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  • BevedUpRose


    #33714668 - 5 months ago

    Hey guys! As an avid RWBY fan and player of games like Pathfinder I am trying to create a rulebook for a RWBY based game. It will include the building blocks of character creation and help creators make their own campaigns. This isn't for monetary gain, just a fun little project that a friend and I are doing. I will be posting some questions and looking for some insight on mechanics. What a better place to do this but with fellow fans.

  • A-Tank


    #33715264 - 5 months ago

    In reply to BevedUpRose

    The pathfinder system would be best for combat, and the stats would not be too difference (STR, INT, WIS, etc...). You'd just have to stat Aura and Health differently, as well as creating a spreadsheet of weapon types and damage for the DM to handle the weapons fans can cook up. E.g a chainsword can inflict greater bleeding damage as well as dealing fatal lacerations, but is slow to swing. Similarly a scythe is good for crowd control but may damage allies in the surrounding arc of its swing. I am curious as to how you will deal with semblance.

    Best of luck with your project.

  • Thrythlind


    #33715293 - 5 months ago

    If you're doing it for fun rather than for money, you might look into using Strands of Fate.

    Have Aura set up as a separate Stress Track. I find the stress tracks work very well for those kind of endurance based magic systems.

    Use the Armor Power Advantage and Regeneration Power Advantage to represent the basic functions of Aura. Build Semblance by combination of Aspects and other Advantages.

    As a setting, the world doesn't easily lend itself to class-based systems like D&D though it could certainly be done that way, you would start to find things not working well in modeling RWBY characters as you moved up in levels.

  • Thrythlind


    #33715537 - 5 months ago

    Fate Core

    Default Skill List - Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Deceive, Drive, Empathy, Fight, Investigate, Lore, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Resources, Shoot, Stealth, Will

    Modes - One at +3, one at +2, one at +1 - Note that +0 is the average person's ability. Also note that skill rankings more represent mindset than actual skill. A person might switch out skills at milestones from one day to the next representing a change in mindset. Switching between Lore +3 and Fight +1 to Lore +1 and Fight +3 doesn't mean you learn new fighting abilities or forget your lore, it just means your current mindset is so focused on the new thing that you may not perform at your normal level of capability in that skill.

    Warrior: Athletics, Fight, Physique, Provoke, Shoot
    Infiltration: Athletics, Burglary, Deceive, Investigate, Stealth
    Society: Contacts, Deceive, Empathy, Provoke, Rapport
    Travel: Drive, Investigate, Notice, Resources, Stealth
    Scholarship: Contacts, Empathy, Investigate, Lore, Will

    Silver Eyes: Empathy, Fight, Notice, Will, Aspect

    Faunus: Athletics, Empathy, Notice, Stealth, Aspect

    7 points to improve skills after choosing three nodes, as per suggestion in Fate Toolkit

    four stress tracks
    Physical - Physique
    Mental - Will
    Social - Contacts

    Aura - increased only by stunts

    3 stunts base

    3 stunts only used to create Semblance and Weapon similar to Venture City power creation, use special effects, drawback and collateral damage modes from that World of Adventure book as well. Each gets two special effects as if they were separate powers. A Weapon or Semblance without stunts could mean a weapon that isn't especially prevalent a la Ren's knife guns, or a Semblance that hasn't emerged yet, a la Jaune's Aura Charge.

    Running out of Dust could be a complication on a success with cost result as ammo-shortage is rarely a problem in the story. Or it could be a Compel on the aspect of the weapon.

    An active Aura must be defeated before Physical Consequences can be dealt. Actions using Semblance can Succeed with Cost when triggering by taking stress to the Aura if a roll doesn't make the required difficulty. This simulates exhaustion of the Aura using your powers.


    Ruby Rose

    High Concept: Red-Hooded Huntress

    Trouble: A Soul Forever Haunted

    Aspect: "She always seems to know the right thing to do."

    Aspect: "I have a plan."

