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    NOTE: The current goings of conversation will be roughly on the LAST 3 - 5 pages.

    i.e. If you respond to a post from page 1 (of say 300) pages, you most probably won't get a response back, as that specific conversation most probably will have already been discussed to its satisfaction for the time.

    NOTE: This is not about getting your content in the show, it has nothing to do with any contest(s) for getting them in the show, and it is most likely the case that CRWBY won't be in here looking for contents to use in their show.


    (if you got mad art skills, your art may be shown up here!)

      Welcome to the World of Remnant. A world of fantasy. A world of heroes. A world overrun by the violent Creatures of Grimm. Since the dawn of time man has struggled against them... but there are those who take up arms against the Grimm, and who strive to make the world a safer place. Over time, they came to be known as Huntresses and Huntsman, and Academies were created and dedicated to training people who walk their path. Will you live life as normal, safe behind the kingdom's walls? Or will you set out on adventure, risk it all, keep the Grimm at bay, and protect those behind those walls?

    This thread is dedicated to the craft of creating original content (characters, monsters/Grimm, weapons, organizations, places, things, etc). More specifically, content imagined in the World of Remnant (aka the RWBYverse). Some may come here to better our art skills, (writing, storytelling, drawing, painting, etc). Others may come just for the fun and love of creating.

    This post is meant to serve as a helpful guide on how to create content, and what to consider when creating them.

    Table of Contents

    1.0) RULES
    3.2) FOR GRIMM
    4.0) RESOURCES
    5.0) FAQ

    1.0) RULES

    These have all been either confirmed by CRWBY, are seen the show, or are just common sense. In order for your content to fit within the World of Remnant, the facts of the world—stated or shown—must be followed.

    There may be room to bend the rules a little bit (as long as it can be well explained and written), but it's been agreed upon by the majority: If you just flat-out contradict the established rules of the RWBYverse, then you haven't created RWBYverse content.

    01) For characters, refer to the "RWBY color naming rule" twitter / wikia

    02) Refer to the World of Remnant episodes for more rules on the world, and its lore and history

    03) No straight character plagiarisms from other artists, or series
    i.e. "Kiwito" Basically Kirito from SAO, then using "kiwi" to fit the color rule
    i.e. "Balamb Academy" Basically Balamb Garden from FFVIII, but instead of a Garden it's an academy

    04) Unless explicitly stated, ASK PERMISSION before using someone else's artwork, character, and or concept
    — If you do not get permission, it is advised that you do not use it
    — If you cannot find the owner of the original work to ask them in the first place, it is also advised that you still do not use it

    If you're feeling down about these limitations, or feel as though they're hindering your creativity; remember, Rooster Teeth made an entire show out of a videogame. In other words: limitations can breed creativity.

    Allow the limitations to challenge you, and be proud when you are able to overcome them!


    Unlike the rules, these are only suggestions; at the end of the day create whatever you want. These are only for OC trying to fit into the RWBY canon. It has been agreed upon by most OC creators.

    01) No overpowered characters (without reason). This includes flat-out invincible characters.

    02) Consider anything that might contradict the current RWBY continuity
    i.e. Penny-like (robots with Aura) Why? Penny is currently the only "synthetic" capable of generating Aura. "Synthetics" haven't been established as being a prevalent people in the show as of yet
    i.e. Silver eyes Why? Silver eyes are said to be "an extremely rare trait"

    03) If you want critique or feedback on what others think of your content ASK FOR IT
    — If you don't get critique immediately, wait a while. If no feedback continues, politely ask again. It's in the nature of a forum for posts to go unnoticed sometimes.

    04) If you're giving critique, make sure it's CONSTRUCTIVE
    — You can point out flaws without being mean, and if you can, offer solutions on how to fix said flaws
    — If someone doesn't explicitly ask for critique, thoughts, or opinions, consider not giving any to them

    05) And lastly consider this quote on semblance:
      "When Ruby is talking about Yang's semblance, she uses the words "that's what makes her special". Now a lot of people might think of that as Ruby's normal lack of eloquence, but I think it gets right to the heart of what a Semblance should be.
      It's not just a random super power, it's a reflection of who your character is, it's what makes them. It's tied into their personality or their nature at an intrinsic level." — AlbionBard, CREATE A CHARACTER FOR RWBY #33577616

    3.0) Content Skeletons

    Below is the absolute minimum you need to create those types of content. If you want to make something that doesn't have a skeleton, or add more information or trivia, refer to the profiles on the wikia (character / location) for ideas on what information you need, and or how to include that info into your content's profiles.

       name here
       race here (if Faunus, what animal?)
       [name of Semblance] — description of Semblance here
       [name of weapon] — description of weapon here
       description of backstory here
    3.2) FOR GRIMM
       name here
       size here (length, width, height)
       description of abilities here (long claws, poison fangs, elemental breath, etc)
       description of Grimm here (Grimm ecology/habitat, when/where first discovered, etc)

    4.0) RESOURCES

    OC List
    Comprehensive List of Color Names
    Comprehensive List of Team Names
    OC creation Masterpost
    More colors
    20000-names color names
    Need a place to catalogue your characters? Try Google Docs

    5.0) FAQ

    What is an OC?
    What is an AU?
    What is Canon?
    What is an Allusion?
    How do I paste an image to the Rooster Teeth forums?

    There are so many "creation" threads already on the forum, why create another one?
       Well... because:
    — In the original "Create a character for RWBY" thread people keep asking the same questions about how to make stuff "Do I have to copy the first post?", "How do I paste an image", "Can I make my own [NOT CHARACTER]?"
    — The same mistakes are seen over and over too (like not following the color rule), "borrowing" images from other artists online and using it as their own, etc.
    — The owner of the OG "Create a character for RWBY" thread is the only one with the power to edit the first post of that thread to add stuff that can help first time readers... But they haven't been active on that thread for thousands of pages now.
    — The other threads just say "Let's talk about original content... Here are my ideas!" and leave it at that. I wanted to create something that wasn't just about my stuff. I wanted to help others make their own stuff.

    Are you the ruler of this thread, is your word law?
    — Nope, I just made the thing.

    6.0) Character Example

    Your own character doesn't have to be as detailed as the following example.

    Your character can be much simpler and still be a good character!

    I just sometimes go overboard with the backstories...

    (props, if you can figure out who the character's allusion is)


    (if you can make a better and more simple example, your character may be featured here!)

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    Can I post all 5 OCs I have written bios for so far at once? Would that be considered spammy? sweat_smile

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    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    To be fair, this thread is recent enough that I doubt there are enough people here to complain about it yet. 

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    Alright then. Here goes, I'll put them in separate posts:

    [NAME] Plum Burgundy.

    [GENDER] Female.

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Human.

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Sentry Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] Purple.

    [REFERENCE/ALLUSION] Alice, from Alice in wonderland.

    [PERSONALITY] Plum's extremely positive predisposition is equal parts her best and most troublesome personality trait. Both her past and her semblance fuel her desire to stay happy, regardless of how dire the situation may be. Plum is also a kind-hearted person because of this positivity, as she's greatly empathetic and a considerate leader to her team, whilst not being too energetic. She'll go to great lengths to ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved, and will often act like a light of hope when situations get dire. 

    Surely, when appropriate, her positive nature is inspiring and admirable; in excess, however, it emotionally taxes her, and ultimately limits her emotional expression. She forces herself to ignore any negative emotions she feels coming up, pushing happiness on herself constantly. If she sees anyone feeling bad in any way, she will go to unreasonable lengths to try and get them to smile again, not knowing that sometimes it's okay to cry, be upset, or feel down for a little bit. This makes her seem shallow and superficial to people that do not know her well, and turns people away from her. 

    This, in addition to her childhood situation, make it so she has little experience with in-depth interpersonal interaction. She may seem dreamy, 'off', or like she's not really listening. She does tend to get stuck in her own fantasy world, as spending many nights alone eventually forces you to do. A part of this fantasy world is projected onto her real world view; a world where everyone can be, and always is, happy. Although innocent in principle, it is an unrealistic way of thinking. This doesn't help with the idea people have of her as being a little out of touch with the world.

    [LOOKS] (NOTE: the way I drew her weapon here is no longer accurate! Also, if you can see the image, there is no need to read the text below it as it just describes exactly what you can already see here.)


    A thick braid of purple hair falls over her right shoulder. Her cheek-length bangs, parted unevenly far to the left, cover part of her pale face. Her eyes are a bright, deep red and light up when her semblance is active. She is a bit on the short side and while being athletic, has not much visibly defined muscle tone. She wears a purple bell-shaped skirt with a thin, black lace edge and a frilly white cover over it that fades to a light pink near the bottom. Attached to her wide, black belt with a circular silver buckle is a small purse with her emblem on it, a hook and a sort of pocket chain to hang her weapon onto, and another cover of thin black lace that falls over the top part of her skirt. This lace does not connect all the way around her belt however, sparing those areas where the other items are attached. She wears a loose, white, semi-shoulder-covering collar reminiscent of maid's costumes over her sleeveless purple top, which has a few buttons right under said collar. On her left shoulder, she has a decorative bunch of pinkish feathers. She also has loose, slightly pinkish, frilly sleeves that fan out near her wrist, which are connected to a band around her arm through two thin strips of extended cloth on both sides. Her white socks, with a pink frilly pattern and feathers at ankle-height running along the in- and outside, come up to just below her knees. She has shiny black Mary Jane-style shoes with low heels and two buckled straps; one over the instep, the other around her ankle.

