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  • Dinobot01


    #33695706 - 6 months ago

    I though we should get a head start on this. Everyone can use this post to say what they would like to see next season.

    My List:

    1. Meeting Jaunes family

    2. More about Jaunes past

    3. More about Noras past

    4. More about Ozpins past

    5. The history between Ozpin and Salem

    6. Why is Tyrian interested in Jaune?

    7. More about the Gods of Remnant

    8. Who will be the new headmaster of Haven?

    9. Who is the new Fall Maiden?

    10. More Black Sun moments

    11. More White Knight moments

    My biggest question: Now that Team RWBY is back together, what does that mean for Jaune, Ren and Nora?

  • Zalph

    Zalph FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RWBY Mega-Fan

    #33695743 - 6 months ago

    *We definitely need to see more of Jaune. He's going to play a major role in the next volume I think.

    *I'm looking forward to the history between Ozpin and Salem. They seem to replicate the Gods of Remnant in some way.

    *I really have no idea if Cinder is alive or dead. If she's dead, it'd be a shame. I wanted to see a Jaune/Ruby vs Cinder battle but MEH, whatareyagunnado?
    *Team JNR will gain a new member most likely. Perhaps someone from one of the teams in Atlas? I'm  a strong believer in a new member because most of the time it's been a team of four. But I can't rule out the possibility of the three members being separated just like RWBY.

    I'm expecting some good stuff from Volume VI, I can't wait!

    My biggest question: Who will be Salem's new powerful member?

  • Dinobot01


    #33695828 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Zalph

    Well, based on the finale, it seems Adam will be Salems new member. I really don't want JNR to seperate from RWBY because they already know about Salem and the Relics. Ozpin has personally brought them into the fold. It wouldn't make any sense to kick them out now. I just can't help but worry about those three

  • Zalph

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    #33695858 - 6 months ago

    The next stop is Atlas, where Winter Schnee is. We'll probably see a lot of Jaune/Weiss combo.

  • revanninja

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    #33695859 - 6 months ago

    I think we will see something with JNPR as RWBY has reunited and it leaves JNPR obviously off balance.

    Oscar isnt a good fit as he hasnt been shown bonding with them and as this vol showed he isnt ready. Neither is Penny as again not connected to JNPR. both Oscar and Penny are more Ruby's friends and not JNPR.

    So I am pretty sure we will get something for them especially since Kerry and Miles hinted that there will be JNPR trailers when they got asked that question on the last Rewind.

    I also dont think Cinder is dead they just want us to think that. its not the first time Cinder has survived a serious defeat unexplained. So this might explain it and maybe give hints.

  • arklaynorth


    #33695873 - 6 months ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Practically no-one believes that Cinder is actually dead — well, maybe except for Emerald — poor girl.

  • arklaynorth


    #33695875 - 6 months ago

    In Volume VI, I want Raven, Cinder & Ozpin to team up to battle Salem — and the whole fight is set to "The Phoenix" by Fallout Boy.

  • Blue-Rose-89


    #33695962 - 6 months ago

    Here's my list:

    1. We stick around Mistral a bit longer because heading to Atlas is easier than done.  The team can use this time to clean up Haven, find a new Headmaster, and maybe give the Nikos family closure should M&K choose to introduce them.

    2.  Emerald and Mercury will begin to have second thoughts about their place in Salem's council of evil. When they were with Cinder they saw themselves untouchable, but now that she's out of commission  they are now stuck with a even bigger witch that can and will get rid of them if they become loose ends. Going by Emerald's reaction to Cinder's death she's going to be the most conflicted about her situation. 

    3.Raven going back to Tai because she's retracing her steps. Being told by Yang that she is not the Raven that Tai fell in love with has forced her to ask herself  "What happened to me? Where did it all go wrong? Maybe if I go back to the place where I was genuinely happy I might get the answer. I know Tai won't be happy to see me but it's a start."

    4. Cinder returning but less than human than before. Maybe we can get a backstory on her.

    5.  If the Fall Maiden's power has indeed gone to someone else (assuming that the Grimm Beetle has died with Cinder) then perhaps we can get a glimpse on the new host. The team is going to have to go back to Vale at some point for the Relic of Choice so maybe she could be in Vale somewhere.

    Speculation of what's going to happen in Atlas.

    1. More development on the Schnee family. There might have been consequences to Weiss leaving such as Mrs Schnee becoming even more depressed since Weiss left or Klein getting fired for helping Weiss escape.

    2. Whitley being an antagonist not because he's secretly an ally of Salem but because he's a spoiled brat. The worst he can do is sabotage Weiss and her teammates just to spite her and" loyalty" to his father ("It's foolish not to do what father asks.")

