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  • TheGuyFromTheInternet


    #33717841 - 5 months ago

    I had been trying to find if this thread already existed and thus far, I can't spot it. I wish there was a search bar for the forums to check in advance. Anyhow, I'm not here to criticize the wonderful people that brought me this platform. If this thread is already existing then please direct me to it.

    We've seen a lot of weapons in RWBY and I'm willing to bet the fandom have just as if not better imagination in coming up with their own weapon.

    Format for submission would be as follows:



    +Explanation on how it works (If it's necessary and if you can)

    +Drawing or Picture (Very optional.)

    I honestly thought of making this thread because why hasn't anyone thought of combining a gun and a boomerang? The havoc to be had with that. I know Physics won't allow for this weapon to exist but who really needs it here?

  • GammaEmerald


    #33718054 - 5 months ago


    -Mini-gun/sword combo

    -the sword’s sheath is the gun barrel as well. The sword has the ability to open up at the point, dividing the two halves of the blade. Bullets load into the hilt and are fired from the opening at the point of the sword.

  • TheGuyFromTheInternet


    #33718077 - 5 months ago

    In reply to GammaEmerald

    That's pretty scary in my head.

  • competivekid


    #33721699 - 4 months ago


    Chainsaw pole axe rocket combo

    Basically a collapsible pole with a spiked end and a chainsaw axe blade with thrusters for harder swing. Got this idea from a game.

  • TheGuyFromTheInternet


    #33721877 - 4 months ago

    In reply to competivekid

    From what game? I think I want to play it now.

  • competivekid


    #33721912 - 4 months ago

    In reply to TheGuyFromTheInternet you don't use it, you fight the guy who uses it