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  • tehepicdan


    #33735363 - 1 month ago

    Well what can I say? The volume 6 trailer just came out and with it, another amazing song, or perhaps even two? I wasn't really sure whether the music in the trailer was a single song, or segments of two songs. ( EDIT: Yeah, listening to it again, it seems that it is just a single song, but that intermission where Blake and Adam speak confused me ) Either way, it's going to be another great season of the adventures of team RWBY, amazing battle scenes and then a few more months of waiting as we all try and speculate when the soundtrack's going to come out 2 months before it actually does!

  • AenarTenthSkraeling

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    #33735418 - 1 month ago

    Surrounded by weaklings 

    Pathetic and oppressed 

    Satisfied to gnaw on scraps 

    Afraid to leave the nest

    You'll see 

    I'm their hero 

    I'll be lionized 

    I have the strength to do what's needed 

    Unify our people with no compromise 

    Champion of truth until they recognize 

    Lead them to salvation and regain our lives

    Behold your flaccid leaders 

    Too weak to take the prize 

    Replace them with a warrior It's time we mobilize 

    Depose the feeble cowards 

    Heed this battle cry 

    Vengeance on the human filth 

    The time is now, we'll rise!

    I'm here 

    I'm your savior 

    I'll be lionized 

    I am the path to reclamation 

    This world will have no peace 'til our dream's realized 

    No mercy no compassion our fate's justified 

    Time to turn the table on who's tyrannized

    The lyrics are certainly very.... "Adam"y....  blake

    To the surprise of no one he has a bit of a ego, and is kind of a dick.