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Thoughts on the RoseGarden ship?

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  • TruthseekerCNS


    #33673941 - 1 year ago

    This is a ship I only recently learned of, and I've seen heated debates over if it's a "OK" ship. I am personally a bit on the fence. On the one hand, they seem very cute together, and I want Oscar to have someone care for him as himself, not just because he is the "new Ozpin". On the other, if things ever DID get physical between the two, it would obviously be very awkward for Ozpin. So I wanted to get the community's views on it. Is a relationship between Ruby and Oscar OK, or is it wrong? And please, explain why. I don't want to see "It's disgusting" "No it isn't"... I want to know people's reasons for thinking how they do.

  • Kelleycaudle

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    #33673964 - 1 year ago

    it’s disgusting just because Oz is in there... I think once he goes away which I take does eventually happen - then I’m ok maybe. It needs to play out as to how much of Oz really stays I think.

  • TruthseekerCNS


    #33673980 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Kelleycaudle OK, but the relationship is not with Ozpin, it's with Oscar. It's not like just because Oscar likes Ruby that why, Oz does. And I actually disagree with the idea that Oz will leave one day... I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed he's there to stay, that eventually his and Oscar's souls will merge and be something different, but with qualities from each. That's when things get messy for me, if they fused, then there's not a lot to salvage this relationship. Unless you take into account that Oz is thousands of years old, and so ANY person is going to be ridiculously young compared to him...

  • AngelouLloron


    #33676667 - 1 year ago

    In reply to TruthseekerCNS

    Duskmagick has the merge explanation right. 

    I like it. Yeah, from what I understand, the two consciousness will merge, but Oscar's will be at the forefront. He'll simply have Ozpin's memories and acquired knowledge.

    As I don't ship precious little Rubes with anyone, I'm indifferent all-out the ship, but actually I don't mind this one. I see them as being adorkable together since they're socially awkward, less so Ruby as of now, but yeah. 

    It would also be a funny gag to have Oz give Oscar advice on Ruby and then have it backfire

  • tin-foilhat

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    #33676687 - 1 year ago

    In reply to ZeroHeroSama

    It depends on how it’s handled. I could definitely see Ozpin/Ozhead being a source of angst and danger to Rose Garden. Like Oscar is in love with Ruby and Ozpin uses those feelings against him and it drives Oscar out of his mind. He could end up having the LONGEST crush on Ruby without saying anything because he has Ozpin in his head.

    He’ll go away in time. It may even have to be until the end of the series though after Salem is “finally” defeated thus freeing Oscar of his divine curse to have his happily ever after with Ruby. 

  • Kelleycaudle

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    #33679182 - 1 year ago

    it definitely depends on how this is handeled.u

  • RedStrikeBunny


    #33691252 - 1 year ago

    I ship it, some good moments so far but kind of want to see how it develops 

  • HeartshiningXX


    #33696066 - 1 year ago

    Well this is the only ship were I can truly say that I can see that RT is going somewhere with this. So yeah, I think it is an ok ship. The only thing that is keeping people against it is the Ozpin thing. However, there are three possibilities, depending on how people interpreted what Oz was saying about his curse, on how Oscar and Oz will end up. 

    1. When they defeat Salem the gods will lift curse and Oz soul will rest in peace as all the other ones. 

    2.The Gods lift the curse and if Oz doesn't move on as I said in option 1 then he will get his original body(get with i'm kidding) back leaving Oscar a free man.

    3. By the time the defeat Salem Ozpin or Oscar will merge completely as one meaning no inside thoughts from the other with either Ozpin or Oscar as the dominant personality. Since they completely merged the Gods still lift the curse, meaning they wont reincarnate again, but they will leave him as is since they are now one person...

    However, in my opinion it seems that Ozpin will be leaving some how(since everything will get resolved eventually in "X" amount of volumes) and ever since he said that his power is waning because he gave the Maiden a big portion of it it hints to me that or atleast foreshadows that Ozpin will disappear(so I'm leaning toward option one and three)

    Though I think by the time Ozpin and Oscar merge it wouldn't matter if it was an OK ship seeing as how they might not bring anyone together until the end of the show. There could be another time skip in which Ruby is 18, an adult, and can date whoever she wants.....

