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    #33731380 - 9 months ago

    hey oh, i've been working on a tabletop RWBY game on and off for the past year or so, and It's currently at the stage where all the basic mechanics have been ironed out and the game is ready to be play tested for balance issues. The only problem is non of my friends really want to playtest it... even though they told me they would :P so i figured i could come here and hopefully pick up a handful of people willing to help me playtest it. i don't really have anything i can offer in return so if that turns you off to the idea of helping me playtest, then that's perfectly understandable.

    It's working title is 'RWBY:Blessed Twilight,' and it's a 2-4 player deckbuilding game where you play as a member of either team JNPR or team RWBY, and fight off grimm in a coop beat'em up before taking on a final boss at the end of the game. and you buy a variety of cards from an action pool to beef up your deck; which is used to perform attacks, block damage, and boost teammates.

    i currently have a paper prototype ported over to Table Top Simulator, and i need some peeps to help me playtest it, and give feedback. I'm still not sure just how long a single session will be, but hey... that's kinda what this is for :P I'll probably create a discord server for anyone interested in it to join so we can actually talk to each other when playing, which would also help make explaining the rules a lot easier.

    also this kinda goes without saying, but i can't actually guarantee the game will be much fun in it's current state. It will be after some playtesting though, which is why i made this forum to begin with. also some point down the line i might rebrand the game to my own IP, but it started out as a RWBY game, and it'll probably stay that way for the foreseeable future.

    anyways with all that out of the way; if you want to help me playtest it you'll need tabletop simulator on steam, and if you have a discord that would help a ton. thanks a bunch for taking the time to read the post this far, and i hope you have a fantastic day!