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S7 and Qrow so you bring Vic back before you get sued due to force and faked info

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    #33761116 - 1 week ago

    In reply to AenarTenthSkraeling

    In a shocking twist that is biased and also wrong.

    Notice the most important defamation is still VERY much on the table which is the HEART of the argument.

    So not Bullshit at all and in fact still very much in play.

    As for the interference and Conspiracy that actually might get appealed which funny no one mentions that and there is in fact grounds for it.

    See the Judge accepted Ty's Amended paper but didnt consider it. Which that is a big no no. Either you strike it which case it reverts to the last version or you accept it and use THAT version. You dont get to have it both ways like the Judge did.

    Also the Judge used the "packed" court room in reality 25 people which most were in fact there for Funi and so on as an example of Vic being a Limited Public figure which is not how that works at all.

    The judge also was asking for evidence to be presented when in fact that is not what a TCPA is. 

    A TCPA you present your argument and show it is a valid one and the judge rules on that. Instead the Judge was asking for detailed evidence which threw Ty off BADLY.

    Also its not be reported that the judge was actually MAD at Ron and Monica's lawyer who tried to start a slide show with a dumpster fire and was basically cut off.

    The Judge it looks like is actually well known for making up his mind without looking up the briefings and before hearings are even heard several well documented cases of him doing this and his judgements getting appealed are surfacing as people look into it.

    But off course the otherside doesnt mention this as the judgements are favorable to them.

    Though one thing all the people there 100% agree on and give props to is that Marchi's lawyer was on point and did a brilliant job.

    Oh and the photos? Staged. Like several people have reported on those photos being staged.

    So no the lawsuit isnt BS nor is it over nor is those judgements set in stone.

    So the question becomes what gets appealed if anything and how does it continue. forward.

    Chances are good Marchi will be left alone she was the weakest of the bunch but the others?

    No they will continue they may or may not appeal the TI since they 100% do in fact have evidence that did happen at least once and good reason to suspect the other cons.

    Defamation is the heart of this and is still in play and to be honest that one will most likely be allowed to continue by the judge.

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    #33761121 - 1 week ago

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    Yes yes. It's all a great big conspiracy and all the actual lawyers who actually specialize in this field and said that it's complete bullshit are frauds who don't know anything about their own field of expertise and the judge is part of a conspiracy to deframe Vic and the reporters are cleverly refusing to show Vic's side of the story by forcing Ty Beard to refuse to answer questions.

    It's all a great big conspiracy because the idea that a rich celebrity might be a creep who filed a fraudulent lawsuit to silence people speaking out against him is completely unthinkable and has never happened before in history ever.

    Keep paddling my man. Keep paddling straight up that river in Egypt.

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    #33761122 - 1 week ago

    In reply to AenarTenthSkraeling

    Except the issue is there are MULTIPLE lawyers and they dont agree with each other. You know like a normal world. Different lawyers come away with different things and have disagreements on stuff that is the POINT of the legal system.

    And I didnt say conspiracy I just said the Judge has a reputation of making up his mind before hearings.

    And its not like people havent accussed people of things that are not true and then tried to hide it. History works both ways Aenar.

    I am mean its not like Banks a football player was accussed of Sexual assualt then later it was found out Gibson was lying.

    Its not like more and more of these types of stories are coming out,

    And I mean its not like people mentioned in the sworn testimonies for Monica and Funi arent coming forward and flat out under sworn testimonies saying that isnt true or they have no idea what this is about.

    So its Really funny you think you are making a point here.

    I am not paddling and there is no river I am going up in egypt or anywhere I am just aware of the Legal issues actually involved its not like Judges dont make mistakes or cases get appealed and turned over...oh wait they do. In fact that is the whole point of the justice system and it works BOTH ways.

    If for example Monica and Funimation is found guilty of Libel they can appeal to a higher court and they can go over the evidence and see if there is grounds.

    Its their Right JUST like its Vic's right to see if there was improper handling of this court which we already know there was from the amend papers alone as that IS a ground for an appeal and has held up in court.

