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The Rooster's Home - Rooster Teeth Roleplay and Chat Discord (seeking roleplayers for RWBY)

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    #33722728 - 8 months ago

    The Rooster's Home is a discord we made to be a gathering place for all Rooster Teeth fans! We have something that every fan will like such as:

    Roleplay for RWBY, RvB, and Camp Camp

    Discussion channels for Rooster Teeth shows with spoiler channels for the shows that need them

    Roles set up so that you only see the channels you want to see.

    Discussions for not only Rooster Teeth but also the other channels like Achievement Hunter, Screwattack, and Funhaus

    Role system set up so that players can assign their own roles whenever they want

    Free roles that anyone can take

    Friendly staff and community

    Channel where members can mess with bots

    OMDB Game Channel

    NSFW that is hidden by default so only people who want to see it can

    Art channels

    Music channel

    And much more! The link is >
    See you there!