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Roman Torchwick's semblance (theory)

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  • Chilispag23


    #33751133 - 6 months ago

    I was looking back on it, and realized that roman never did reveal what his semblance was.

    I do not keep up much with the crwby stuff, but did they ever say anything on the matter?

    If not my prediction is a very far fetched one, but one never the less, maybe they didn't reveal it because Roman may still very well be alive and it would be all thanks to his semblance.

    As is aid it's pretty far fetched, but if anyone can give some insight into this that would be appreciated.

  • tehepicdan

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    #33755586 - 4 months ago

    It is entirely possible that he never unlocked his semblance, in the same way that Jaune never unlocked his semblance until the end of volume 5.

  • EmperorLuffy


    #33758285 - 1 month ago

    Thats not much of a theory fam. 

    Although it is a great fucking idea and RT should use it to bring Roman back. Killing him off was a pointless waste imo.

    So I'd love to see him come back with a new power.