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Thoughts on Volume 6 so far?

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  • HokutoYangSoup


    #33748485 - 6 months ago

    So what are your thoughts on Volume 6 as of now? Only two months left before the finale, but what do you honestly think so far? Is it good? Decent? Same old shit that repeats over and over, or tolerable compared to the last volume? Leave your  thoughts here. 

  • Vaioumon


    #33748518 - 6 months ago

    Mostly good so far, or at least compared to the last two volumes. Nice solid chunks of the characters actually doing things, a fairly overdue exposition dump, new Grimm, and action that isn't that godawful shame that was Haven. Oz didn't get made into some horrible monster (to the viewers, at least. The characters are mostly pretty stupid in their reactions.)

    My only real issues are the checklist-y "Hey fanbase, we're listing to you!" wink-wink moments, of which there are a bunch.

    -Sun puts himself on a bus after literally saying "I'm the worst leader ever!"

    -Ilia says goodbye to Blake, but we don't get to see Blake's parents, and Neptune and Weiss never interact.

    -One of Jaune's sisters shows up, even though we never heard he had family in Argus.

    -Also she's in the first speaking gay couple of the show.

    -Someone questions if it's okay for kids to be out fighting Grimm, the same kids that have been training for years solely for fighting Grimm.

    Other than that it's just nitpicks, like how their reactions to Salem being unkillable are really silly when none of them signed up to be Hunters thinking they were going to be the ones to stop all the Grimm forever, or how the last episode wasted the first 10 minutes on complete filler + things we already knew were going to happen.

    But all in all, they're doing much better this season. If they'd just keep that blatant fanbase pleasing down, I'd say they're back in top form.

  • Thrythlind

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    #33750683 - 5 months ago

    Pretty good, as expected Season 6 is the trip to Atlas.

    Unexpectedly, it's heavily Ruby focused, I expected this story arc would start to set-up hers, but I suppose the last arc did some set-up for this.

    Ozpin appears to have an epic case of target fixation. He has focused full on trying to defeat Salem when that's not the task before him.

    The gods are assholes, but that tends to be a standby in a lot of fantasy.

    I'm only up to 10, but I'm expecting to see Yang melt Adam's face or at least have a first attempt at it. We're getting near the end of this season so it's likely we're in the final fight now so I'm hoping that, yeah, Yang burns out the leftover issues she has with her loss to Adam. I also expect to have a call back to her father's warning about her own semblance "what if you miss? then you're tired and weak."

    I'm still expecting to see Weiss's family in the next season and I'm hoping to see her father dealt the massive levels of irrelevance Adam was at the end of 5, but we'll see.

    I dread the appearance of a younger sister of Penny because there'll be all sorts of bad drama there. (Bad as in might be interesting.)