    [BACKSTORY] Plum's parents lived in a small settlement outside the official boundaries of Mistral. Unfortunately, the harsh world outside of the city's protection cost them their lives. In a Grimm ambush while Plum was only five, both her mother as well as her father were killed. Plum's mother's last words are burned into her mind, however: "Please don't cry sweetie, close your eyes. Smile for mommy. Never stop smiling". As a young Plum followed her mother's orders, her semblance activated, and the Grimm that finished off her parents retreated to attack other settlers that lived farther away. Plum grew up alone in the woods, living high up in the trees and surviving off of fruits and meat she hunted herself, after having worked through all foods her home still held. Clothing and material for her weapons she gathered over time by stealing from bandits and shady traders she'd come across, in addition to whatever she had taken with her from her old home. Thanks to her semblance, aided by her solitude, she did not have much to worry about those few Grimm that managed to find and reach her under all the leafage, high up in the trees. She follows her mother's last words to this day. One day, she caught word of an unacknowledged, unofficial huntsman academy that would be opening its doors to anyone judged to be adept enough. It was apparently located not far from where she resided at the time, as the people she was eavesdropping in on informed her. The headmaster of this Sentry Academy approved her joining after she went over there to show off her skills, and since then, she's joined Roy Lazuli, Bibi Bumbelle and Liam Nixx to form team PRBL, with her as its leader.

    [WEAPONS] Crackle Wrap:


    At its core, it's just a whip. Its hilt is reminiscent of that of a saber, but with double the guard, its dome-ish shape mirrored to the other side of the grip to make the whole thing symmetrical. The wire of the whip is riddled with segmented razor-sharp blades, curled up around it in pairs. All the way at the end, a decorative part with curled spikes on both sides is attached, the top shaped like a triangle. When a button on the hilt is pressed and held down, the segmented blades uncurl, forming a straight blade on both sides of the wire for each segment. The blades have a tiny appendage sticking out downwards very close to the wire, and a hole at the top of the same blade of a similar size. The decorative top part has the same appendage at the bottom. When the button, still held down, is flicked forward (after which it will stay depressed, even when no longer pushed), the wire starts getting reeled in. The blades lock into one another, the appendages of each blade clicking into the holes at the top of the ones below them. The whip is now a blade. When the button is flicked back down, the wire quickly unwinds and the blades separate again. Letting go of the button then re-wraps the blades around the wire, returning Crackle Wrap to its original segmented whip state. The entire weapon is decorated with thin red lines that light up when attacks are fueled by aura or dust.

    [EMBLEM] A simplified Crackle Wrap, some of its segments unfolded, curled-up in a way that makes the whole shape look like a profile view of a Grimm's skull. It's the same shade of purple as Plum's overall color theme.

    [SEMBLANCE] Beast tamer: If no negative emotions are present within a certain radius, Plum can maintain contact with a single creature of Grimm. To onlookers, this shows as a red thread of light that connects Plum's eyes with the Grimm's. The creature can not fully be controlled or at all conversed with, but it will not attack and may even be pushed to do simple things (e.g. walking away) as long as they don't go against its nature (e.g. acting as a pet). Stronger aura means more control, and easier control over larger Grimm. If at any point Plum loses consciousness, breaks off contact herself, gets too far away from the connected Grimm or too close to a source of negative emotions, the creature will immediately revert back to its natural behavior. Previous contact will never leave traces in the Grimm's behavior or memory (e.g. Grimm that she treated nicely won't spare her life at a later point).

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    [NAME] Roy Lazuli.

    [GENDER] Male.

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Human.

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Sentry Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] (Royal) Blue.

    [REFERENCE/ALLUSION] Bluebeard (though Roy's father shares more traits with this fairy tale character than Roy does himself).

    [PERSONALITY] Stoic might be an understatement. Few will see Roy cry, but even fewer might ever get to see him smile. Though not apathetic by any means, Roy just has a lot of frustration built up that he can't exactly let out without seriously injuring or completely destroying someone or something. He's not necessarily violent however, and has enough restraint to warn anyone trying to provoke him into any type of physical combat to stop doing so while they can. Yet, all his anger, built up throughout his youth, keeps him from feeling much more than perpetual annoyance at the world in general. He doesn't often worry, nor does he fear much. However, there are topics he wants to avoid talking or thinking about to the point that he almost panics when they are brought up. He doesn't lose control, but he's really adamant about not wanting them addressed. Pretty much all of these topics regard his family, most notably his parents. Roy is very loyal to and appreciative of his friends, though he neither seeks new ones out nor shows them he cares. He would stick up for someone he trusts in any situation, while his emotionally unresponsive attitude makes it so he himself is not as trusted as he perhaps should be. He also doesn't intend to be as intimidating as he usually comes across, but doesn't go out of his way to avoid it either. Additionally, he is often underestimated because people tend to assume that his power is somehow fueled by his suit. He uses this to his advantage to catch human enemies off guard. Whenever anyone expresses surprise at his strength while not wearing his suit, he'll tell them 'You never asked me about my semblance'; a sentence he's uttered so often that it's a bit of a running gag among his team members. When really angered to the point of physical violence, Roy is hard to talk out of fighting. Although, while easily annoyed, he doesn't often let it get that far. If it does get to that point, however, it's for someone else's sake. He'll never fight for his own needs or in petty arguments. He much rather lets his intimidating stature and some unexpected yelling (as a change from his regular flat, monotone voice) do the talking in the case of a hostile encounter. Interestingly, his recently acquired friends at the academy have been doing a good job at cracking his harsh emotional exterior, and he's been starting to warm up to them and open up emotionally much more than he ever has in the past. 

    [LOOKS] (NOTE: the way I drew his armor here is no longer entirely accurate! The 'weapons' section has the most current design sketches.)


    Large in many ways, Roy looks nothing short of intimidating. From his height (his 2.06 meters surpassing most adults, and he's still getting taller with age) and bulky muscle mass, to his long, wild, deep blue hair and his piercing golden eyes. He has two bangs on each side of his face, but the rest of his spiked hair is swept back and, with a slight curl, comes all the way down to just above his legs. Though he wears his armor, specifically made to fit him by his father's company, throughout most of the day, he wears a plain white t-shirt and blue boxershorts with his logo in white on the outsides of the pant legs below said armor. His body is very well trained and muscular, providing Roy with a lot of raw strength and stamina independent of his semblance. 

    [BACKSTORY] Many people that meet Roy fear him due to his last name. They'd ask him if he is 'The son of' which he'd have to confirm. Seph Lazuli, founder and owner of Lazuli weapon productions, and Roy's father, is an infamous man. Notoriously violent and cruel to his workers, the majority of which are rumored to be unwilling faunus, a genius when it comes to designing deadly, advanced weaponry, and even bigger, stronger and more intimidating than Roy is himself, he was not exactly the best father. For as long as he can remember, Roy has been personally trained and pushed to his absolute bodily limits by his father, who didn't exactly have the best in mind for his son; what he wants, instead, is a powerful human weapon. That's also why he had Raging Bull, Roy's armor, developed and designed specifically for him. Roy never felt the need to use any weapon in battle besides his own close-range combat skills and strength. That's why his stated 'weapon' is just this armor. Wearing it protects him from some of the sources of injury his semblance doesn't already protect against and also provides some extra offensive power with its spikes. Although his semblance is what makes him able to lift and wear, not to mention move around in, his incredibly heavy suit of armor, his raw strength saves him from being crushed inside of it were all his aura to suddenly deplete. Now, though his father is as rich and influential as he is racist towards faunus, something many people hold against Roy, Roy himself has never gotten to benefit from his father's money, as his father would greatly restrict him in where he was allowed to go and what he was allowed to do. Furthermore, Roy doesn't know his mother. His father claims she just left some day, but Roy doesn't buy it. His father has had many wives, who all supposedly suddenly left him without warning, yet no one ever saw again. No one ever speaks up to Seph about this, however, as they fear him. Unbeknownst to Roy himself, he actually witnessed what happened to his mother when he was about nine years old. However, he's repressed the memory and unconsciously blocks himself from remembering it. The antlers above his father's fireplace stared him right in the face, however, and he's always felt awful looking at them. Regardless, eventually, Roy had enough of his father's love-less behavior. Nothing Roy did was ever good enough or appreciated, and living in the cold winter of Atlas, his father always threatened Roy that he'd die if he left. However, he did, and with some of his father's cash, stolen while he slept, Roy set out to get as far away from his awful parent as possible. Afraid that his father would have enough connections at every official academy to simply look him up in the registers and find him, Roy sought to join the unofficial, unacknowledged Sentry Academy, located somewhere in Anima. He was quickly admitted after he demonstrated his fighting prowess, and he has since joined Plum Burgundy, Bibi Bumbelle and Liam Nixx in team PRBL. 