    Keep thinking you are making valid points when in reality you arent.

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    #33761142 - 1 week ago

    In reply to revanninja

    The judge also was asking for evidence to be presented when in fact that is not what a TCPA is.

    Actually, that's exactly what a TCPA case is.

    If the defendant proves the action is related to one of those activities, the burden shifts to the plaintiff to establish that their claim is either exempt from the TCPA’s protection or prove by clear and specific evidence every element of its claim. If the plaintiff can’t prove its claims, the court must dismiss the action.

    Or, if you prefer it in less layperson-friendly legalese from the original text of the statute, go down to 27.005. Either way, the judge was following the statute, and Ty Beard did a bad job.

    For those who may be curious about the details of the hearing, here is a Twitter thread from a Texas lawyer who was in attendance, made detailed notes, and then tweeted them out after leaving the courtroom. It should provide a pretty good idea of how things went.

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    #33761147 - 1 week ago

    In reply to DiMono

    Dimono you are wrong.

    But thank you for trying.

    No the judge was actually asking for MORE evidence then what was required such as asking for multiple evidence of Cons having this when the presence of ONE the Kamacon was actually enough for the opening of TI.

    That is what I meant.

    For a TCPA you have to show there is an actual argument there is a Prima Facie argument there. So you have to present the basic framework of evidence then in the LATER hearings after the TCPA you get more evidence.

    To put this in a way you can more understand. A TCPA requires a rough draft version of a work to show there is weight and presence to continue the case.

    Instead the judge who by the way is KNOWN for doing this and has even got in trouble with the appeal court, he had to re-trial a religious case from 7 years ago on a like matter just recently in fact, required that there be more evidence then that framework much of which Ty CANT get access to as there is a Halt on discovery.

    Didnt know that? Yeah when Funi did their TCPA it halted discovery which limited the opitions Ty had some of which the Judge was asking for.

    Also about the person tweeting did he not realize the reason why Ty was speaking up was setting the record for appeals? Its required that you need to speak up and object to set the record so they can appeal.

    As an example are you aware for Marchi the Judge refused Ty's binder? Yeah Ty had a Binder of his own information the timeline and so forth and the Judge said no he has Marchi's binder and he is going with that.

    You know what that is? Prejudice as it is unfairly weighing the evidence in Marchi's favor as now instead of Ty being able to go to your honor if you will turn to my Binder page X you can see....and so on. Instead he now either needs to look through and use Marchi's binder or do what he can.

    Which we see in the Long pauses.

    This is examples of the Judge doing things that are not okay.

    Also just to be clear it wasnt just on Beard this happened it also happened against Marchi Funi and Monica as well. For example the amended testimonies that was such an issue?

    Still in play the Judge isnt dismissing them or requiring anything else. He didnt put any judgements on Ty for those and he should have at least done something in regards to that.

    There are other examples but I dont remeber them off the top of my head.

    Actually a LOT of Lawyers screw up the Noterization and this shows the Bias of your tweeter Dimono. Because looking it up a LOT of Lawyers screw this up because some of the rules are very outdated. For example Video conferences dont work at all and that has been an issue.

    I have already pointed out the size of the crowd is 100% not how you determine limited purpose public figure and most of them are for the what 3 separate lawyers and their people? That should have tipped someone off 25 people split over 4 people is 6 people per and one extra. And in this simple math breakdown 18 of them would not have been for Vic.

    Pretty much the breakdown this tweeter is doing is leaving important bits out ones MANY people have actually talked about which change a lot of what they are posting about.

    They werent allowed to contact the Con owners due to the Halt for example.

    I have been looking at BOTH sides and this tweets are leaving important things out on BOTH sides by the by.

    So no your guy doesnt actually provide a good idea in fact its pretty off.


    Here is from the National Notary Association 


    Literally not having people appear before you is the most common mistakes according to the people who do this.

    And Ty did it by phone which there IS ways to do it over the phone from my understanding but it requires special setup and beyond that I dont know which as far as I know Ty did not have that setup.

    From the American Bar Association on how to make an Appeal


    The second point is to build a record because if there is no record it didnt happen.

