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  • HokutoYangSoup


    #33757447 - 2 months ago

    Anyone has concern regarding the fate of the comedy spinoff RWBY Chibi ever since the abrupt end in season 3, plus many reasons that left fans disappointed?

  • Velrak


    #33757455 - 2 months ago

    In reply to HokutoYangSoup

    Not surprised by Chibi's fate so far. Season 3 was weird, out of rythm and ideas.

    I'm actually more concerned about the main show itself.

    I've always considered Chibi as a barometer for how good the overall franchise was doing. I don't expect Chibi to come back until the main show is really back on track.

  • HokutoYangSoup


    #33757505 - 2 months ago

    Makes sense. I can see why they are only releasing a novel next month. I don't know if it's going to be a good or bad considering the writer's reputation of writing and constant retcon.