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Water, fire, air and dirt, aura and mechanical limbs, how do they work?

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  • Dantejh


    #33706765 - 1 year ago

    Hello fellow forumers! I was just thinking today about how/if auras interact with mechanical limbs. I’m leaning towards yes for two reasons,

    1. It would be pretty dumb if ruby could just pop a high cal round through what used to be mercury’s knee and

    2 we saw yang fuck up his leg in the ring after his aura was depleted making me think it’s somehow protected

    Of course I’m not very confident in my answer so I wanted to bring it to the rest of you to see what you thought about it. I think whichever answer we get or agree on will raise more questions ESPECIALLY if it turns out mechanical stuff is

  • notvai4


    #33706778 - 1 year ago

    It's been stated that you can channel aura through weapons and armor, so yes, Mercury's prosthetic legs are definitely protected by his aura.

  • NealWillson


    #33706789 - 1 year ago

    I liked your post regarding auras interacting with mechanical limbs!! weapons and armor can be also a good idea. My name is Neal all call me nel I am an essayist in my blog. Today is my first day here. I think I will enjoy this platform.

  • Dantejh


    #33706793 - 1 year ago

    In reply to notvai4

    Ok that’s interesting and may provide a reason to why armour doesn’t seem popular in remnant. If you think about it, with all the high tech weaponry, metals used in armour may just get shredded forcing you to use your aura to protect it defeating the whole point. In fact, it would put you at a disadvantage because of its weight.

    This may be similar to why old west gunfighters didn’t use any armour because most bullets could go through plate. In both the fighting styles and culture of these dudes and our favourite hunters, agility seems king. I mean, look at who does wear armour, Jaune and Cardin both of whom where armour but have a different fighting style and play a tankier role in their teams.

    Still have a few more questions though, what does it mean to channel aura to a weapon? Could you channel through a bullet or arrow? What are some of the properties we in the materials used in weapons, armour and limbs in the series? And finally how far could an aura theoretically stretch?