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detailed explanation of pyrrha's injuries?

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  • DarlingWhyss


    #33755808 - 3 months ago

    I've never posted in these forums before but I figured it would be my first stop into looking for this. So calling for all your medical students/majors/basic knowledge fans. Can any of you give me a detailed explanation on Pyrrha's injuries in the V3 finale? Not looking to how she died, I understand that, but more so her spinal injury and what would go into repairing it. (for an AU fanfic if you need an explanation, where she could recover.) Realistically I understand she would paralyzed supposedly but perhaps in a more sc-fi/steampunk look, could something be done to fix her injuries? Such as internal wiring/metal replacements/etc, very FMA you know? Go wild lol.

  • Ace-of-Rogues

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    #33755827 - 3 months ago

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    Just apply some phlebotinum to the affected area and she'll be good as new!

    Okay, being serious now, the standard science-y treatment for spinal injuries in fiction when they can't just repair the body is using some sort of nano-tech implanted transmitters to bridge the gap either by sending signals directly from the brain to the affected parts of the body or by serving as a patch on the spine. What you can do with that depends on which method you want to use. In those Batgirl comics where they used tech like this to fix Barbra Gordon's legs they more or less made the implants invisible to the reader, or you could run glowing lines across the affected limbs and/or have little glow-y bits on her temples or maybe a circlet/headband type device. Alternatively you can go for a cyber-frame of some sort linked to her mind with the aforementioned glow-y bits and have the affected limbs covered in a metallic casing to whatever degree you think looks best. Now, I have no idea how close any of this is to being plausible IRL, but they're the generally accepted ways to fix a spinal injury in sci-fi that give that nice semi-robotic look.

    As for how people would handle her immediately after the injury, if the people who find her know first aid they should hold her head steady until she can be backboarded (strapped down to a board with her head held in place so she can be moved). The crucial thing would be to keep her from moving her head and spine as much as possible to minimize the risk of further aggravating the injury, so up until she is "fixed" she would be kept as immobilized as possible. Of course, this assumes she's still breathing and has a pulse, if not then CPR and rescue breaths take priority over immobilization.

    Hope this helps, good luck with you story!