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  • thesonofcinder


    #33590577 - 2 years ago

    The Huntsman traveled through the forests. He knew this path, he knew what was on it. He kept an eye on the skies. Ever since he had killed that Grimm, the flying ones were out in full force.

    “Quiet today.” He muttered to himself. Suddenly he heard a Nevermore screech, followed by the scream of a small boy. The man drew his weapon and rushed forwards. Off the path.

    He came to a large clearing in the forest. The giant Nevermore was circling the top of the surrounding trees, and in the center of what appeared to be a campground, stood a faunus.

    It was a goat faunus, horns protruding from his rust red hair, his black leather jacket covered a large amount of his torso. And a dirty pair of jeans covered his legs, the boys shoes were covered by the tall grass, and his eyes were squeezed tightly shut.

    As the Nevermore descended slowly, the boy reached into his jacket with almost unperceivable motions, his right hand dipped inside. The Grimm was mere feet from him now.

    The Huntsman should be moving right now, he knew that, he should have grabbed his weapon and immobilized the creature, protected the boy. But something about the way the faunus stood, the way he moved, fascinated him. He wanted to see what the boy would do next.

    He crouched, eyes still closed. Pulling his hand out of his jacket, he revealed a well worn gun, green and silver, dented and faded. His eyes flew open as he leapt at the Nevermore, grabbing onto its wing with one hand. The boy shot with his weapon as he pulled himself up. Riding on the Nevermore’s back, he crouched down and held on as the monster bird took off into the stratosphere.    

    Squinting, the huntsman saw the two figures fighting in mid air. The smaller one, the boy, jumped off the Grimm’s back, firing shots as he circled midair to land on it again. The bird tried to shoot its feathers, but they missed as the boy swung around. Landing on the back of the creature again, he grabbed the wing and pulled it back. The grimm twisted, beginning to fall. The boy shot at the monster's head as it fell, then the shots stopped. The huntsman couldn't see what was happening, until the grimms wing exploded into black smoke.

    The boy had cut it off.

    The Nevermore fell, screeching in pain. The man could barely make out the redheaded faunus crawling towards the eyes of the monster. Seeing the danger he was in, the man took a step back as the monster landed on the floor of the clearing. The rest of the body disappeared quickly, leaving only the boy, who called out.

    “Ok,” he said, looking around, “you can come out now.”

    The huntsman panicked. Was he talking about him? Suddenly another boy came out of the clearing. This one had blonde hair and blue eyes. He wasn't a faunus, at least not that the man could see. He wore a similar outfit to the first boy. But without the jacket. He sighed as he saw the rising smoke, then spoke.

    “I don’t know why you make me hide,” he said. The first boy glared at him. “It’s for your own safety.”  The blonde haired boy sighed. “But why? I can fight a Grimm.” he argued.

    “I wasn't just talking about the monsters. Besides, you were the one that screamed like a girl.”

    “I did not,” the first boy argued. The Huntsman stepped out of the clearing, breaking the boys concentration. The second boy pulled out a bow and arrow and aimed it at the man, who held up his hands.

    “No threat here.” he said. The blonde boy didn't move.

    “Who are you?” he said. The huntsman took a step back.

    “Joseph Chars. You?” he said. The blonde boy looked at the faunus, who nodded. He put down the bow.

    “Gregory Curtis.” he said. The faunus looked at the rising smoke one more time, then spoke.

    “And I am Daniel Samuels.”

  • thesonofcinder


    #33590608 - 2 years ago

        “What do you want?” Daniel said. Joseph took a step back in surprise. He had no idea how blunt the boy would be.

    “I saw your fight on with the Nevermore. I have to say, it was very impressive.” The faunus looked at him in disgust.

    “And you were very good with helping me with it, Mr. Huntsman,” he said. Joseph

    looked down at his weapon. Gregory looked at his companion.

    “I wanted to help.” he said.

      “And I didn't feel like having to keep track of more than one person at a time,” Daniel shot back. Looking closer at him, Joseph could see that both boys were disheveled, as though they had spent years in these woods.

        “Anyways.” Gregory said, “ i don’t think you answered our questions. What do you want?”

          “I was just passing by, but you boys are good, very good.” the Huntsman said.

