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  • Velrak


    #33735784 - 4 weeks ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Yes we don't really know if Adam joined them or not. We have to wait for confirmation. We can only guess and right now my guess is that he is going separate way based on these two final scenes at the end of V5 and Adam's short : if Adam was willing to join Hazel and co, why show him in a tree watching them, remaining silent and waiting for them to pass before moving himself ? Very suspicious to me, I really interpret it as someone not willing to join the party. And it seemed to me that the final scene at the end of the short clearly happened after the "tree" scene. Adam was obviously alone and back on the ground but more importantly he did not move and behave like someone trying to flee like he did in front of Blake and Sun or trying to avoid his former "teammates" (my interpretation here). Also he still had his mask in the tree. So based on this assumed chronology, I think Adam is definitely going his own way (for now).

    But we agree his chances of a solo run are low and that Adam is aware of this. Eventually, it is likely he will be looking to join Salem's crew but here too this needs confirmation. Also, I really want to know how Salem feels now about Adam. Yes he is a broken character but she sould make sure he is loyal because his latest actions don't speak in his favor (killing Sienna, trying to blow up Haven even with the White Fang still here). He looks like someone ready to disobey as soon as he feels something goes against his interests which is why I was asking the question if Adam is still willing to fight for the Faunus. If yes, then I wouldn't trust him if I were Salem.

    Also very quickly, my intuition for V6 when it comes to the vilains is that Adam, Tyrian and Neo (yes Neo !!) will be the major factors. We will see a bit of Hazel, Merc, Emerald and Salem together and maybe something with Watts (who could be sent to Atlas if he is not there already). And I don't think we will hear from Cinder at all.

  • revanninja

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    #33735788 - 4 weeks ago

    In reply to Velrak

    Because Adam wasnt close he was keeping a lookout for them that is why. He was looking for them from a tree.


    Because as soon as he sees them he hopes down.And staying in a tree with what is going on if his goal was to go his own way doesnt make any sense.

    He would be putting as much distance as he could but that isnt what happened.

    So no I dont think ANY of the scenes are suggesting he is going his own way it doesnt make any sense.

    That second part is a serious reach especially considering Leo. First no one knows about the bomb thing from Salem's side as far as we know. Also the plan was going to crap and despite how everyone was acting I dont think those bombs would be one giant fireball killing everyone. More like a series of explosions collapsing buildings and raining debris on everyone. 

    Sienna is honestly no different from Leo to be honest yes Hazel disagreed with it but Hazel isnt the most informed person there that is Adam so Hazel may not like it but if Adam gives good reasoning for it Salem will accept it and as we see with Leo she can and will kill her people if she thinks they are an issue. So Sienna doesnt mean anything to Salem.

    And no he doesnt look like someone disobeying that is a SERIOUS reach. Adam has been asked to do stuff and has completed it several times despite set backs keep in mind the train and beacon were because Adam followed what he was told.

    Who knows but something to keep in mind they have said Adam will be a keystone villain so as the plot stands to remain important he MUST join Salem if he doesnt then he cant be a Keystone as he wouldnt be aware of the bigger plot points going on.

  • Velrak


    #33735803 - 4 weeks ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Yes Adam followed orders before but either because it went well with his interests (attacking the train was an indirect response against humans and also the Schnee company) or because he was forced to (Cinder came back at him with the Fall maiden power). Adam has not convinced me of being loyal under any circumstances : "I serve the Faunus" that is what he said to Sienna not "I serve you" ! This was a significant detail for me which confirmed my impression and foreshadowed his future decision to murder her.

    Here is what I see about Adam joining or not Salem's crew : you're right, if he wanted to escape he wouldn't have waited in that tree. What I'm thinking now is that Adam was waiting to see which direction Hazel and co were going because he knew they were going back to Salem. This would give him the track to follow to reach her but still alone as Hazel would probably refuse his company. Adam would be on his own just during this tracking period (a little bit like Qrow in V4 with RNJR).

    And why Adam is already willing to join Salem ? Because I think he quited on the Faunus as he throwing his mask shows (for me). The mask as explained in the same short was a symbol representing his fight against humans for the Faunus but he threw it. It has to mean something.

