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New to RWBY, love the series but I have a question.

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  • Braveface719


    #33729802 - 7 months ago

    as far as the character Velvet, are her copies one shot or can she reuse them for a later time? I was just wondering if anyone had asked or if the topic had been explained.

  • DekZek


    #33729808 - 7 months ago

    In reply to Braveface719

    It has never been confirmed either way, but from her actions during the Battle of Beacon I would assume they are limited use. She had to store them up, and previously wanted to use them but held back. That would indicate some amount of resource management required, we just don't know to what extent.

  • Braveface719


    #33729850 - 7 months ago

    ok cool thanks.