    3. Atlas loosing control of its Kingdom because a lot of people are not happy with the lockdown.

    4. Meeting the Winter Maiden. If M&K are going with making the Maidens people we've already met then my guess is that a new model of Penny is the likely candidate. If it's a new character then I want this Maiden to be a cheerful girl to show that her personalty doesn't have to match her season (cold and detached).

    5. Because she's an Atlas specialist, Winter will be in a position where she must choose to either be loyal to her Kingdom or her Weiss. Should Winter choose loyalty to her Kingdom knowing that Weiss was in serious trouble it might put her at odds with her little sister.

  • chezamaiden

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    #33695994 - 6 months ago

    In keeping with the themes for the volumes representing seasons, 

    Vol 1: Spring new school new friends everything fresh and new. 

    Vol 2: summer care free time hitting the town with friends, and yes there were enemies but nothing like what we have now, and come on they even went on a camping filed trip.  

    Vol 3: was fall, fall of beacon, fall of Phyrra, fall maiden, cinder fall, and that things to come were looking darker rather than brighter.    

    Vol 4: was like winter, a time of almost depression and dealing with things that did occur in fall and kind of state of reflection. 

    now Vol 5 with the girls getting back together, The spring maiden revealed, and even M&K said this was a season of picking yourself back up and moving forward and dusting yourself off making things new again and so the seasons Continue,

    So Vol 6 will most likely be alot like Summer IMO.  Salem took a blow at Haven with her team being scattered and didn't go as planned for her. She will most likely not do too much attacking next Volume I believe.   So this will hopefully be another fun good times volume, the girls back together catching up they Will be or at least headed to Atlas, which is probably the safest place from Salem at the moment. So some things I would love to see happen next Vol is,

    #1 a little more like old times where they get to be themselves even just a little bit.

    #2 More Grimm fights please !!! Like fun ones where they choose to go out and fight and hone their skills and learn.

    #3 I hope we get an ACTUAL training ark where we SEE what training is happening not just one 3 minute training scene.

    #4 maybe have the whole crew go to school again at Atlas!!  They are far from finished with schooling anyways!! <<< This is one of my biggest hopes for Vol 6!!

    #5 And I say this every year but Maybe we will Learn something about Summer Rose.  it is the summer Vol after all.    

    Anyways I'm sure it will be better than Vol 5 because everyone's back together and that makes plot points a lot easier to follow!!   I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!   now what to do while I wait..

  • Dinobot01


    #33696091 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Zalph

    Here's hoping 

  • EmeraldKiwi94


    #33696724 - 6 months ago

    I also put this on the V6 Discussion thread but whatever.

    Here's my predictions/wants list:

    1. Jackass Schnee will be an antagonist. Shitley will be another antagonist.

    2. We’ll finally meet Dr. Poledina (Penny’s dad/creator) and Weiss’s mom.

    3. Maybe Penny 2.0.

    4. Neo! Velvet! Klein! Other characters we haven’t seen in a while!

    5. Neo’s action to make us hate her.

    6. Cinder will return, more monstrous than before.

    7. Jaune’s Semblance will be explored/expanded on. I’m curious to see what else he can do.

    8. Oscar will begin working to get his Semblance.

    9. Team STRQ flashback. Raven and Tai are together. Do it.

    10. Answers about Summer’s death, Silver Eyes, why Tyrian was interested in Jaune, etc.

    11. Yang will confront Blake and be mistrustful around her, at least for a little bit.

    12. RWBY will discover how each of their members have changed since they last saw each other.

    13. Ironwood will be antagonistic, or at least resistant to Ozpin’s group. His actions will hinder them in some way and will result in the villains getting the next Relic (Creation, I think).

    14. If (by some miracle) we stay in Mistral for a bit, we will finally see Pyrrha’s parents.

    15. Yang and Jaune will be the ones to question Ozpin and his decisions the most. Maybe Jaune will finally confront Ozpin about Pyrrha.

    16. RWBY etc will end up in Mantle somehow and see how terrible it really is.

    17. Blake and any other Faunus that go to Atlas will face huge prejudice.

    18. The powers (and drawbacks) of the Relic of Knowledge will be explored. Maybe it will drive its holder crazy if they use it for too long. Human minds cannot comprehend too much knowledge, after all.

    19. Ruby character development. Show, don't tell.

  • brianinator


    #33698392 - 6 months ago

    In reply to EmeraldKiwi94 here's hoping Jaune can take arua from enemies to boost his own.

