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  • themistilwriter


    #33724104 - 11 months ago

    Kind of a clickbait title but whatever. 
    Here's the deal: I've been meaning to start a fanfiction about RWBY but I've never writen a story in english (My native language is spanish) and there is always the chance that I leave a plothole or introduce something that might screw with the existing Lore among other things. It's because of these reasons that I'm looking for people interested in the project.

    What's the fanfic about?

    Sort of like a prequel. The story would take place during the establishment of Beacon Academy, when the possibility of war between two kingdoms is real and the existence of maidens and the silver eyed warriors are known by most people... so yeah, a long time before the events of the series. 

    The idea is to have the story in two parts. The first half would simply be the happy times of the characters, simple adventures, problems and relationships trying to recreate the spirit of the first two volumes of RWBY. The second half would go darker, focusing on the war, maidens and other plot elements that I'm keeping to myself for now.

    What would you be doing?

    Mostly I would like someone to check my grammar and the way the story is writen. That way making sure everything is in order, it doesn't screw with the lore and can be understood perfectly.

    The fanfic will also be complemented by art of the weapons, characters, etc. so someone that can evaluate the designs and suggest changes to be made would be appreciated.

    Finally if you want to be a part of writing the story, characters, etc. we would first have to chat in order to determine if our ideas can match or reach some sort of agreement between our ideas.

    This is mostly something I will be doing to challenge myself both as a writer and an artist. I'm not that into RWBY anymore after volume 2 but I figured it would be nice to have someone that actually loves the current series so I can get their perspective of things. 

    I could always just drop over here the ideas, art and stuff like that so people could comment on them but seeing as I will be publishing them in other sites as well there wouldn't really be a point. This could mostly be a post where people interested could lend a hand without having much of their time taken away.

    That's all, thanks for reading