    [WEAPONS] Raging Bull


    It is much less a weapon than it is just a big, heavy piece of armor; much too heavy for any normal person to wear, even one of its gloves being difficult to lift off the ground. It covers the entire body, save the head; it features no helmet. Though its parts are designed to fit the wearer perfectly and function together flawlessly as a whole, it really consists of multiple parts. A thin, slightly bronze-ish orange bottom layer and a heavy, metal, bright blue top layer which itself is also made up of several parts. These are the gloves starting below the elbow (and excluding the fingers), the chest region with Roy's logo in darker blue on the left breast (the piece covering most of the ribcage), the pelvic area (shaped pretty much like briefs), the legs down to the ankles (which is really two separate sections, as the non-covered knees separate the top part from bottom part), the feet (which exclude the heel and the toes) and a big cover that goes over the shoulders and the chest's armor piece. Some of the edges of the segments have gold-colored ridges; the top of the arm parts, the bottom of the shoulder cover, the top and bottom of all leg areas, the top part of the feet and the bottom part of the chest piece. All separate segments are tightened around each body part they're specifically shaped for. However, they can be taken off when they un-tighten, getting slightly looser with a small 'psh' sound as they finally let in some air.  Below all these armor pieces, the aforementioned thin, full-body armor, which is reminiscent of chainmail, is worn so that even those joins and body areas not covered by the top layer of armor are protected. It consists of horizontal metal strips specifically fabricated to protect the vital areas it's draped over from fatal wounds. This way, though the heavy armor spares these areas, the neck, upper arms and elbows, knees, ankles, inner thighs, stomach, fingers, toes and heels are also protected while still able to move around freely, unrestricted by rigid metal plating. Furthermore, parts of the entire armor set have giant, slightly curved spikes on them. On the shoulders, extending outward, and closer to the neck, facing upward. Also on the elbows, facing outward and up, two on both hands' knuckles, facing downward, and on the knees and on the top of the feet, facing upward. Lastly, a whole strip of five them, facing upward, runs along the spine, meaning some are on the blue, heavy plating, and some on the orange "chainmail" piece. These five normally point almost downwards, but when the back is arched or flexed, this movement causes the strip to curve in a way that makes them stand up. Finally, the cover over the shoulders has a mechanism that can angle it so that the back rises up. This way, the two large spikes pointing up near the neck now protrude from near the ears, extending in the same direction the head faces, looking like bull horns.

    [EMBLEM] A front view of a bull's head, the circular negative space between the horns extending in a thin line downwards. Two extra squares are added on the left end of this extension, which effectively shapes the aforementioned negative space from the horns down after a key. The bullhead shape could also be interpreted as a long beard, the space between the bull's horns now being the space where a mouth would go. It's the same shade of blue as Roy's overall color theme.

    [SEMBLANCE] Toughness: This semblance makes it so that Roy is effectively immune to nearly all blunt force trauma. Be it hitting, slamming, launching, falling, or anything else; it would have to be incredibly powerful to even slightly hurt or displace him. In addition, Roy gains exceptional strength (this is mostly a side effect of the muscles being 'immune', in a way, to great exertion, though no super speed is gained; the muscles are tough, not quick). The use of this semblance is limited to Roy's control and current amount of aura. If he runs out of aura, the otherwise passive power of blunt force resistance, and with that, great strength, fully loses its effects. Also, even with full aura levels, Roy remains entirely vulnerable to anything that pierces, stabs, slashes, or whatever else doesn't rely on blunt force.

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    #33722591 - 5 days ago

    [NAME] Bibi Bumbelle.

    [GENDER] Female.

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Human.

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Sentry Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] (Bumblebee) Yellow.

    [REFERENCE/ALLUSION] Thumbelina.

    [PERSONALITY] To strangers and mere acquaintances, Bibi seems reserved and quiet, though not necessarily shy or easily embarrassed. She just doesn't really take the initiative in conversation and isn't good at making small talk. She keeps her answers short and her friend list shorter; it can be quite difficult to get through her bubble. She isn't dismissive of social interaction however, and will answer questions or contribute to discussions or conversations in a concise, well thought-out manner. This gives her an air of dignity and gracefulness, perhaps a bit like the wise, strong silent type. Some outsiders might even think she's very distant and closed-off emotionally. Around anybody who isn't a very close friend, Bibi is indeed truly polite and quiet. Get to know her, though, and you'll find that she's profane as anything. When surrounded by friends she's comfortable with, she is loud, swears like a sailor, burps loudly without holding back and makes many, many bad jokes. She doesn't act quiet in public out of care about her image, she just has trouble opening up to people she doesn't know well. She is quite calculating though, despite her behavior in her private time. She just strongly unwinds whenever she feels comfortable enough to do so. This initially shocks most people that get to see this side of her, but they usually quickly find that she's not explosively aggressive or emotionally unstable; her introverted personality just strongly clashes with her very loud true nature. When she is with the small group of friends she gets along with after a long day, she can finally be herself. Her friends typically see her unexpected, sudden undignified behavior as her way of emotionally 'catching up' on all the times she's acted overly reserved in public that day. Though slightly less inhibited and much more profane in this state, Bibi's core personality doesn't change. Overall, she's kind, and at no point does her excessive behavior contradict this; she's loud, but not mean or inconsiderate. Just a bit of an oddball. What is most consistent throughout both extremes of her emotional behavior scale is her hate for making decisions or dealing with responsibilities head-on. She either loudly dismisses them or silently ignores them, depending on how she's being at the time. If someone else can make a decision for her, she will always go that route, and she prefers not having to commit to any choices she makes herself. Maybe the thought of being consistent in a choice or behavior, or otherwise acting like a mature adult, is a little alien to her; she prefers the freedom to be one way first and the other way later, as opposed to having to commit to being one type of Bibi.

    [LOOKS] (NOTE: the way her weapon is drawn here isn't entirely accurate to its most current design, see the 'weapons' section for that. I also didn't have a name for her weapon yet when I scanned in this drawing, and spelled her name 'Bumbell', which I've since changed to Bumbelle.) 


    Crowning her pale face, she has blonde hair, tied in a messy bun on the back of her head. It features two strands of hair, one on each side of her face, too long to be considered part of her otherwise straight bangs. Her eyes are a bright, icy blue. Her stylized, lightweight gold-colored armor fits her torso perfectly. The armor set also sports large, upwards-pointing cone-shaped shoulder pads and, from her waist down, what amounts to being a tasset, with 4 sections fanning out slightly to look like an open tulip, albeit pointing downwards. The edges of each of these sections, as well as the ridges separating shoulder pads from torso, have a silver-colored border. From her chest down to her waist, the front of her armor features her emblem, similarly silver-colored. Furthermore, she wears a shoulder strap over her left shoulder and a belt around her waist, providing her with pouches hanging off of it on both sides of her body. On her forearms, she wears silver-colored guards, fastened with two straps, with an extension covering the top of her hands and her middle fingers. On her shins, she has similarly colored, shaped and fastened guards, which extend to her foot, sparing her heel, going between her first and second toes. This leaves her toes and heels exposed, though she does wear white socks over them. These guards, though rigid, hinge where necessitated by the presence of bodily joints. Lastly, around her neck and over her armor, she wears a light blue-colored, semi-transparent cape. It's shaped a bit like an upside-down V, or a boomerang, and doesn't quite flutter like usual capes do, as it's not made of typical cloth. It's instead made of slightly more rigid materials, and its down-pointing appendages retain their shapes and orientations with respect to one another in most situations. This gives the cape the look and material behavior of something resembling insect wings.

    [BACKSTORY] Coming from a very ordinary family in Vale, Bibi grew up as a very ordinary girl, having an ordinary life. She was a good student at Signal, achieving perfectly average grades on both physical and theoretical exams. Though not technologically talented enough to construct her weapon to be automated, it functions just fine enough and fits her style of combat well. However, to the surprise of her parents, professors and peers alike, it wasn't good enough for her. She lived a perfectly content life, behaved decently, performed sufficiently, and experienced no major hardships growing up. She did just fine, but wasn't happy. She didn't give anything her all, just as much as was needed, and no more. She hadn't even unlocked her semblance yet. Perfectly average simply wasn't her best, and she knew she could do better. She just lacked the motivation to put all her energy in what she was doing. She did want to be a huntress, but it wasn't working out, regardless of how good her grades were. She missed some kind of challenge, something that would truly make her want to go above and beyond whatever she needed to do. When she caught wind of an unofficial, Anima-based Academy going by the name of Sentry, her interest was piqued. Supposedly, their selection criteria were really strict and the campus building was located outside of protected land borders. It only featured four professors, of which one simultaneously served as its head. The ability to stand on one's own and constant preparedness to fight for one's life were required to even stay at their location, most notably because of regular Grimm ambushes and the limited protectors against them. Seeing it as a challenge to break out of her all-too-average lifestyle, Bibi grabbed this opportunity with both hands and applied to join. She was admitted, and has since joined Plum Burgundy, Roy Lazuli and Liam Nixx in team PRBL, in whose company she quickly unlocked her semblance and discovered a newfound excitement for the huntsmen's craft.