    Aspect: "I am not your sacrifice."
    Extra Aspect: "You have silver eyes."

    Ruby Rose: Silver Eyes +3, Warrior +2, Society +1

    Athletics(Specialized +2): +4

    Contacts(Trained +1): +1
    Deceive(Trained +1): +1

    Empathy(Focused +3): +4
    Fight(Specialized +3): +5

    Notice(Trained +3): +3

    Physique(Trained +2): +2
    Provoke(Focused +1): +2
    Rapport(Focused +1): +2
    Shoot(Trained +2): +2
    Will(Trained +3): +3

    Points spent to Specialize Athletics (3) and Fight (2), and Focus Provoke (1) and Rapport (1)
    Empathy and Fight were already Focused due to appearing in multple modes.

    Semblance: Speed: +4 to Athletics rolls made to move zones when using semblance. (Two stunts devoted for +2 total)

    Special Effects: Extra Movement, Extra Action

    Drawback: Tiring Semblance.This Aspect can be compelled when she uses her Semblance to drain her aura. This won't always happen but would encourage her not to spam it for fear of draining herself.

    Collateral Damage: Her Collateral Damage effect knocks down all targets in the affected zone or can completely ignore a physical attack. This will likely deal damage to surrounding terrain or may hit allies in the line of fire.

    Weapon Crescent Rose: +2 to Fight rolls when using Dust to add momentum, +2 to Athletics rolls made to move zones when expending Dust to add momentum (Two stunts devoted, one for +2 to Fight, one for +2 to Athletics)
    Special Effects: Extra Movement, Area Attack

    Drawback: Can't fight without it.

    Collateral Damage: She can make a single attack using Athletics instead of Fight, but doing so will involve a lot of damage done to the surroundings between Ruby and the target.

    Heart of a Team - Once per scene may create a team-plan as a Free Action by attempting a Create an Advantage roll with Empathy.

    Spirit of a Warrior - Add one bonus Stress box to Aura stress track.

    Physical Stress - OOO
    Mental Stress - OOOO

    Social Stress - OOO
    Aura Stress - OOO

  • Thrythlind


    #33715547 - 5 months ago

    Alternate System, Masks, Powered by the Apocalypse to reproduce superhero stories in the line of Young Justice, Teen Titans, Avengers Academy, and other high school to university aged superheroes. Would require some tweaking of the powers granted.

    Ruby Rose, the Protege (mostly to duplicate Ruby's ability to quickly come up with a plan)

    Shared Ability - Scythe Master
    Own Ability - Speed
    Mentor's Ability - Misfortune

    Mentor: Qrow Branwen

    Mentor embodies Danger

    Mentor denies Mundane

    Starting Labels (these can shift up and down several times in a single session, they represent self-image)

    Danger +0

    Freak +0

    Savior +1

    Superior +2

    Mundane +0

    Playful Demeanor, give starting Influence to two teammates: Weiss and Yang

    Captain - When you enter battle as a team, add an extra Team to the pool and take +1 forward if you are the leader.

    Fireside Chat - When you seek advice from your mentor, roll +the label they Embody, on a hit they tell you what to do. 10+ You Mark Potential (XP) if you follow their advice and take +1 ongoing to follow through. on a 7-9 you take a +1 forward to see it through their way. On a miss they don't have time for you because something big has gone down, Mark a condition of the GM's choice.

    Be Mindful of Your Surroundings - When you Assess the Situation before you join a fight, you may ask one additional question, even on a miss.


    Yang Xiao Long, the Bull (mostly because it represents an amazing fighting machine with intense passions)

    Superhumanly tough, incredibly strong, uniquely skilled at fighting, describe how you achieve each. Superhumanly tough - amazingly powerful aura, incredibly strong - Rage semblance, uniquely skilled at fighting - gauntlet specialist.

    Danger +3

    Freak +1

    Savior -1

    Superior +1

    Mundane -1

    In a China Shop - When you directly engage a threat, you can cause significant collateral damage to your environment to choose an additional option even on a miss.