  • revanninja

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    #33735811 - 4 weeks ago

    In reply to Velrak

    I am going to be honest I do not agree I think you are taking it in a way that it is NOT meant to present at all.

    Its REALLY clear the "Faunus" is not what Adam serves but rather is the Mask he uses to hide his real desires and motives.

    He is like someone using a moment to do what he personally wants while saying its for the cause.

    He has also made it clear he IS loyal despite your words. He makes the Faunus do the Beacon he willing continues to join with them when things are going down hill he asks Hazel for advice, mind hazel doesnt like Adam so that backfired, but it makes clear Adam is more then willing to play ball for Salem.

    That makes no sense. Why wait to track if he plans to join anyway? Especially because Salem WILL have defenses he knows she is powerful so him just walking up isnt going to happen.

    Qrow was using Ruby as BAIT that is fact. He wasnt doing things on his own he was specifically letting Ruby do her own thing while following to see what shakes out. He wasnt leaving her out in the wind as made clear by his actions we do see he was keeping close to protect her but he 100% was using Ruby to lure out enemies and see what comes out.

    Adam doesnt have that he has no reason to keep his distance. Hazel right now CANT refuse his help he is injured, Merc is injured, em is out of it completely. They are being hunted. Hazel may not LIKE Adam but he isnt stupid he will accept his help and aid. 

    Yes he is quitting PRETENDING to care about the Faunus. He has always used the White Fang as a mask for his personal grudge which he is now done doing that.

  • SaberWulf


    #33736011 - 3 weeks ago

    I need to just stop going on Twitter until RWBY is over.

    You know Im starting to think that all these shipping arguments get started by people who have a ‘I want to watch the world burn’ mindset.

  • JROY

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    #33736049 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to SaberWulf

    Yeah I don't really get into that unless its more chilled.

  • Velrak


    #33736068 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Could you please elaborate on what you think are the real desires and motives of Adam ?

    We still lack a complete backstory on him but it seems you have a theory that doesn't involve the Faunus at all. I'm curious. Personally, I agree with that aspect. I feel like Adam always had some personal objectives uncorrelated to the Faunus despite fighting for the Faunus. BUT I also think Adam was genuinely fighting for the Faunus because of... well the multiple examples the show gave us on that. If somehow it turns out he was faking it this whole time, then I have to say it would be a great plot twist (and Adam should receive an Oscar) ! There is still room for it to happen for me : 1) We still don't know what type of Faunus Adam is IF he is one indeed 2) We still don't know the exact reasons why he embraced the Faunus cause (did he lose someone because of discrimination ?) and 3) Why did he say "It is time I got what I deserved" at the end of the short ?? If he was so dedicated as he always appeared to be, he would have said we wouldn't he ?

    To recap, given everything the show has given us (short included) my call is that Adam has always been willing to fight for the Faunus but this call has never been definitive as I always have had doubts which have recently grown thanks to the said short and Adam killing Sienna.

    I still disagree with his presumed loyalty. The examples you gave (train attack, Beacon) can't only be explained through pure loyalty. All of Adam's actions could also very well have a hidden face in terms of motives. I don't even recall Adam calling himself loyal (even if he did, he could be acting). Also, why Adam killed Sienna if he was really loyal to her ?

    Why Adam wasn't shown with Hazel and co at the end of the short ? If he was willing to join them, he had all the time and the capacity to do so after he saw them from the tree.

    Tracking them now makes sense. We agree Salem is the best option for Adam now but he doesn't know where she is. Only the Hazel group knows but Hazel would not accept his company because he likely doesn't trust him and they don't really need him to handle themselves, Hazel is not injured enough to be unable to fight, Mercury has not been shown to be that injured and it could be a good strategy to scatter whatever forces are after them by staying splitted (also, chances are higher for the Hazel group to be spotted so Adam would notice that and keep a way out).

    Also we don't know anything about Salem's defenses. Neither does Adam. It makes sense to first acknowledge what he could face. But the question is not even here. Even if Salem's defenses are strong (which is surely the case), Adam has just to make clear he wishes to speak to Salem. More importantly, Hazel has better not be around when he does so because he would very likely ditch him and undermine Adam's credibility at a crucial moment. He has reasons to keep his distance now.