    So by Ty interjecting he is setting the record to appeal which he would figure out VERY quickly he needs to do once the Judge says he is not striking the Amended documents but isnt considering them which you are not suppose to do. Or when he refused Ty's own Binder and requiring Marchi's only which as I said unfairly burden's ty.

    These are all examples that Ty has to object to and set the record if he decides to move forward with an Appeal.

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    #33761151 - 1 week ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Or maybe the judge, and the Texas lawyer who was tweeting, both of whom understand and interpret Texas law for a living, know more about it than you do.

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    #33761153 - 1 week ago

    In reply to DiMono

    Nice rebuttal but the issue is 

    A the judge has several appeals on record as I have already spoken about he is known for doing this and getting told NO.

    So that has issue.

    B the tweeter several times seems unaware of BASIC case law. Like we arent talking about state to state law but things like Notary which is the SAME across the board or basic setting the record.

    Also just because someone practices Law doesnt mean they do it right or practice in the RIGHT law. There is multiple subdivisions of Law after all Civil and Criminal as the most easy example but it can break down even further such as Company laws vs Tenant law as an example.

    And Also I am looking at MULTIPLE Lawyers and pulling this. Not just the ones who say oh yeah Vic has a case but also the ones who say no Vic doesnt have a case.

    And both sides are bringing up points and even have stuff they agree on.

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    #33761399 - 10 hours ago

    So Judge Chupp has officially ordered Mediation between ALL parties.

    Yes that includes Marchi who was dismissed from the case.

    He has ordered it to be done by Oct 3rd via court appointed Mediator which the cost of is to be shared again by ALL parties.

    If they cant come to an agreement he will make the final ruling the next day.

    Now this is a super odd move. Not the Mediation itself that happens all the time but rather the timing of it.

    With the Judge dismissing most of the case Monica Ron Funimation and Marchi are going to be a LOT less likely to agree to anything and see it more likely in the bag.

    But if you look at the transcripts which have been released you can see why.

    Appeals that thing I brought up the judge brings up SEVERAL times.

    The first time is when Marchi's Lawyer brings up she has been dismissed which the Judge cuts him off and says he thinks she should show up because there is no guarantee you are not going to be back here in 3 months on an appeal.

    The Judge also points out that based on her standing in the case she may be in a better position then some.

    The Judge then says there is no telling what the appellate court is going to do.

    Mr. Johnson Marchi's lawyer says right.

    Then the Judge says I rule on stuff and sometimes they side with me and sometimes they dont and is just the way it goes. I dont take it personally that is just they may have different feelings on stuff. But before I rule on the rest I would rather you try to get this worked out I think y'all have the opportunity to heal the community by doing something y'all can all agree on. As opposed to having me do something and y'all having to appeal it.

    Cutting it off there because its just him pointing out this can go for years and he would rather it stopped here if they can.

    Please excuse minor errors I was listening to someone else read the transcripts and copying from there otherwise if I had access to the transcript I would copy and paste it. It JUST got released today from my understanding.

    Considering the fact Judge Chupp brings up Appeals and as far as I am aware none of the other lawyers bring it up that the Judge thinks Appeals being done is likely.

    If they can get a successful mediation going that can either remove part of all of the case and make it so appeals dont happen.

    Now that said I dont think a Mediation is going to work. I think Ron Monica Marchi and Funi will see it as Vic not really having anything to bring to the table.

    If the Mediation doesnt work I think the Judge will rule in favor of Vic on the remaining case if he was going to dismiss Vic's side like he has done with TI for example he would just get it over with as it currently stands.

    I think the Judge is aware he will rule in favor of the case moving forward as is and that this will make it a bigger issue. Which is why he is trying to head it off.

    Because Ty will LIKELY appeal the other decisions that is why the judge brought up the appeals in the first place he is aware they are more then likely to be appealed and the appellate court will rule in Ty's favor.

    Its very clear appeals are on the Judge's mind and most likely the driving force for him ordering a Meditation so late.


    Here is some of the transcript from an article