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  • JOKR007


    #33723206 - 8 months ago

    With the conclusion of V5, We can only assume that well be seeing what was mentioned. We dont really know how far things could go with the series, however, I do feel like we're in for a much longer ride than expected. Now that Team RWBY has been reunited, team JNR is down a member but with Oscpin in the picture Im sure Team JNR will adopt him as Oscar continues to develop as a warrior, and Oz continues to manifest his Reincarnation. 

    We will probably be seeing the group cover ground to Atlas to loop Ironwood into whats happened. There's also a possibility we could see them all travel to Vacuo to protect the other relic, seeing as how Atlas is pretty we defended. Vacuo seems like the more appeasing choice seeing how the group could repel an attack in Vacuo in V6, and then move to Atlas to mobilize against Salem in a potential V7. 

    Now, as far as character development goes(tangent warning), I can almost assure we will be seeing more of Jaune as his semblance comes to light and plays out in the groups battles. Ruby will most likely learn-or be taught-to harness her true warrior potential in the very first Awakening of the series. Oscar will most likely continue to train in combat and harness his Aura. There's really no way of saying if well be seeing a Semblance due to the fact that he is the host for OZ's reincarnation. Speaking of such, Oz will continue to be Oz and shed guidance and light upon the group(s) and bring them further into the loop, and possibly, completely manifest in his reincarnation. Qrow will continue to have his internal conflicts as well as external conflicts, primarily with Raven. Yang HOPEFULLY will lean towards accepting the lore of Remnant and harness her Semblance to become a powerhouse in battle. There's no telling how her relationship with her mother will go, so its really hard to say. Blake will loop the rest of her team into her family's plan(s) for the Fang and continue to purge from her shell. Weiss, well Weiss will be Weiss, and continue to be Weiss. Her powers are going to continue to develop and she will be a key element in Team RWBY in this upcoming volume. Nora and Ren are minor characters and will most likely continue to provide support for those characters who have yet to develop completely. Sun will most likely join the group as the independent freelancer, OR be adopted in the JNR family as their fourth member instead of Oscar, as mentioned above. 

    Sorry this was so long. Its been a while and I just finished re-watching the entire installation of RWBY. Ill be continuing this post and much more on my RT blog, and be discussing it further in depth on the rebirth of my "What We Watch"(Triple W) Podcast. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you want to discuss RWBY and other shows/RT news on the blog or Podcast. You are more than welcome, and I'd love to have any and all of you. 

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33723233 - 8 months ago

    In reply to JOKR007

    Hey! Been a while since I've checked up on this(I only really look on weekdays), But I was not disappointed on this death -before -finals of a Monday1 I would agree on all counts, except going to Mistral. I just don't see it, especially after it being hinted at.( Though I would not mind seeing the characters in desert clothing!

  • Dinobot01

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    #33723261 - 7 months ago

    I know one thing we need to see in the next season. Blake has never spoken to anyone from JNR. I mean, I'm sure she has in the time skips, but It would be nice to actually see her do it. We need to see some true friendship scenes between RWBY and JNR

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33723311 - 7 months ago

    Hey, ive got a question.  In volume one we see Weiss and blake, (but also presumably the others) have bags and suitcases full of stuff. In volume 3, the school gets attacked by grimm, and they never actually grab their stuff on screen. Did they just leave it?

  • AenarTenthSkraeling

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    #33723314 - 7 months ago

    Presumably. Though maybe some of the expeditions Glynda led let people get some of their stuff back.

  • Luckhart


    #33723335 - 7 months ago

    I don't think they have left anything extremely important ( bar happiness )...

    I mean yeah Blake returned to collect something important for her ( Gambol Shroud <<< One of the reasons I think she may have Yang second gauntlet )

  • 00X110


    #33724033 - 7 months ago

    -The status of Beacon

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33724154 - 7 months ago

    all things considered, they probably have their stuff

  • user-5a98361f8663d


    #33724315 - 7 months ago

    In reply to emilyblack

    well it not as bad as you think for one him having some one he was close to killed might of had a hand in his semblance to indirectly heal others.

    second if im right and say he a mid grad fighter that is a good spot for that kind of semblance for he can easily reach the front liners and the rear support and he can help both by giving them a boost.

    all and all any powers are both good and bad it just depends on how and ware you use it.