  • revanninja

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    #33736071 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to Velrak

    I am going to be honest here I disagree with your viewpoint but we have been going around in circles and there is no real point to it.

    I know you are not convincing me with your logic and I know you disagree with mine.

    So rather then continue a long drawn out argument I say we quit it. We will see the answer in vol 6 anyway and this seems pointless.

    From my phone 

  • Velrak


    #33736072 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to revanninja

    I'm fine with it but I don't think it was pointless.

  • Ace-of-Rogues


    #33736081 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to Velrak

    Adam's a bull Faunus. If you look close you can see the bull ears in his hair.

  • revanninja

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    #33736084 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to Velrak

    I do for a Variety of reasons

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    I think you mean horns not ears and yes you can

  • Velrak


    #33736098 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    Ho yes thanks, somehow I missed it this entire time ! And his name is Adam Taurus... :)

  • Borrigan

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    #33736881 - 2 weeks ago

    I personally want more oomph from the villains, as I type I haven't watched the Adam short so this could all be moot.

    I really liked how Tyrion came across in Volume 4, he was a legit threat to the gang and was really fun to watch.

    I felt Cinder didn't have the same punch, Salem isn't up to much other than being the big bad which is good, that's how she should be right now I think. I didn't really care for Hazel and as of Volume 5 Emerald and Mercury left me a bit disappointed, depending on how you view them as "villains" of course.

  • arklaynorth


    #33737352 - 1 week ago

    In reply to WrightKnight

    The Pyrrhic Victory argument is debatable — and that's all it is — a debate.

    Don't take it so seriously.

  • arklaynorth


    #33737353 - 1 week ago

    In reply to WrightKnight

    Cinder never really came across as a sadist to me.  I'm not saying she'll be Den Mother of the Year, but a true sadist would find a way to cause unnecessary suffering in every conflict.  This isn't the case with Cinder.  I'll admit she gives into the Dark Side once or twice — but if she were a sadist or a psychopath — this would be the norm instead of the exception.

    Adam, on the other hand, is a classic psychopath.  

    Not a sociopath, as there is a difference.

    In case some are wondering, a sociopath & psychopath do exhibit similar traits:

    - Lack of guilt/remorse

    - Lack of empathy

    - Lack of deep emotional attachments

    - Narcissism

    - Superficial charm

    - Dishonesty

    - Manipulativeness

    - Reckless risk-taking

    Psychopaths tend to have a very organized demeanor & are keenly aware that their actions are wrong — they simply don't care.  

    Conversely, sociopaths are less organized in their demeanor & may not even know that their actions are wrong.

    The simple version is that psychopaths cannot form & maintain relationships — thus, they are able to move through society committing callous crimes easily.

    Sociopaths can form & maintain relationships — thus they are unable to act in such a careless manner.

    All psychopaths are sociopaths — but not all sociopaths are psychopaths. 

  • arklaynorth


    #33737354 - 1 week ago

    In reply to WrightKnight

    You must be joking.

    Speaking as a lifelong fan of both the Transformers & Mobile Suit Gundam franchises — there is no possible way for the RX-78-2 to defeat Optimus Prime.  There are many impressive mobile suits in the Gundam Universe — the RX-78-2 is not among them, it is simply iconic.

    To put it in perspective, the RGM-79 GM — you know, the cannon fodder mobile suit — is simply a mass-produced mobile suit based on the technology of the RX-78-2.  And if you really want to get picky, the next advancement in technology from Anaheim Electronics was the 

    ill-fated RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex.

    I love Gundam, I really do — but the power scale for the Transformers is in a league of its own.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33737369 - 1 week ago

    In reply to arklaynorth I do love Gundam, but transformers takes every number and multiplies it by a few thousand.

  • Horus1122


    #33737396 - 1 week ago

    In reply to Borrigan emerald and mercury aren't bad guys yet but now thanks to cinder being dead I'm very interested in watching them become bad ass villain characters and your absolutely right about Salem she has to be built up to that point where we beg to see her kick someone's ass. And personally I think Adam gets some umph points in his trailer, I also like the fact that a trailer was finally not about the four main characters who we literally see every volume