a hand to the back of his head.

    "And I would be Chandra Gudrun, you're... contact, was it?" Chandra responded. Not waiting for an answer, she continued, "First of all, now I get why you were concerned about the others' confusion, 'Myth-Walker.'" At this, Charles glanced away in annoyance for a moment before nodding in acknowledgement to Chandra. "Second, I guess that makes YOU, Sylvester, the nutcase of your little team here... So what brings you all here to little ol' me?"

    "Information," Patricia answered. "We've been informed by several people that you have insider's knowledge of the White Fang's focal points, information that the White Fang themselves would clearly kill to keep secret, though that clearly hasn't stopped you."

    "Not at all, Miss Galena," Chandra replied, "They may seem vicious... well... they ARE, but they sure haven't been more than I can handle so far. And yes, you would be right about that info. They plan on hitting up Mistral next, so I can only guess that's where you four might be going. BUT, I would like to note that I, too, have been hearing about that idiot Taurus trying to put himself on top, so that's going to take you to Menagerie. Sure, they're both overseas, but which one would you go for, I wonder..."

    "Our goal is to shut down the White Fang's violent ways once and for all," Derek said in response, almost instinctively.

    "Ohhh, you sound like a feisty one," Chandra said with a giggle. "They tear up your turf too? Mine went so far as killing both my parents and keeping me alive as a barbaric reminder..." She appeared to sadden a bit when she said this, but quickly recovered as she continued cheerfully, "But, hey! At least 'Gudrun' isn't the worst name to live with!"

    Derek seemed a bit offended at her lightened mood, but Charles settled him before he spoke up. "You say they're going to split their forces into two fronts. It's no doubt, however, that the Mistral front will be out of our hands, as it is not our objective. Would you happen to know of who they would send to Menagerie?"

    "Like it isn't obvious?" Chandra said, slightly puzzled. "Of course they're going to have Adam Taurus fronting Menagerie! He's the head Fang of the operation! What more fitting way is there to take over if not by his own hand?"

    "Great," Sylvester said grimly, "so now we're pretty much going to have a heck of a time having our work cut out for us. Sure, he'd be less of an issue even 2 on 1, but there's no way he's going without his best guys to keep that from happening..."

    "You're not wrong," Chandra assured Sylvester, "he's definitely going to have backup, and they won't exactly be novices." She stopped to take the time to think about something.

    "It's what we all signed up for," Derek said. "And I'm certain I'm speaking for everyone else here."

    "He's right," Patricia added turning to the others "We all agreed to our objective, so we must stick to it at any cost." She turned to Chandra and continued, "We greatly appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed. If have anything to add, you need only call for us. As for us, we'll leave you be. You've survived this long and, given your casual state, I'd say it's safe to assume that you intend to keep that the case for longer still." With that, she got up and motioned for everyone else to leave along with. It took some effort to get the door open again (and closed), but they eventually made their way out. They had only gotten a small ways before they were made aware of a large object overhead. They looked up to see Chandra, wings extended dropping down to land. Her wings gave one last push towards the ground to lighten the fall before she landed lightly in front of the group, and they saw that she was now bearing a peculiar weapon resembling a staff with axe heads on either end along with a red Dust cartridge unlike ones commonly seen...

    "Hold up," Chandra said. "You may as well let me come with."

    "You sure about that lil missy?" Sylvester asked. "In case you haven't noticed, we're not exactly witness protection..."

    "Well, then just consider, maybe... I don't know... Escorts? Like I said before, they tore up my turf too. Killed my parents and then the jerk even took me in as a constant reminder of how bad the White Fang are. Sure, I eventually took the time to snuff him out, but don't think for a moment that it means I intend to stay on the sidelines." Chandra's grip had visibly tightened on her weapon, so it was evident that she wasn't going to take "No" for an answer.

    "Very well," Patricia said, to Sylvester's surprise... though it made sense, given how she had at least let Charles join in. "We could use some help with evening the odds, anyways, given your intel."

    At this, Chandra let out an excited squeal of acknowledgement: "Yay! It's just been way too boring out here! FINALLY I'm going to be able to see some REAL action!" She paused for a moment to add, "Oh but wait, that wouldn't mean having to come up with a new team name, would it?" Before anyone could reply, she responded to her own question, "Oh no it doesn't! We can just keep two G's next to each other to keep the same sound! That won't be TOO much to ask, would it?"

    At this, everyone had their doubts, but eventually came to an agreement that it would be for the best, even if it would cause a bit of confusion as to which "G" is leading. The scene blacks out as they continue on their way, followed by Sylvester saying one last statement of distress "This had better not mean we're skipping out on the taverns before we leave."

    -End of Scene-

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    Ok, for some reason, Charles got deleted somehow while I was trying to edit, so now I have to friggin repost him. Great. Just great.

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    Character Name: Charles Norrison (derived from "Nurzhan", Kazakh for "light soul")

    Allusion: Chuck Norris

    Age: 25

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 180 lbs




    Strengths: Powerful fighter, respectable moral standards, unparalleled close-combat fighting skill (particularly kicks, when he has to), and decent survival skills

    Weaknesses: Can only take so many hits before he wears out completely, can never bring himself to attack (even Grimm) until the attacker makes the first swing (or maybe that's a good thing?), somewhat farsighted (requiring glasses to read)

    Personality: Somewhat introverted, he's quiet until spoken to. When he does speak however, expect it to have at least SOME meaning. He prefers to be cool-headed at all times, but willing to give that up in combat, if it means catching his opponent off guard. Other than that, all that's known is purely speculation and rumor...

    History: Unknown, as far as origin. What is known is that he is the sole focus of many... MANY wild rumors... One of such, for example, was of him getting bit by a small Taijitu once (and the Taijitu dying a few days later). Whether any of these are true, purely speculative, or just plain silly is a wild goose chase, as he prefers not to address them... at all.

    Semblance: Force-field Projection- Able to create force-fields of varying size and number. These relay damage from attacks directly to Aura and reduces the damage by 80%. These shields can vary from one large sphere to surround him to twenty circular ones, about the size of the palm of ones hand.

    Weapon of Choice: "Sharpshooter" Strap-on Sword Cannons-


    Not much can be said about these that can't be seen. The user wields two of these, one strapped to each lower arm, and everything from there is pretty much a walk in the park.

    Battle Strategy: As far as what is known, he has two different methods, Passive and Aggressive.

    Passive- Consists of large use of Semblance to block attacks while closing in for close-quarters combat, particularly in the form of kicks (which are pretty darn effective, when the boots are steel-toed AND steel-soled...).

    Aggressive- Disregards Semblance and will use the blades and arm
    cannons in any way possible to take down the opponent with overwhelming

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 6/10

    Melee Proficiency- 10/10

    Accuracy- 6/10

    Defense- 7/10

    Strength- 6/10

    Aura- 8/10

    Sociability- 5/10

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    Ok, so it looks like Charles is back... ignore the shenanigans, I don't know what's going on anymore OwO'