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create a grimm for rwby

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  • thesonofcinder


    #33575008 - 2 years ago

    it can be as powerful as you want and as detailed as you see fit, i just thought it would be fun to see how we could expand salem's army

  • Fwee


    #33583313 - 2 years ago

    There arent enough aquatic grimm, so here's one:


    Humanoid torso merging with fish torso, as expected.  The fish is probably styled like a shark but longer.

    The face has two glowing red eyes and a gaping mouth with a circle of inward-pointed teeth (think PotC kracken) and maybe a anglerfish lure?

    Beyond tooth and claw, the creature screeches, loud enough to hurt the human ear, and maybe even damage ships perhaps?

    I imagine these grimm would hang out on reefs and in island coves, grouping up and 'serenading' passing human ships to death.