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  • Whiterosepetal


    #33721512 - 8 months ago

    Hey! This is my first all new topic. What I will talk (Rant) about on this topic is how The writers have written themselves into a corner with cinder fall. 

    1. The first thing they could do: Yeah, Cinder is dead. Problems: Raven killed Cinder. Not Ruby or/and Jaune, or anybody who suffered, it was just Raven. Start Ranting!

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33721639 - 8 months ago

    Hey, Im Back! ( Grumble cumputer time limits for library, Grumble) Option 2: Cinder lives through Bullshit magic. Nobody will like this either, because nobody has been shown to be able to do this.

    Option 3: Cinder saves herself. This wont happen.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33721778 - 8 months ago

    In reply to Whiterosepetal This wont happen because she was frozen, thrown off a cliff, and blasted with a lightning rasengan.

  • Agent-Z46


    #33721897 - 8 months ago

    My issue with it was that it was just really unsatisfying. We still haven't learned anything about her, her past, motivation, etc... Plus it was in a fight with Raven. As awesome as it was, there's no history there. They seemed to be building Cinder as a rival to Ruby. Like how Torchwick was her rival. So for nothing to come of it is a little disappointing. But I'm not really convinced she's dead. She could be but I don't think she is.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33721901 - 8 months ago

    In reply to Agent-Z46 Yeah, thats the main reason this exists. The writers just wrote themselves into Cinder being Rubys big rival, so everybody wants Ruby(Being her rival) or Jaune (Pyrrah) to kill Cinder. Having Raven just die would be a huge letdown, but you cant see anything short of dragonball wishes bringing her back from that.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33721903 - 8 months ago

    "That" Being frozen, lightning-ed and dropped off a cliff. And being stappen a few times.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33722217 - 8 months ago

    Dang. First shot at at a forum topic and its deader than the Ugandan knux meme.

  • Velrak


    #33723331 - 7 months ago

    Not that dead don't worry I'm here :) Did you not write "Cinder fails" on purpose ? I bet the CRWBY would have used this pun in RWBY Chibi if it was correct haha.

    Back to your topic and your options.

    Option 1 - Cinder is indeed dead : In that case, rant would indeed be very well possible and even justified I would say. Because we would learn her death indirectly (CRWBY, maybe Salem somehow) which would be weak. If a character dies, his/her death has to be made clear in the show.And so far, the CRWBY has always made sure to make a character's death clear ; I don't see them breaking this rule. It would also be weak because this would be very unsatisfying regarding Cinder's character ! No real backstories, no clear motivations... This would damage her character. I don't remember when we hear this but at some point we hear Cinder offscreen saying something like "I want to be powerful" to Salem I guess. This is a motivation but the poorest possible without any other justifications. I do believe that the CRWBY will reveal the complete story of Cinder at some point.

    So I think this option is very very unlikely.

    And I personally believe that Cinder is not dead. If she was, we would have seen her maiden power escapes. I assume this transfer to be instantaneous ; regardless to who the power goes we should at least have seen it escapes Cinder's body (like Amber).

    Option 2 - Cinder lives through magic : well magic is part of the World of Remnant so even if no one has been seen using magic to escape death (or even resurrect), this option can't be counted out. But the thing with magic is that you don't really have to justify it... This would be too easy and again a weak move by the CRWBY to go there. But I trust them on that, I think they won't. So I consider this option to be even more unlikely as option 1 :)

    Option 3 - Cinder saves herself : you said this won't happen but I disagree with you on that one. 1) Falling off a cliff is lethal in most cases but... Do we really know what is at the bottom of that specific cliff (inside a vault should I add) ? How convenient it was to put a black environment so as to make us believe the cliff is indeed very high and so that it is even more likely to die if falling and also to not being able to see what Cinder's body becomes. I believe the CRWBY did that well on purpose to hide that Cinder didn't die.

    2) Being frozen is not enough as just moments before we saw Raven breaking the ice prison Cinder created on her ! Because Raven is a maiden. And Cinder also is (because as I said above, I believe she is still alive and thus still a maiden). So I don't consider the ice to be a problem. But again, who knows what is at the bottom of the cliff ? Rocks ? Water ? Lava ? Something else ? Again it was not shown.

    3) The lightening Raven used only destroyed Cinder's mask and projected her into the air. The thing is, it didn't kill Cinder. So clearly not enough to justify Cinder's death for me.

    In overall, there are a lot of things that we don't know because again we never saw how Cinder's fall really ended. I think the CRWBY managed to keep themselves a way out to bring back Cinder. So I consider this option to be very likely ! We could also imagine Salem's crew going back to the vault (I very much wait to see how everything will be reported to Salem and her reaction).

    So in conclusion, I don't think the writers have written themselves into a corner like you said. Cinder's character has to be completed, she can't be gone. Remember how Torchwick died ? Just before his death, he revealed why he was doing all this (when answering Ruby). This was the missing part to complete Roman's character ! I personally think this was brilliant and I trust the CRWBY to handle their villains.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33723422 - 7 months ago

    In reply to Velrak

    A) Yes, I wrote Cinder Fail on purpose, because I said it and it was kind of funny.

    B)yes, they did not show the bottom of the cliff, so, they could edit it to be very small. However, Whats the point of a huge dramatic cliff if not to either kill or very seriously injure someone? 

    C)Ravens feet were frozen, not her whole body., also there was a spike right where her heart would be(If she had one :) ) so I think that would be a serious injury right there.

    The thing I don't want to see is magic that has never being hinted at before being used, because if you've ever played D&D you know how frustrating the DM putting a house rule in the middle of the game. It makes the Game/Show feel horrendously done, and just scraped together at the last second.

  • Velrak


    #33723429 - 7 months ago

    B) The point here is to make us believe that someone was killed or seriously injured. That way, you can surprise a large part of your audience later. But if Cinder really died here, this is lame.

    C) Hum no I was pretty sure but I checked anyway, Raven was entirely frozen starting with her feet. I didn't see any spike where her heart is but I guess it doesn't matter. She got away. But the ice prison paralyzed Raven for quite a while, enough for Cinder to kill Vernal. So when Cinder was frozen, I guess it paralyzed her long enough to not be able to do anything to avoid falling. Good tatic by Raven I would say.

    I guess we all have to wait for V6 and maybe even after !

  • AenarTenthSkraeling

    AenarTenthSkraeling FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #33723431 - 7 months ago

    100 Lien says Cinder survives thanks to some sort of Grimm-hax but turns into even more of a monster in the process.

    50 Lien says she's actually dead but get brought back to life with the Relic of Creation, and Salem uses that possibility to motivate Emerald into putting 150% effort into retrieving it.

  • Velrak


    #33723440 - 7 months ago

    I like both options but I have a little preference for the Grimm one.

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33723548 - 7 months ago

    Actually, I think that the relic idea would be better. I’ll take the bet on the relic for 5USD

  • 00X110


    #33724004 - 7 months ago

    More like: Cinder B*tch 

  • Whiterosepetal


    #33724153 - 7 months ago

    actually, I should probably assign some rules to this forum as the creator, no obscene images. Other than that, don’t be an idiot