    Anyway, volume 5 has showed us some good moments between Ruby and Oscar so far. It looks to me that Oscar has developed a crush on Ruby. Ruby also finally opened up to someone about the deaths of those dear to here and the fact that it was Oscar shows alot. Rosegarden could have a lot of good comedy(like Qrow and Ozpin disapproving, Ozpin being Oscar's wingman but still mess up), and they have that sense of tragedy of whether they could get together or not because of the Ozpin thing and how they probably have a big part together in going against Salem. That's what makes it exciting to me and want to see how RT would portray it because I feel it would be really entertaining for me. Though I don't think Ruby has feeling for Oscar I do think RT is going to go somewhere with them. Miles even defended the ship in one of the podcasts and people who don't(and they really don't) and do ship Ruby X Oscar feel like Oscar will be Ruby's love interest....

    I couldn't see whiterose or Lancastor happening, it didn't click for me. Lancastor was not really exciting and Whiterose was...I felt like it was waning as volumes passed. For ships that I ship, I go for those that looks to me that they are going to be canon and I haven't been wrong in choosing a ship so far. I also read this post in which a writer had said something about who Ruby could end up with a few months ago. he had said 

    "Honestly, from my writer viewpoint, if they matched Ruby up with anyone else it have to be
    A. A completely new character who meets her suddenly
    B. Someone we know already but throw in a LOT of relationship changes to make the feelings work"

    So that's why I ship it or feel like it's going to be pushed for...

  • tin-foilhat

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    #33698585 - 1 year ago

    In reply to ClNDERFALL

    Well, we now have Ozpin “resting” in Oscar because of all the energy he exerted fighting. 

    We’ll probably be loosing him in the next volume or two. And good riddance.

  • RedStrikeBunny


    #33702194 - 1 year ago

    Some reasons to ship:

    1. Oscar isn’t that shy when around Ruby

    2. Oscar gets worried about her mostly out of the other characters 

    3. Ruby’s speeches have given courage to Oscar more than once

    4. Stolen glances between both on multiple occasions

    5. They can both be dorks

    6.  Ruby was one of the first to inspire Oscar and also kick his ass

  • Velrak


    #33704043 - 1 year ago

    Without Ozpin around, I wouldn't have any problem with Ruby and Oscar being together. I even wish it would happen ! The two are so sweet and around the same age. So far, it even seems that RT gave us some clues showing that this ship will really happen (see the previous message from KamenRiderOz-Gear which I totally agree with).

    But... as Ozpin is around, this ship becomes more complex and interesting. 

    Personaly, I don't want Ruby and Oscar to be together as long as Ozpin lives within Oscar. This just wouldn't be right and very awkward on top of it ! But this doesn't prevent the ship to develop without being official. Which brings me to my point : I think the Rosegarden ship could bring us very useful informations about Ozpin and what reincarnation implies :

    1) Is there still any chance for Oscar to be freed from Ozpin besides of dying...?

    I mean, imagine how hard it would be for Ruby and Oscar to learn that they could never be only the two of them together as long as Oscar lives...

    I do hope that beating Salem would free Ozpin from his curse (I assume his soul would then vanish). But what about Oscar in this case ?

    2) In case when Ozpin's soul eventually vanishes, in what state would remain the host's soul (so Oscar here) ? What does the merging process really mean ?

    This would be a bit cruel for Ruby and Oscar to find out they can't be together anymore because Oscar has too changed in the meantime he was with Ozpin. Friendship still possible of course but not love anymore.

    On the contrary, Oscar's change could be for the better and accelerate the Rosegarden process (more mature, more confident etc...).

    3) Did Ozpin face this situation before ? (his host having a crush on someone else)

    If yes, how did he handle it ? Did he allow it...?

    If no, how will he handle the Rosegarden thing ? Will he do his best to prevent it or gently mess around with Oscar (but still making sure things don't get physical !)

    So yes, I am very curious to see how the Rosegarden thing will evolve in Volume 6 (and after).

    In my dreams, I would like to see some awkward but funny scenes between Ruby and Oscar/Ozpin, then a freed Oscar after Salem has been defeated leading to witness Rosegarden become real ! :)

  • Pac115man


    #33708841 - 1 year ago

    In reply to KamenRiderOz-Gear

    Isn’t the same with Jaune too?

  • jiore


    #33709267 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Velrak

    These are really good points!

    It basically summarizes my issue with the Rosegarden ship!

  • Vellium


    #33753094 - 2 months ago

    I really need someone to write a fan fic called Oscar Pines.

  • erepin


    #33753108 - 2 months ago

    I don't ship Ruby with anyone. She's young and socially awkward and a dork, and I can't see how she would be forming a romantic relationship with anyone in the timeframe of the TV show.

    Don't get me wrong, I really like Ruby as a character. It was her odd character model on the back of the Vol 1 DVD that got me interested in the show. But shipping her with anyone seems OOC for her.