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Need Fanfic brainstorming help

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  • Bethylee


    #33748632 - 6 months ago

    I'm writing a Ren/Ruby story (which I know isn't the most popular pairing). The idea is that Ren and Ruby are captured and brainwashed and turned into two of Salem's most prized people. 

    Of course the rest of their friends have to fight them at some point and try to turn them back or make them see reason. I need help with multiple details, one of which is where to set the story in the RWBY-verse timeline because I like to keep to canon as much as possible, I'm not a big AU writer. 

    If anyone is willing to help I'd be much appreciated. I work better when I have someone to bounce ideas off of and get feedback. :D

  • ZanyGamer196

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    #33749758 - 5 months ago

    In reply to Bethylee

     Hmm, timewise the best place for such a story would be Volume 4, during the long trek across Anima.  Though instead of Salem, I could more picture Raven capturing them and making them part of her tribe.  When I first heard of the proposed brawl between Raven and Team JNPR that was supposed to happen in Volume 3, I imagined she'd come to reclaim Ren and Nora, who in my headcanon were once part of her tribe.  Naturally that didn't happen, though to me it seems more likely than Salem capturing them (especially Ren, whose abilities are detrimental to Grimm).

     Naturally, such a situation would get Qrow's attention, though Raven would reason that she'd protect Ruby far better than Qrow protected Summer, something to his effect anyway.