    [WEAPONS] Tulip Grace: 


    Actually non-automated, its 'transformative' qualities are handled manually. It consists of three sections, two of which are identically curved and spiked and the third of which is a segmented metal rod, extendable from no more than a fist and a half in length to well over half the height of an average adult human. The two hollow, gold-colored identical parts feature half of a spearhead, which extends downwards and then out from the middle, with a spike sticking out. It connects back to the midpoint as it extends farther, and then goes straight down, with one last spike at the bottom. Some of their edges are decorated with silver-colored lining. The two halves can be placed together; sticking the fully extended rod through the perfectly sized holes and gaps in the middle of them then turns the whole item into a spear. The pointy head of the identical parts both have a lock system to click the two together, one of which also contains a rolled up wire. Fully unwinding the wire from this part so that a bit of tension is on it and attaching it to the tip of the other part, and then connecting the bottom ends together with the fully retracted rod, turns it into a bow, with the rod being the grip. Alternatively, the two identical parts can just be held in each hand, not connected to one another, to wield as blade-like weapons. Arrows to shoot from its bow form are materialized from dust.

    [EMBLEM] A front view of an upright tulip, of which 3 petals and 2 sepals are visible. Its stem resembles a part of Tulip Grace's spear form, pointing downward. It's the same shade of yellow as Bibi's overall color theme.

    [SEMBLANCE] FeatherweightThis semblance grants Bibi the ability to reduce her body's weight to any point from her normal weight to practically nothing (not literally nothing, but pretty much to a weight as light as that of a feather), allowing high movement speed, great jumping distances (horizontally and vertically) and the potential to float on the right breeze. Not useful in most types of direct combat, but barely taxing on her aura level at all. The changes in weight have no effect on Bibi's physical appearance.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33722592 - 5 days ago

    [NAME] Liam Nixx.

    [GENDER] Male.

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Human.

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Sentry Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] (Lime) Green.

    [REFERENCE/ALLUSION] The unnamed main character (the soldier) from the 'The Tinderbox' fairy tale.

    [PERSONALITY] To say that Liam is fond of bugs is a severe understatement. He loves them so much that he themes his entire daily routine around them. His weapon, look and preferred dust type are all strongly inspired by bugs, and he always has at least one glass box/enclosure where he keeps an insect (or arachnid or something else) of some kind. Because of their short lifespans, his pets change every few days and can range from spiders or grasshoppers to ants or ladybugs. He usually keeps several of a species at a time, developing a strong emotional bond with them for however limited their time with him really is. He admires the way hive insects work together for the good of the whole colony and gets very emotional on this topic, wishing humans were more like them. He's very awkward around people and prefers bugs to them any day, though his closest friends can get through to him on a deeper level. He's just a bit weird and quirky, constantly making awkward, poorly-timed jokes, crawling around the room or on the walls, and hiding from or hissing at people he doesn't like. He's not mentally unsound or anything, he just doesn't really have people skills, being very withdrawn and odd. He strongly prefers solitude (or rather, being alone with his bug friends) to human interaction, but in this lone time, is very diligent when it comes to his responsibilities or duties. Having lived a life of inability from the day he was born, he's used to failure and doesn't let that get him down. He usually pushes through, sometimes much too stubbornly, when something doesn't work out. However, he is still insecure about himself as a whole, as he's quite aware of how most people view him; weird and weak. One thing he excels at, however, is dust mixing. He's extremely skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to the craft of mixing different dust types together to make new ones. His 'honey' dust, which he uses for everything, is something he mixed himself as well. Furthermore, he's quite impulsive and gets weird bouts of energy despite his physical condition, especially when something emotionally upsets him (which is not too hard to achieve, as he's quite an emotional person) and he feels he needs to act. This leaves him severely exhausted and vulnerable afterwards, though. His sudden reactions might seem childlike, overzealous or naive/innocent in nature. He's generally a well-meaning person, but doesn't always think things through resulting in very stupid or even harmful decisions (either to himself or others).

    [LOOKS] (NOTE: I hadn't thought of a name for his weapon yet, so that's why I didn't write it down here. You can see that I have since decided on Honeybee in the 'weapons' section.)liam_nixx_by_animeannemarie-daagmf9.png

    A messy, lime green fauxhawk from the back of his neck up to his eyebrows crowns the top of his head, its sides shaved. One strand of hair on either side of his head sticks upwards rather than downwards like the rest of his hairdo, resembling antennae (Liam swears he doesn't use hair gel to achieve this effect). Lastly, a thin rattail at the back of his head extends down to about his shoulder blades. His prominent cheekbones accentuate the shape of his face, his dark brown eyes quite deeply hidden. Thin and very frail, Liam's body has very little muscle or fat. He always wears Honeybee, his weapon/exoskeleton, since he needs it. Furthermore, he wears a black tanktop and olive green camouflage pants tucked into brown army boots.

    [BACKSTORY] Born with a severe physical disability, Liam's early life was filled with hardships of several kinds. His muscles are inherently very weak, and are basically unable to be trained. His arms and legs are too weak to support the rest of his body, so he has always needed some kind of support. He made and perfected Honeybee, his exoskeleton and weapon, over the course of his childhood to be ideal for him. It gives him the strength and overall mobility he would normally never have. In addition to his disability, however, he also grew up poor in the harsh lands of Vacuo, with just his grandmother. He has never known anything about his parents. The only thing he knows is that he comes from a long line of dust mixers; his family is specialized in the creation of new and different types of dust forms by combining existing ones in the correct quantities. His grandmother was one too, and she taught him everything she knew about the art of dust mixing. However, growing up in a largely lawless, dangerous nation, his home life was constantly disturbed by hostile encounters with angry mobs. Their unfamiliarity with dust mixers and the seemingly magical nature of the way they create new dust types made them curse out the Nixx family, calling them witches. Besides, thieves and other criminals could benefit from the unique dust types found in the Nixx residence, and would often rob the family of two so they could go on to sell the vials themselves. Liam and his grandmother were constantly harassed, opposed and threatened for practicing the craft they inherited the skills for, but selling customized dust vials was the only source of income they had, so they continued to do it. Though he has no formal combat training whatsoever, Liam is very much used to fending for himself against both human and Grimm enemies using his Honeybee and self-made dust types, due to these conditions he grew up in. Very shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Liam returned home one afternoon to find his house burned down completely. The police had to inform him of his grandmother's passing in said fire. That she must have suffocated painlessly in her sleep did not make him feel any better, and Liam left Vacuo. He stowed away on a boat and got to Mistral. He tried to help around to make a little money, but his physical condition made every possible employer reject him. Living on the streets, he caught wind one day of an unofficial huntsman academy named Sentry, located somewhere in Anima. They would require no admission fee, asking instead that any students that are to apply can demonstrate and exercise sufficient self-sustaining- and combat skills to survive their location. Since it was his only affordable shot at shelter as well as personal growth, Liam applied. He was perfectly able to defend himself in many types of situations, so he was accepted - and that despite his disability, which caught him by surprise and made him very happy. He has since joined Plum Burgundy, Roy Lazuli and Bibi Bumbelle in team PRBL, who support him and make for his first real friends in his entire life. He even unlocked his semblance, which made him happier than ever before, as he loves bees and bugs in general. He also developed a crush on Bibi, but has as of yet been too shy to tell anyone about this.