    “Thank you, but please--” Daniel started.

                “So good.” The Huntsman interrupted. “Have you had personal training?”

    “None whatsoever.” Gregory said. The faunus nodded.

                “Not even signal?” Joseph asked, surprised. Both boys shook their heads. The man thought for a second. “And you’re all alone out here?” The boys nodded again. “Perfect.”

                 “Excuse me?” Daniel said, confused.

                  “Oh, it's not perfect that your parents are not here. It’s just that I work at Beacon Academy. And since we are always looking for new students, with your talent I was thinking--”

    “No.” Daniel said simply.

    “What?” The Huntsman asked, perplexed.

             “No. We are perfectly happy where we are right now. Moving to some form of school? That's not in our best interests,” the faunus said.

             “But--” Gregory started.

              “We don’t need it.” The green eyed boy interrupted. The Huntsman thought for a moment, then smiled.

              “ What if you have to move,” he asked, smiling nicely at the boys.

               “What do you mean?” Daniel asked defensively.

                “You said you have no guardians out here. You’re all by yourself. You are also standing on Valian soil, and the Valian orphanage would not be happy to know that two boys are rushing around unguarded on this land.” Joseph smirked.

                  “You wouldn't.” Gregory said. Daniel pulled out his staff, as if he had full mind to use it on the huntsman.

                   “Your choice. Do you want to go to a Huntsman academy and learn to be heros, or go to a orphanage and be put in the foster system?” The Huntsman said, smile turning into a menacing glare. The boys turned around and began to whisper to each other.

                   “We run.” Daniel said shortly. Gregory shook his head.

                    “He looks fast. That won’t end well.” Gregory sighed. “If we stay in the foster system, they will find us eventually.”

                    “Same if we go to Beacon.” Daniel said.

                    “But there, we have a shield of Huntsmen and Huntsmen in training. We could defeat them with their help.” Gregory argued. Daniel looked at him sternly, then nodded in defeat, sagging his shoulders and frowning.

                    “You’re right.” He said as he turned back around.

                     “Okay Huntsman.” he said, spitting the word out like a curse, “We’ll go to your stupid school.”

  • thesonofcinder


    #33592461 - 2 years ago

           “Wonderful!” the man said with a smile, “I’ll call a airship, don’t go anywhere, or else.” he said, the last words sounding less friendly. He stepped to the side of the clearing and pulled out his scroll the children turned to their ragtag campsite. The place that had been their home for weeks. They began to take down the tents and put out the fire, still smoldering from the last night. The huntsman put down his scroll and looked up.

          “What do you think he’s doing?” gregory asked, looking over at the huntsman.

          “Who cares, it’s not my problem.” daniel said bitterly, they finished packing and went over to joseph.

         “Any day now.” the man said, still studing the sky. Daniel looked up, then at the man.

         “What are we waiting here for exactly?” he said, wind suddenly picked up, trees began whipping back and forth in the sudden breeze, a valian airship appeared and began lowering itself to the floor.

          “That.” the huntsman said, matter of factly

         The  boys sat in the airship. Huntsman standing in front of him, the open side of the airship showed trees and clouds rushing past.

        “I have a idea.” daniel whispered. Gesturing to the huntsman, who looked out the gap in the side of the ship.

        “Daniel.” gregory warned, seeing his brother’s plan, but the redheaded boy had already stood, he rushed twards the huntsman, arms extended. Ready to push him off the airship.

         Just before he made contact, the huntsman sidestepped him. Daniel spiraled his arms trying to regain balance. Then he fell from the ship.

         “Daniel!” gregory shouted, the huntsman pulled out his weapon, a large whip, and held it out of the gap, daniel grabbed it, then winced. The paper thin blades on the end of the weapon cut deep into his hands as he was pulled up.

        “Careful, I can’t go and loose my new trophies, now can I?” he said with a smirk, daniel glared at him as he cradeled his bloody hands and sat back down with Gregory.

        “That was stupid.” gregory said.

        “Thanks.” daniel said wincing, his aura was healing the wounds, but not as fast as he would like.

        “There’s only one thing left.” gregory said, daniel nodded, together the bowed their heads.

         Only God could save them now.