  • revanninja

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    #33724322 - 7 months ago

    In reply to emilyblack

    Well that assumes he cant take Aura as well. Which it is possible Jaune can take others Aura for his own and his ability isnt just him giving it out.

    Also you are forgetting one other aspect of his power. 

    Jaune can enhance himself. That is what he did against Cardin in Vol 1. He can use his own Aura to boost his abilities.

    So it might be using Video game as an example Like Rage Modes such as God of War, DarkSiders, Metal Gear Rising where you have a limited time but you can massively boost your combat abilities.

    Unlike those games this is a double edge sword where Jaune is also using his protective power to enhance his combat so he needs to be careful with it.

    But unlike those games Jaune doesnt have to dumb everything into it either.

    He could enhance his speed or his aura shield for just a split second to gain a serious advantage.

    As an example of how that would work when Swordsmen trade blows we get a sense of the timing of swings  how fast the other person can swing a sword so we can formulate responses to that. Jaune by enhancing his speed for just a second can screw with that timing HEAVILY.

    Or like Dark Souls enhance his aura and poise through an attack to deliver a powerful blow.

  • tin-foilhat

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    #33724325 - 7 months ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Careful, your Jaune fanboy side is showing.

    In reply to emilyblack

    And YOU just hit the nail on the hammer on why I think REN and Nora are just characters that sit on the sidelines as place holders.


    Fucking CHRIST they have no relevance.

  • revanninja

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    #33724326 - 7 months ago

    In reply to tin-foilhat

    Uhm No?

    That was me literally following what has been shown in the show and theorizing based on what is possible.

    Not fanboying at all just showing an idea of what they COULD do with it.

    And its not like that abilities dont have issues.

    Aura steal is useless against Grimm for example and against people with Aura so far its shown with Weiss he needs to be physically close so he may not be able to get close fight and steal all at once as that is a lot of things to juggle.

    And the only reason why I think Steal is possible is because what can be given in anime can also sometimes be taken away.

    As for enhancing himself which that is something LITERALLY shown in the show when Cardin goes to punch Jaune back in vol 1. My point on it is that used in the right way it can give him an advantage but its a double edge sword as the enhancement needs aura which is also supply his defense.

    It could make him a glass canon depending on how its used.

  • MichaelHalpe

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    #33724336 - 7 months ago

    In reply to tin-foilhat

    Nora is comic relief and Ren is the straight man

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33724346 - 7 months ago

    In reply to  MichaelHalpe True

    In reply to tin-foilhat Come, join the Jaune side of the force!

  • Dinobot01

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    #33724359 - 7 months ago

    Okay. I think Jaunes semblance has a much bigger role and importance than we all think. Jaune has the ability to transfer his Aura to another person. By doing so, he restores their Aura and makes it stronger and by amplifying their Aura he is making them more powerful. We saw that after Jaune restored Weiss' Aura, she herself said she felt "much" better, meaning she felt more powerful than before. Which she obviously was seeing how she summoned the Lancer Queen spirit.

    I think Jaune has like a Paladins ability. They are the noblest and most heroic of warriors. They have the strongest healing powers and they are the warriors that evil fears the most. Because Paladins contain the purest light. They also inspire hope in people, which is what Salem fears. Someone with an ability like a Paladin, could spell MAJOR trouble for Salem.

    Remember that it was the Warrior King of Vale that stopped the Great War. His Aura was so powerful, that the other three kingdoms knew he couldn't be beaten and were ready to kneel before him. If Jaune really is a descendant of the Warrior King, he could have inherited his ancestors power. And he could posses the exact same Aura power. Making him just as dangerous.

    Jaune making others more powerful gives them a huge edge over their enemies. He could make Ruby so fast that she has the speed of Flash, he could enhance Yang so much that simply flicking her with your finger could giver her the strength to cause a massive earthquake with a single punch, Ren could hide the emotions of a whole city, Nora would be able to absorb electricity from a distance, Weiss could summon an army of spirits, you get the point.

    Look at this way, in many fantasy games I've played, I've found that the best way to defeat my enemies was to take out the healers first. That way, once the enemy is down they would have no one to come and restore their strength so they could keep fighting and I could focus on the main target or objective. Once the enemy is down, their down. 