    [WEAPONS] Honeybee:


    Doubling as basically a robotic, dust-powered exoskeleton, Liam requires it to move. It features a hollow segmented spine, a spike at its top and bottom, is always kept filled with honey dust and actually jabs into Liam's real spine at the base of his neck to fully connect to his body. In between each spinal segment, a soft, yellowish orange cushioning rubber-like base absorbs shocks. Two of its segments, one at the height of the shoulder blades, which also features Liam's emblem, and one at the height of the pelvis, are enlarged. They feature four and two joins, respectively, to which the wings, arms and legs are attached. The arms and legs feature two sections with another joint connecting them (where the elbows and knees are). The wings have two joints instead of one, and can be triangularly folded up over the back. All these six extensions have a honeycomb pattern, colored mostly white though some of the hexagons are either a honey-yellow or black. All joints are a lime green. The arms and legs do not feature hands or feet, but instead end in a barrel, with a lime green housing for ammo at the bottom. Small honey dust bullets can be shot through the aforementioned barrels, which happens at speeds high enough to also create or increase momentum, even when firing blanks. The arms also have locks around the forearms and wrists, and the legs around the thighs and ankles, that tighten the exoskeleton to Liam's actual body. Furthermore, three metal extensions at each side of the spine connect around Liam's chest/midriff, resembling ribs. The wings have a sharp end and thus are able to stab enemies, and are filled with honey dust. When activated, a honeycomb pattern of hardened honey is materialized out of them, slightly resembling unfolded insect wings. Additionally, all six appendages can secrete vaguely-liquid honey dust, similar in consistency to glue or real honey, which can be used to coat something, forming a sticky, protective layer around it. Liam frequently uses it to make his own extremities sticky so he can climb on walls. When the dust supply in the spine runs out, Honeybee loses its functionality in its entirety, though Liam is very well-trained (through lifelong use of both his exoskeleton as well as dust in general) to utilize and manage its power supply very efficiently.

    [EMBLEM] Two ovals next to one another, angled downwards at the point where they nearly meet, filled in with an hexagonal pattern. This gives the emblem the look of an insect's compound eyes. It's the same shade of lime green as Liam's overall color theme.

    [SEMBLANCE] Hivemind: His semblance gives Liam the ability to burst out into a swarm of bees (think transformation, but into an entire swarm of bees as opposed to just one). It's very taxing on his aura level, but generally, more/stronger aura (or augmentation through dust use from his weapon) allows becoming larger swarms for longer periods of time, with three main 'stages' of swarms in terms of scale. The ability is mostly used for quick evasion, surprise ambushes or fitting through small spaces, as Liam can't stay in this swarm form for very long at all.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33722593 - 5 days ago

    [NAME] Persimmon Coral.

    [GENDER] Male.

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Faunus ("Bird of Paradise"). 

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Sentry Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] (Pastel) Orangered.


    [PERSONALITY] On the surface, Persimmon seems very confident and friendly. And why wouldn't he be; he's got excellent fighting abilities, a crazy powerful semblance, and very good looks. However, though the friendly part is genuine, his confident attitude is partially make-believe; Persimmon may even be trying to fool himself. In actuality, he has a certain fear of abandonnement; that if he isn't perfectly up to his peers' standards, they'll stop liking him. He comes across as a tad arrogant because he tries to convince others (as well as himself) of the fact that he's a top tier student and friend, but he's actually quite humble regarding his own abilities; though this will only really show once someone gets to know him better. He's an insanely loyal friend - albeit maybe because he's always afraid to lose his friends or their respect - and would do anything for those he cares about. He's got a very selfless, heroic side, that unfortunately doesn't get to shine very often because of the mask of haughty overconfidence he puts on.

    [LOOKS] (NOTE: as usual, the way the weapons are drawn here is no longer entirely accurate, and the 'weapons' section has a more up-to-date representation of them.)


    An objectively handsome young man, Persimmon almost permanently has one eyebrow slightly raised in a flirty manner. His pastel-orange-colored hair, its length just past the ears, is slicked back with only a single lock flicked forward. His burnt-orange-colored v-neck t-shirt has a print of his emblem in black. He wears an opened, deep cherry-red jacket over it, which is white on the inside. Its buttoning point has three white, rectangular patches on the left side reminiscent of decorations on marching band uniforms. Its collar has three rounded outward extensions on each side, their white inner color decorated with a yellow core. Near the end of its sleeves, it has three similar extensions hanging down on each side with an equally yellow core, here reminiscent of fringes. His baggy, black pants have these same tripartite extensions on each side's calves, again with yellow cores. His wide, double-holed white belt is not functional, hanging loosely around his waist, along with a decorative golden chain. Almost obscured by his long pants, Persimmon sports black army boots. Extending from his tailbone, if not tucked into his pant legs, two thin strands sprout, both about as long as Persimmon's fully extended legs. On either tip sits a pretty feather, mainly orange in color, yellow as it nears the middle, and a deep, maroon purple in the center. The bottom part, where it attaches to the strand, has some feathery fluff with the same color as its center. They are reminiscent of the pretty tail feathers on a bird of paradise or a peacock, though not any specific species has this exact type, shape and color. Phoenixes are sometimes drawn to have similar tails.

    [BACKSTORY] Originally from Mistral, Persimmon grew up alongside Cole Drop, one of his closest friends who's also currently attending Sentry Academy. However, being a faunus, Persimmon grew up scared of rejection and hate. For this reason, he always tucked his tails into his pant legs in order to hide the fact that he is, in fact, a faunus. As time went on, he grew increasingly embarrassed to admit to the racist Cole that he wasn't actually human like he is, and hid this fact from his best friend all this time. Meanwhile, he had to watch Cole bully, belittle and beat up other faunus, in his mind unable to act because it'd reveal that he is a faunus himself. He appreciated Cole's friendship a great deal, but having to see him act that way with other faunus tore his heart in two. He masked his ever shrinking self-image with overly confident behavior, which matched nicely with Cole's attitude. When the duo caught wind of Sentry Academy, they ever so confidently decided they could take on the challenge of attending such a tough, combat-focused school. Persimmon passed the entrance exam with flying colors, despite not being aware of what his semblance was at that time. As teams were formed, Persimmon became the leader of team PSTL, with Sky Nimbus, Thea Mint and Lily Lavender as his teammates; all of whom are faunus. Cole embarassed Persimmon for his teammates, belitteling him for the fact that he had to lead faunus, and Persimmon's teammates rejected him as their leader because of his affiliation with Cole. In a desparate attempt to win back any form of appreciation from his peers, Persimmon revealed his tails in front of all other students. Though shocked to see that he wasn't actually human, Persimmon's teammates quickly adjusted and, over time, have come to trust Persimmon as their leader a great deal. Cole, however, felt gravely insulted and betrayed. What was meant as an attempt to show Cole that he has been best friends with a faunus all his life, and thus that they can't be all that bad, ended with Cole only growing more hateful, believing this event proves even more that faunus are all liars that are not to be trusted. But Persimmon hasn't given up on his best friend. 

    [WEAPONS] Flickering Feathers:


    Surprisingly light, they are a pair of folding submachine guns, and work and fold up just like one. Their models most closely resemble a Magpul FMG-9, with additional orange accents on the grip, around the blade, and on the trigger. Additionally, when looking at it folded out in submachine form, the back half has a big axe-like blade pointed upwards. Meanwhile, the barrel-ended half has a handle at the top to carry it around when folded up. When folded out, it can be swung like an axe, in addition to being used as a submachine gun. When folded up, holding the grip, it can be used like a big meat cleaver.

    [EMBLEM] Two identical, but mirrored shapes, resembling Flickering Feathers' blades, angled slightly downward and pointing outward, nearly touch in the middle. From the points on each side that nearly touches the other, a thin strand sprouts outwards, toward the shape opposite to it, and comes back around as it goes down, a bit like a half-circle. An egg shape with a pointy outward end is horizontally angled, and connected at the end of both strands. Together, the twice-crossing strands resemble Persimmon's tails and feathers, and the blade shapes are reminiscent of wings, vaguely giving the general idea of a bird with its wings outstretched. It's the same shade of orangered as Persimmon's overall color theme.

    [SEMBLANCE] Rebirth: On the conditions that he is fully conscious up until the last moment, has generally high levels and control of aura, and has a strong desire to live/fulfill something in this world, Persimmon can, upon instant death, resurrect spontaneously. His appearance and condition will be identical to his state mere moments before death. The reborn body will, however, immediately fall into a coma for as long as it takes the brain to reprogram itself and its memories. While his body is burnt up to a pile of ashes and reborn instantly in a blaze, all knowledge that Persimmon had before 'death' has to be processed all over again. This comatose state can last up to 3 weeks, and leaves Persimmon completely vulnerable. Death while in this state is not reversible.

