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  • ZetaZ98


    #33744908 - 4 months ago

    In reply to BlackboardMoniter Hey there, yes I have seen Cake's series on RWBY and I agree with him 90%. I have to say that having seen V6C1 it is clear RWBY's animators are progressing but still have a long way to go. I'm just relieved the floaty nonsense we saw in V4 is long behind us.

  • ZetaZ98


    #33744910 - 4 months ago

    While we are on the topic, I just want to say I dont get why every huntsman outside the main cast are always dead, dying, or stupid. Not only is it weird, and lame, it makes no sense in lore. There is no reason why Dee and Dudley couldnt be the same characters they were but capable of fighting. In fact, it would have added to the tension if two huntsmen that seemed competent in combat got killed/hurt by the Grimm right before RWBY took over. Just saying, wasted opportunity to make some simple but awesome fight scenes with randys

  • JROY

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    #33744930 - 4 months ago

    In reply to ZetaZ98

    Actually the show explains this. All the very experienced and very skilled hunters were killed either fighting Grimm or being sent to their deaths by Lionheart, so Mistral is turning to more poorly skilled huntsman in an attempt to make up for the losses, which is what Qrow meant when he said scrapping the bottom of the barrel. 

    When we see more professional hunstman such as Winter, Ironwood, and the beacon staff fight we see the skills of a full blown huntsman.