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Is the Manga "Red Like Roses" Canon?

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  • polyticks

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    #33722056 - 8 months ago

    So the Manga Red Like Roses is a collection of short stories which don't have to be canon or not but just for fun is there any word on if it is or is not canon? Personally I saw no reason in the collection of stories to not count them as canon. They don't clash with the main story line at all and are all just fantastic. Also the additional character growth for Ruby was very nice in respects to her learning to study, ect..... It just builds on what the show did so nicely. 

    So any word on if it is canon or not or is it being labeled "Official anthology" enough?

  • notvai4


    #33723224 - 8 months ago

    I got it under the impression that it was supposed to be, but a number of the stories make me not so sure. While there are definitely a few of them that can easily slot into the canon, there are just as many (if not more) that can not. A number of them:

    1. Are complete nonsense (of the fun variety, but are clearly not meant to be taken seriously)

    2. Redo canon events

    3. Reference real-world things or places

    4. Have a lot of out of character moments.

    While it was certainly a fun read, it feels a lot more like a collection of mildly approved fanworks, complete with all the fun and annoyances you generally find in them, rather than anything actually official.