    I think Jaune has just became the best chance of all the heroes coming out of every battle alive. he has become the teams best hope of surviving every battle. I think Jaunes semblance also makes him a big target and threat. If Salem learned that there was a person who could make others more powerful, she could see him as a great asset to her. She could have him enhance her own power or the powers of her followers. Or if she can't use him for herself she'll make sure he can't make her enemies more powerful and make her job harder.

    Plus, don't forget about what Atlus is doing with Aura. They've found a way to take Aura from one thing and put it into another. If they learned that there was a person who had that EXACT ability, Jaune would become their #1 and favorite experiment. They could try to exploit his power.

    And, Jaunes semblance has just awakened, so all we know for such is its basic function. With time and training, Jaune could learn to use it from a distance and MAYBE steal Aura from an enemy. Then he could restore his Aura and by refueling his own Aura, he can continue to enhance the other and keep making them stronger. See what I mean.

    I think Ozpin and Qrow will take notice of all this. Then, they will devote most of their time and energy into training Jaune, improving his fighting skills. So they can make sure that he can protect himself, while enhancing the others. Skill wise, Jaune is the weakest of the crew (which is something that needs to be changed), but semblance wise, he may be the most important. 

    Salem and her crew are scared of Ruby because of her Silver Eye powers. Having someone who can enhance the powers of a Silver Eyed Warrior is extremely dangerous for Salem. Maybe Jaune can enhance Ruby enough that she can go one-on-one with a Maiden and match her blow for blow.

    Think about everything that I said. After think all of this through, Jaunes semblance could be the most dangerous to Salem. Don't forget, Tyrian saw something in Jaune that interested him. Guys like him aren't interested in much. Whatever Jaune has that Tyrian is interested in, I bet it's big an important. 

    Jaune is my favorite character in the whole show. He needs is chance to really get into the plot. As do Ren and Nora, of course.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33724421 - 7 months ago

    In reply to Dinobot01 REN and Nora are just there for comic relief, but they are also big powerhouse fighters to balance Jaune being a support person.

  • AenarTenthSkraeling

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    #33724450 - 7 months ago

    One thing I'd like to see in Volume 6 is stuff like this:

    Lightning Bullet

    Fire Bullet

    With Dust having a bit more oomph than just making a elemental effect. Lightning bullets having a chaining from one opponent to another while fire bullets explode into proper fireballs. I'd like to see some more oomph from Weiss or other Dust users as well. Weiss has made some decently big ice constructs but it would be nice to see a proper giant fireball, or a wave of lightning. Or a mini-tornado.

  • user-5a98361f8663d


    #33724452 - 7 months ago

    well i think that depending how long it will take them to reach atlis both the teams can work on any problems they have when beacon fell like yang's ptsd to name one.

  • stickginge


    #33724675 - 7 months ago

    I know a lot of people wont like this guys ideas but some time away from characters so they can grow off screen is good because we are very limited on episodes and having a lot of characters and stories is too much

  • Dinobot01

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    #33724679 - 7 months ago

    In reply to stickginge

    Well, I agree with everything except leaving Jaune, Ren and Nora behind. They are WAY too involved to be left out now. Leaving them behind would make NO sense at all. We just learned that Jaune has the ability to make other people more powerful. That seems to useful to leave behind, especially with Rubys Silver Eyes powers. How about they just stick with the Marvelous Seven? That would be a whole lot easier. Leaving Jaune, Ren and Nora behind now, when they're already too involved now would make NO sense. Plus, it would piss off a lot of people

  • user-5a98361f8663d


    #33724701 - 7 months ago

    im with stickginge on this one for after all what these seven teens have gone though and learned a huge secret there are to integrated in the story plot to get rid of.

    also qrow and oscar are also to impotent to the group for qrow is on paper the adult garden for the groop even tho he drink's and for oscar well he do's have a sage soul who is (X) decades old in him.

  • cbwriter

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    #33725302 - 7 months ago

    Just another repost/recap of my list of things I'd like to see in Vol.6 with a few more additions:

    What I'd like to see in Volume 6:

    1) RWBY and co. taking time to reconnect, train, and rest in Mistral.

