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Monster Hunter World X RWBY - The Crossover We need?

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  • ParagonFury


    #33736239 - 7 months ago

    Because other than the fact that Ruby would absolutely be beside herself with joy at the sight of the weapons in game (particularly the Gunlance), it's a really easy and obvious cross-over too.And since we've gotten Blazblue X RWBY, as well as MHW X DMC, SF, FFXIV already, it's not like it's an insane idea. Easy to make as well. Do it like the Dante quest;

    Arena Battleground 

    4 Monsters, all colored Dark Black with Glowing Red Eyes, bones/talons/protrusions colored a slightly bright white 

    - 1st Monster Tempered Odogaron (Beowulf/Creep Grimm) 

    - 2nd Monster Tempered Legiana (Nevermore Grimm) 

    - 3rd Monster Tempered Black Diablos (Goliath Grimm) 

    - 4th Monster Tempered Kushala Doara or Tempered Nergigante (Dragon Grimm)

    Rewards TEAM RWBY (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang) Layered Armor and can craft 4 New Weapons

    Crescent Rose Insect Glaive (Dragon or Lightning Element) - Skill: Evade Extender 1, Evade Window 1

    Ember Celica Dual Blade (Fire Element) - Skill: Heroics Lvl 3

    Myrtenaster Sword and Shield (Ice Element) - Skill: Palico Rally 3, Ice Attack 1

    Gambol Shroud Long Sword (Water Element) - Skill: Stamina Thief 1, Stealth 2


    [Blake Belladonna Outfit and Gambol Shroud](

    [Ruby Rose Outfit and Crescent Rose](

    [Weiss Snee Outfit and Myrtenaster](

    [Yang Xiao Long Outift](

    [Yang 2 + Ember Celica](