    Thick and Thin Skinned - Whenever you have the Angry condition take +1 ongoing to unleash your powers.

    The Bull's Heart - Love: Alternates between Ruby and Blake; Rival - Blake or Weiss

    Role - Defender: When you leap to defend your Love or Rival, you can roll +Danger instead +Savior to protect them.


    Weiss Schnee, the Legacy (because it highlights inherited powers and position, though would require some tweaking since it assumes a family of heroes)

    Legacy Suite: Project Glyphs, Pull Glyphs, Glyph Cannons, Time Dilation Glyph, Summon Glyph

    Starting Abilities: Project Glyphs, Pull Glyphs, Time Dilation Glyph (I think she unlocked the Glyph Cannons really quickly, but the summons came later)

    Danger -1

    Freak +0

    Savior +2

    Superior +1

    Mundane +1

    Give Influence to all team mates.

    Symbol of Authority - When you give an NPC an order based on an authority they recognize, roll +Savior, On a hit they choose one: 

    -do what you say

    -get out of your way

    -attack you at disadvantage


    On a 10+ you also take a +1 forward against them. On a miss they do as they please and you take a -1 forward against them.

    I Know What I Am - Once per scene when you defend a teammate, you can shift your Savior up and any one other label down in addition to any other benefits of the move. If you do you add 1 Team to the pool. (as a note +3 is the max and -2 is the minimum, if you are forced to shift past that you instead take a Condition)

    Schnee Legacy

    Winter Schnee is still active and prominent

    Mother Schnee is retired and bitter.

    Whitley Schnee is another potential member of the Legacy
    Jacques Schnee is the greatest opponent your legacy has faced (this is supposed to be a villain or enemy, but I do think her father is the biggest enemy of her own family)

    Whenever time passes roll +Savior to see how the members of your legacy feel about or react to your most recent exploits. Before rolling ask the other players to answer these questions about your performance. Take a -1 for each "no" answer.

    have you been upholding the traditions of your legacy?

    have you maintained the image of your legacy?

    have you made the other members of your legacy proud?

    On a hit, one of them offers you meaningful encouragement, an opportunity, or an advantage. On a 7-9 another is upset with your recent actions and will make their displeasure known. On a miss, you did something that stirred up a hornet's nest - expect several members of your legacy to meddle in your life.


    Blake Belladona, the Delinquent (I considered Reformed, but she doesn't have active contact with her past early on and this gives similar tricksy moves)

    Ability: Shadow Clone and Ninja Skills

    Danger +0

    Freak +0

    Savior -1

    Superior +2

    Mundane +1

    You care about your teammates more than you let on. Give influence to three of the entire team in this case.

    I don't care what you think! - When you reject someone's influence add +2 to your roll.

    Are Watching Closely? - When you mislead, distract, or trick someone, roll +Superior. On a hit, they are fooled, at least for a moment. On a 10+ choose three, on a 7-9 choose two:

    you get an opportunity

    you expose a weakness or flaw

    you confuse them for some time

    you avoid further entanglement

    Criminal Mind - When you assess the situation you can always ask one of the following questions, even on a miss.

    what here is useful or valuable to me?

    how could I best infuriate or provoke _____?

    what's the best way in/way past?


    Jaune would likely be The Beacon - a person with little to no apparent power who just very definitely WANTS to be a hero.

    Pyrrha might be the Soldier

    Nora is another Bull

    Ren is likely also a Beacon (which might have to be reworked since typical rules you can only have one of a playbook in a particular game)

    Ruby might be shifting to The Nova with the Silver Eyes

  • A-Tank


    #33715846 - 5 months ago

    In reply to Thrythlind

    Color me impressed.

  • Thrythlind


    #33715848 - 5 months ago

    Thanks. There might be several playbooks that fit the different girls, actually.