  • Dinobot01


    #33698428 - 6 months ago

    I want to add some things to my list:

    Blake speaking to JNR for the VERY first time and training Jaune to use his semblance for offense

  • EmeraldKiwi94


    #33698683 - 6 months ago

    In reply to brianinator

    That would be cool.

    In reply to Dinobot01

    Blake's never spoken to JNR? What?!

  • revanninja

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    #33698689 - 6 months ago

    In reply to EmeraldKiwi94

    Yeah its kind of Odd as far as we know she never has though it is implied off screen discussion have happened but no on screen interaction.

  • EmeraldKiwi94


    #33698700 - 6 months ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Add Blake and JNR conversation to my list as well then. Nora can buy her some fish or something. Let's have some inter-team bonding. 

  • Dinobot01


    #33698736 - 6 months ago

    In reply to revanninja

    In reply to EmeraldKiwi94

    Yep, it's true. Blake has NEVER spoken to JNR. Of course, in story wise, during their time at Beacon, I'm sure she's spoken to them every time RWBY and JNPR hung out and I'm sure after all that time, she thinks of them as her friends, but we have NEVER seen Blake speak to JNR once. That needs to change.

  • Dinobot01


    #33698986 - 6 months ago

    I thought of two more things I'd like to see. 

    The first one is and I think this one is a long time coming. Jaune does something so badass and so manly that all the girls, especially Weiss, blush, their hearts skip a beat and they can't believe that they never saw Jaune as such a man. Like him goes off on some jerk with words or he beats the crap out of someone for insulting his friends.

    Next is Yang having to flirt with a guy so the others can sneak in some where or steal something. I mean she actually has to use her feminine wiles and use her charm on some guy. She has all the right straits of an action movie heroine. The long blond hair, the beauty, the badass attitude and everything.

    And I mean the funny comedy flirting that's safe for kids to watch like in the latest Jumanji movie. I have too much respect for Yang to think otherwise

  • CaTaylor90


    #33698996 - 6 months ago

    I think what we need is a confirmation of Cinder's fate, and I hope she's dead for good.

    And I like to see Adam get what's coming to him. That'll be payback for what he did to Yang, and also to make him answer for his crimes, just as Cinder did.

    And we should also see who Pyrrah's family are, I'd imagine her mother would be torn up when she finds out what had happened to her. I had this crazy theory at one point that Pyrrah may have a twin sister who looks like her, much like Lock on Stratos from Gundam 00. Think about it.

    And there's other maidens who have yet to be introduced. Not to mention that there will be a new spring maiden, and we have no idea who it will be yet.

  • Zalph

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    #33699062 - 6 months ago

    In reply to CaTaylor90

    Actually, the Spring Maiden will stay as Raven.

  • revanninja

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    #33699068 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Zalph

    In reply to CaTaylor90

    As Zalph says Raven unless she dies will stay as the Spring Maiden.

    Maiden hood is as far as we know not given up with age only death.

    What MANY get confused on is that you must be a certain age to be selected. They take this to mean you can only be a maiden during that age range but that isnt true.

    Raven as she appears on screen is very much past that age. Most likely when she became the Spring Maiden she was on the edge of the age range as currently she is guessed at being Late 30s to early 40s what is considered WELL past Young woman age.

    As we are told by Qrow and glynda

    Goodwitch: (back to Pyrrha, explaining it all carefully) At first, the only thing that was certain was that the powers were specifically passed on to young women. But as time went on, it was discovered that the selection process was much more... intimate.

    Pyrrha: (concerned) ... Intimate?

    Goodwitch: As we understand it now, when a Maiden dies, the one who is in her final thoughts is the first candidate to inherit her power.

    Qrow: Unless it's a dude or some old hag. Then the power goes to someone random, and our job gets a lot harder.

    The power being moved on is always refered to when they die. And it is only the selection process age become a factor.

  • JROY

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    #33699073 - 6 months ago

    Gonna predict Blake's gonna put the bow back on or at least consider it seeing as they will be going to Atlas, which has bee implied to be the most Faunus hostile kingdom. We might also see a subplot of the Fuanus treatment in Atlas too.

  • CaTaylor90


    #33699135 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Zalph

    Oh wait, I actually meant Fall Maiden. My bad.

  • revanninja

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    #33699144 - 6 months ago

    In reply to CaTaylor90

    Makes more sense but chances are good Cinder isnt dead.

    I imagine she will show up hurt and even more grimmed up but not dead.

  • arklaynorth


    #33699156 - 6 months ago

    Considering that Cinder believes in destiny — damn you, Bungie, I keep capitalizing that word — her loss at Raven's hands might cause her to question what her destiny actually is.