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RWBY Volume 6 - Neo's Powerful Return

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  • PrinceGal3n


    #33746597 - 5 months ago

    After watching the fight between Neo and Cinder many times, I have noticed something incredibly important. Look at Neo's clothes during the fight and after her reveal outside the bar. Her clothes during the fight look clean and crisp, just like we saw her in Vol. 3, but after the fight her jacket is scuffed, pants torn, left sleeve torn, and waistcoat torn. These in addition to Roman's hat. Watching closely, I think I figured it out. The ENTIRE fight with Cinder was her Semblence clones fighting her. The first one that dropped onto Cinder broke upon impact and the next one fought the whole time and broke after jumping through the window. The True Neo was fighting remotely from outside. Her entire style of fighting is based on evasion and avoidance, in order to not break the illusion. This means she has gotten incredibly powerful in the time away. What do ya'll think bout the fight?