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  • thesonofcinder


    #33477471 - 2 years ago

    so. Recently two things have happened. One. I was really sick and filled with pain medicine. And i was rewatching volume one to help my stories stay cannon.( gold volume one. Read it) and i noticed something. Remember the big deathstalker and nevermore vs jnpr and rwby fight in the emerald forest? In that episode. The teams end up on a fortress like structure. Abandoned and falling apart. In the center of the fortress was a tower. Now it may have been the painkillers. But the tower in the fortress looked a lot like beacon tower. During said episode. The nevermore crashed through the top cage like room of the tower. Sending peices flying and destroying it. Remind you of anything?

    If you said the fall of beacon. Where the grimm dragon destroyed vales cct. The dragon crashed headfirst into the tower sending peices flying. So. Was the dragons destruction of beacons tower predicted in volume 1 or am i crazy. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Until next time this has been the rwby conspirisy therory. Im sonofcinder and stay tuned for some more. Conspirisys

  • corazar6


    #33477684 - 2 years ago

    interesting idea. always love a bit of hidden imagery and forshadowing

  • thesonofcinder


    #33484137 - 2 years ago

    hello again, people on the internet. and welcome back to another conspiracy theory, this time, we will be covering. what is the fortress in the emerald fortress?

    to answer this theory, I went back to two videos, obviously, the episode in which we saw the fortress, and the world of remnant, great war. I know it is a weird choice, but hear me out.

    so in wor we learn about the series of events that took place during the famous great war of remnant. in the end we see the king of vale defeat both the army's of mistrial and mantel, single handedly. (side note, I saw dozens of comments saying that that was the kings sword that caused that. it was his semblance, people, not the weapon) anyway, the king decided not to rule all of remnant and instead set up the huntsman academies. but think back to my last theory. the fortress looked sort of like beacon academy, so think about it, a king, abandoning his palace, starting a academy to train warriors, leaving his home. he must be homesick, if he was homesick, and he could build any type of building he wanted, what do you think he would build the new building to look like, that's right beacon academy was styled after the fortress in the forest, which was the kings castle.

    thanks for reading and see you later for some more therories. post opinions in the comments and like if you enjoyed