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  • ValentineHeart


    #33718570 - 11 months ago

    In reply to menicolaq

    This Community Site will NOT be getting worked on. I have shown you what per my boss the design looks like. I think it's pretty cool but then again I use the platform and I am fine here too. I think I am just generally happy. On to Binge Watching I will need to get back to you cause honestly I am not sure who is working on that part, I just know its not me. I have copied and pasted your wording and will try and get back to you soon. Have a Fantastic Wednesday!! 

    Ah so is RT moving to a new site?

  • menicolaq

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    #33718580 - 11 months ago

    The community will be a whole new experience per the Mike Quinn's blog - he also included design pics take a look. I think you will enjoy it

  • ValentineHeart


    #33718627 - 11 months ago

    K I'm a bit confused about this community thing though. After the comment that this community won't be changed it makes me wonder if it's going to be on or a new website or, I don't know, maybe some application on the website. I guess I'll just wait and see.