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RWBYs Prophetic Intro's, aswell as their hidden message.

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  • InsaneAlphaBeta


    #33727725 - 7 months ago

    Hey! this is my third time writing this because this app hates me, (Microsoft Edge, i got my keyboard hooked up to my Xbox One since my Computer is broken lol) but i really did wanna post and share this with all of you, this may be obvious to some of you, but there might be others who have no idea, and even for those of you who know about most of this, i think i noticed something alot of people haven't yet that i can't wait to share. And of course this will contain huge spoilers for the series.

    So, lets talk about the shows intro's.

    Ever since Volume 3, the intro's to RWBY have told us allmost exactly what was gonna happen in the entire volume. So let's start with where i think this all started, Volume 3.

    For Volume 3, the theme song for the intro was When It Falls. Even by the name alone you can tell where i'm going. The entire song told us what would happen, the fall of beacon, the bad guys winning in the end, it's all incredibly obvious. Even Pyrrha falling away from her team near the end, and in the beginning, while it shows JNPR the songs lyrics say "You fail to save them". Both the actual intro aswell as the song itself told us allmost exactly what was gonna happen, and even then still it took us by surprise, atleast it did for me, and i'm sure i wasn't the only one.

    But now onto Volume 4. The theme for Volume 4 was Lets Just Live. It was clear, by the tone of the song, the lyrics and intro that, sure, some bad stuff might happen, but in the end time will mend our hearts, we will okay, so lets just live, knowing that we'll make it in the end. Admittedly there isn't much to go on besides the basic message, but in a funny twist of fate, that actually tells you everything you need to know, it told you nothing much would happen in this volume, and in the end it would be okay. 

    And now, lets move on to the most recent season, volume 5 and its intro, The Triumph. Already you know how this volume ends, the song is called the triumph, you can also tell by the pace and feel of the song that this volume is gonna have alot in it compared to the previous one.

    There was alot in this intro, from Cinder and Raven being in the same place, the song also saying "All we need is a miracle."  in that same scene. Salem in the end in a giant form, and even the song saying "We will endure" while showing Weiss near the end. and thats just some of it, there is even more, some of which ive likely forgotten, or haven't seen myself.

    All in all, ever since Volume 3 every intro has told us in some way and form, and in some cases allmost in every way, what was gonna happen in their respective Volumes. Now then, do Volumes 1 (This Will Be The Day) and 2 (Time To Say Goodbye) do the same? honestly ive thought about it but i'm not sure.

    Now before i wrap this up i have one more thing to share about the intro's. Chances are you might not have noticed, but ever since volume 1, every 2 volumes the names of the respective songs seem to form a statement of some kind. For example, here is Volumes 1 and 2.

    This Will Be The Day, Time To Say Goodbye.

    And here is Volumes 3 and 4.

    When It Falls, Lets Just Live.

    Both sound like they could be a statement of some kind, why? not sure, but it is interesting, and if this trend continues, then whatever the name of the next song is it will end up fitting with The Triumph in a statement of some kind, which so far is basicly just this.

    The Triumph, ?????????.

    What could it be and why is this happening? no idea, but i do know this, whatever the next volumes intro is, ima be paying VERY close attention to it.

    Well friends, that's basicly it, anything about the intros you noticed? perhaps you know how Volumes 1 and 2 told us what would happen? maybe you know of even more ways Volumes 3 4 and 5 told us the future? share them all! and perhaps share your thoughts on the strange statement like messages the themes have created.

  • WrightKnight


    #33727741 - 7 months ago

    It's a shame that they seem to put far more effort into lyrical spoilers for their plot, rather than the plot itself.  Moreover, the lyrics to the songs are NOT the core narrative.  They exist outside of that, and as such, are NEVER usable as evidence for any points made.  As such, I disregard them entirely.  Simply put: I should NEVER have to rely on the songs, the narrative itself should be able to carry itself.  This says a lot about the skill of the writers, and their confidence in said skill.  I mean, a lack thereof in both skill and confidence.  They have raised the importance of their songs above where it should have been allowed in a visual narrative.  Even in shows with stellar soundtracks like Cowboy Bebop and .hack/SIGN, the music is in its appropriate place, which is accompaniment, not the primary narrative driver.  Even image songs are subject to this, as the information garnered in them are an active bias based on the perspective of the subject of the song.  Effectively "about them, by them".

  • Velrak


    #33728447 - 7 months ago

    I didn't pay that much attention to the intros during V1, V2 and V3. But the death of Pyrrha made me even more invested in the show so I started to analyze more the lyrics of the songs and of course the episodes and therefore the intros. I was pissed at myself when I saw Pyrrha falling away FIRST at the end of the V3 intro ! After that, the intros of V4 and V5 made me less surprised about the volumes themselves because they were indeed too much representative. But only for the general scheme and not in detail (for example with the V5 intro ; we knew a giant Salem was going to appear at the end but we could only assume how. The intro never revealed it would be through of massive evolution of Emerald's semblance). So I would not change how the intros are currently made ; a general overview of the volume is given but the heavy stuff is not spoiled. I don't think RT can afford another intro like the V3 one with the little clue about Pyrrha ; I think the fandom now pay much more attention to this kind of details in the intros.

    About the songs, I agree they weigh too much in the narrative. I would prefer a light version for the intro song and wait for the volume to end before releasing all the soundtracks related to it. It would waste the talent of Jeff, Casey and Co. to be restricted to "non spoilers" songs ; what they can produce is magnificient and they shouldn't have any restriction. I would just suggest a better timing. I prefer to see the core narrative coming from the canon episodes with songs as back up afterward.

    For example, it would be an upset in my opinion if the fandom is able to predict what happened to Summer Rose based on Red like Roses part II (maybe someone somewhere already did and won't be surprised at all !).