    Aaand that's the last one (for now)! Sorry not sorry for the spam, guys ;p

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33722596 - 5 days ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Liam kinda reminds me of Beedle from the Legend of Zelda series with the whole bug obsession thing.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33722598 - 5 days ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety I don't know much about that character, but it sounds about right laughing

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33722605 - 5 days ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    He's a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda games, and he typically runs some kind of general store. He loves bugs, with Beetles being his favorite, and in Breath of the Wild, if you're carrying a beetle in your inventory, he'll get super excited and offer you some kind of special payment in exchange for it (usually some kind of high quality food item that either restores a lot of hearts, and/or gives some kind of stat boost). If the beetle you're carrying is the super rare Energetic Rhino Beetle, and you choose not to trade the beetle to him (which I do a lot since they're needed to upgrade an armor set), he'll say that he hopes you change your mind before mumbling to himself how maybe he can swap it out for a common beetle later because surely you won't know the difference, or better yet, he'll get someone to do it for him so he doesn't have to get his hands dirty. Then he notices you're still standing there and goes back to being a sales man. The Legend of Zelda fandom as a whole tends to consider him helpful but creepy.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33722606 - 5 days ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety I looked him up, I've definitely seen him in a store before. I don't think he had his beetle quirk yet in that game, though.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33722613 - 5 days ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    I think they first added the bug obsession in Skyward Sword, where there's a side quest to help him recover his stolen pet beetle. In Breath of the Wild, they turned an obsession with his pet beetle into an obsession with all beetles, and a lesser affinity for bugs in general. Typically the only thing I buy from him in Breath of the Wild is arrows (which I never have enough of), but he also sells a wide variety of bugs, selling different kinds depending on what stable you're visiting (Breath of the Wild only has about 7 towns, the rest of the settlements are stables where you can swap out horses). The main reason the player might want to buy bugs is because some of them are used in armor upgrades, but the most common use for them is mixing them with monster parts to make various elixirs. I almost never bothered buying bugs, since I could just catch them while traveling, unless it was one I could never find and needed for an armor upgrade, like the smotherwing butterfly.

  • A-Tank


    #33722615 - 5 days ago

    Our new thread, eh. Why not post an old OC. Cheers, c4blec

    Name: Father Solarus (First and last names unknown) 

    Age: 62 years

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Symbol: The Sun

    Affiliation: The Church of Saint Oum*
    Appearance: Father Solarus is an imposing figure, towering over others with the height of six foot five inches. His aged appearance belies his innate strength; despite his years, Father Solarus has not neglected his physical fitness, and it shows. His ebony skin is stretched taut over steely sinew, making his stature even more physically imposing. Only a few white wisps remain on his bald head, yet his wide brown eyes-flecked with gold-are bright and alert, like two bright orbs set in a sanguine face carved from black stone. In terms of clothing he dresses simply but colorfully as reflected in his rough spun red robes embroidered with golden bands of calligraphy.
    Personality: To his flock, and indeed to all those who follow his creed, Solarus is a vibrant, charismatic man and a born orator. Many a believer has described his speeches as fiery and intense, much like the Sun from which he takes his namesake from. Courageous and always ready to help a believer in need, he is a ray of hope amongst the lower-class population of Vale. 
    Yet he is stubborn to a fault and does not take well to his authority being subverted; for during the Fall of Beacon he insisted that his followers remain at the Church and assist in its defense, ignoring all orders from the Vale Guard to evacuate. When troops arrived to evacuate the civilians, they found themselves facing an armed mob while others-Father Solarus included-battled the hordes. Even before the Fall he remained anti-establishment and would lambast the government on its handling of Faunus rights, trade worker's unions and so on, often encouraging his people to take up arms and riot. 
    Such behavior does not endear him to the authorities, and he has been detained multiple times before by the police on a multitude of charges including unlawful possession of a firearm, sedition, and enticing troops to desert. 
    About: Father Solarus was the only child of an elderly pastor and his equally aged wife, both of whom were Initiates of the Church. As per the Church Law-which often took precedence over State Law in the believer's eyes-he was given over to service in the Church.
    As Solarus was baptized, the very water he was bathed in glimmered golden, which was taken as a sign by Arch-Priest Kaius of the child's potential. From then on Kaius drew further from Church duties, assigning Ach-Priestship to Sister Pilar, and devoted his time to raising the child in the 'Way of Oum'.
    The Way included more than just religious study and meditation; it included political sciences, speech-writing, oratory and above all, self-defense. This last requirement was deemed necessary due to the turbulent situation after the Great War; people lost faith in organized religion, even claimed the Word of Oum was little more than a pretty lie, used by the old to galvanize the young into a jingoistic fervor. Monasteries were torched and priests killed, thus causing the Pope Aloysius to declare the stockpiling of weapons in churches and combat training to be lawful. Indoctrinated hunters were called in to provide training; some even built weapons for the priests.
    This was the age of Solarus's youth, and it was to shape his outlook and approach to life considerably. At the age of twenty-three was sent upon a journey around Remnant, the final step of his time as an Initiate and the first step of his life as a priest. He set out with a 'Crusade Brigade', a group of armed volunteers sent to answer distress calls from a besieged monastery north of Vale. Along his journey he gradually drifted away, then finally departed from the safety of the Brigade and into the harsh wildlands of Remnant.
    He returned at the age of thirty-seven, with a retinue of two priests and a record of all the conversions he had performed, which were many in number. That night, sacred incense was lit and Solarus was anointed in the 'Tears of Oum"-holy oil-by the decrepit Brother Kaius, whose oil-soaked finger had to be guided, for he had lost his sight and strength, but was overjoyed at his pupil's return. 
    Five years later, Kaius passed away and now Solarus ran the Church with his fellow monks. Three in particular were very close to him-Brother Gabriel Angelos, Sister Nova, and Brother Ollanius Pious. The next few years were peaceful, but Father Solarus grew increasingly concerned about the conditions of the poor downtrodden masses and saw the uncaring government as the cause. No true country could be led without religion, he believed, and changed his rhetoric to reflect that. Two days before the Fall the authorities clapped him in a jail cell, and when all hell broke loose his companions freed him. The Father refused to leave his Church, leaving his current status unknown.
    Weapon: Outnumbered by heretics and Grimm during the 'Time of Trial', the servants of Oum turned to the cleansing purity of fire to even the odds. With this in mind, Father Solarus assisted a craftsman in the forging of his weapon-a flamethrower. With a fifteen kilo Dust tank on his back, Solarus purges the darkness with four barrels of flame. The nozzles (each of which have been fashioned in a dragon's likeness) are fed Fire Dust by a tube leading to aforementioned pack. 
    Armor: During his travels in Atlas, Father Solarus came upon the Church of War, nestled away in the wilderness. This Church was an offshoot of the Church of Oum, but fortunately for the Father there was no bad blood between the two sects. In fact, this Church was formed of priests who had been driven out of Atlesian society or had lost their shrines and places of devotion to Grimm or angry mobs. After staying with them five years, they gave him a gift upon his parting; a suit of powered armor, styled in the fashion of Crusading Knights of yore. Its distinctive flat-top helm houses an integrated computing system which monitors Aura levels, ammunition, body status and allows the wearer to tap into nearby communication channels. The reinforced body can take quite some battering, but it's main drawback is that it can be cumbersome to use and maintain.
    Semblance: None Shall Harm the Faithful-The Father hates to see one of his own hurt, and this semblance allows him to draw inwards and use his Aura reserves to form a hemispherical shield of golden light. The radius of this shield, and how long it holds depends on the mental fortitude of the user; Solarus's last record was a solid 30 minutes.
    *It is a habit of the fandom to replace any mention of God with Oum instead, with the view that since he created the series, he is effectively their God.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33722623 - 5 days ago

    In reply to A-Tank

    That's super creative! I don't think I've seen anyone invent a Remnant religion before, let alone make an OC that's a religious leader for such a religion! Aside from a few minor grammatical errors, really well done!

  • A-Tank


    #33722636 - 5 days ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety

    Thanks man. I just felt a few aspects of the world of RWBY were lacking, so I decided to pick up the 'Lord and Saviour Oum' meme and run with it. Once my exams are finished on the 11th I'm gonna dedicate my time to finishing my existing story and start working on a full fledged story for this guy. I want to show Remnant as it was right after the Great War.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33722640 - 5 days ago

    Well, I guess it's my turn to post an OC to this new thread. And I think it's high time I gave some attention to a member of the SIN-dicate I don't rave about as much. Critiques would be very much appreciated, just please keep in might he isn't 100% complete.

    Name: Mávros Amartía (First name is Greek for Black)
    Nickname: Nephrite sometimes calls him Bat Man because of his faunus trait, but that's less a nickname and more a term used to mildly annoy Mávros
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fruit Bat Faunus
    (not yet determined)
    Appearance/Concept Art: Fluffy mud brown hair in a somewhat wavy hair style, Semi-pale complexion, Yellow eyes, Semi-muscular build, Mud brown bat ears (constantly hidden due to the fluffy hair), Dark grey T-shirt, Black denim jacket, Red dragon pendant, White sports tape on hands, Dark grey sweat pants, light brown belt with utility pouches, Black combat boots, grey steel shoulder and chest armor, 6' 5 1/2" (not counting the hair)
    (click here to see concept art)

    History: For the first few years of Mávros' life, he had a relatively happy childhood. His mother was a stay-at-home mom that would always play with him, and his dad had a job as a huntsman. Mávros idolized his dad, and always wanted to become a huntsman, and be able to help people just like he did. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. One day, when Mávros was 11 years old, his mother was visited by a member of his fathers team. The team member was covered in cuts and bruises, and delivered the terrible news that Mávros' father hadn't survived their most recent grimm clearing mission.