    2) Backstories on Ironwood, Watts, Pyrrha.

    3) Team meeting Pyrrah's family

    4) Team meeting Team ABRN and SSON as Haven goes back into session

    5) Oz explain "Silver Eyes" to Ruby and the team and starting to train her how to use and control it without passing out.

    6) Backstory on Summer Rose to Ruby and team.

    7) Backstory on Qrow's old team

    8) Peeks into Beacon, Atlas, and Vacuo to see what's happening.

    9) Backstories on Port, Ooblek, Glynda

    10) A peek at what Winter's up to.

    11) Salem's reaction and planning

    12) Haven's new headmaster/mistress

    13) Whether or nor Cinder is actually dead (most likely near/at the end of the volume)

    14) The start of the travel to Atlas

    15) Mistral residents meeting the faunus that traveled to help save Haven.

    16) RWBY & co. meeting the Belladonnas.

    17) The team wandering Mistral. (Y'all came up with a beautiful town. Show it off a bit)

    18) RWBY &co, meet Penny's 'father' in Atlas. (either end of 6 or in 7)

    19) Backstory on Jaune and Nora

    20) Ruby becoming stronger and more proficient with Crescent Rose. Qrow's there, use him for his original intro purpose. NO ONE could train Ruby in scythe handling better than Qrow...AND they're in a proper place for training right now. Not to mention Ozpin DID say they ALL needed more training. What better place to do it while they're at a Huntsman Academy.

    21) A possible explanation/expansion on why Ruby suddenly grew slightly "weak" at the end of the chapter. Could it possibly be Cinder hitting the bottom of the pit? 

    22) Possible naming of RWBY & co. to RWBY-NRJ (Ruby-energy) or something along that thinking

    23) Upgrades to ALL character's weapons since they're in a place where you can get almost anything.

    24) A chapter or two in northern Anima waiting for a ship to get them to Atlas/Mantle

    25) Since Atlas' borders are closed and it may take awhile to convince Ironwood and the council to let them in, a few chapters in the city of Mantle showing the possible poor conditions that the Schnee Co. keeps their employees in and possibly the poor condition of the city of Mantle in general since the capital moved to Atlas.

    26) Considering that Ruby's weapon SHOULD require more than a normal amount of arm, shoulder, leg, and upper body strength, she should, once she learns proper person-person fighting technique, be a pretty tough fighter. Handling her weapon AND dealing with the recoil would, by necessity, build up her strength. All she really needs to do is learn technique. 

    27) Weiss gets lessons from Winter about summoning and fighting. (Probably near the end of Vol.6 at earliest, most likely Vol.7)

    28) Ruby needs a "break-down" event where the team rallies around her. (Possibly in Haven, with a meeting with Pyrrah's family (parents and possibly sisters (possibly an identical twin) that "breaks" her emotionally. (an identical twin would really do it)

    29) Possibility of a major "incident" between Mistral residents and the faunus that came to help. (Remember the sign on the wall outside the first place Qrow stopped to look for huntsmen"

    30) Possible backstory on Son and why he went to Haven from Vacuo.

    31) A bit of explanation on why the lamp was pulsing and starting to glow at the end of Chap.14.

    32) If the writers plan on keeping the "Faunus discrimination" as part of the story, I would expect that Atlas would be the "shining city on the hill" all clean and shiny and in good repair. In contrast, I would expect the former capital of Mistral to look similar to late 19th-early 20th century London, NYC, Chicago, etc.. Basically a run-down city in disrepair with fairly well kept homes for the mine managers set apart from the main city which is run-down, filthy, buildings and roads in disrepair with brutal Atlas patrols "keeping the peace". among the Faunus and poor humans. If there is ANY place to show what the White Fang is fighting against, Mistral would be the place to show it in full detail.

    33) A start on the backstory of Salem and what the fight between Ozpin and Salem is all about.

    34) Blake approaching Yang about her leaving instead of Yang bringing it up.

  • MichaelHalpe

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    #33725329 - 7 months ago

    I want to meet the K&Y in FNKY

  • user-572df514355fe


    #33725352 - 7 months ago

    In reply to MichaelHalpe Actually it's spelled FNKI.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33725460 - 7 months ago

    In reply to  I want item #33 the most plot wise.