  • A-Tank


    #33715860 - 5 months ago

    In reply to Thrythlind

    Indeed, but I am interested in the possibility of playing ones own OC. Don't get me wrong, the girls would be fun to play as, but you must have noticed that there is a sizable portion of the community that creates their own persona (or just some overall amazing characters) not only for RPing but also for great fanworks (comics, animation, even good ole fanfiction).

  • Thrythlind


    #33715882 - 5 months ago

    In reply to A-Tank

    In reply to Thrythlind

    Indeed, but I am interested in the possibility of playing ones own OC. Don't get me wrong, the girls would be fun to play as, but you must have noticed that there is a sizable portion of the community that creates their own persona (or just some overall amazing characters) not only for RPing but also for great fanworks (comics, animation, even good ole fanfiction).

    Actually, I've been trying to organize a one-shot with some people in the Shield of Tomorrow Discord but we've been having issues with international schedules, time zones and the fact I start work again next week.

    I just use the girls as examples of how to build a character.  The Fate Core version just names some of the optional rules I use: Modes and Venture City Powers so people can make their own. Always best to use a known quantity as an example.

    You could also do it with M&M and Hero System with some minimal tweaking as well.

  • A-Tank


    #33716205 - 5 months ago

    In reply to Thrythlind

    Isn't that a pity. Well, thanks for pointing out your resources, I'll be sure to give them a try.

  • Thrythlind


    #33716221 - 5 months ago

    Re: Resources

    Masks: A New Generation by Magpie Games is my top suggestion for a RWBY game base system.

    Masks RPG is a Powered by the Apocalypse game which I think works out the best for this storyline since it is tailor-made for young supers in the high-school to college range, though you would have to adapt the way they made Abilities. (Come to think of it, I'd probably rewrite the 5 abilities of Weiss's set to Rapier Mastery, Grace, Basic Glyphs, Advanced Glyphs, and Summoning Glyphs)

    I think costs about $19.99 (apparently 23.99, but currently on sale for $13.99), but it is, again, really meant for this sort of storyline. Just ignore the basic setting and use the rules (that's the way I'm doing it)

    Other suggestions follow

    Fate Core, Fate Toolkit, and Venture City can all be had for PWYW in pdf format on DrivethruRPG (I believe so, at least) and I think the recommended price is $5, $5, and $2

    Venture City is sort of a superhero/cyberpunk story, replace cyborgs with supers. It has the power structure I used.

    Modes is a skill selection option brought up in Fate Toolkit and I think it is the method used in Atomic Robo RPG.

    There is also Fate Accelerated and Station53's various posts on using Fate with superhero stories:

    There's also The Fellowship which is a game designed around Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and other such storylines...I've reworked that to do an Armello-esque setting of anthropomorphic animals...but it's primary storyline is the idea of assorted champions from multiple cultures coming together to fight a dread Overlord. Salem fits the Overlord, but the girls aren't quite different cultures in the way Fellowship defines them. Maybe you could ration Weiss as The Elf, Yang as The Orc, Ruby as The Heir, and Blake as The Halfling maybe....but it's a Masks is better.

    Hero System has a steep learning curve being the grand-daddy of point-buy character creation, once you get going its pretty simple to play. However, char gen is time consuming and sometimes intimidating...also, the company charges an arm and a leg for it.

    That said, Teen Champions is one of the better supplements for running teenaged characters I've seen. It meshes with the educational psychology I've studied as a teacher. Not sure there's a version in print for the new edition, but the older edition version of that book has stuff just generally useful to any GM in any system.

    Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition is a much more accessible alternative to Hero System, and the Mecha and Manga supplement for their 2nd Edition may not mesh mechanically, but again, has good system agnostic suggestions to it.

  • Thrythlind


    #33716222 - 5 months ago

    Not sure why my text changed color toward the end.

  • A-Tank


    #33716242 - 5 months ago

    In reply to Thrythlind

    You sure do know a lot about this stuff. Heck, my DM could probably learn quite a bit from you. (Our little group is new to this whole shebang)