    Emotionally devastated and lacking an immediate source of income, Mávros and his mom were forced to move to a less expensive living area, specifically an apartment in a more rundown part of Vale. Mávros' mom got a job as a waitress in a nearby cafe in an attempt to make ends meet, but even then there were times when they would just barely scrape by.

    One night, a fire was some how started in the apartment building. The source of the fire was later found to be caused by a faulty space heater that one of the residents had forgotten to turn off during the night. Mávros managed to escape the burning building quickly, receiving only very minor burns. His mother on the other hand was not so fortunate. At 13 years old, only a mere 2 years after loosing his father, Mávros lost his beloved mother.

    A traumatized Mávros was sent to live in the nearest orphanage, but after the loss of both his parents, he found it extremely hard to reach out to people and make new friends. He became a quiet and anti-social individual, avoiding the other orphanage kids whenever he could. He didn't want to feel the pain of loosing anyone else that he loved.

    One day Mávros was informed that a couple wanted to meet him for considered adoption. The people that ran the orphanage expected him to be happy about this news, but his reaction was quite the contrary. Mávros couldn't believe that these people would even consider trying to replace his parents, especially so soon after he had just lost his real ones. Before the day he was to meet with the potential adopters, Mávros ran away from the orphanage.

    There would be times Mávros would regret his decision to run away, but never enough to make him return. Mávros began living in the streets, often scavenging for food. Lucky for him, he had found a somewhat decent shelter relatively soon after leaving the orphanage: a large cardboard box in the middle of an alleyway, sheltered from rain and snow via the edges of rooftops, and kept somewhat warm due to being pressed against the wall of a boiler room. Mávros survived a solid year on the streets before the next unexpected turn of events entered his life.

    One morning, while Mávros was scavenging for food, he came across a kid about 9 years old, who was crying. Curious, Mávros approached the kid and asked him what he was doing there. The 9-year old stated that his name was Zondigen, however he was a bit reluctant at first to say what he was doing there. After some more questioning from Mávros, Zondigen admitted to having run away from an orphanage, due to the faunus kids there bullying him.

    Sympathizing with Zondigen's situation, he offered to help him survive, not making any mention of the unnoticeable fact that he himself was a faunus. Zondigen, while initially surprised and hesitant, accepted the much appreciated help. Mávros' cardboard box shelter was just barely big enough for the both of them, but neither complained about the cramped space, since they knew they likely wouldn't find a better shelter.

    Mávros did most of the food scavenging, and when he couldn't find enough for both of them, he gave everything he had found to Zondigen, even against his protesting. About a year passed, and Mávros and Zondigen became as close as brothers. Zondigen did eventually discover Mávros' bat ears over the coarse of that year, but by then, he trusted Mávros enough not to be significantly bothered by it.

    One fateful evening, as Mávros was once again looking for food, he was caught by an individual that would end up changing the course of his and Zondigen's lives. The man questioned what Mávros was doing, and while it took some effort to convince Mávros to tell the man anything, he eventually admitted to his situation. Taking pity on the homeless orphan, the man by the name of Pyrite Sin offered to provide Mávros and Zondigen with food and shelter, in exchange for Mávros working as a custodian at his organization's headquarters. Mávros was baffled by the generosity at first, but quickly accepted the terms, seeing an opportunity to provide a better life style for himself and Zondigen.

    Upon taking the job as a custodian for the SIN-dicate headquarters, Pyrite would often notice that Mávros was surprisingly strong for his age, lifting heavy boxes and moving heavy equipment in order to get to places in need of cleaning. Eventually, Pyrite decided to risk telling Mávros what the SIN-dicate was all about, stealing from wealthy organizations in order to supply those in poverty, and offered to give him combat lessons along side his sons, Nephrite and Aspen, if he wanted to work for the SIN-dicate for pay.

    At first, Mávros hesitated somewhat. He could see that what the SIN-dicate did wasn't entirely immoral, but he didn't like the idea of being a criminal. However, after much self-debating, Mávros agreed to the deal, in the hopes of earning enough money to get the supplies needed to restart Zondigen's and his own education. Mávros was a fast learner, and a surprisingly strong fist fighter. When he was 17, he started accompanying the other SIN-dicate members on missions, although he avoided telling Zondigen about what his job had become for as long as possible.

    After Nephrite was handed the reins of the SIN-dicate's Vale branch, Mávros often became annoyed with his new boss' habits, but he continued to work for the SIN-dicate none the less, as the other members had become close friends to him, although he never admitted it. Eventually, Zondigen did discover the truth about Mávros' job, but rather than being disappointed in him, Zondigen offered to help the SIN-dicate as well, wanting only to contribute to a good cause as much as his big brother figure.

    Personality: Mávros is often a quiet and distant person, rarely initiating conversation with many people other than Zondigen. His seemingly cold exterior is often misleading, as deep down, he is a kind and caring individual, only wanting to keep his loved-ones safe. While Mávros has managed to grow out of disliking the idea of making friends, he tends to be somewhat uncomfortable around large groups of people, and not particularly good at maintaining long conversations.

    Very little outside of Nephrite's drunken party-animal antics annoys Mávros to any noticeable degree, and when he is annoyed, he is often very soft spoken about it, asking politely for the individual annoying him to stop. However he can become angered when Zondigen is being teased or threatened.

    Mávros is a gentle giant, and as such he is probably one of the least violent members of the SIN-dicate team, despite being the physically strongest member. When caught in a fight, Mávros does his best to stick to primarily defensive strategies, hoping to find an opening that will allow him to either escape, or defeat his opponent very quickly so as to avoid unnecessary violence.

    Weapon of Choice/Fighting Style: (not yet determined)

    Semblance: (not yet determined)

    Likes: Quiet environments, Reading, Exotic fruits, Zondigen
    Dislikes: Alcohol, Parties, Dealing with Nephrite and Tsumi (other SIN-dicate members) when they're drunk
    Other Trivia: I swear he was not inspired by Batman, he was however inspired by the 'Gentle Giant' trope, he has a habit of covering Zondigen's ears any time someone says a swear word within earshot of him

  • A-Tank


    #33722650 - 5 days ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety

    This is a rather well fleshed out character. I really like the big brother relationship he has with Zondingen, and also how he is so physically imposing, yet so gentle. It's a nice contrast. The 'cold exterior but caring within' part kind of reminds me of my own OC, Herman Grauer. While Grauer is sort of unstable and not the sort of guy you'd want protecting you, Mavros comes off as kind of sweet and an overall decent person. Nice OC.

    On an unrelated note, is Breath of the Wild any good? I might buy it after finishing Witcher 3.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33722658 - 5 days ago

    Man, it's so awkward to read Zondigen because it's in my language, haha. I can only read it as 'to sin' instead of a name.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33722660 - 5 days ago

    In reply to A-Tank

    It depends on your perspective. As someone who has played Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Breath of the Wild, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword all use to compete for being my favorite Zelda game. But when Breath of the Wild came out, it put all three of them to shame in my eyes! I loved the open world aspect, and I can't tell you how over the moon excited I was to be able to jump and climb dang near anything I saw! I liked how at the beginning of the game, your fragility encourages you to learn how to use stealth tactics (an example is that lot of monsters can be found in skull shaped caves, but if you use a bow and arrow to shoot the rope holding one of the lanterns hanging in the eyes of the skulls, they'll usually fall onto a set of bomb barrels and take out, or at least damage most of the enemies inside). By later in the game you can really on traditional LoZ hack and slash tactics, but those stealth tricks you learn through early trial and error can help make a lot of later tasks infinitely easier. I think if you're willing to accept the drastically different game mechanics, you'll love it! The map is huge, it's got a great sense of ambiance, and despite having played the game twice, played it some more because I got the DLC, and actively trying to explore as much of the map as I can, I STILL find secrets that I never noticed! Sometimes I even find them in places I've been and think "HOW DID I MISS THAT!?!".

    The reason I say "if you're willing to accept the drastically different game mechanic, you'll love it", is because my brother-in-law, who prefers the nostalgic feel of traditional Zelda mechanics, isn't a big fan of the game. I don't think he hates it, but the last time I talked to him about it he said he was considering getting rid of it. Your experience with the game might also depend on which console you get it for. I've heard a lot of people on Youtube complain about frame rate drops, especially in places like Korok Forest, but I own the Wii U version, and my frame rates almost never drop.

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    I probably should have mentioned that all members of the SIN-dicate follow a running gag of having a word meaning "sin" somewhere in their names. Zondigen's color connection is in his last name.

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    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety.

    Thanks for informing me. I actually haven't played a Zelda game before, so this will be my first on PC (Wii U emulator ftw). Just gotta get these exams over with.

