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why it makes perfect sense lionheart is evil

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  • thesonofcinder


    #33500286 - 2 years ago

    so, this might be common knowledge by now, but lionheart, headmaster of haven academy, secretly works for Salem.

    I was just like most of you in my reaction. total disbelief. but then the more I thought about it it made more and more sense, I compiled a list of them here, but I'm sure there are lots more

    1. cinder, mercury, emerald, and neo were from haven academy.

    2. no other haven academy member questioned the strange people who were suddenly students.

    3. no workers at the vital festival questioned the above fact either.

    4. they had haven academy uniforms

    5. they fought in the vital festival.

    there are probably a lot more, but this is all I could think of.

    now, the implications of lionhearts transgression to the dark side.

    1. Ozpin was wrong about the headmasters

    2. haven might not be properly prepared for a attack

    3. Salem will have no trouble tracking ruby as she is now in mistral.

    4. Salem is now in the perfect position to surprise attack ruby

    5. the relic in haven academy is now pretty much Salem's.

    6. the next volume is going to be sooooooooo awesome

    so after compiling this list I can see that rwby is being taken to the next level. but I'm so sad that it is over for months


    so. if you are sad that rwby is out for the mid season, I write two fanfiction series with totally original characters and plot lines.

    if you want to. check it out, it would make my day.

    anyway, thanks for reading and I will see you around