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Please Rooster Teeth, you have to fix it

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  • TJCid


    #33718070 - 11 months ago

    Rooster Teeth, I love your content, especially RWBY, but the quality has been declining. Please, don't take this as hating, I'm trying to be as supportive as I can. Please watch these 6 videos as they best outline what was lost and what needs to be repaired. Again, please don't brush this off as a butt-hurt fan or whatever. I'm trying to give constructive criticism and I want to see RWBY continue going strong for years to come.


    I know you can't replace Monty, but please try to remain true to the shows roots. Don't rush releases. Take your time and do it right. Us loyal fans will be here, patiently waiting, for when you are ready.

  • tin-foilhat

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    #33718411 - 11 months ago

    Look up Kim Newman's combat. 

    She's no Monty but I think we'll be okay. 

  • TJCid


    #33718496 - 11 months ago

    Well volume 4 and 5 were quite bad in that regard so... I dunno, I just find it hard to be as optimistic. I just figured the 1st step towards fixing a problem is identifying it (in specific terms not just broad vague criticisms). 

  • Velrak


    #33720201 - 10 months ago

    I'm surprised that this conversation doesn't get that much more attention. Fans expressing their concerns about RWBY have become more and more frequent since V4, first mainly on Youtube and more recently here on the very site of RT !

    I watched all the videos suggested above, this was eye-opening and I can now put words easier than before to describe that feeling of declining quality I had since V4. So thanks for sharing it and props for opening this conversation. But here is not the place to express what we felt has gone wrong but rather try to alert and catch the attention of any CRWBY member !

    I don't know if the CRWBY reads these forums but maybe if we ALL write in a special way like this, that will HELP :)