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    Pro tip: There's a shrine on a hill near Kakariko village. You'll DEFINITELY want to go there on your first visit, because the shrine teaches you some advance combat maneuvers, and the Shield Bash specifically comes in handy, namely against those terrifying Guardians! It's a really tricky thing to pull off, but if you time a Shield Bash at JUST the right moment, you can deflect a Guardian's laser back at them. And another pro tip: assuming you follow the story line and don't just wander where ever at the start, once they tell you to go after the divine beasts, I'd recommend doing Vah Naboris last, because the boss is SUPER tough. He pretty much requires you to have at least a decent mastery of the back-flip dodge maneuver, and the benefits of defeating the other divine beasts makes it a lot easier.

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    In reply to c4blec A lot has certainly happened.

    In reply to A-Tank

    eh, not really. maybe just a bunch of little things over an extremely long span of time.

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    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety Don't worry, you've told me before simple_smile

    In reply to c4blec What's this referring to?

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    #33722696 - 5 days ago

    Since Mávros got a good response, I figure I might as well post another SIN-dicate member who's slightly more complete. Once again, critiques are welcomed.

    Name: Azurite Colpa (first name is a blue and green gem)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Peacock Faunas
    (not yet determined)

    Appearance/Concept Art: Cobalt blue hair combed to the sides (as depicted below), royal purple eyes, pale complexion, average build, peacock tail feathers (faunas trait), white t-shirt, black jacket, denim jeans, black and white sneakers, single small grey hoop earring in left ear, 5' 8"
    (click here for concept art)

    History: Azurite's childhood was heavily defined by his relationship with his father. Because Mr. Colpa was worried that Azurite might be bullied for being a faunas, he insisted on making use of a home schooling program rather than sending Azurite to public school. Because of this, Azurite got to spend a lot of time with his parents, despite Mr. Colpa having a very busy work schedule.

    Azurite grew up idolizing his dad, who was a very famous and popular fashion designer. Very frequently when he was growing up, Azurite would draw clothes, and sometimes even full outfits, in the hopes of impressing his dad. Mr. Colpa always tried to be supportive of Azurite's ambitions as he grew up, but was careful not to let confidence grow into an ego. He would keep all complaints about Azurite's drawings constructive.

    Whenever Azurite's dad was away at a fashion show or magazine interview, his mom would give him sewing lessons. Azurite was a natural at it, and was a quick learner when it came to new techniques. As he got older, Azurite slowly expanded his skill set from just basic stitching, to weaving, embroidery, knitting, and even some crochet. By the time he was 13, Azurite was making his first few attempts at making full articles of clothing without any assistance from his mom or dad.

    However, because Azurite was so determined to perfect his craft, he kept the majority of his first few attempts to himself, only wanting to show his parents the ones he thought they would be the most impressed with. Azurite especially sought the approval of his father, who he saw as the greatest fashion designer in the world.

    Azurite created clothing article after clothing article, never quite satisfied enough with any of his work to show it to his dad. After a great deal of designing and re-designing, debating over fabric choices and color pallets, and several sleepless nights of frustration, Azurite finally decided to show his dad his thirty-fifth solo design attempt.

    As soon as Azurite's dad got home from his latest fashion show, Azurite rushed to show him the outfit he had poured his heart and soul into creating. He silently prayed that it would meet his dads standards and show that he could live up to his dad's reputation. Unfortunately, while his dad's words were meant to be kind and encouraging, they had a very negative effect on Azurite's confidence.

    Azurite's dad hadn't known how many previous designs Azurite had made, and had no way of knowing just how long his son had worked on this one design, so he thought it would be encouraging when he told Azurite that it was "...great for a first attempt". Azurite however felt crushed. It had been far from his first attempt, and the fact that his hard work was comparable to a first attempt was devastating to him. He continued to smile throughout his conversation with his dad, realizing he hadn't meant to hurt his feelings, but later spent the rest of the day crying in his room.

    From that point onward, Azurite was far more critical of his work. He found it harder to find satisfaction with his designs, and frequently became obsessed over tiny flaws rather than admiring the positives of his creations. He stopped openly sharing his work with his parents, only letting them see it when they asked. And while his parents always praised his work, he saw their words of encouragement as parental bias more than genuine feedback. The impact of his supposedly failed thirty-fifth attempt didn't lessen until a fateful encounter at a cafe when he was 18 years old.

    Azurite had been moping around at a local cafe, mentally criticizing one of his latest design sketches, when his cousin Ilēkṭrīka walked in accompanied by a black haired boy that looked to be about his age. Ilēkṭrīka, noticing Azurite almost as soon as she walked in, walked up to him and introduce the black haired boy as her boss, Nephrite Sin.

    Azurite, however, only barely payed attention to the introduction, as his designer instincts immediately kicked in upon seeing a tear in Nephrite's vest. Azurite promptly pointed out the tear, to which Nephrite responded by saying that he had some reckless tendencies and was used to tears in his wardrobe. Instantly annoyed by this, Azurite pulled out a small sewing kit he kept on hand for situations such as this and demanded that Nephrite hand him the vest so that he could fix it immediately.

    Nephrite was a bit caught off guard by Azurite's odd behavior, but simply rolled with the situation and did as he was asked. Within seconds, Azurite had the tear stitched up so well it was nearly impossible to tell there had ever been damage. Nephrite, thoroughly impressed with the speed and quality of Azurite work, and apparently one to act on impulse, offered Azurite a job in his family run organization, saying that he needed someone that could work fast with a thread and needle.

    Taken by surprise at the sudden offer, Azurite had a large number of questions, most of which Nephrite managed to avoid answering, but after a great deal of encouragement from Ilēkṭrīka, Azurite finally agreed. Most of the work Azurite was given was simply repairing torn clothing, although every once in a while he would have to repair something out of the ordinary, such as a leather strap on a piece of armor.

    Knowing that his cousin was a top notch engineer, and that she also worked for Nephrite, Azurite drew the conclusion that the purpose of Nephrite's family run organization was a weapon and gear repair shop for huntsman. Most of the outfits he repaired were made of materials that would be preferable for combat, and such a service would explain the occasional pieces of armor. However, after working for Nephrite Sin for a little over half a year, he was finally told the true nature of the organization.

    The SIN-dicate, as it was apparently called, served to help people in poverty by stealing from large corporations that could afford an occasional loss, and distributing what they stole to those who needed it more. Ilēkṭrīka vouched for the morality of the organization, and Nephrite requested that Azurite keep this information to himself, although he was free to quit the organization if he wanted to.

    While initially conflicted over how to handle the situation, Azurite evaluated his position. He had been given a job by an individual that barely knew him and given a distraction from a depressing situation in his life. He had been given a form of work that he enjoyed, and was given the perfect environment in which to do his work. On top of all that, a trusted family member had vouched for the moral integrity of the organization. Azurite decided to remain a member of the SIN-dicate, and dedicated the remainder of his free time to his aspirations to be a great fashion designer, just like his dad.

    Personality: Because Azurite was home schooled, and therefor had very few interactions with people outside of his family while growing up, Azurite tends to be very uncomfortable with social situations. While he's not incapable of holding a lengthy conversation, Azurite's tone and body language will frequently convey his displeasure at having to partake in a conversation  that he likely sees as unnecessary. However, despite his dismissive, and sometimes seemingly rude behavior, Azurite is, at his core, a caring and sensitive individual.

    While uncomfortable talking to strangers, and even casual friends, Azurite is far more open with his family and other individuals that are extremely close to him. He'll frequently go to his cousin, Ilēkṭrīka, to vent his frustrations and concerns, and while he's still apprehensive about showing his parents his fashion designs, his relationship with both his mother and father is, for the most part, incredibly healthy.

    What is perhaps Azurite's most defining characteristic however, is likely the stubborn nature that runs in his family. Much like his cousin, Azurite does not like giving up on tasks that have been assigned to him, especially if they're self-assigned tasks. While he may walk away from a task for a brief period of time in order to clear his head and re-evaluate how he can best approach the challenge, Azurite will always return to the task at hand with the intent of finishing it then and there. This stubborn attitude sometimes even caries over to his social interactions, resulting in him refusing to admit his true feelings on a situation, in favor of maintaining his tsundere-esque facade.

    Weapon of Choice/Fighting Style:  (not applicable)
    While most of the SIN-dicate are trained in fighting techniques and have their own weapons, Azurite's role in the SIN-dicate does not require him to know how to fight, and therefor, he has no weapon of his own. He is not one hundred percent defenseless however. While no where near as skilled in a fight as his team mates, Azurite has picked up on a small handful of very basic self-defense skills from observing the training sessions of the other SIN-dicate members. While Nephrite has offered to train him in knife fighting, and Mávros has offered to teach him some fist fighting techniques, Azurite believes that his line of work is safe enough that such skills aren't necessary, and has therefor refused such lessons.

    Semblance: (not yet determined)

    Likes: Reading, sketching, stand up comedy, fruit smoothies, memes (he won't admit to that last one)
    Dislikes: Lazy people, interruptions, bad fashion choices
    Other Trivia: collects gems, briefly had a short-lived crush on Nephrite

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Ah, sorry. I have the worst memory when it comes to keeping track of what I told to who.