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    #33760689 - 1 month ago

    Welcome to the world of Remnant.

    The Remnant ORE fanmade table top RPG was two years in the making. Play testing, writing, artistic freedom. But alas, the hard work of Basketcase Gaming is finished.

    Here is Remnant O.R.E.

    Remnant O.R.E. Is a table top, much like Dungeons and Dragons, but played much differently with a different rolling system called the One Roll Engine created by Greg Stolze used in Naemisis ore and wild talents which were heavy inspirations when building this game. Just need a sheet of paper and some d10's (10 sided dice) and some nerdy friends.

    Here you enter Remnant. Customize your huntsmen, huntress, military officer, any person willing to fight regardless of training on Remnant and fight Grimm and Crime. Or maybe be such crime and hope your team won't get caught.

    With over 50 beta tested gameplay hoursnand almost 20 originally created grimm and grimm sub species, this game is easy to pick up and heavily customizable as there are no limits to your imagination.

    - Basket, owner of BasketCase gaming and writer of Remnant O.R.E.

    Rule Book:

    Grimm Guide (monster manual):

    Character sheet:

    This is totally fan based. Basketcase Gaming wanted to share with the community our hard work and show RT how much we love RWBY