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Prequel Concept: The First Huntsman

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  • NightStar_Force


    #33754265 - 5 months ago

         Many years ago, A blank covered book is  shown, it opens flipping through several pages, before the Huntsman and Huntress academies, before The Great war, and before the technological revolution, there was The Old Age. A time where many kingdoms existed all over the lands, where the idea of living within stone walls was the perfect life, but that was not true, it was also known as The Grimm Age..

        A time where anything outside the stone walls would be decimated by Grimm. Even those who live within the kingdoms were not safe, the higher ups took advantage of the situation for their own benefit. They increased taxes, forced them into labor, with the threat of removing them from the safety of their kingdom. There were no warriors, no heroes to face the Grimm like today. Such things like unlocking a person's aura was quite rare to find during this age. 


        Many rulers were quite similar, but only three were very significant. Each wielded a legendary item, which were very powerful, one wielded a weapon to desecrate entire armies with one blow, An army marches towards a single man, the man slams his weapon onto the ground, a flash of light changes with scene with the army destroyed. One took control with a single word, A crown is seen on the ruler's head, while a group of people bows down. And the last one created creatures that were far more dangerous than Grimm. A shadow of an oddly shaped creature with one eye walks by like a spider. However... One man stood up against these dark forces.. 

       This man alone fought the Grimm, An image of a green hooded man is shown then starts moving, shooting with a bow and arrow, the arrow hits a Beowulf, killing it. He relentlessly hunted the Grimm down, by destroying their nests from which they came from. The man is shown again, looking down at the horde of Grimm, he pushes a bunch of barrels down hill, he draws a flame arrow and fires, causing an explosion down hill. Which allowed people to repopulate safely outside the oppressive kingdoms.

       However the creatures of Grimm were not the only monsters he has hunted.. The green hooded man wielding a sword, fights against a man, the scene changes with the green hooded man lifting his sword to kill, while ignoring the man's pleads. He brought the Faunus a step towards equality, he freed their homeland from human prejudice, the land which is now known as Menagerie. It shows the man shaking hands with a faunus.

       For a long time he fought many battles alone The green hooded man shield bashes a knight, an ice spike forms on the side of the shield and stabs it on his opponents neck, the hooded man stands surrounded by a few corpses. He turns his head looking towards the leader of the small military force.

    However for some battles... The enemy leader looks back, his eyes widen in confusion and shock, even he could not do alone... A white cloaked hooded man appears with an eagle on his shoulder, while a blue haired woman wearing a mask walks right beside him, and finally another woman dressed in a green tunic and hood appears. The scene changes with the four charging towards the small army.

       Historians have yet to figure out his origin,  his name, or how he died, some say he discovered the Grimm lands and died trying to escape it, or he died old with a family. Many called him the First Hero, some call him the Hunter of Grimm, but today, he is known as... The book closes, golden words appear on the cover.

    The First Huntsman


    Some Volume 6 spoilers, my idea is that the first huntsman is the guy who inspired the king of Vale, after the Great War (Ozmar) to creating Huntsman and Huntresses. the timeline that this would take place is some years after Ozmar created the seasonal maidens, where they have some influence in society, and not have been alone and hiding from Salem. It would be before the Great War, idk how many years. 

    About aura, no the "First" Team would not have aura actually, like in the story, it's rare to find, the concept of aura in that time is a myth to them. I would say maybe in the final season of the series they would unlock, or eventually they each would unlock their aura during the whole series. 

    The series ends with many years passing by a green dressed man wearing a crown (Ozmar) He gets told by his servant about a meeting with the rulers of Mistral, Atlas and Vacuo. He then proposes the Huntsman and Huntresses job, with his memory flashing back to the "first" team.

    Characters: So the first huntsman, his character is based off of Link from Legend of Zelda. He supposes to be clever and smart, using dirty tactics to win his battles. Originally he first had a job of being a normal hunter but then moved to military, one day his village was left defenseless and it was destroyed. 

    The blue haired woman is based off of Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, unlike Lucina, she's at first really naive, and sheltered, unaware of how bad nobles treated commoners, which leads to her joining the team. She would be originally a brunette but wanting to be incognito she dyes her hair blue. 

    The white hooded man with the eagle on his shoulder is based Altair or Ezio from assassin's creed, he's a bit stoic but eventually warms up with the three. 

    He wears a blindfold and his eagle has a semblance that allows people to see through the eagle's own eyes, like the recent assassin's creed games. Plot twist ->He has silver eyes, well he has one, the other was cut.

    The green hooded woman, is based off of Linkle which is also from Legend of Zelda, she is the first huntsman's cousin, but took a job of being a musketeer. She is shown to be a bit of a cinnamon roll, and dimwitted, since Linkle is known to be bad at maps and direction. She would be mildly racist because of a bad encounter from some faunus in the past. 

    Names? Well maybe you guys could come up with some names and it would also make a good team name too.

    So what do you think about this concept?

  • HokutoYangSoup


    #33755053 - 4 months ago

    Would have been a good one so long as Miles and Kerry is not involved.

  • NightStar_Force


    #33755066 - 4 months ago

    In reply to HokutoYangSoup